Charizard Matchup Discussion - Wario


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Nov 17, 2014

"What do we do?" That's a good question. First of all, Wario's Chomp can get Charizard very easily thanks to his big hurtbox.
Avoiding chomp will be very hard, so watch out for that.

I know that Charizard can hit and destroy both Wario and the bike with his Side B (Only works if Wario is still riding his bike or else it would be worthless), but why don't you use give short up Fair a chance? It can knock him off most of the time (except if he pulls out a perfect timed wheelie).

Don't know if most Charizard's plays aggressively, but it's better that Charizard should really focus on spacing and punish if necessary.

This MU is in Wario's favor in my opinion.


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Jan 5, 2006
Flamethrower angled up will also knock Wario off the bike. I second Wah-man now, I do feel that Wario has a slight advantage due simply to his mobility and pokes being more effective and safe than Zard's neutral options. Also, fart is incredibly scary and Zard does have quite a few moves that lend themselves to getting wafted.


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Nov 20, 2015
Wario main here.

It's rare to find a zard main. I've only played 1 in bracket ever, so I'm not the most experienced. None of my training buddies play the character.

But I'd imagine it's similar to Wario's other matchups with heavies, which in my opinion are slightly in Wario's favor. What it comes down to really is what was referenced above. Wario has safer pokes and much better mobility in neutral. He can punish zard's end lag with a variety of safe pokes - fair, bite, bair, chomp, bike whereas most of zard's moveset is quite commital. I'd stay just outside of Zards range and play bait and punish in neutral. Zard has better range and power but mobility and frame data > range and power in this game from my experience. I really don't see Zard winning in neutral or off stage but I'd love to hear the opinion of Zard players.

Off stage, Wario's dash attack out prioritizes Zard's Up B according to this thread:

I think Wario's dair may beat zard's up B but I'm not sure.

Zard is one of the easier characters in the game to fart on because of his frame data and huge hurtbox.

But again take this with a grain of salt, as I said before I'm not the most knowledgeable on zard and am very open to the opinions of those more experienced in the matchup.
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Mar 7, 2016
Wario does not feel like that bad of a MU to me. We have so many tools against the bike. Fair, retreating Nair, and flamethrower to name a few. I even have landed a Ftilt that stopped Wario. Also I didn't even have to tilt flamethrower up in order to stop Wario. With the chomp Charizard can easily avoid it with good spacing and flamethrower. I think Dtilt and Ftilt should work too but haven't tested it. The only thing is if Wario tries to land on top of you while your shielding but that can be easily stopped by an up smash because his wings are invincible.

I don't think this is an amazing MU for Charizard either though. It's all about who is mixing up their tools and reading the opponent. Also once Wario gets waft you will want to start shielding and you probably should be anyway. But then Wario's chomp can cause some serious damage.

Last but not least all of Charizard's aerials outrange Wario so try using those to keep him out if he tries to approach from the air.