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Campbell X Results thread


Smash Lord
Jul 21, 2005
Singles Bracket

1: PewPewU $275
2: Westballz $125
3: SFAT $75
4: Shroomed $25
5: Phil
5: Alvin
7: Alan
7: Germ
9: Scar
9: Berto
9: Sung
9: Bob$
13: ZeldaFreak
13: Darrell
13: Boback
13: Gishnak
17: Hydrokirby
17: Azusa
17: Dendy
17: JoeJoe
17: Hyuga
17: Tafokints
17: Hyprid
17: Combofest
25: Kazamm
25: Ky
25: Isis
25: Ahmad
25: Nima
25: Broges
25: Bluefox
25: Sparky

Single Pools (Top 3 make it out to bracket)
1: Berto
1: Phil
1: Gishnak
1: Sung
1: Alan
1: Hyprid
1: Alvin
1: Hyuga
2: ZeldaFreak
2: Dendy
2: Ky
2: Germ
2: Hydrokirby
2: Boback
2: Combofest
2: JoeJoe
3: Isis
3: Broges
3: Nima
3: Kazamm
3: Sparky
3: Ahmad
3: Bluefox
3: Azusa
4: Paul
4: Sheen
4: Nytcrawler
4: Luis
4: Colin
4: Samson
4: Crimson Blur
4: And1
5: Theo
5: TarheelJKS
5: Kelan
5: u_name
5: Jasou
5: Battlepenguin
5: Fate
5: Mountain Goat
6: Engdrew
6: AdamKenoly
6: Cai
6: Tuan
6: Fade
6: Carlos
6: PokemonMasterIRL
6: Traka
7: Dr. Z
7: Shin
7: Wazn
7: Svetsunov
7: Jayten
7: AKARed

Doubles Bracket

1: Dajuan + PPU (Dajuan + PPU) ($136.00)
2: SFAT + Scar (SFAT + Scar) ($81.60)
3: Dark Bladders (Bob$ + Sheridan) ($54.40)
4: Gish + Tafo (Gish + Tafo)
5: Bluefox + Brandon (Bluefox + Brandon)
5: Alan + Darrell (Alan + Darrell)
7: Hyprid + Westballz (Hyprid + westballz)
7: Ky + Casey (Ky + Casey)
9: Dendy + Sung (Dendy + Sung)
9: JoeJoe + sparky (JoeJoe + Sparky)
9: ZeldaFreak + Eric (ZeldaFreak + Eric)
9: BattlePenguin + Nytcrawler (BattlePenguin + Nytcrawler)
13: Crimson + Sheen (Crimson + Sheen)
13: L_ + Paul (L_ + Paul)
13: Shin + Fade (Shin + Fade)
13: Germ + Tres (Germ + Tres)
17: Jasou + Dr. Z (Jasou + Dr. Z)


Smash Lord
Jul 21, 2005
I'm still waiting for Hyuga to get me the TIO file

To recap some things.

Grand Finals
PPU > westballz 3-2

Losers Finals
Westballz > SFAT 3-1

Losers Semi's
SFAT > Shroomed 3-2

Winner's Semis
Westballz > Shroomed


Smash Apprentice
Apr 4, 2012
Cupertino, CA
Shoutout to that guy i spent basically the entire day with(Played Naruto & Smash, went to Jack and the Box with, etc.) I never got your name, but lets meet up again at a future tournament.

Germ: Your link play amazed me. Never stop playing this game.

Luis: Every time we play I learn something new. Thanks for helping me warm up <3

Also thanks Dajuan for finally playing some games with me :3


Smash Lord
Jan 10, 2006
San pablo
Hope I can afford to enter both doubles and singles next time.

Good stuff everyone.

Main shoutout : Sung + Dendy I hate how our set ended, i'd really like to play you guys again. I give first match of the day johns all day though ^_^.


Smash Lord
Dec 18, 2006
land of the free
too good. you all are amazing

don't get salty often, but i am salty about both puff matches i lost

these results are shocking
which part. if you mean the top idk. doubt many people from here/cali are all that surprised by this. everyone knows kevin is a beast. some upsets around the middle though

Strong Badam

Prince of Saiyans
Feb 27, 2008
I posted that before the results were actually in the first post.


