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Brawl and Show Me Your News 15th Anniversary Special Podcast!


Smash Rookie
Feb 17, 2023
What's up Smash fans?!

My name is Max. Today, Super Smash Bros. Brawl is 15 here in North America. In honor of this anniversary, I sat down with none other than Youko himself to celebrate the game and the legendary Smash Boards podcast Show Me Your News! It felt right to share this episode here first.

I went back and listened to the original 35 episode run and tried to create a truly special episode. It has been a blast to relive those Dojo updates and the hype cycle the past few months for Sakurai's Wii masterpiece. There really has been no game like Brawl since.

For those of your that have been here since SMYN (or even before!) or for the folks that have shown up afterward, I hope you listen and enjoy. It has been an honor to produce this episode. And with that, I'm out.


Veca Gorebyss

Smash Apprentice
Mar 5, 2022
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