Character Reviews: Falco


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Jun 14, 2012
Hello everyone, this is my very first post here! I am starting up my own little mini project where I will be reviewing every character in Melee. I will do 1-2 every day, or every 1-2 days I will put up one, whichever I feel like lol. Anyway, I will be starting with my favorite character in the game, Falco!

Falco is a very fun character to play and can be an extreme threat if you take the time to master him. He has a great moveset including one of the most devastating spikes in the game, and his blaster can be quite annoying for opponents but is effective nonetheless. Falco is also a smaller character, making him a smaller target. According to my findings, Falco has one major flaw in his moveset, being his side-special, the Falco Phantasm. The Falco Phantasm is when Falco quickly dashes across the screen, leaving a trail of blue blurs resembling himself behind. While it can be effective on a large flat stage to damage multiple enemies at once, it is quite weak and will not KO an enemy until around 110-120%. That is not the biggest problem with this attack, however; the main problem is that if you happen to misjudge it and dash over the edge of the map, there are no recovery options. If you do not climb back up, you cannot jump, you cannot use an up-b, you can only watch helplessly as you fall. Many beginners will suffer this fate multiple times, but after some practice with the character you will not do it near as often, and after you take the time to master the character(Like I did) it should never happen. In fact, that is my least used move in the entire moveset. Falco is a very quick character, and if you do not learn to use speed and maneuverability to your advantage, you will never prosper with a character like Falco. Sometimes the best strategy in Melee is to just run, jump and dodge, then when you see an opportunity, you dash in and take care of business. That is why I like Falco so much, he is, in my opinion, the best opportunist of Super Smash Bros. Melee!

I hope you enjoyed my review of Falco, remember to leave who you think I should review next in a reply! NOTE: I may not do a suggestion the next day, because it takes a bit to play the character for a while and learn the ins and outs. For example, I have played a total of 4 VS Matches with Pichu, so it would take me a good bit to get a review of Pichu out :)

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i have this problem where i side b off the stage a lot and i just fall helplessly and die.

i think it's a major setback for the character. it's really hard to avoid doing it.


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Mar 5, 2012
"While it can be effective on a large flat stage to damage multiple enemies at once,"


im glad that we have new (newer than me) people intrested in melee :)


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Mar 5, 2012
Lawrenceville, NJ
this makes me a bit jealous of falco, but I'm sure you'll help me to finally convince people that ness is the best character in the game when you do his review.
I mean, come on guys, pk flash kills from like 20%
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