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Can you guys give me tips on my doc?


Smash Rookie
Aug 20, 2022
Im New Sadly :(

sorry for sync issues in the first set. I need to find a way to record better.


Smash Rookie
May 15, 2022
I'd pill a lot more against Marths and any other characters without projectiles. In that Marth match you keep throwing 1 pill then running in, but imo you should camp Marth like crazy unless they're consistently getting in anyway. Then when they shield or jump or runaway, call them out for it.

Same thing with that Zelda, look at how when you're camping them they just wait for you to stop camping, then they hit you out of your approach. Just keep camping. If they're just standing there eating pills then keep feeding them pills. Eventually they'll get mad and jump at you and then you get to kill them. Literally camp, camp, camp. Be as degenerate with pills as your opponent will let you be.

EDIT: Hell yeah, you ****in got it by the end of those Zelda games. Be degenerate with those pills. That's how you win.
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