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Carroll Fest 3: Even Pat Brady is HYPED! Ft.M2K/NEO/Hanky/VaNz/Cactaur N'at

PGH Carroll

Smash Master
Feb 6, 2010
Pittsburgh, PA aka #TipperCity

The legendary tournament series is back. Even Pat Bradys gay dads cant believe it.`Looking to improve on our 70 entrant tournament last May.

Perters Palce Restaurant
1199 Washington Pike
Bridgeville, PA 15017

SCHEDULE: (as of now.. subject to change)
10am Doors open (Doubles/PM Reg till 12)
12pm Doubles Brackets
1pm PM Singles Bracket
3pm registation for singles
4pm melee singles pools
6pm melee/brawl singles Bracket
8pm PAvs OH crews + Ike only PM Tourney
10pm venue closes
Traditional EatNPark run afterward!

My moms WORLD FAMOUS SLOPPY JOES will be back for your eating pleasure as well as drinks for sale ($1 each free refills)
also theres mad things in walking distance. EatnPark, Arbys, Wendys, Taco Bell, KFC ect.

Venue fee - $5 (free with a full set up!! TV cube/wii with game)
Singles fee - $10
Doubles fee - $10 each ($20per team)

General Rules:

[COLLAPSE="Melee Ruleset"]Neutrals 1v1:
Fountain of Dreams

Neutrals 2v2:
Pokemon Stadium

Counterpicks 1v1:
Pokemon Stadium

Counterpicks 2v2:
Kongo Jungle

•4 stock
•2/3 sets
•3/5 semifinals+finals
•8 minute time limit
•Items off
•Ties broken by lives, then %
•Double Blind character pick can be called at anytime.
•Stage Knock Out: Each person may choose one stage to be disabled for the entire set, it must be chosen at the beginning of the set, after initial characters are chosen.
•Advanced Slob Picks: Loser may choose the next stage or select to go random. The winner may then change their character, followed by the loser.
•Bring your own controller
•Controller Mods, Glitches (IC Freeze Glitch, Mewtwo Soul Stunner, etc), and tactics used to stall a match (wall-bombing, rising pound), are banned.
•Team Attack will be ON
•Life stealing allowed

APEX RULESET[COLLAPSE="Brawl Ruleset"]Apex ruleset:

3 stocks
• 8 minute time limit
• Items are set to “Off” and “None”
• All infinites and chain grabs are legal.
• Meta Knight’s Infinite Cape glitch and Extended Cape glitch are banned.
• There is a ledge grab limit of 35 for Meta Knight and 50 for all other characters. If a game goes to time and one player goes over the ledge grab limit for their character, they will automatically lose the game. If both players exceed their ledge grab limit, then this rule is ignored.
• The act of stalling is banned.
• If time runs out, the winner of the match will be the one called out by the game. If it goes to Sudden Death, then it is determined by percentage. If the percentage and/or both players die at the same time as a result of a suicide move, a one stock 3 minute tie break match is held. Ledge grab limits are reduced to 13 for Meta Knight and 18 for all other characters.
• The only other exception to this is the game ending from a Bowser or Ganondorf suicide tactic, where the initiator of the move wins.

Doubles specfic rules:
-Team attack=on
-Life Stealing allowed
-Ports for team 1 are 1 and 4. Ports for team 2 are 2 and 3.


Final Destination
Lylat Cruise
Yoshi's Island

Pokémon Stadium 1
Castle Siege
Delfino Plaza
Frigate Orpheon

• In the event pause is left on accidentally and is pressed, immediately call over the tournament organizer. Based upon their judgment, the situation will be resolved. If your situation is neutral [players are not in combat], the match will be resumed as if the pause had not occurred. If your situation is advantageous to one individual and the player in the disadvantageous situation paused, the disadvantaged player will be either placed in a grab or onto the ledge of the stage. If a player in a death situation [Chain grabs, Grab releases, Jab-locks to a kill move, etc] paused while in a death situation, the current stock is forfeited immediately. If you unpause before the tournament organizer reaches the station, the player that unpaused loses a stock.
• Users of the Wii Remote must take out the Wiimote's batteries. If problems persist due to the Wiimote, the owner of the Wiimote may be disqualified.
• You are responsible for your own controller and name tag. Any malfunctions or errors that occur are your responsibility (including battery issues with a Wii Remote), so bring an extra controller if possible and always check to make sure you're using the correct settings BEFORE a match is played. Both parties need to agree if a match is to be paused or restarted because of these problems.
• The tournament organizer has the right to save/record any tournament match if possible and has the right to upload said match.[/COLLAPSE]

