Boss Creation Thread 2.0

Apr 8, 2018
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Old Thread Here

Since the old thread kinda died, I decided that we should have a new one after doing a bit of thinking. The template is in the old thread, and here’s an example I made using the template (copied of Serenes Forest):


Boss: Torkdrift

Game of Origin: Super Mario Odyssey

What does the boss do?
-Brick Maker: Torkdrift creates two impassible brick blocks on either side of it. They can be destroyed in a few hits, which is necessary to deal damage to it from the bottom.
-Laser Beam: Torkdrift fires a small laser at where the player is (11%, OK knockback)
-Laser Ring: Torkdrift a series of fast laser rings (14%, medium knockback) can be avoided by jumping onto brick platforms that spawn during the fight on either side. When Torkdrift fires one group of four laser rings, one of them will destroy the platforms (17%, medium knockback).
-Upper Shield: Torkdrift protects its head with a force field whenever the player manages to get there (1%, OK knockback).
-Flower Tornado: Torkdrift swirls a group of flowers together and two small tornadoes swiftly move to the left and right (12%, OK knockback)

Strategy: When Torkdrift summons the breakable brick blocks, attack them as much as you can to make it vulnerable while it’s upside down, as they only need a few hits. When it starts using laser rings, climb up to the brick platforms to deal damage to the head before it summons the force field.

Setting/Intro: The boss arena from Steam Gardens; Torkdrift slowly floats down from above and opens its eyes, ready to battle.
Defeat: Just like in Super Mario Odyssey.
Who fights this boss in Classic Mode?


Music: Torkdrift Battle (New Remix)
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Jun 7, 2016
Boss: Mother Brain.

Origin: Metroid (Specifically taking from Super Metroid)

The fight: Fought in two phases where the first phase is stationary in the tube. Those doughnut things which I can't remember the name of and the floor are the main obstacle at first, but after the glass breaks, she will fire eye blasts like in Zero Mission.

Eventually phase one ends and you are forced to fight her bipedal form with attacks ranging from:

Blue Circle Beams: Fired at the fighter, but not guided. Still fairly large.

Bombs: Bounce along the floor of the stage and explode on contact with the fighter or after a short time. The explosion has high horizontal range.

Energy Beam: A much smaller beam fired from her eye which only goes straight, but has higher damage and knockback to compensate.

Explosive Shot (forgive my naming): Fires a quick series of explosions which are fast and devastating if they land.

Poison Breath (this one is not taken from an actual attack): Spews poison from her mouth using her long neck to distribute it.

And of course, Hyper Beam: Inflicts massive multi-hit damage at a wide arc.

Really, to beat her, just wail on her head (or the glass) until she dies, but the head is the only vulnerable spot on her rather large frame.

As for who fights her, other than Samus I'm not sure.

Boss music would preferably be a remix of the original boss theme.

Now, the biggest issue with this boss might be the arena as the original fight got kind of claustrophobic, but an open room approach should stil work and actually make the hyper beam avoidable.
Apr 8, 2018
San Clemente, California

Boss: Queen Sectonia

Game of Origin: Kirby Triple Deluxe (2014)

What does the boss do?
-Teleport: Sectonia teleports twice to three times in a row.

-Silver Rod Shot: Sectonia fires three silve-blue shots from her silver rod (9% each, small knockback)

-Multithrust Rush: Sectonia slashes twice with each rod turned to a rapier (12% each, OK knockback), then flurries for two seconds before finishing with a dual slash (31% damage, far knockback)

-Dark Electric Shockwave: Sectonia uses her golden rod to summon dark electricity that moves from left to right for four seconds (14% each hit, OK knockback)

-Brightless Ringshot: Sectonia summons two rows of three small rings on either side of her (5% each, small knockback), and then summons two giant rings and travels to either side of the arena and tosses them (15% each, medium knockback)