Smash Ace
Jan 19, 2007
Hillsborough, (Nor)California

2: West2good4uBALLZZ - gg homie. everytime you get harder
3: ScrubFAT - #nation #kknation #650 #beatdajuanagain
5: Phil2012 - YO! who drops the sticks for months and comes back to get 5th. good **** dude.
5: ELLLLLL - MY BOIIIIIIII. needs moer werk. we gettin there.
7: FannyPak - hey you beat scar. good ****. 5s.
7: Germ - <3
9: Scar - ))))))))))))))))))))): homie4life. APEX HERE WE COME.
9: Berto - <3
9: Sung - <3 sheiks gettin better dude.
13: ZeldaFREAK - **** you! don't think 650 will forget about this. we're coming for blood.
13: Darrell - <3
13: Boback - <G3
13: Gishnak - <3
17: Hydrokirby - <3
17: Azusa - YO SHOUTOUTS TO AUSSYBOO for almost beating me first round. gettin better bro.
17: Dendy-myhomie-Pretendy - <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333ily
17: JoeJoe - <3
17: Sherdizzle - bumfit hearts to sherdizzle. <3333333333
17: TafoKEEZZYYYY - sick tournament broseph. next one make it even better!!!!
17: Hyprid - <3
17: Combofest - <3
25: Kazamm - <3
25: Ky - <3
25: Isis - <3
25: Ahmad - <......3
25: Nima - <3
25: Broges - <3 (idk who u are)
25: Tuberculosis - <333333333333
25: Sparky - <3
26. Kirby-4everNorcal-Kaze - <33333333333ily
27. StrongDKadvisorBad - <33333
28. TheLake - Best person to have on your crew NO MATTER WHAT.
29. Tarheelnoobjks - my secret weapons is brewing in the backroom. also come over soon.

*Whenever I didn't have anything funny to say I put a <3.

Super shoutout to all the new players that came out to this tournament.

Even bigger shoutout to all the people who brought setups. I think everybody in the room was overwhelmed with how many setups we had. We couldn't even put them all to use! GOOD **** NORCAL.


Smash Ace
Jan 10, 2012
LA, CA (Glendale) Hook me up if ya wanna smash
Hope I can afford to enter both doubles and singles next time.

Good stuff everyone.

Main shoutout : Sung + Dendy I hate how our set ended, i'd really like to play you guys again. I give first match of the day johns all day though ^_^.
No johns at all, I didn't really mind it either cause Dendy just does stuff like that

PPU you're really good
Westballz - Gj carried all of socal
SFAT - Thanks it looked like you were screwing around though
Shroomed - Kind words thx hope to play more friendlies next time
Germ - Good work 2-0ing me I'm pretty glad I lost to you it was a really good learning experience hopefully we can play again in tourney
Darrell - Ggs will play again next time
Bob$+Hyuga - Owned us in the later teams games
Boback - You rep norcal to the fullest you rock dude
Alan - You're hilarious hahaha
HydroKirby - Ggs
JoeJoe - You're the homie thx for all the advice and stuff hope to seeya when I get back from break :]
Sparky - I edited my list, 25th sparky, 9th combofest. Nah nah I love how you're changin up your game good stuff
Combofest - Okay okay ya got me, I severely underestimated you gj and go practice
THECrimsonBlur - Love ya bro practice hard and do work at apex, there's no reason why you shouldn't be getting top 5 at every local
Tafokints - Thanks for the tips I'll seeya at apex!
Kazaam - First tourney and making it into bracket? Good stuff dude you have a ton of potential and really really great control of your character, you're just really limited in knowledge.
Hyprid - You're so awesome and your strengths with marth is absolutely insane (dd movement game) but your weaknesses are really apparent (can't finish stocks, get impatient, shield grabbing) good seein ya again you're really freakin good
Tarheel - I'll take your money next time haha
ZeldaFreak - This man is a god at one handed smash...$10 MM next time (2 handed)
L - MM again next time!
BlueFox - $15 MM next time
That one guy who hated me in pools - I didn't mean anything by my 'have fun' I just wanted it to be a fun set no ill will at all
To everyone else in my pools - Ggs and don't look away from the match ever just concentrate on the screen, don't get discouraged no matter how badly you lose, if you love the game then practice practice practice.

