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Dec 12, 2018
Skeleton-ton-o puns with a moveset fresh off the presses! I’ve created a sans moveset, so I thought it only fair we bring the genocidal human in to the ring. (Before we begin a disclaimer for how I will be using SHE and HER as pronouns for the fallen child Chara.) I know people might lose their s*** over it, but it’s just my opinion and yadda yadda yadda.... etc..

With that can of worms out of the way, let us commence.

Who is Chara?

Chara is the first fallen child of the story Undertale. When the protagonist kills all of the monsters in Undertale and kills Asgore and Flowey, Chara appears and explains that the EXP the protagonist gained strengthened her enough to awaken. You never really meet her in the pacifist route, but if you decide not to ERASE the world in the genocide route, then you give your soul to Chara and she takes control of your body. Pacifist routes will still be available, but it will be implied that Chara is still possessing you and can kill everyone and RESET the world. A lot of people think it’s Chara or Frisk who cause the genocide. It’s not. Chara helps the protagonist in pacifist routes and even says that “Another route would be preferable.” in genocide before gaining control. I believe Chara is only neutral, not evil. She might even be good, as she is the one who stops Asriel in the final pacifist “fight”. When you’re using good memories of all your friends to free them, you can’t with Asriel. You don’t have any good memories. But then a clip plays of Chara being rescued by Asriel. You or Frisk didn’t have this memory; it was Chara’s. However, to make things simpler, Chara will represent genocide and Frisk will represent pacifist. The weapons for Chara’s moveset can be her knife, the fallen children’s weapons, and of course, a save point.

Now that we’ve eaten our vegetables so to speak, let’s get to the meat and potatoes: the moveset.

Neutral- Knife cutter

Chara slashes her knife causing a small single red shockwave to come out. It flies in straight direction and can break shields easily.

Side special- Chara pulls out one of three things. A gun, a pan, or a note book. (Weapons of the fallen children) Originally I intended for the tough glove, toy knife, and ballerina shoes to be used as well, but they were to melee-ish. The gun can be fired, the pan can be swung, and notebook can be thrown. It balances out Chara’s melee-related knife attacks. Kicking, punching, and (Let’s be honest, who brings a toy knife to a fight?)

Up special- Determined dash

Chara can blitz Sans. SANS. THE SKELETON. Ahem. She dashes in any direction you imput. Plain and simple. However if you run into an opponent, you can launch them instantly.

Down special- SAVE

Chara whips out a save point and heals up to 50% health. A neat gimmick is that while doing so you can warp back to where you stood before, making this a potential get-away move. However, you could accidentally warp yourself off the stage if your not careful.

Final smash-

Chara freezes time with the save point, and goes nuts with her knife, slashing everything. When she unfreezes it, the opposing fighters will either be K.Oed, or launched far.

Now comes the fun part-
Palette swaps.

1st- Storyshift Chara
2nd- Underswap Chara (Chara but with a different facial expression and holding a stick)
3rd- ???
4th- ???
5th- ???
6th- ???
7th- ???
8th- ???

Where there’s Chara, there’s a short pissed skeleton waiting to fight her. I thought if I made a sans moveset, then I had to make one for Chara. Also p.s., Frisk is Chara’s echo fighter. Byyyeeeee!!!!
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Oct 9, 2020
Do you know Chara actually doesnt have a Knife.
In Pazifist its called Worn Dagger considiring that the "Knife" is a Gift from Toriel its propably just Chara playin (to be fair very evil) Pretend!
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