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Closing matches


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Apr 10, 2002
Santa Clarita
Hey guys

So what I've found with this version of Olimar is that my biggest issue has been closing out a set. A lot of it for me is mental definitely, but I'm curious as to any kill setups/mentalities you guys have to get that final stock

A couple derpy things I get away with:

*Jump air dodge-purple bair

*jabjab-read the tech-usmash

*stepback fsmash

*been toying with whistle punishes. Screw you Sakurai for taking away some of our super armor frames!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sure Olimar has some reliable frame traps but I'm poop at those as of now.

I finally realized this weekend how "not Brawl" this game is, not just limited to Olimar. Percent means very little; it's about who can close a stock. So I've stopped feeling any sense of relaxing the way I could in Brawl, but at the same time I'm not just wistfully attempting to impose my will in kill situations the way I could in Brawl (ugh miss that lol).

Anyway I feel that this is the main thing keeping Olimar from being absurdly good, and if our collective consciousness can generate some solid options for each other to really muse on then I think we'll really get something going. Getting damage is the easy part; let's start killing!

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The best defense is a lot of frigging healing
Mar 10, 2009
Elgin, Texas
Well, I pretty much just do the dumb common-sense crap to get kills, like tossing/Dsmashing them off and standing that certain distance from the ledge to cover whatever they do, reading a roll and smashing, or Usmashing OoS.

- I don't really focus on the kill so much as I worry about putting them in bad positions and looking for places to kill with Fsmash/Usmash/Uair/Dsmash.

- Depends on the character sometimes. Way easier to get Fsmash kills on Villager than Peach,

- Percent means something. The higher % they are, the more kill moves become available,.

- Stutterstep Fsmashing is still cool, especially since our Fsmash is so great.

- Dropping off the ledge under/through the opponent and Uairing with a purple randomly works and is kind of hilarious. Sometimes you catch them starting an UpB and send them flying to the top blastzone. You risk saving a doomed opponent and there's a risk of getting hit though, so I don't think it's completely viable.

- Weirdly-timed Uairs in general are good, too. Read an airdodge and FF an Uair or something.

- Weirdly-timed anything is good.

- Helps to actually focus on managing your colors. I usually rely more on reds than purples for kills in this one, TBH.

I know this is all dumb or common sense, but whatever. ><
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Jan 5, 2015
Coquimbo, Chile
I think too that the kill options of Olimar and closing matches, has to do more with a mental thing than a specific move.
I like to put thoughts on my enemy, making him feel a fake security, repeating some obvious moves, and when he is sure he has control, take the %&/#"#$ out of him.
- Throwing 1, 2 or 3 Pikmin when I'm edge guarding so he think I'm defenseless.
- Jumping towards to punish his recovery and retreating back without apparent reason. Careful with this one.
- Following his landing and then just stay still. If he gets close, Fsmash or Grab. If he doesn't move, Side-B.
- Do some jabs or Dtilt far away, just for fun jajaja.
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