-Antler Summon: Sectonia teleports away and summons five Antlers; two red Fire Antlers on the further sides (11% each, small knockback), two Blue Ice Antlers on the closer sides (13% each, OK knockback) that have a chance to freeze the player, and a Green Electric Antler in the middle (17%, medium knockback)

-Ruby Smash: Sectonia takes both of her rods and smashes the floor (24%, medium knockback) and two ruby pillars travel along the floor at moderate speeds (14% each, small knockback)

-Teleport Slash: Sectonia teleports around the arena leaving vague imprints before slashing with both rapiers (16%, OK knockback). On the final slash, she powers them up with dark energy and slashes very swiftly (27%, far knockback)

Strategy: Sectonia is an elusive boss that loves to rely on subtlety. Watch every move she makes and use every time she attacks as a window for opportunity.

Setting/Intro: The same place where she is fought in Triple Deluxe, but on the ruby she summons in the second phase, with the Dreamstalk in the background. Her intro is exactly the same as in Triple Deluxe.

Defeat: Exactly as it is in Triple Deluxe, but she disappears for good.

Who fights this boss in Classic Mode?
-:ultfox: (Aparoid stand-in)
-:ultdaisy: (Ruler of a Kingdom)
-:ultroy: (Two Rapiers; plays a remix of Dark Emperor Hardin)
-:ultmetaknight: (Out to destroy the Dimensional Mirror)
-:ultdarkpit: (Technically created by a mirror)

-:ultkingdedede: (Not very happy about what happened in Triple Deluxe)
-:ultgreninja: (Dark-type is weak to Bug-type; plays a remix of Battle! Champion Diantha)
-:ultbowserjr: (No Jr., she's not Peach)
-:ultbanjokazooie: (w/:ultdiddy:; Similar in character to Grunty, using beauty to manipulate and control; plays a remix of HAG-1)

Music: Sullied Grace (New Remix)
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May 27, 2019
Looking for new first parties that aren't Waluigi.
Ok here be my first one

Dino Piranha

From: Super Mario Galaxy, Wii, 2007
Tail Whack: Attacks with its tail
Charge: Charges forward
Fire Balls: Breathes fire upwards before it crashes down
Jump: Jumps up and crashes down
Shockwave: Creates shockwaves with its feet

Easter Egg: If you can get behind Dino Piranha and hit its tail, it will bounce up to its head and take out a third of its health

Arena; Same planet where he is fought in Mario Galaxy

Fighters who fight him:
:ultpiranha:: They are both piranha plants
:ultrosalina:: Both from Mario Galaxy
:ultolimar:: Similar to bosses fought in Pikmin
:ultbowserjr:: Reference to how Bowser Jr. deploys bosses in both galaxy games
:ultivysaur:: Both are plants
:ultkrool:: Reference to K. Lumsy


Whispy Woods

From: Kirby's Dreamland, Game Boy, 1992

Air puffs: Blows air puffs at foes
Apple Drop: Drops a swarm of apples, can occasionally drop gordos and bugs
Roots: Shoots roots out at foes

Arena: A thick dense forest

Fighters who fight him
:ultkirby:: Obviously
:ultbanjokazooie:: Dunno, seems like something they would fight
:ultpacman:: Reference to how Pac-Man loves eating fruits
:ulttoonlink:: Reference to the Great Deku Tree
:ultvillager:: Reference to the chopping down trees mechanic
Apr 8, 2018
San Clemente, California
1B2431EA-CE97-4C90-A96D-3C5F70DB074B.png CF65AA9E-0F88-451C-AEA4-512EE36C6538.png

Boss: Grima

Game of Origin: Fire Emblem Awakening (2013)

What does the boss do?
Grima usually attacks via his possessed Robin (who is entirely hooded) but sometimes uses Expiration or tilts himself in an attempt to knock the player off; the dragon himself IS the stage.

