Cant get this adapter working, and Zadig is down?


Smash Rookie
Oct 17, 2018
I've been playing dolphin w an Xbone controller, and figured after a couple moths that it was time to graduate to an actual gamecube controller, so I went to my usual site and got a set of knockoff controller and adapter because I didn't want to fully commit to a 40+ controller and 20+ dollar adapter. I didnt really think much about the adapter because I was so worried about the controller being ****e. Turns out I didnt even get that far because this adapter isnt working. i went through and got some drivers but they didn't seem to detect anything.

All the videos I watch direct me to Zadig, but the site doesn't load, and other people seem to be having that issue too. does anyone have like a drive or dropbox link to the drivers?

the adapter is like TTX model BX-W201.

I know I shouldn't have cheaped out, I guess this is what I get lmao