Biggest facepalm, broken system


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Jul 2, 2019
Was trying to get my krool to elite smash almost there and thrown into a match that had items on. Which how could i expect that? Hasnt happened all day, i have itemd turned OFF.

Anyways it was against some trash spamus that only shot charge shots and threw items around that always had pokeballs spawn right under him conveniently. (Why id never play with items on, luck is never in my corner and quite frankly, they’re not fun)

So instead of dealing with it left immediately after my first stock lost to some legendary pokemon that chases u and ignites u killing st 60%

Thanks for the ban I dont deserve just wanted to use some of that time to say this is ridiculous.

And that items in this game make to much of a difference. At least in melee they were more flavorful than impactful.

Oh and also if I have items turned off, I expect to be put in matches where they are turned OFF. I can wait a few extra minutes for the system to find someone. Id rather gouge my eyes out with a rusty fork than play with items on.
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