Fell-Robin’s Attacks:
-Fell-Arcwind: Fell-Robin attacks with two dark tornadoes in two random spots of the stage that might launch the player off the screen (17%, medium knockback)

-Fell-Arcthunder: Fell-Robin forms the Mark of Grima, and each eye on the symbol forms a giant electric orb that homes in on the player (15% each, small knockback)

-Fell-Arcfire: Fell-Robin surrounds itself with five orbs of fire and sends them out one at a time (17% each, OK knockback)

-Aversa’s Night: Fell-Robin sends dark spears upwards, and they land wherever the player is if they don’t dodge in time (18%, OK knockback). If they successfully hit, Grima recovers half the damage taken by the player, because the tome places a curse that recovers Grima’s health by half of the player’s taken damage.

-Fell-Thoron: Fell-Robin charges Thunder to its limit, and flies into the background to shoot out Thoron wherever it aims at the player (35%, far knockback)

-Choke-Grab: Fell-Robin teleports to the player when Grima shoots his Fell Breath. If it's successful in grabbing the player, Fell-Robin grabs the player, shocks them (18%), and throws them into the floor of spikes (26%, medium knockback)

Grima’s Attacks:
-Expiration: Grima turns his head and targets the player. He then shoots out his Fell Breath wherever targeted, leaving a large area of spikes on his back (24%, medium knockback)

-Flying Beast: Grima turns sharply to the left or right, forcing the player to get to high ground or plummet off the stage. Fell-Robin will use Fell-Arcfire during this part, making that difficult.

Strategy: Focus almost entirely on Fell-Robin during the fight, even when Grima turns. Only pay attention to Grima himself when he uses Expiration, as it means you’ll possibly have to lure the blast zone away from Fell-Robin so you aren’t restricted from attacking it.

Setting/Intro: Grima’s back, in the sky above Ylisse. Fell-Robin floats down, completely hooded as its eyes glow, and Grima roars and faces the sky.

Defeat: Fell-Robin vanishes into darkness as Grima roars one last time and crashes into Plegia Castle.

Who fights this boss in Classic Mode?
-:ultlucina: (Both main characters of Awakening)
-:ultganondorf: (Dark Lord…kinda; plays Death Mountain)
-:ultmewtwo: (w/:ultpikachu:; controlled human; plays Battle! Lorekeeper Zinnia)
-:ultchrom: (See Lucina)
-:ultpit: (Evil divine being)
-:ultpalutena: (See Pit; plays Hades’ Infernal Theme)
-:ultridley: (Both similar in appearance)
-:ultrichter: (He and Fell-Robin are characters who were once controlled; plays Dance of Illusions)
-:ulthero: (Fights normal :ultrobin: first, then Fell-Robin, as a stand in for the Dragonlord. Plays Fighting Spirits, then Battle for the Glory)

Music: Id (Purpose)
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Jun 7, 2016
For a Grima fight, I would have the possessed Robin also teleport later in the fight (using the teleport effect from Awakening). I would even have them do a teleport choke grab where they teleport right up to where your fighter is and if you don't evade, they grab you kind of like flame choke and blast the fighter with fell energy sending them flying. A very strong attack if it lands.

In story mode (which I would also overhaul), I would potentially give a choice between saving one Robin, and the other is fought later in the dark world though this may not fit as the Robins might be from the post game. Also, if I was being spiteful, I would make Male Robin much harder when possessed.


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May 27, 2019
Looking for new first parties that aren't Waluigi.

Boss: Queen Metroid
Origin: Metroid ll: The Return of Samus, Game Boy, 1991
Chomp: Extends its neck out and bites
Metroid Summon: Summons a metroid
Flame Breath: Breathes fire at foes
Acid Spit: Spits Acid at foes

Arena: The battle ground from Metroid ll, complete with the Queen on the top platform, with the only difference being that the bottom hole is not there
Easter Egg: If you let the Queen Metroid chomp you fully, you can go inside and deal damage to it from there, while taking consistent minor damage, and the Queen will spit you out after 10 seconds

