C3 August Assault 8-15, MD/VA Ashburn, VA


Smash Master
Jul 31, 2008

SON, you have a picture of M2K in your sig, get off his nuts. You don't know who you is dealing with. Only a select few in this thread can tell who I am, and if they can't tell by my name, they can tell by this giant wall of red text like people have mentioned.

I have mentioned already, Sin is a lozer. I'll say it again.... Sin is a lozer. Maybe people like you and Sin like to get on M2K's nuts but that's not my style. I'm old skool son, back in the day people like me and DA used to smash and trash talk, but these days fools like you all cuddly and giving each other BJ's, nah that's not how we roll.

And I know a few people like Boss, G-Reg, kaiser, travis, raftbuilder, azen, chu, ******dude829, and a lot more, they know how it was back in the day....

But now bums like Sin that wuss outta MM's and Lil B on M2K's nuts giving people BJ's..... LOL, is this the new generation? LOL Azen please come back and help these people, LOL.

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