Captain Falcon can go under Smashville


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Jan 15, 2015
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Hey guys Ryukred here, this is something I've known for a couple months now but never really felt like making a video for it until now(I'm lazy I know D: )

Captain Falcon can go under Smashville pretty easily(kinda). Here's a video of me doing it for about 3 minutes.
How to do this?
1. Face the center of the stage at the ledge(you can't go under from behind, I think, haven't tested enough)(You also can't do it while grabbing the ledge and letting go)
2. Jump back and fade in like I do in the video
3. Throw out an aerial or airdodge so you don't grab the ledge
4. Fall low enough so you don't bonk your head on the bottom of the stage or else you can't make it
5. ggwp

I'm bad at explaining, so yeah.

You can also make it by reverse Falcon punching with the same steps.(I do this at 2:35) More ways to style yay!

This isn't really useful tbh but it's fun to do midmatch while playing someone so they're like "Wtf, did Falcon just go under Smashville?"

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