Fighters who Fight it
:ultsamus:: Obviously
:ultdarksamus:: Both are
Metroids rulers
:ultpiranha:: Due to both being similar
:ultolimar:Simalar to bosses fought in Pikmin
:ultshulk:: Same as Olimar, just swap out the word pikmin for xenoblade
:ultbowser:Similar Appearence
Apr 8, 2018
San Clemente, California
Name: Guzzlord

Game of origin: Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon (2016)

What does the boss do?
-Dragon Tail: Guzzlord lashes his tail out towards the player (23%, medium knockback), followed by purple shockwaves (17% each, OK knockback)

-Dragon Breath: Guzzlord shoots purple steam out from one of his arms, which can stun the player if they get caught in it (22%, no knockback)

-Crunch: Following immediately after Dragon Breath if successful, Guzzlord uses a different arm to bite the player (15%, OK knockback)

-Hammer Arm: Guzzlord swings his right arm down, which has a meteor effect (17%, medium knockback)

-Gastro Acid: Guzzlord shoots green acid globs at the player from both his arms one at a time. If you're fighting this as someone like Pokémon Trainer or Joker (provided the latter doesn't block it with Rebel's Guard), their abilities will be disabled for a few seconds (13%, small knockback)

-Thief: Recovery items will appear during the fight (Maxim Tomatoes at 50% or lower, Heart Containers at 100% or higher, sometimes both). Guzzlord will try to snatch them and eat them up (14%, no--small knockback)

-Stockpile: If Guzzlord grabs the healing items, he will recover some HP. If he grabs the player, he will chew them before spitting them out (18%, medium knockback)

-Dragon Rage: Guzzlord's most powerful attack; he creates a giant purple orb of dragon energy and sends it down to the targeted area. If it hits you successfully, it will keep hitting you until it disappears (40%, far knockback)

Strategy: Guzzlord's attacks are powerful but slow. Dodge them whenever they are indicated as you wail on the monstrous Ultra Beast.

Setting/Intro: The Ultra Ruin, a ruined city ravaged by Guzzlord. Guzzlord appears out of an Ultra Wormhole and roars as he lands on the ground.

Defeat: Guzzlord writhes in agony as he is pushed back into the Ultra Wormhole.

Who fights this boss in Classic Mode?

-:ultsamus: (Kraid look-alike)
(Big eater...literally)
-:ultpikachu: (Need I say more?)
(A ruined world at the mercy of a dragon-like creature)
-:ultpit: (Eldritch demon spawn)
(Giant black-clad beast; plays To Challenge Ashnard)
-:ultwiifittrainer: (Giant glutton)
(See Ike)
-:ultridley: (See Samus)
(Weighs tons)
-:ultbanjokazooie: (Resemblance to Lord Woo Fak Fak; the appropriate theme even plays!)

Music: Battle! Ultra Beast
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Apr 8, 2018
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(Here's an old one I had a while back)

Boss: Magician Type 0

Game of Origin: The House of the Dead (1996)

What does the boss do?

-Fireball: Magician warps around and shoots a fireball twice from both his arms, and shoots a string of them after warping a third time. Depending on how much health he has, he will often use a different secondary attack.

-Fire Claw: When he’s at around 75% health, Magician warps around three times before before swiping with his claw on fire, and he does this four times before defaulting back to Fireball.

-Fire Shield: At 50% health, Magician surrounds himself with several fireballs and flies around attempting to ram into the player. The fireballs around him can hit you multiple times when he’s floating motionlessly for a bit, but you can destroy them with proper attack timing.

-Rush: Also at 50% health, Magician sometimes goes to the background, and quickly rushes towards wherever the player is.

-Fireball Storm: At 25% health, the Magician has had enough. He surrounds himself with many fireballs and shoots them upwards, and they all rain down in random places. However, most of them can be destroyed by attacking them.

His special gimmick is that he must be hit specifically in his weak points (similar to Ganon’s tail) and ONLY his weak points, as the covered parts will take no damage.

