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Choose an educational game to be represented in smash


Smash Cadet
May 30, 2022
What would the character be? What would the stage be? Would they have a gimmick?


Smash Ace
Aug 5, 2015
Pajama Man, the in-universe fictional superhero from the Pajama Sam games, would be my choice - I'd probably have a preferance for Sam himself if it weren't for the fact Smash doesn't really have an archetypical DC/Marvel-style superhero yet.
I couldn't agree more. Though I have no history with Pajama Sam, I feel like Smash is lacking in the typical superhero department. All we got is Wario Man behind a final smash.

I think Pajama Man's stage could be a dark closet that shows monsters sometimes, but is just a regular closet half the time and with hazards off, and for his gimmick, a vertical command grab? Maybe he could fly vertically up and still have options to throw whichever way he wants (while hovering in air). That's never been done before.

Veca Gorebyss

Smash Apprentice
Mar 5, 2022

1 | attack | B | tilt | side | mickey heaves RS | RS randomly flies | 1 | one accident is RS explodes if connects

1 | attack | B | tilt | side | mickey heaves RS | RS randomly flies | 2 | one accident is RS will PT enemy

1 | attack | B | tilt | side | mickey heaves RS | RS randomly flies | 3 | one accident is during RS as H it scorches enemy

2 | terminology | H | holographic

2 | terminology | RS | rocket ship

2 | terminology | PT | pass through

1 | mickey on bike permanently

2 | down b | mickey gets down off of bike and plants seed | only works on floor | forget this one

3 | forward air a | type of leaves of one of the months | sometimes will throw snow leaves and freeze someone

4 | down air a | wheel becomes a bit more massive and can combo into enemy and throw them forward or backward at last hit depending on what side they are on

5 | mickey permanently wears spinning hat

6 | down smash | has to be on thick ground | dragonfly appears from behind mickey | mickey pays attention botheringly to dragon fly | mickey pays attention curiously to dragonfly | mickey pays attention scaredly to dragonfly | mickey falls with his bike flat onto his back | mickey covers his head and face with hands and arms | brontosaurus appears and begins long neck snapping and returning at dragonfly | wide range | can collide with projectiles in very silent thick smooth "whoomf" sound "collide" animation sense | the silent sound indicates a very powerful blow | as if one of brawl bosses is hitting a box | brontosaurus can extend neck through things snapping | will attack over many attacks | a real freaking crate and box shatterer for petes sake uh uhglhies

7 | side b | if with charged mickey throws a brown paper ptarodatcyl that goes farther ss charged | if without charged mickey will akin to luigi side b misfire accidently will throw a real ptarodactyal or an explosive "sky attack" from pokemon

8 | final smash | rocket ship somehow flies in to pick up mickey | mickey goes off screen | mickeys ears viewable from bottom left side | player can use joystick to crank eletric generator located inside rocket | mickeys hand cranks electric generator | screen develops all sorts of colored line cables that if collide with with a enemy it makes harsh "tssewwjeh" electric sound | if line cables collide with another line it will make sound from game

9 | a | akin to mega man standard a | flying saucer gu hn
3 | side b | tilt | crosshairs appear and submarine is sort of push-tossed by mickey | the submarine mostly flies itself in other words

4 | side b | smash | regardless of where charge is lifted mickey will smack submarine hard with an ax straight hurdling toward enemy | ax does damage with a sound affect more like a muffled blow

5 | side b | smash | regardless of where charge is lifted mickey will smack submarine hard with an ax straight hurdling toward enemy | heavy damage from submarine | as heavy as breaking shields pretty likely | like being hit by a softer version of bowsers side smash in brawl or the increased power of shells in melee from reflectors | can explode possibly if charge it

4 | end of final smash | line cables try to meet up with each other and finally intercept and smash 64 bomb sound effect and blow up and everyone dhi hes

5 | still updating. goodbye.



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