Biff's Commentary

3D Dillon

Smash Journeyman
Sep 13, 2014

What if we do get a fighter from ARMS (Spring Man and his potential echo Ribbon Girl) for the base roster?

My guess is that there'd be something that would replace Palutena's Guidance as the new talking analyzing of fighters.

My idea is after the stage, Spring Stadium, is selected and the chosen match-up is 1v1 with at least one of them being Spring Man, press Start while holding ZL or ZR. When the battle begins, Biff will pop out and commentate on Spring Man's opponent. He'll be voice-acted like in the ARMS directs AND... unlike Palutena's Guidance, he'll do specific commentating for all fighters INCLUDING DLC ones.

Here are what I've got:

Rule 1: Each codec should have no more or less than 6 lines.
Rule 2: Only characters that are confirmed are listed (except for Ken, Incineroar, Spring Man and Ribbon Girl)
Rule 3: No other users should post a new codec of their own. I do apologize but you can wait until a certain character is confirmed or the production on Ultimate is finally over.
You can feel free to comment on what you think of all this. Enjoy!

Match 1 - let's-a go!
It's Spring Man versus "the legendary plumber," Mario!
Yep, it's him alright! Mario is arguably the greatest platforming hero of all time.
He's well known for his jumps, fireballs and now a trusty cap that allows him to control other characters and objects.
That, of course, is not allowed in a Super Smash Bros. match. Otherwise, it would be too much of a handy cap.
Can Spring Man stomp on this famous goomba-stomper? Better jump up, super stars!

Match 2 - quit monkeyin' around!
It's Spring Man versus "the king of DK Isle," Donkey Kong!
This tie-wearing gorilla from a tropical island can whip out a good fruit punch.
I mean the kind of punch that's gonna hurt like coconuts fired from a gun in spurts! Hey, that sounds familiar...
DK no longer plays bongos in fights, but he can now perform what I think is a ripoff of ARMS' Rush attacks.
Anyway, let's make like a banana and split straight to this simian smashfest!

Match 3 - the legend has just begun!
It's Spring Man versus "the Hylian hero", Link!
He sure can master that sword, can't he? Guess that's why they call it the MASTER Sword.
This blade of evil's bane is supposed to vanquish wicked monsters off the face of this planet!
Does Link, the champion of Hyrule, have the courage to become champion of Smash? That's the question.
It's dangerous to act alone! Everyone is here to cheer you both on!

Match 4 - better get primed for this fight!
It's Spring Man versus "the galactic bounty hunter," Samus Aran!
Samus' right arm isn't carrying a gun. It IS a gun!
Oh, look carefully, and you may see her morph into a ball. No, it's not used for games.
In addition to shooting energy with her power beam, Samus can also grab enemies with her grapple beam.
The BOUNCY hunter may need more than one limb to grab opponents but I bet he can space-jump to the top!

Match 4 - better get primed for this fight!
It's Spring Man versus "Metroid Prime's Incarnation," Dark Samus!
Watch out! This corrupt counterpart to Samus is as dangerous as she looks!
Her physical appearance is filled with Phazon which cannot be contacted by naked hands.
Fortunately, Spring Man was just showered with radio-activity-proof liquid in preparation for this fight.
Remember, kids: leave the alien radiation to the professionals. That's the law of the galaxy!

Match 5 - everybody, get rid of your melon-choly!
It's Spring Man versus "Mario's dino-pal," Yoshi!
Yoshis are known for their long tongues. They can even hold in their mouths opponents bigger than themselves!
Unfortunately, the idea of chameleon style ARMS just came at the tip of our tongues back in the early years.
These lovable lizards can also lay eggs regardless of gender.
I hope Spring Man doesn't. This match should be an egg-citing ride!

Match 6 - let's warp over to our stars!
It's Spring Man versus "the pink puffball of Dream Land," Kirby!
He may look like a cute rubbery ball at first glance, but be careful!
He can suck in opponents straight to his vortex-powered mouth, then he copies their abilities and appearances!
Wow... First we have Springtron, and now the thought of Spring KIRBY too?!
I doubt even HE can copy Spring Man's confidence though. His long limbs should launch Kirby to the vacuum of space!

