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Correct DI from DK throws and Mixups questions


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May 27, 2014
I play DK and I like to cargo throw into things as much as possible.

Sometimes it makes me salty and they asked how they should DI to avoid that follow up, and I just tell them I don't know.

What are the best ways to DI DK's cargo throws? I would like to know so I can start to condition them to DI the forward throw and then up throw, those sort of mixups. I already do them but I'm not really putting much thought into which ways they're actually DIing.

So, Cargo FThrow - DI down (if they do this an you up throw, you get a free follow up)
Cargo UpThrow - DI behind DK (DI up or forward gives a free follow up)
Cargo DThrow - DI up (avoiding touching the floor to escape tumble for the tech chase, not possible at low percents)
DThrow - DI down (DIing in allows for a regrab even against floaties)

So if they're expecting a cargo fthrow, throw behind and they won't go anywhere for a free follow up.

Does anyone know other useful things here? I want to make the most of DK's grab game.

EDIT: I know there are guides Poobs, but none of them I've read flat out say the correct DI directions.
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Smash Rookie
Oct 7, 2015
The best thing is to just do lab work yourself and go from there imo, but for me it depends on where i am in the stage:

Cargo FThrow (off stage) = DI up
Cargo FThrow (on stage) = DI down

Cargo UThrow = DI behind

Cargo DThrow (off stage) = DI up
Cargo DThrow (on stage) = DI towards whatever platform is closest
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