Good games, the norcal community is incredible


Smash Journeyman
Mar 13, 2005
Fremont, CA
I had lots of fun this tourney, though am a bit salty overall about my bracket performance. Good thing we got back to back tournies!

1: PewPewU - congrats. you are really really good, really enjoyed watching your matches. let's play next time please
2: Westballz - glad we got a bunch of friendlies
3: SFAT - i did work on 650 because i literally work in 650 :D let's actually play next time
4: Shroomed - you're really good, I THINK YOU SHOULD STILL STICK WITH DOC FOR MOST MATCHUPS but whatever you want man. i hope you destroy noobs at apex either way
5: Phil - we gotta play next time
7: Alan - good games. we should play outside of tourney, i really want that peach practice, even though you'd think i'd have good peach practice cuz of Binyan that guy doesn't actually understand how to use dsmash LOL
7: Germ - we should play/meet next time
9: Scar - thanks for helping organize/provide hype matches, you rock!
9: Berto - GGs
9: Sung - :D $10 MM next time it is
9: Bob$ - good games, and congrats on the fight card.
13: ZeldaFreak - practice tech skill plz
13: Darrell - had fun playing friendlies with you
13: Boback - LOL you're a good storyteller. lets actually play next time.
13: Gishnak - good games, you're a cool dude and still really good from not playing for so long!
17: Hydrokirby - hey, we didn't play. YOU GOTTA BREAK THE PEACH BARRIER MANNN
17: Azusa - you keep getting better every time we play. GGs
17: Dendy - we should have played, you seem like a really cool dude, enjoyed the conversation
17: JoeJoe - GGs, you also seemed much better than last time we played.
17: Hyuga - You are really cool. I have a bunch of stuff I want to send you over FB.
17: Tafokints - THANK YOU FOR HOSTING. Great tournament, great TO. We should play next time.
17: Hyprid - Let's play next time =P
25: Kazamm - good job on making bracket this time :D
25: Ky - :D we'll play more next time
25: Isis - GGs, you are a very nice guy :)
25: Ahmad - thanks for cheering for me :D
25: Nima - didnt get to play, next time!
25: Broges - didnt get to play, next time!
25: Bluefox - thanks for cheering for me as well!
25: Sparky - <3 we'll play a lot over break
Crimson: i enjoyed our conversation, you're a cool guy
999999: Binyan - you dumb noob come back to norcal already so you can get whooped by me

:) very happy to be a part of the norcal community


Smash Master
Nov 5, 2007
1: PewPewU - most beautiful marth in the world
2: Westballz - your falco is sick as **** to watch
3: SFAT - thanks for errthang
4: Shroomed - i hope you getting your *** handed to you makes you work harder dude! :bee:
5: Phil - <3 always good to see you dude, hella missed you
7: Alan - twerk or treat
7: Germ - good games dude, you're still really ****ing good at this game
9: Scar - <3 you're the best dude, thanks for keeping me motivated. it really helped.
9: Berto - you're so ****ing good dude it's unreal. keep making progress!
9: Sung - i definitely need a rematch, it was good meeting/playing you
9: Bob$ - WOOO GOOD **** IN THE BOBBY MATCH DUDE. your marth was sick as fucckkkkkkkkkkk
13: ZeldaFreak - :(
13: Darrell - da homie
13: Boback - da mega homie
13: Gishnak - good playing you again, havent seen you in hella long dude =]
17: Hydrokirby - noob
17: Azusa - i'm expecting big things from you dude!
17: Dendy - sorry we didnt really talk this tournament D: i was hella tirrred
17: JoeJoe - nice to meet you breh
17: Hyuga - jugglet my donk
17: Tafokints - you already know! gave you a personal shoutout already
17: Hyprid - nice meeting you, your marth is sweeeeeet
17: Combofest - such a nice guy. hope i get to see you at more tournaments and placing higher br0
25: Ky - nice jacket mindgames
25: Ahmad - get better d00d
25: Bluefox - good games, havent played you in super long
25: Sparky - :bee: you better keep working hard like you have been!

shoutouts to the people in my pool

luis - no choking next time! :c
jackie - hi jackie
paul - hi
coolian - play me u *****
miles - naruto was pretty fun, i was learning a lot of stuff but didnt know how to apply it all yet

and lastly


It really helped me out this tournament. Nurgle.


