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Blade Of Impulse (A marth Combo Video)


Smash Ace
Jun 30, 2006
New Hampshire FTW!
try fighting against diff chars combos on falco get really...old....

also idk if he was half assing cuz he wasnt teching much or DIing great....


Smash Master
Sep 1, 2005
Chester, IL
I thought it was a good video; I enjoyed watching it. I like your commandments :).

By the way, Kizzu would use more UAirs when playing against a Falco, as well as FAir -> UAir (in the same short-hop) -> UTilt. Keep up the good work.

K.C. Cloud

Smash Ace
Oct 16, 2006
It needs more cowbell
lol Kirbstir being Kirbstir. :p

Pine I wasn't Half-assing at all. I know you don't mean disrespect at all so don't take this post that way please. Though it is hard to play 100% perfectly all the time. Trust me, I was trying to DI and smash DI as well as tech, but it just didn't work in my favor is all.

It is a combo video after all lolz.

I think the quality is pretty good toom it flows nicely with the song, and the ending credits are pretty good.

Though it's the SONG that just made the joint so awesome... it just... it's hard to explain how the song pulls this stuff together.

Also, the bomb combo on Puzzle (link), kicked ***.
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