Setting: The balcony near the laboratory of Curien Mansion, where the Magician was created. The holder around him opens, and he folds his arms like he always does and floats towards the center of the screen.

Who fights this boss in Classic Mode?

-:ultike: (Black-clad armor; Against the Black Knight)

-:ultsonic: (Iconic SEGA characters)

-:ultrobin: (user of flames)

-:ultryu: (arcade characters with major games from the 90’s)

Because why not (any potential newcomer you feel like):

-Newcomer: Crash Bandicoot (creations by a scientist that debuted in 1996; Cortex’s theme plays)

Defeat: His defeat from the House of the Dead

Music: Theme of the Magician (New Remix)
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Jul 23, 2018
training stage leaning combos with Ken til I drop
Name: M. Bison

Game of Origin: Street Fighter II (1991)

Move Set:
-Psycho Crusher
Bison's main attack, sends him flying across the stage surrounded in a purple aura. get hit by bison and you get sent in the direction he was flying and get dealt 30%
-Scissor Kick
Bison jumps forward and does a somersault while kicking forward. get hit by his leg you get dealt 20% and sent down towards the ground. he can do this attack once or twice in a row.
-Psycho Canon
A purple energy projectile flying at about the speed of Samus' charge shot.
-Head Stomp
Bison jumps high into the air and drops quickly towards the ground where you stand, while shouting "THIS PLACE SHALL BECOME YOUR GRAVE!" just for Fun, you get grounded and in the perfect spot for bison to follow up.
-Bison Warp
A teleport. Bison can teleport either to the middle, the far left or far right of the stage.
Block/Parry: Bison can block and parry just like in any Street Fighter game.

Bison's stage from Street Fighter II

Who Fights M. Bison:

:ultryu: :ultken:- gee I wonder why

:ultganondorf:- similar stature and character archetypes.

:ultlucario:- they both fight with their hands

Terry Bogard- fighting game rep from another game


SECRET BOSS: Akuma (Street Fighter II)

Boss Access Requirements:

Akuma can only be accessed by completing the classic modes on 9.9 difficulty, while not taking any damage or dying

Boss astetics:
Akuma enters the stage by preforming a raging demon on M.Bison.

Boss Attacks:
Akuma has the same attacks as :ultryu:, but his attack's damage is doubled, and he has diagonal midair Hadokens. He even has a final smash meter, where he can perform the raging demon when filled. the raging demon can instantly kill you when you are above 50%. his AI is as powerful as a level 50 Amiibo.

Unlocking Akuma:
Akuma Will be unlocked as a playable fighter upon defeat.

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Apr 8, 2018
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I wanna submit my take for light of recent events, would that be a tribute or an insult?

EDIT: Anyways, while I'm thinking about it:

Boss: Viruses

Game of Origin: Dr. Mario (1990)

What does the boss do?
The Viruses are three separate bosses with one health gauge (each virus getting their own color section of the health bar). Each Virus has their own separate attacks:

Fever Breath: Fever breathes fire straight downwards to the player (5% each hit; small knockback)
Fever Bite: Fever comes down to bite the player, and poisons them should it succeed (14% damage; small knockback with a fire effect)
Fever Pitch: Fever slightly raises the team’s attack and defense for a bit (no damage)

Cold Sneeze: Chill sneezes out three ice cubes three times, which is likely to freeze the player (8% damage each; small knockback)
Cold Shower: Chill makes it rain down eight icicles that have a chance to freeze the player (11% damage each; small knockback)
Hail Storm: Chill summons a rain of hail from above, which thankfully won’t freeze the player (5% damage each hail; small knockback)

Weird (yes, that’s the official name, but I’m just gonna call it the Yellow Virus)
Headache Bolt:
The Yellow Virus shoots thunder down from its tile straight downwards (13% damage; medium knockback)
Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang*: The Yellow Virus dons a witch doctor costume and shoots a beam that generates a random negative status effect, from poison to shrinking to flower, etc.
Wheel Virus: Chill pulls out a steering wheel that it stole out of nowhere and proceeds to make the player slippery. This offers the Viruses an advantage, as the player can slip right into attacks (no damage or knockback; the player is slightly slippery) In a 2-player team battle against the boss, the Wheel Virus’s effects can be passed on to another player by bumping into them.

