Converting from Pichu to a high tier


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Mar 31, 2011
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Ok, it's really sad, but we all know pichu is pretty bad.
Not to say that he isn't fun, I love the little rat, but there comes a time in every pichu mains career when he realizes the little man just isn't cut out for high level tournament play.

This thread is not meant to discourage anyone, pichu is pretty chill and I support all the little pichu's out there, but many of you will come to a point where you're ready to move to a more successful main. This topic is a compilation of suggestions on which paths are easiest to transition to from the pichu mindset.

1. Pikachu :pikachumelee:
Aaah, Pika. We've all heard the "why don't you just main pika?" thing. Many Pichu players actually have a bit of difficulty transitioning to pika, he is a very similar character, but the way his mechanics work are pretty different from pichu, which makes him very uncomfortable at first.You'll have to get used to accidentally tail spiking people when you try to go for pichu style juggles and all that, but it's cool, you'll get used to it.
However, Pika is, in all honesty, just a much improved version of Pichu. He has hella options, and in the end, most of your Pichu stuff transitions, it just takes quite a bit of getting used to.
In my own, enlightened words from my Pichu days, "Pika is fat."
Yeah, he's a lot heavier than Pichu, but once you're comfortable with him, he's actually a LOT faster than Pichu is, so I'd recommend giving the fat rat a shot.

2. Falco :falcomelee:
Ok, now there's this one. A lot of Pichu players feel very comfortable picking up Falco. At first, he'll probably feel clunky and weird to you. As a collective, we're also not really used to having a bad, gimpable recovery... or being comboed. It takes some getting used to. But as a whole, falco's combo game feels very natural to Pichu players (once you're used to it, of course). That's pretty much it, give bird man a shot, a lot of us found it to be a very simple adjustment.You just have to get used to not always getting a million options off of a single grab, but that's cool.

3. Fox :foxmelee:
Fox-man! Pichu is basically just a really bad version of fox. He can edgeguard like you would, play in neutral like you would, combo like you would, etc. But here's the catch: he's waaaay better at doing all of those things than pichu is. Many of us in the past have found this to be one of the easiest transitions, and was my first main after moving on from the little rat. He's a cool dude, don't be scared to give him a shot, just remember that everyone in the world knows how to style on fox, so don't let that frustrate you when you're starting out.

4. Sheik :sheikmelee:
After years and years of sheik demonstrating to my pichu why she is a good character, I can honestly say, this is straight up, in my opinion, the easiest transition for a Pichu main to make. Her combo game is super intuitive and almost always gives you the opportunity to convert into an edgeguard, her gimp game is phenomenal (which, as a pichu player, you should love the idea of), her grab game operates in a very similar fashion to Pichu's (tech-chasing ought to be a skill you have down by this point, since it's so imperative to Pichu's success), and she can uair juggle forever (yaaay uair juggles). Also tilts are amazing, and we all love tilts.
Easy to learn, easy to keep up, all your basics transition pretty much, you just have to learn to play on the defensive a little more because sheik's offense can be iffy at times.

5 Falcon :falconmelee:
We all love the cap'n. And you're pichu stuff basically all works with him!! You just need to learn the combo game, because it is different, but grabs grabs grabs! Tech-chases for days, and dthrow->knee are your best friends. Similar to falco though, everyone knows how to combo and edgeguard this dude, but he's a lot of fun, and will feel very comfortable for many of you.

6. Ice Climbers :icsmelee:
Honestly, I don't understand this one at all. But a lot of us former Pichu's actually main ICs (Myself, Grim Tuesday, and ICG even dabbles with them). They're fast, they love to grab, uair is godlike, etc. I really don't know why, but many of us have found the transition to ICs very comfortable. The big difference is, obviously, that they are weird as all hell because there are two of them, and they can be kinda slow in the air so they end up being more ground based than a lot of pichu's are used to. But oh well, a lot of us former Pichus love these lil eskimos.

All in all, you can go whatever route you want, and I encourage that, but many of you will ask at some point whether or not you want to try the high tier road. These are my suggestions if that's the route you're looking for, so give them a try. Hope this helps anyone who's looking for it.


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Mar 30, 2014
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I am a Pichu main, and my other characters i sometimes play (On how easy it was to transition to them) are:

1. Sheik :sheikmelee:

2. Jigglypuff :jigglypuffmelee:

3. Captain Falcon :falconmelee:

4. Mario :mariomelee:/
Doctor Mario :drmario:

5. Pikachu :pikachumelee:

6. Ganondorf :ganondorfmelee:

7. Mewtwo :mewtwomelee:

8. Falco :falcomelee:

I found spacies to be very hard to transition into. Pikachu was also not easy to play, as his mechanics are actually very different than Pichu's in some ways.

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