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Aug 17, 2006
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Has it really been a week with no replys? :v

from Zelda's end the matchup feels pretty even really. Zelda's usual combos work on Zard pretty well being that he's chunky. Zard has her beat a bit in speed but she can out poke Zard in footsies cause of her reach and mostly transcendent attacks. Zelda's got the power to kill Zard early depending on stage and position so she doesn't have to worry too much about Zard living too long especially rage Zelda.

on the flip side Zards super armor is annoying as it can tank her kicks and Zelda is light so if she gets predictable eating flare blitzes and rock smashes early she can die quickly. This also makes gimping a tad more difficult if she isn't spot on going for Dairs cause Zard can SA them. Zelda has the damage to keep up with Zard but if she gets behind it's very hard for Zelda to pull the lead back due to lacking am approach and poor camp options. If you can get a lead make her come to you or wait, she can't do too much.

Zelda has trouble landing and with zards big air boxes he can juggle her if he can get her in the air because she doesn't have a good way to get down without risk or going to the ledge. I've mostly only fought Zard on flat stages so I'm not sure about stages I would go to as Zelda other than DL cause wind gimmicks. Probably avoid T&C cause rage Zard is scary too and I don't want to be dying earlier than usual.


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Mar 27, 2008
Zelda gets in pretty slowly, Zard can use flamethrower, sh fairs, dtilt, and spaced bairs very safely.

USmash and full hop aerials can juggle her pretty well, and if she teleports away, she'll get punished with flare blitz.
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Jun 15, 2008
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Well I'll go off what I remember playing Zolda and teaming with him once. Otherwise I got nothing much.

Zelda has a lot of deceptive tools. Nayru's love will outlast and beat a lot of moves you wouldn't think it would. It's also got a huge hitbox which always surprises me. In general Zelda hits like a truck just like we do, just she has trouble forcing her way in and requires a little bit of help to make it work. But when she can she is scary. Big things Charizard should try to avoid is getting grabbed, leads into nair and a 50/50 mix up in which she can get a kill off a grab. She can Uair if you don't DI it and she might be able to get Bair off of it. Another thing to avoid is her Dtilt, it can lead into her UpB which kills at 70%ish.

You can try to edgeguard her so she can't make it back but it's kind of hard if the Zelda knows what she is doing. She can just UpB to the ledge and there isn't much you can do to stop it outside of trying to hit her before she is using farore's wind.

Zard's best tools are to use Dtilt and other moves to disjoint her out. She has trouble getting in and forcing her way in if you try to space her out. Zelda can't force her way down outside of UpB. Abuse disjoints and space her out, use a lot of flame thrower.