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Brawl it Out: APEX EDITION (SSBB/P:M/PokemonBW1&2)


Smash Journeyman
Jul 24, 2011
Long Island, NY


1: Chibo (Vinnie):gw::wario::pit: + Stingers(Nairo):metaknight::dk2:($56.00)
2: Will:dk2: + Dabuz:olimar::pit: ($16.00)
3: RJ:lucario::wario: + Orion:metaknight: ($8.00)
4: Bone Thugs & Harmony (vVv Rapture:kirby2: + TronCat:metaknight:)
5: Drew:random: + Ahad:random:
5: Alex:kirby2: + TAYF_theDuL0R:lucario:
7: Azal:random: + Sanji:random:
7: Gluxbox:kirby2: + Jdubz:samus2:
1: ANTi:snake::metaknight: ($132.00)
2: Apex|Vinnie:popo: ($66.00)
3: Nairo:metaknight: ($22.00)
4: Orion:metaknight:
5: Will:dk2:
5: RJ:metaknight::lucario:
7: Pane:wolf:
7: TAYF_LuigiSama:luigi2:
9: TAYF_Nuke:diddy:
9: TAYF_Raptor:yoshi2:
9: vVv Rapture:kirby2:
9: Gunblade:marth:
13: TAYF_TheDuL0R:lucario:
13: Lucy (TronCat):metaknight:
13: Alex:kirby2:
13: Mech Warrior:dk2:
17: Jon:random:
17: Neon:random:
17: Goldy:random:
17: Ahad:random:
17: Chris:random:
17: Sanji:random:

Singles V2.1:
1: Eli ($35.00)
2: Leelue ($10.00)
3: Will ($5.00)
4: Gunblade
5: Lucy
5: GuruKid
7: TAYF_Nuke
7: Nemen
9: Jon
9: Chris

1: Rick ($38.50)
2: Remy ($16.50)
3: Geoff
4: Anthony
5: Noah
5: Michael
7: John
7: theDuL0R
9: Richard
9: Debbie
9: Jeff

I would like to apologize for taking so long to upload the results. I was going to do it last night after I held the Pokemon event, but I had to be taken to a clinic to looking into an immense pain I had on my lower back (no worries, I'm ok). If there are any corrections to what characters you've played, please notify me here on this thread and I will change it ASAP. Again, sorry for wait on the results....better late than never right?

I would also like to thank everyone that came and participated in any of the events!! Big thanks to everyone that brought set ups in! Thank you to my fellow admins of StreetPass Long Island for helping out. Check SPLI Facebook page for pics of the event. Shoutouts to the New Jersey carpool that came, it was great having you guys! Thank you to The Arena for letting us host the event! Check them out for comics, Magic the Gathering, & Pokemon TCG! And a BIG THANKS to GuruKid for bringing in Project:M 2.5!!! Can't wait for that to be available!!

Shoutouts for Donkey Kong/Pit Doubles Dittos!!


Smash Lord
May 18, 2010
State College, PA
Just doing my job. Here's the playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLABXYNrrhtBfF6NUte9YkvRRhnRzNq7j2&feature=plcp

Courtesy of the National Replay Project :cool:

...and Luigisama/Cam

EDIT: Okay, I uploaded everything that Luigisama gave us. If there's more, then he needs to put it in the Alabama Smash League dropbox.


Smash Ace
Sep 14, 2007
Brooklyn, NY
Was really fun to see some old faces and meet new peeps. Gotta come out of hibernation more often. Worth the trip.

Anti too damn good!!

Eli that won Project M? Is that oldschool player Eli-Elimination??
Yep. He sold his soul to the evil Smash Gods and plays Project M exclusively now.


Smash Journeyman
Jul 24, 2011
Long Island, NY
Mostly Sonic rocking out before V2.5 is released. Which looks awesome with Squirtle and Ivysaur! Thanks again for that GuruKid, glad you had fun!


Smash Researcher
Jun 1, 2008
Dexters Laboratory
This is late, but payout was changed to top 2 mid bracket, me and RJ did not get any money for teams. And I used sheik in bracket to get wins for singles, and wario in doubles in addition to MK.

Was a fun tournament :D

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