Smash Apprentice
Aug 23, 2007
SFAT: Thanks for the ride. You're a cool guy and you're really good.
Tafokints: You're probably some kind hero for hosting these. We didn't get to play though.
Bobbysiege: This tournament wouldn't have had even half the hype without all the work you did with streaming and the promotion video.

Wes: Thanks for teaming with me even if I'm not the greatest teammate. When you told me that teams was all about your partner, I realized later that this common sense thinking is not something I apply enough to teams.
L: Great job at this tournament. You beat me convincingly.
Germ: How are you so good, especially against Marth?
JoeJoe: Nice talking with you and playing some friendlies. See you in socal soon.
Dendy: Good luck in China and I hope to meet again.
BlueFox: GGs. Our set was really hard.
Boback: GGs. Also a hard-fought set.
Combofest: You seemed to get better since I played you last, and that wasn't very long ago.
PewPewU: Amazing performance, both in singles and doubles. I can't think of any Marth that plays like you do in teams.
Crimson: It's too bad I won't see you at Festizzio's.
Sung: You were destroying me in friendlies. You're completely right about your comments about my playing. I think I'm really bad in certain areas and my strengths don't cover for them. I was definitely doing bad shield grabs all day.


Smash Lord
Jan 15, 2010
Irvine, CA
1: PewPewU: You are the best marth in the world
2: Westballz: I have complete faith that you will beat PewPewU in the future.
3: SFAT: You are my second favorite fox player.
4: Shroomed: I'll get my money back from you eventually.
5: Phil: I don't know you that well, but you ***** at this tourney and you bring mad hype wherever you go.
5: Alvin: I am going to come back to Norcal for a rematch. You ***** at this tourney though.
7: Alan: I also don't know you that well, but you are a really funny guy.
7: Germ: Your link is better than J666. LOL
9: Scar: You are amaaazzzingggg.
9: Berto: Your falco ***** me so hard.
9: Sung: One of the biggest homies in the world. Thanks for driving me to norcal man. Ride that motivation to victory Sung. Change that Arcadian list, i'm not a chump.
9: Bob$: The Blur was right in saying that you are amazing.
13: ZeldaFreak: I KNOW WHO YOU ARE NOW :D.
13: Darrell: #1 coach in NorCal, making Joey pretty good at the game.
13: Boback: You also got some of my money. I'll be back to get it back.
13: Gishnak: You ***** me so hard, but good games man.
17: Hydrokirby: I have no idea who you are, but your name makes you a cool person
17: Azusa: I think you are that peach player i played in KoC. You ****.
17: Dendy: DENDYYY Good luck overseas man, hope you get good other there somehow Lol.
17: JoeJoe: You got a lot better, but still not better than me.
17: Hyuga: Your puff is pretty cool. Not as cool as your hat though.
17: Tafokints: Koreans stick together forever. LOL
17: Hyprid: You are still amazing Hyprid. Forever SoCal.
17: Combofest: This is an amazing person. I love watching this guy play, but he chokes so dam hard it's hard to watch sometimes.
25: Kazamm: I have no idea who you are. but you have the name of the movie with shaq, so you ****.
25: Ky: i don't know who you are either, but you made it out of bracket so you ****.
25: Isis: no knowledge of you either, but you also made it out of pools so you **** again.
25: Ahmad: I think you are the guy in the suit, so you **** for wearing a suit.
25: Nima: no data in my brain about you either.
25: Broges: No se who you are.
25: Bluefox: Next time you will **** me. LOL Good meeting you man, your combo video *****.
25: Sparky: I'm not a free win. LOL

The Crimson Blur: You are a chill person man. You got this
Zhu: YOU ARE AMAZING. Thanks for housing SoCal.
Engdrew: You got better without playing for 6 months. That San Diego practice.
PokemonIRL: You have the best name ever, thanks for recording **** too.
AKA Red: You need to work on that ICIES. Hahaha nice meeting you man.
Keith?: Not sure if that is you, but you played marth and peach against me. You're a chill person. Stay frosty.
Everyone i lost money too: I'm coming back to get my money.

