Breaking Down the Singaporean Year-End Power Rankings


2016 was a hallmark year for SmashG, Singapore's Smash community. From its humble beginnings, it became a region full of players looking to become the best.

In this article, we break down Singapore's five best Smash Wii U players according to the 2016 Year-End Power Rank.

#5 - Nicol "PoiRamee" Chen :4robinf::4falcon:

Artist-in-the-making Poiramee, to put things simply, is an ever-learning wall. Even when his opponents are busy getting past his Robin's barrage of projectiles, he doesn't settle. Instead, he comes up with ways to deter their approaches even further. Should he feel the need to switch things up, he also possesses a more than competent passive aggressive Captain Falcon.

#4 - Chuan "NKB" Hao:4luigi::4yoshi::4link:

Despite being one of the most approachable people in the community, NKB's playstyle couldn't be more different. His safe option-focused playstyle forces opponents to be the ones initiating exchanges.

NKB also can't help but play along with the crowd, especially when playing Luigi. Even during the critical moments of a set, cries for him to perform a down taunt spike or side-b misfire are not left unanswered.

#3 - James "Glitchz" Wong :4ganondorf::4cloud:

Low tier hero Glitchz is the feel-good story of SmashG. Having commonly drowned in pools for a considerable amount of time, he remained dedicated to his goal of reaching the top. Not owning a Wii U to practice on didn't stop him either; he seeked to improve upon his deficiencies by seeking tutelage from Ganondorf forums and spending an absurd amount of time on Smash 3DS' For Glory mode.

Glitchz’s hard work secured him two consecutive 3rd place finishes in the two most recent tournaments. While he now has a Cloud in his arsenal, he says that Ganondorf will remain his primary character for the foreseeable future.

#2 - Nicholades :4dk:

In what he considered to be a joke character, Nicholades found a long-time main. Donkey Kong, he says, was his character of choice at the beginning because he thought winning with him would embarrass his opponent.

Now, Nicholades is constantly placing top 8 in tournaments and has recently won his 1st major. His playstyle revolves around conditioning opponents into taking risks and subsequently punishing them. To the untrained eye, his reckless movements are what they are at face value. To those familiar with him, they signal that he is ready to perform his elaborate yet often successful combo and kill set-ups.

#1 - Jaryl Chan :4sheik::4fox:

Singapore's best, Jaryl possesses an intellectual, creative and often original playstyle. His overflowing in-game confidence enables him to make risky plays that almost always pay off. In the Singaporean community, he is the one player that you should never underestimate. His Justin Wong-esque comeback factor that has allowed him to comeback from the most dire of deficits.

So far, he's won 2 majors and placed top 3 in all of SmashG's monthlies to-date.


Authors Note: 2016 has been a wonderful year for the Singapore Smash community, from only having major tournaments every 3 months to hosting regular tournaments, monthlies and being more efficient in helping out at event. In 2017, we strive towards expanding the size of our community and getting our players recognized worldwide!

If you’re ever coming down to Singapore you can contact me or our community leader, also be sure to check our Facebook group out! We host meet ups regularly, so don’t be shy to ask for local matches!
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