Captain Falcon has two locks :V

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Nov 4, 2016
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Note: 1 one them is not true because the opponent has a chance to tech (But in for glory, no one techs).

:4falcon:Works at 0% only (The amount of steps required is based on the character)

Short hop + Fast-fall u-air -----------> Grab+D-throw --------> u-air -------> Footstool -----> Fast-fall D-air (If the player footstool Di's, follow it).

There's a follow up for this, here are some examples:

1.) u-air x3
2.) u-air + The Knee of Justice (F-air)
3.) B-air ------> Dash attack

The other one

:4falcon: Works best at 0%

Dash grab + F-throw ------> Dash to where they're landing + pivot f- tilt + f-tilt (If tech missed they will be locked)

List of follow ups
1.) short hop+fast-fall u-air + u-air x2
2.) Up-Smash
3.) F-air
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