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Build-A-Bear launches Sprigatito plushie


For fans of Sprigatito, the Build-A-Bear website contains an exciting new launch. Sprigatito is now available on the Build-A-Bear Workshop website. While Sprigatito isn't available in stores yet, they can still be purchased online.

This isn't the first time Build-A-Bear workshop has collaborated with Nintendo. They've featured Animal Crossing Build-A-Bear's and other characters.

The Build-A-Bear Sprigatito bundle retails in the U.S. online for $55. Other regions may vary.

Author's Note: I'm a little bit surprised to see this partnership still going on, but it's really cool! What are your thoughts? Let us know.

Writing: Thirdkoopa Thirdkoopa
Thumbnail Graphic: @Zerp
Social: @Zerp
Lucas "Thirdkoopa" Guimaraes


Cool I guess for those that enjoy collecting Nintendo plush toys. Seems a little expensive but I guess the size of the toy is large. I personally have not purchased game plushes in a while due to a combination of price and space in my house, but for those who enjoy collecting them, more power to you.
Wow Pokemon gets even more plushies meanwhile Zelda has almost none!
Truly We Live in the worst Timeline!
(Ganondorf/Ganon the main villain of zelda got 1 plush and it was for the release of OOT)
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