Combo centric ZSS.


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Mar 18, 2009
Deciding to upload my first mod here. It's for ZSS. It's not 100% complete yet, as I need to find out why the game crashes when using her grab from PM 2.5, but currently have her with her standard grab stats from PM 3.6. She is missing dash grab and pivot grab as of right now. I wanted to change up her play style a bit, and make her fit her weak hitter archetype a lot more. So I did quite a few changes. I'll just list them below:

Weight: 85 -> 70
Initial dash: 1.7 -> 1.5
Run speed: 2.05 -> 1.5
Walk speed: 1.3 -> 1
Max horizontal air speed: 1 -> 0.89
Horizontal air stop mobility: .01 -> .19
Fall speed: 2.05 -> 1.2

I ripped a few stats straight from Jigglypuff to make her aerial mobility, despite having a below average air speed, quite formidable. She is tied for slowest fall speed, and one of the fastest horizontal aerial accelerations overall. Her weight is the second lowest. Her dash speed is roughly the same as Mario's, and just below Power Suit Samus (1.55). The reason for this was to reflect "canon" in that PSS is canonically faster than ZSS, though ZSS instantly reaches her top dash speed when running. PSS and ZSS also share the same max horizontal air speed, though ZSS has much more control and air acceleration than PSS does. This was to also take emphasis off her grounded movement, and make ZSS a much more airborne fighter.

With the fall speed nerf and weight nerf, she is overall the second easiest to KO horizontally and vertically. And to add onto this, ZSS has very low kill power as well. She only has five kill options, and they don't reliably kill until about 130% on Mario at the edge of FD. Her primary strongest primary kill options are sweetspotted bair, fsmash, and fair. Fsmash stats were ripped straight from Brawl (10%, 30 BKB, 100 KBG). Sweetspotted bair and her stall-then-fall out of Flip Jump have the same stats. Fair 2nd hit kills around the same percentage (5%, 50 BKB, 140 KBG). Her last kill option is angled down ftilt which shares the same stats as fair 2nd hit. Dsmash now induces the stun effect. Same for uncharged Paralyzer. Charged inflicts sleep similar to Snake's tranq darts. Also all electric effects have been removed from her move set. I personally found it a bit annoying with the high hitlag making it much easier to SDI her moves.

So the pros this time around. With her additional floatiness, ZSS is much harder to combo, and get kill confirms on despite the largely nerfed weight. Her recovery is immensely better, and noticeably easier to mix up with thanks to the extra floatiness. This also gives her much more emphasis on edgeguarding with her powerful aerial game. She can quite literally go to the blast line on FD, and make it all the way back. She has low risk when it comes to edgeguarding. All of her combo moves, minus nair, inflict set knockback. Uair, dtilt, utilt, and dash attack. I've changed the angles on each move to make them much more favorable for combos. Also, because dtilt has high base knockback, she isn't as vulnerable to CC after testing. However, because of this, ZSS literally cannot kill off the top. Usmash was altered to be an anti air, and also a combo option, too. She has lots of kill confirms off uair into fair and bair as well.

Bair has two larger sweetspots on it, so the sweetspot is directly on her foot. Sourspot only does 5%, but this isn't all bad. The sourspots send at a semi spike angle of 350 degrees with 60 BKB. No knockback growth. It's a great gimping option to go with her potent edgeguarding game. If you want to try it out, here's the link:

Would appreciate any feedback on the design. I'm currently in the works of making a Mega Lucario and Mega Mewtwo X move set as well.
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