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Caption the Character above you!

Aug 14, 2021
GamingCorp, Utah, USA, (20XX Future Timeline)
Hey Guys!
I'm gonna make another "Wario Wario Wario"-like thread, but it's inspired by "Rate the Character above" (Wario Wario Wario) and "Caption the Avatar above" threads, which are they about captioning above Avatar and rate the Character above.

So now, you need to Caption the character above you and you need to say about character in other Words like captioning an Avatar on "Caption the Avatar above".

A: Goku
B: "Kamehameha Guy"

There is only one main Rule
1. Don't Insult a character, because that's rude (If you do it, I will give you attention to not do that).

I'm gonna start off:

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