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Nov 8, 2014
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Although just released recently, Corrin has already shown himself to be a complex character. In order to best keep up with what is found and posted on the Corrin board, I've created this library as a hub for threads on all things Corrin.

Dragonfang Arsenal - The Corrin AT Compilation Thread
Anyone can pick up a fighter and do a few stabs and slashes, but the best players take advantage of all of that fighter's techniques and know how and when to use them. User @Spark31 has gathered up all the best and most useful techniques for Corrin users to master in one convenient location.

Corrin Move and Tech Abbreviations
Reading the more technical threads can get very confusing very quickly if not familiar with all of the terms and abbreviations that people use. This thread by @Spark31 should help clear a lot of that up.

Corrin Stage Discussion Thread
Although overlooked by many, learning stages is incredibly important in competitive play and can make the difference between a successful fight and a frustrating defeat. @False Sense has started the discussion to help Corrin players decide where they'd like to win next.

Waifu/Otto 101: Corrin in Doubles
1v1 is great, but it certainly isn't for everyone. With long reach and a varied Special move arsenal, Corrin undeniably has some solid tools for the double metagame. @ItalianBaptist is hosting this thread devoted to discussing Corrin's moveset in doubles and how well he pairs with different fighters.

Corrin Kill %'s
Why wonder about killing when you can know for sure if it will work? atreyujames atreyujames is here with some pretty definite answers.

Corrin Disjoint Data: Dragon Fang Moves
Corrin's moves benifit greatly from her weapons' disjoint. User @Empyrean has put together some visualizations to help demonstrate just how much distance he can put between himself and his opponent.

Corrin True Combos and Setups
@TTYK has taken on the daunting task of recording all of Corrin's true combos, frame traps, and more. As time goes on, there will only be more and more to discover.

I'll be updating this post pretty often as more useful threads are created. Here's to a rich competitive future for everyone's favorite water dragon!
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Jun 30, 2015
If I see any other notable threads, or new Corrin mains, I'll be sure to let you know/send them here =)

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Going to be finishing a tech video next week, in case people want to see something visually...might be worth the add!
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