**** tournament. Norcal's scene is way better than Socals based off of that tournament. I love you all.


Smash Journeyman
Oct 9, 2012
Thanks for a cool first tournament. Had to leave right after pools but it was cool seeing all the players I had only heard about or seen on youtube, even if I didn't really talk to that many people. Thanks to Sheridan/Hyuga for teaching me how pools work. And the rest of the people in my pool for the games. Sorry I couldn't put up much resistance for the most part.


Smash Journeyman
Jan 13, 2009
Fremont, NorCal
1: PewPewU - you already know, you bawss you
2: Westballz - ggs man, hopefully you go falco next time so we can have a real set ;)
3: SFAT - thanks for letting me have your controller man, i really appreciate it. I left it at ahmads today and hope nobody stole it, if they do i'll buy you a new one :]
4: Shroomed - mah dude, better beat SoCal next time ;)
5: Phil - Im starting to rest again, thanks :]
5: Alvin - WTF @ 5th! Man, imma whoop you next time ;)
7: Alan - hai
9: Scar - thanks for bringin all the hype dude
9: Berto - we didnt play, wtf, fix that next time
9: Sung - gimme ur $$$$$15
9: Bob$ - see Scar
13: ZeldaFreak - yw
13: Darrell - hai
13: Boback - hai
13: Gishnak - sup man, we still havent played yet
17: Azusa - nice 17th! keep improving aus
17: JoeJoe - nice meeting you man, sorry i was too tired to come to kenney's, we'll def play soon :]
17: Hyuga - hai sheridan :]
17: Tafokints - imma beat you next set we have :]
17: Hyprid - GGs man, im comin for you next time for sure
17: Combofest - thanks for johning for me haha, looking forward to the next set. GGs!
25: Ky - hai
25: Ahmad - you smell
25: Nima - I have much to teach you, young one. SOON.
25: Bluefox - man you're awesome, my fave on the list for sure
25: Sparky - you suck, bottom 1% of my favorites

other shoutouts

hai adam
hai blur

shadrach kabango

Banned via Warnings
Dec 8, 2011
Good stuff Alan! You ran train at this tournament.

Nice to see Phil, Chris Doo, German, still play/**** at this game.

Tafokints got butt ****ed.

Good stuff Weston Dennis. Didn't think you could beat Shroomed's Doc, but you proved me wrong!

This was Alvin's coming out party!


You can't break those cuffs.
Jul 10, 2004
Jesus Christ. The commentating completely killed the mood and hype for stream viewers. Cringe worthy.

Be on top of who you select to commentate next time.


Smash Master
Jan 2, 2005
LA, CA near Santa Monica
Shoutouts to Zeldafreak for being an interesting conversationalist. Thats one knowledgable mo****a. And despite my gloating I'm pretty sure he's better than me in 1 handed smash no contest

Shoutouts to Tafo + the rest of the staff for running an excellent tournament

Shoutouts to BobbySiege, Dacidbro, and the rest of the stream crew for an excellent stream setup

Shoutouts to Weston Dennis for carrying Socal on his back & providing the best ride music.

Shoutouts to Sung Hyun, Dendy, and Combo for an awesome car ride.

Shoutouts to PEW PEW U - KEVIN TOY - YOUNG TOY for demolishing faces. Beautiful play


Shoutouts to Bobbyy Dollars I never doubted you for a second

Unshoutouts to Red Robin for messing up Sheridan's burger like 12 times

hai right back atcha bluefox

Shoutouts to the rest of the homies (Alan, Boback, Zac, Hyprid, Joejoe, Darrell, Scar, etc)


You can't break those cuffs.
Jul 10, 2004
Who was it? I havent watched the vids yet.
I have no idea, but whoever was commentating during the Bob$ vs. Scar match made my ears bleed (no offense).

