Compare/contrast the characters you play


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Dec 8, 2016
As it says, see if you're characters share a common theme, style, etc.
Or alternativtely, think on what makes them different.

For example, the three I use are Shulk, Robin, and now the Hero.

Similarity: All three are "spell blade" characters, supplementing their swordplay with magic of some sort, or vice versa.

Difference: The Hero is the odd one out is several aspects. First, he doesn't share the "semi realistic" anime style of Robin and Shulk, instead being very staunchly a Toriyama character. Additionally, he's the only one that I don't use the default color with. The Hero gets color 7(DQ4 Hero with DQ1 colors).

Similarity: The three have subpar frame data, and attempt to cover for it with a mixture of reach and their associated gimmicks.

Difference: Robin is the only one of the three with an unnatural hair color. There's plenty of young men out there that are blonde or brunette, but not too many that are naturally silver-haired.

Similarity: The three are arguably high skill floor/ceiling characters, requiring a greater degree of resource management and snappy judgement than the rest of the cast.

Difference: Shulk is the only only one to not originate from a turn based game, Xenoblade having a realtime battle system.

That last similarity is something that comes back to bit me in basically any fighting game I play. Can never settle on using simple or straightforward characters, even to my own detriment. Might be why I'm attracted to ArcSys titles so much, like Blazblue, Guilty Gear, UNIST, etc., where basically the entire cast has nutty nonsense mechanics.
Like, my three hunky anime boys are the closest thing Smash has to ArcSys fighters.

And as a final difference, I have not personal history with Dragon Quest. Picked up the Hero mostly for gameplay reasons, whereas I have a history with Fire Emblem, especially Awakening, and Xenoblade Chronicles. Played them extensively when I was really figuring myself out in high school, and kinda used Robin and Shulk as role models of sorts. Made a point to try and put into practice what I consider their positive character traits, so I attribute a great deal to the two.


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Jan 30, 2019
Raleigh, North Carolina
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Ridley, Bowser, Ganondorf, and Dedede are my top four, in that order, according to my play time.

Guess I like playing the heavy, hard-hitting characters.


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Feb 24, 2019
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I mostly gravitate towards heavies. I've always loved Ganondorf and Bowser, but only now in Ultimate is my Bowser game coming up to my other characters, and I think I can now call him my #2. I also like Dedede, though he's more just to mess with people.

The outlier has always been Peach. She's been my #2 since Melee and I think it originally had something to do with why I enjoy Dedede now: throwing turnips at people is aggravating as hell and therefore oodles of fun. Though back in the Melee days, I played with items on, and got very adept at throwing them rather than battering with them. I loved the dynamics of their different properties when thrown, like the parasol's lingering hitbox, the fan sending people straight up, how hard the bat hit, etc. This carried over into Brawlhalla--the few times I played that I had more fun throwing the weapons than I did using them.

So... heavies and turnips.


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Aug 24, 2018
I like characters with good punish games so I tend to enjoy most heavies (emphasis on most, not all), Wolf, and Kirby because I love the Kirby series. I used to like Ganondorf but his overall terrible speed and frame data began to drive me away. Playing antagonists is also fun since it's nice to not be the good guy for a change and Smash is one of the only games where you can do this. And I've never been successful with Donkey Kong for some reason. So I guess the characters I like to play the most can be summed up with:

So far I've used all of those sans Piranha Plant in tournaments. Oh, and Roy too. I once had to counterpick with Roy, but that was once. Roy isn't one of my major mains.

Big Bodies: :ultkingdedede::ultkrool::ultridley::ultincineroar::ultbowser:
Heavies: :ultbowser::ultkrool::ultkingdedede::ultincineroar::ultridley:
Antagonists: :ultbowser::ultkrool::ultkingdedede::ultridley::ultwolf::ultpiranha:
Heavy Punish Game: All sans Kirby
Slowness: All sans Kirby and Wolf
OK recovery (none of them have generally "good" recoveries): :ultkirby::ultkingdedede::ultkrool::ultpiranha:
Mediocre recovery: :ultbowser::ultridley::ultwolf:
Bad recovery: :ultincineroar:


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Jun 8, 2017
That Distant Shore
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:ultyoshi:,:ultdarksamus:, and :ulthero:

I'm not seeing much of a correlation here. Dark Samus and Hero are both characters with mildly-zoning play-styles, but that still leaves Yoshi up to question.
Aug 3, 2019
Beyond time and space

Both exude astronomical amounts of Chad-based energy previously thought to be stastically and physically impossible, but upon closer inspection, the anatomy of both the prince and the king are both uniquely fine-tuned to exude optimal levels of sheer physical superiority in their own distinct ways.


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Aug 27, 2018
hm..i play alot of characters but i will go with my all time faves!

that would be :ulttoonlink: :ultzelda: :ultdarkpit: :ultpeach:

what they have in guess :ulttoonlink: & :ultzelda: have being annoying in common..Toon link for his projectiles and Zelda for her spammy :GCB:
i guess :ultdarkpit: has his arrows and side B for that kinda counts xD
as for :ultpeach: i will just go for her turnips, that can be annoying as well i guess?

sooo... TEAM ANNOYING! :p


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May 28, 2019
I play with too many characters, but if I were to pick the ones I play the best: :ultridley::ultinkling::ultgunner:.

The three can shoot proyectiles.... and they all have funny voices, I guess.
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