*this is a reference to this commercial for the original Dr. Mario.

Doctor Buster
The Viruses all unleash a stampede of lesser Viruses from either the left or right of the screen. Any of the Viruses can unleash this attack, and the effect will be different depending on who does:

By Fever: Some Fever Viruses in the stampede will jump up in flames (12% damage each, medium knockback), so dodge and then recover to fully avoid it.

By Chill: Some Chill Viruses will suddenly freeze once the stampede moves to the other side of the screen, and then thaw out and run at fast speeds (15% damage, medium knockback)

By Weird: Some Weird Viruses will turn into Drowsy Viruses, and some Chill Viruses will turn into Dizzy Viruses. The Drowsy Viruses, being slower, will sometimes either put you to sleep or slow you down (11% damage, medium knockback). The Dizzy Viruses, moving back and forth, will sometimes briefly stun you (9% damage, small knockback but it tosses you straight up). In this state, any transformed Viruses can still be defeated (theirs mirrors that of the original Dr. Mario on NES).

Strategy: At least two Viruses will send out their attacks at once, but some will come later than others. The best way to go about is to go for either of the ones attacking after dodging their attacks to reduce their numbers more safely.

Setting/Intro: The setting is a typical boss arena themed after Dr. Mario, with the game itself playing in the background. The Viruses pop down onto their displays, ready to fight.

Defeat: Each Virus, when defeated, goes out like they do in Dr. Mario, but in a grander form.

Who fights this boss in Classic Mode?
-:ultdarksamus: (infectious parasites)
-:ultdoc:(“How many-a times do I have to teach-a you this lesson, old-a men?”)
-:ultpichu:(lightweight enemies)
-:ultpokemontrainer:(mirrors their three Pokémon; :ultsquirtle:is effective against Fever, :ultivysaur: is effective against Weird, and :ultcharizard:is effective against Chill)
-:ultsonic:(Sonic Heroes reference; fights alongside :ultfox: and :ultincineroar:to the song “Sonic Heroes”)
-:ultwiifittrainer:(unhealthy specimen)
-:ultrobin:(reference to the Weapon Triangle)

Music: Fever (Virus Buster; New Remix)
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Nov 27, 2014
New Orleans
Boss: Master Bison
Game: Street Fighter II

Bison’s fight will take place on a recreation of his classic stage, the Temple Hideout. It is unlike any other stage in that it is a box, meaning you cannot defeat Bison or be defeated by launching beyond the blast zones. Instead, you must defeat the dictator in a Stamina Battle (the harder the difficulty, the longer the fight, ranging from 300 HP to 600 HP). You will be afflicted with Heavy Gravity, meaning you will not jump as high and you’ll have a harder time steering yourself in the air (this goes for Bison, too). Additionally, every fighter will be granted Ryu and Ken’s automatic turn-around mechanic for this fight, Bison included. Finally, Bison will also possess the ability to chain his normal attacks together and finish the combo with a special move in a similar fashion to Ryu and Ken.

Because this is a one-on-one duel against a normal-sized opponent, Bison possesses a myriad of normal attacks as well as special ones, just like any other fighter. These include:

