Can You Practice Against Lvl 9s???

Feb 11, 2019
Hi everyone, I currently have empty pockets and just ran out of money to pay for online. I really want to practice, but under the current circumstances, I can’t really go anywhere to practice with anybody. Can you fight lvl 9s as practice (besides training mode, already do that a lot)?


May 3, 2019
Off the Radar
I wouldn’t recommend playing against Level 9 CPU’s. Even though they are the highest level cpu’s, they tend to perform things that no ordinary person would do. It would also just prove to be ineffective because you’ll reach the point where your level of skill would rely on exploiting the bad AI rather than improving your skills. Basically all it would do is develop habits that would only work against a CPU rather than a real player. Playing the CPU’s can help you warm up or test out a new character, but CPU’s lack the habits and decision making that a normal opponent would make.

You’re better off just playing a lower level CPU (1-4) to practice for combos or just getting used to a character. These CPU’s don’t have frame perfect inputs so they’re better to work with. Training mode is good too, so keep doing that as well.