Butterfly Net Grab (Galaxy Storybook)

Aug 23, 2018

I know gravity magic is a big thing with Rosalina and her space-themed “mother of stars” schtick is a large part of who she is as a character but in Super Mario Galaxy there are storybook cutscenes revealed chapter by chapter as a bedtime story Rosalina reads to the Lumas each night which is actually about her life and talks a lot about who she was giving her some human personality beyond the cold space mom Galadriel thing she now presents herself as.

Below is an excerpt from the storybook which describes a collection of human things young Rosalina took with her before she left on a spaceship with the Lumas:

“Before they left, she had packed all the essentials: telescope, butterfly net, stuffed bunny, bread, milk, jam, and apricot-flavored tea...”


I would’ve liked to have seen some of these items still in her possession to add to her character. For Smash Bros Ultimate, I would’ve thought bringing in her big Star-Bits-collecting butterfly net as an updated grab for her would’ve been a nice characterful touch. I get that Villager already uses one but hey, no reason we can’t have two! Plus the telescope would’ve made a nice taunt for viewing enemies you’ve just smacked into the distance, and maybe a tea-sipping/teabag-dipping taunt like Ana’s in Overwatch.

I dunno, they’re just a couple of nice touches which I think would make Rosalina more interesting. I get that eating a diet of Star Bits over a long period of time has transformed her into something more than the human girl she once was but I would’ve thought meeting Mario and the gang would’ve reminded her of her humanity and restored it a little bit.

Just some thoughts I had...
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