But it was still great to see such huge activity spike up in the Cali region. Hope to see more promo matches. :D Ken vs. Hugs plz.

Bob Money

Smash Ace
Nov 6, 2004
fun tourney ggs scar, coin flip really. you've done alot for the smash community Was great that it turned out so close.

Pretty much didnt feel like playing anymore after teams and the hype match, need more tournament stamina and meditation to clear mind etc. Feels like a there is a clamp crushing my head sometimes when the pressure is on.

Sheridan thanks for being such a great teammate i feel really relaxed when i play with you, i feel like i can play how i want to in teams. Let's team alot from now on. I've always wanted to team with Dan (King) and it was really fun to team with a puff.

Miles- thanks for the advice man
Bobbyseige- Grown beyond your years. Thanks for asking me to do commentary that made my day. You're a real human being.

too many people to shoutout

TCB and Boback thanks for betting on me, made me happy to see you guys get paaaaid off.

Joejoe-ggs you keep getting better.

Kevin- Great example of what FIRE really is.

Sung- Why did you change mains? Its cool you did I can understand why, its nice to play a fresh character and get better at the game from a different perspective.

Berto- We in there.




Smash Master
Apr 6, 2007
Popping and locking butt naked.
if he is talking about brandon and phil maybe its because they were hating on Bob$/onesided commentary for a little while. They were kinda just rooting for Scar and not commentating.


All I know is everyone loves Phil + Brandon.


Jun 4, 2003
Portland, OR
Shoutouts to everyone for being cool.
Tafokints for getting the venue and doing most of the TOing.
Bob$ for being an amazing teams/commentary partner, definitely down to continue with it.
Scarduzio for the idea and execution of the hype matches.
BobbySiege for getting the hype video put together and doing the thankless job of setting up streams.
ZeldaFreak for giving me lots of music knowledge.
Zhu for being a cool guy to chat with at post-smash restaurants. Somehow I end up next to you all the time and it's always a good time.
KToy for juggletting donks all day.
Zac for whatever, I'm sure you did something.
Alvin for a good set. You got a lot of good trades with usmash even when I knew they were coming, seemed like you had a game plan.
Germ for keeping me 0-2345 against you.
Boback for being a big bad Boback.

And it was great to see all the new people that came, hope you guys can make it out to more. We didn't have enough time for an amateur bracket but next time we get a big turnout we'd like to do one for y'alls.


Smash Lord
Jul 21, 2005

Man thanks for making this the most successful Campbell up to date

TO Staff
Kevin Sun: Thanks for coming and helping out with calling matches. That helped me so much!
Sheridan: Always good to have you helping out with logistics and making sure things are done
BobbySiege: Thanks for running the stream and generating hype
Boback: Thanks for helping
Tarheel: Thanks for organizing the tables

1: PewPewU $275 - Good stuff brother, you're too good
2: Westballz $125 - Not surprised you beat Dajuan. Just fix up some of your habits and you got this
3: SFAT $75 - Solid placing like usual
4: Shroomed $25 - Stick to doc for now, but you have more ceiling with your other characters
5: Phil - Dayamn 5th, showup to more tourneys. You're too good. Not surprised at all
5: Alvin - you put in work. Good stuff!
7: Alan - Congrats on Scar. you're improving
7: Germ - Awesome to see you here
9: Scar - Tough to see you lose, but thanks for bringing in the hype for the tourney
9: Berto - Congrats, you adapt well!
9: Sung - Good to see you at the tourney, driving from socal. Good luck on switching mains
9: Bob$ - Congrats on winning the match with Scar.
13: ZeldaFreak - Do the zeldafreak!
13: Darrell - Always good to have you at tourneys
13: Boback
13: Gishnak - We got 4th in teams. Good stuff gish!
17: Hydrokirby -
17: Azusa
17: Dendy - Awesome to haev you here from socal
17: JoeJoe - Keep practicing, you got the hunger
17: Hyuga - let's get apex practice!
17: Tafokints
17: Hyprid - Germ is tough =/. You'll get him next tim e
17: Combofest - COMBOFEST, koreans stick together
25: Kazamm - good stuff making it to bracks
25: Ky - ah, didn't get to talk to you much
25: Isis - ken slayer. I still don't know what you look like
25: Ahmad - good stuff
25: Nima
25: Broges
25: Bluefox - you'll get me =)
25: Sparky - you're improving, keep your head up