Project M​

[COLLAPSE="Project M ruleset"]

* 4 stock, 8 minute timer.
* Items OFF and set to NONE
* Buffer OFF
* Ties after the time limit are determined by stocks, then by percentage.
* If the match goes to Sudden Death due to a suicide move (Ganon's side-B, DDD's swallow, holding someone in a grab on a platform as it moves out of the boundaries, etc.), the one who initiated the move wins.
* Non-first party controllers must be inspected by TO staff before use in tourney.
* Any action that can prevent the game from continuing (freezing, disappearing characters, game reset, etc.) will result in forfeiture of the match for the player that initiated the action. You are responsible for knowing your own character and must be wary about accidentally triggering one of these effects.
* Dave's Modified Rule: You cannot counterpick the stage you last won on in a set unless agreed upon by the opponent.
* Player's Choice Clause: You may play by a rule outside of this ruleset if your opponent agrees to it as long as it does not deliberately delay the tournament process. In the event of a disagreement, house rules stand.
* Double Blind Character Picks: Players may elect to double blind pick their characters for the first match in case of any disputes.


Strike from Starters for game 1 (P1-P2-P2-P1-P1-P2). Standard set procedure, advanced slob picks, etc. Players get 3 bans each, to be announced upon winning a game.


Dream Land 64
Final Destination
Fountain of Dreams
Pokemon Stadium 2
Yoshi's Story


Dracula's Castle
Green Hill Zone
Metal Cavern
Pokemon Stadium 1
Rumble Falls
Wario Ware
Yoshi's Island (Brawl)[/COLLAPSE]

Singles/Teams Payouts
(if under 30)
* 1st = 60%
* 2nd = 30%
* 3rd = 10%
(if over 30)
*1st = 50%
*2nd = 25%
*3rd = 15%
*4th = 10%
(if over 50)
*1st = 45%
*2nd = 25%
*3rd = 15%
*4th = 10%
*5th = 2.5%
*5th = 2.5%

[COLLAPSE="Carroll Fest 1 Results"]Results:
Melee Singles
1st Lon
2nd Silent Swag
3rd Tyler Wilps

Melee Doubles
1st Lon & Boon
2nd Stanley & Silent Swag
3rd Murk & Aj Campbell

Brawl Singles
1st SMD
2nd Boon
3rd Tyler Wilps

Brawl Doubles
1st Boon & Aj Campbell
2nd Tyler Wilps & Silent Swag
3rd D-White & borra

Pictures: (taken by the lovely emily ♥ some hoe that broke my heart</3) PICS[/COLLAPSE]

[COLLAPSE="Carroll Fest 2 Results"]http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=304441[/COLLAPSE]

Any Questions. Pm or text my cell
412 583 5180


Smash Hero
Jul 19, 2010
Grieving No Longer
Who has two thumbs and no rehearsals on this day? This guy :cool:

Although I don't have my schedule 100% figured out for the semester so I might deconfirm later.


Smash Ace
Jul 5, 2011
Pittsburgh, PA
this tourney is going to suck and i refuse to go

also i was confirmed without my consent

p.s. i am going to take 9th at this tourney you heard it here first CAP IT


das kwl
Feb 18, 2007
Top of the Tier List
Lmao. Jesus is not coming to Pittsburgh for a tournament. It's 6-7 hours away from his doorstep


oooo he lives in PA now. Nvm lol



Certified Ponch
May 2, 2010
Mantua, OH
lmao. Jesus is not coming to pittsburgh for a tournament. It's 6-7 hours away from his doorstep


Oooo he lives in pa now. Nvm lol

Well ya better start unpacking your bags there, kiddo.
yea jayden in harrisburg how far of a drive would this be ?

Jaden* :3

It's about a 4 hour drive. So unless there's a lot more hype for it (which there will be since it's still all the way out in November) probably not worth the drive.

S1 The God

Feeding the streets since 1885
Dec 14, 2011
It's about a 4 hour drive. So unless there's a lot more hype for it (which there will be since it's still all the way out in November) probably not worth the drive.
why even say that

Get Low

Smash Ace
Mar 20, 2011
Niles, Ohio
Since my girlfriend's birthday is the 14th of Brovember, if she decides she wants to celebrate her birthday the weekend beforehand, I will not be attending this.

Also, if my financial status around this time is poor, I will not be attending this.

Basically, I'm only coming to this if God allows it.
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