Classic 9.0 is a breeze...


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Sep 24, 2014
Warren, MI
I mean, I just happen to succeed in consecutive attempts. It’s not as high scoring, but at least there’s consistency. Of all characters, I used Ness only on 9.0 encounters. No one else (except for Lucas when I get DLC). I’m not joking. I’m one of the best Ness users around in Classic Mode. Have you had a favorite that breezes through 9.0 as if it was peas on a plate? As long as I predict the Masters’ move sets and acquire healing equipment, 10.0 is just an attempt away...
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Aug 21, 2013
Classic on 9.0 is very easy and I can clear it with a lot of characters. Probably with the whole cast but I have not tried that. With R.O.B. I can easily clear it with about 100% consistency.

Sorry if you thought your Ness was good but Classic just is not a hard mode. You seem like those kind of new players thinking they are pro's for being able to beat Lv.9 CPU's. Until they come in touch with the online community and realize that beating Lv.9 CPU's is considered to be exceptionally easy there.
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