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Commentate for apex 2013?


Smash Legend
May 13, 2006
Manhattan, New York
Link to original post: [drupal=5495]Commentate for apex 2013?[/drupal]

Alot of people have been telling me that they want me to commentate for apex 2013. I have been commentating since deven3000 started doing his smashfest with live stream in the spring. That was the first time I actually commentated for something. I did not know how good I would be. or fear I bore the veiwers. But I just decided to me myself and make people laugh while keeping it pro to see if it would do justice. And turns out I do a good job and have people in tears or laughter.

This is where I decided to start my own stream called "ignorant gaming" where I play brawl along with other games and commentate while I play. That way people can see me more then just once a week a devens smashfest.

I never commentated for a tournament though till last month. This was my first time and after this tournament, many have been telling me was too funny and want me to commentate for apex. Here is a section of that tournament that had people laughing hard when I was on


I can't afford to go to apex this year even though its the state next to mines with easy was for me to get to NJ from NYC. But Maybe if I keep this up and alot of people like what I do, I can be a professional commentate for brawl tournies and make them more interesting. I don't think Im on that level just yet. But practice makes perfect.

2013, I'll try to get out to more locals and commentate more there if people allow me too. If I do a good job, we will see what happens from there. Wanna say to those that liked my commentary and supported me, thanks. And those that are curious or never seen ignorant gaming, check it out and see if you like it or not.

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