- A straight punch forward, a hook, and a Psycho Power-infused swipe of the hand. 2%/3%/6%.
- A simple roundhouse kick forward. 10%.
- Bison’s signature slide attack. 10%.
- A low-hitting crouching kick. 7%
- An uppercut infused with Psycho Power. 11%. Bison is more likely to use this attack if you attempt to jump at him.
- A powerful knee strike that does extra shield damage. 12%.
- A short-ranged but powerful blast of Psycho Power that Bison will let loose after a short windup. 15%.
- A dashing elbow strike that functions as Bison’s dash attack. 10%.
- A midair flying kick. This is the attack Bison is most likely to jump at you with. 9%
- A midair, diving two-handed punch that also functions as a meteor smash if it is landed on an airborne fighter. 9%
- A side knee that Bison can use while jumping forward to attempt to cross you up. 8%
* Bison can also grab, and if he does so he can choose to throw you forward, upwards, downwards, or backwards, just like a Smash character.
- Forward throw: After levitating you in front of him, Bison will then send you away with a blast of Psycho Power. 12%.
- Down throw: Bison winds up and then slams you into the ground. Can be followed up with another attack just like a conventional Smash character. 8%
- Back throw: Bison grabs you by the head, turns around, and yeets you away. He is most likely to perform this throw if he grabs you while his back is to the corner. 11%
- Up throw: After kicking you into the air, Bison spins and sends you skyward with another kick.

Special attacks:
- Psycho Crusher: Bison’s most famous attack. A flying charge enhanced with Psycho Power. Will do 17% and strong knockback on contact.
- Head Press: If far enough away, Bison may leap at you in an attempt to land on your head. This will do 12% and meteor smash as well. If shielded, Bison will bounce off the shield and land safely some distance away.
- Devil Reverse: When performing Head Press, Bison may instead fake you out, halting himself in midair to flip upside-down and then attacking with a diving chop instead of landing on your head. 13%.
- Psycho Inferno: Bison summons two pillars of Psycho Power on either side him that hits multiple times before launching. 16% total.
- Bison Warp: A simple teleport that Bison can use at any time. He may choose to warp to a random location, or to you if you’re far away.
- Psycho Shot: A condensed orb of Psycho Power that can either travel quickly or very slowly. Bison will always use this move at a distance, never up close. 9% for the slow variant, 12% for the quick one.
- Double Knee Press: Bison performs a front flip, simultaneously hitting with both of his feet on the way down. He may choose to use this at mid-range, or to end a combo. 10%.
- Psycho Reflect: In response to an incoming projectile, Bison shouts “Meaningless!” while reaching out to summon a small field of Psycho Power. The projectile will then be returned as Bison’s own, with a 1.2x multiplier. In addition to projectiles, this can also counter physical attacks as well.

Super Combos:
Being a Street Fighter character, it’s only natural that Bison have access to a number of stronger-than-average special attacks. As Bison deals and takes a damage, a gauge will fill up on his HUD. When it is full, he can choose to use a Super Combo. Essentially, this is his version of a Final Smash.

- Knee Press Nightmare: Bison’s classic Super Combo. Two Double Knee Presses followed by a slide. 30% in total.
- Ultimate Psycho Crusher: As the name implies, this is a Psycho Crusher that is even stronger than a regular one. Multi-hitting, but will do 35% in total. Also deals large knockback, but this obviously doesn’t really matter and is purely to show the strength of the attack.

Final Bison:
When his HP is reduced by 75% (50% on higher difficulties), Bison will declare “This place shall become your grave!” and unleash the full extent of his powers. His color scheme will change to black and grey and his Psycho Power will become teal instead of purple. He will become faster on the ground as well as in the air, and all of his attacks will become faster and stronger as well. He will additionally become more aggressive and make more extensive use of combos.

Who fights him:
Bison can be fought at the end of Classic Mode by:

Defeating M. Bison will unlock him as a playable character, his Spirit, and a remix of his theme to play on Suzaku Castle.
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Apr 8, 2018
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Boss: Egg Emperor

Game of Origin: Sonic Heroes (2003)

What does the boss do?