4: Paul
4: Sheen
4: Nytcrawler
4: Luis - don't choke!
4: Colin
4: Samson
4: Crimson Blur - Thanks for coming up, you definitely bring the hype
4: And1
5: Theo
5: TarheelJKS
5: Kelan
5: u_name
5: Jasou
5: Battlepenguin
5: Fate
5: Mountain Goat
6: Engdrew
6: AdamKenoly - keep playing!
6: Cai
6: Tuan
6: Fade
6: Carlos
6: PokemonMasterIRL - wish we could have ran something, but it was too busy. looks like naruto got some hype
6: Traka
7: Dr. Z
7: Shin
7: Wazn
7: Svetsunov
7: Jayten
7: AKARed

Thanks to everyone who brought setups. Also, for the new people, check out our official norcal melee facebook group (search in facebook) if you want to hear about upcoming events, smashfests, and happenings


Smash Ace
Jun 28, 2005
Darrel - Iono where your name is but man it was fun as hell playing with you. I love your approach to the game, stylin on fools. Also your advice was top notch thanks man. I hope to kick it again in the future, and thank you again for driving us everywhere.
Zhu - This guy too good. Great to play a living legend. Wish you could have entered.

1: Berto- great matches man it was really fun. I expect to see your name on the top of more of these NorCal tournaments
1: Phil - **** you are even funnier it person. Also your fox is so smart. You recognized all my tricks; I was mad impressed. Also thanks for the tips; good perspective.
1: Gishnak - Good games man, your fox is tricky and unconventional.
1: Sung - You already know. So excited to see your videos.
1: Alan - hope we get to play next time.
1: Hyprid - It's always fun playing you. Glad to be there to see you realize to think again.cant wait to see you **** NorCal.
1: Alvin - thanks for the matches man, sorry if I came Off as a ****.
1: Hyuga - damn still can't touch you, tell me if you have any tips for you.
2: ZeldaFreak - great games, solid *** fox. Thanks for saying I got better
2: Dendy - this dude leveled up.
2: Ky
2: Germ - Linkology.thanks for letting me play the legend.
2: Hydrokirby - wish we played more
2: Boback - we haven't played in a while whack....
2: Combofest - let's play mr. ****ty falco.
2: JoeJoe - Imdabes
3: Isis
3: Broges
3: Nima
3: Kazamm
3: Sparky - thanks so mch for having
me, it was super fun.
3: Ahmad - ggs man, you got some weird style.
3: Bluefox - homie, fun talking afterwards. ALSO THANK YOU for the cheering during doubles, made me super happy.
3: Azusa - Shoot man that was super fun, lets play next time im there.
4: Paul
4: Sheen - Sheen as always nice to see you.
4: Nytcrawler - RON!!! this dude is the homie for sure. Down to kick it again.
4: Luis - Yo man one of the faces of norcal. gg's man
4: Colin
4: Samson
4: Crimson Blurm - Homie, don't slow down, other than your dashdancing, its whack.
4: And1
5: Theo
5: TarheelJKS - The homie, always nice conversating. I think if you listen to phil's stuff, you'll make a noticeable jump.
5: Kelan
5: u_name
5: Jasou
5: Battlepenguin
5: Fate
5: Mountain Goat
6: Engdrew
6: AdamKenoly
6: Cai
6: Tuan
6: Fade
6: Carlos
6: PokemonMasterIRL
6: Traka
7: Dr. Z
7: Shin
7: Wazn
7: Svetsunov
7: Jayten
7: AKARed
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