-Lance Slash: Eggman slashes both horizontally and vertically. The horizontal ones travel somewhat fast and home in on the player (12% each, small knockback) while the vertical ones travel slightly slower and don’t home in (14% each, OK knockback)

-Egg Rockets: Eggman fires about 5-7 rockets at the platform (15% each, OK knockback) that are telegraphed by red crosshairs on the ground

-Shield Charge: Eggman swoops into the background and rams into the targeted area with great speed and force (38%, far knockback and can even screen K.O. you if your damage is high enough)

-Egg Fleet Cannons: The Egg Fleet fires four cannons-one at a time-downwards to the area indicated by a red crosshair. They will hit the player multiple times until they explode (5-7% each hit, 41% total, far knockback)

-Shoulder Platforms (based off the ones on the Egg Viper): Eggman ejects two spiked shoulder pads off the Emperor’s shoulders and pushes them towards you, depending on which direction he’s facing. The spikes on the bottom of the pads (14% each, OK knockback) need to be jumped over when they slide over the pad you’re standing on. Alternatively, flames will disperse from the spike-less sides (15% each, OK knockback) when you stand on the for too long. When you fall off the platforms and back on the ground, they go back to Eggman’s shoulders.

-Klagen Storm: Eggman sends in four Klagens of two types: the purple one drops bombs (16% each, OK knockback) and clings to the player to the blast zone if they don’t escape. The green ones generate an electric shield to protect themselves as they ram into the player (14%, OK knockback)

Strategy: Eggman doesn’t use some of these attacks very frequently, but when he DOES is a good time to dodge. Jumping onto and off of the Shoulder Platforms and hitting Eggman with a strong enough attack will cancel out the attack instantly.

Setting/Intro: The Egg Fleet, the final level of Sonic Heroes. The fight takes place on a giant platform with wheels that move along a circular rail ring. Eggman appears into the Emperor’s lower half in his Egg Mobile. The top half comes down and Eggman gets into his fighter stance.

Defeat: The Egg Emperor explodes and Eggman retreats on the Egg Mobile.


“Hahaha! Time to meet your maker!” (Intro; makes a sinister grin)
“What? You again?” (Vs. :ultmario:, :ultbowser: or :ultsonic: makes an annoyed face)

“Hmph! Such shoddy villainy!” (Vs. any other villain character)
Alternatively: “Pfft, amateur. I’ll show you what real evil is!”
“So that’s the Monado, eh? Bring it, blondie!” (Vs. :ultshulk:)

”Say hi to my previous failures for me!” (Vs. :ultrob: or :ultmegaman:)

”There won’t be any victory unless one of us falls today!” (Vs. Edelgard)

“Take this!” (Sometimes when using Air Slash)

“Ohoho! Give up!” (When using Egg Rockets)

”Burn!” (When using Egg Rockets)

“Chaaarge!” (When charging from the background)

“Fire awaaaay!” (When summoning the Egg Fleet Cannons)

“I’ll blow you to pieces!” (When summoning the Egg Fleet Cannons)

“Let’s see how you deal with this!” (When summoning his shoulder platforms)

”Time for a change of pace!” (When summoning his shoulder platforms)

“Get ‘em, boys!” (When using Klagen Storm)

“Cavalry, forward!” (When using Klagen Storm)

“Don’t think this is over yet!” (When below 3/4 his health)

“Urrrgh…! Bah, I’m not going down so easily!” (When below half health)

“Defeated again…? Impossible! Nooooo…!” (When defeated)

Who fights this boss in Classic Mode?

-:ultfalco:(above the sky in dark clouds)


-:ultwario:(fat mustached villain)

-:ultsonic:(of course)

-:ultkingdedede:(emperors are considered royalty, plus the Egg Emperor is supposedly based off of an Emperor penguin)

-:ultmegaman:(Eggman teamed up with Dr. Wily once; plays We’re the Robots, and Wily himself appears as a hostile Assist Trophy during the Shoulder Platforms bit, and your ally is :ultsonic:; when the battle ends, however, :ultmewtwo: appears instead if it just ending normally)

-:ultcloud:(fleet of flying vehicles)

-:ultjoker:(closer resemblance to Yaldaboth; plays Our Beginning)

-Newcomer: Edelgard (battle of imperial rulers; plays Apex of the World (Rain))

Music: Egg Emperor (New Remix)
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