Match 7 - do a barrel roll!
It's Spring Man versus "the Star Fox leader," Fox McCloud!
Don't let him outfox you! Fox has plenty of sly tricks up his sleeves.
His trusty blaster may not get Spring Man to recoil, but it can cause some sorta hurt.
He's also got a reflector that can counter most projectiles. ARMS are not examples so not to worry, Arms fans!
The bouncer oughta be on Fox's tail! Not literally, you know what I mean...

Match 8 - a wild Pokemon appeared!
It's Spring Man versus "the electric mouse," Pikachu!
Listen, ladies and gents. Can you hear the thunder loud cheers of all those Poke-fans in the audience?
Out of over 800 different Pokemon, this one is by far the most famous with its electrifyingly cute appearance.
You'll be shocked to know that its cheeks have high voltage in them.
Sparks are flying in this stadium! Spring Man and Pikachu are gonna energize the enthusiasm!

Match 9 - better not cower!
It's Spring Man versus "the not-so-brave ghost-hunter," Luigi!
This poor fellow had to venture through some haunted mansions looking for his bro... the hard way.
Think about it! How'd YOU like to be left fending for yourself in the dark?
If this other contestant is Master Mummy, Luigi would already have chickened out.
Our main man isn't Spring Chicken, so he's likely to jumpscare the green guy away!

Match 10 - say "fuzzy pickles!"
It's Spring Man versus "the PSI powerhouse," Ness!
Don't let the fact that he's a kid from a plainly modern neighborhood fool you.
Somehow, his mind is filled with some sort of magical power called PSI. Better keep that in mind!
His baseball bat may not necessarily score a home run, but it'll SMAAAAASH any opponent hard!
I hope and pray that both of them are OK after the fight!

Match 11 - show me your moves!
It's Spring Man versus "the F-Zero champion," Captain Falcon!
Those racing machines are falcon-diving fast, and so is that captain's running speed!
Despite his nimble legs, he tends to hit the brakes for a bit then steps on the gas with his famous Falcon Punch!
While he's charging up his boosting powers, Spring Man oughta go ahead with HIS punches!
Ready?! Start your Toasters... and may the best fighter reach the finish!

Match 12 - wake up!
It's Spring Man versus "the singing balloon," Jigglypuff!
Awww, this one's so cute, I wish I could give it to Ribbon Girl as a pet!
That is if its singing doesn't have any powers to put nearby folks to a deep sleep.
Jigglypuff itself might go to sleep too. If it does while close enough, it'll be a wake-up call you won't want!
I recommend that Spring Man's fans cheer as loudly as possible to drown out all those relaxing lullabies!

Match 13 - our fighter's in another battle!
It's Spring Man versus "her highness of the Mushroom Kingdom," Princess Peach!
Guess she's tired of relying on Mario to help her out so now she's out there fending for herself.
Well, almost ENTIRELY for herself. Her fungi friend Toad may show up to counter any attacks thrown their way.
For Peach's forward smash, she's a switcheroo! Whatever she's carrying is never the same in back to back times.
I hope Spring Man, a nice guy, isn't hestitant to put this damsel to distress!

Match 13 - our fighter's in another battle!
It's Spring Man versus "the spunky gal of Sarasaland," Princess Daisy!
Let me tell you this: her personality is not as flowery as her name. She's less in royalty and more in sports!
Maybe that's why they call her an energized tomboy: a girl who's into more boyish stuff.
Despite all that however, here most of her moves tend to be the same as the more royal and gentle Peach's.
Let's see how this sassy sports star can fare in a fair game of Smash!

Match 14 - this might be a shellshocker!
It's Spring Man versus "the Koopa king," Bowser!
Never ever take an evil turtle lightly! He IS a heavyweight challenger after all.
As Mario's main nemesis, Bowser's longtime dream has been to take over the Mushroom Kingdom!
With his fiery breath and hair as well as his sharp pointy spikes, he is not to be jumped on. It'll hurt!
Well, his breath is hot but I bet Spring Man's supercharged arms are toastier!

Match 15 - no time to chill out!
It's Spring Man versus "the ice climbers," Popo & Nana!
What's cool about this eskimo duo is that they're two fighters in one!
Snow wonder they're cuter together, plus both hammer attacks mean double the damage.
Thankfully for Spring Man, a double KO isn't necessary; somehow only the leading climber must be sent to the cooler.
With trusty Toasters, he is sure to melt his rather icy path to victory!

Match 16 - there's no disguise for this fight!
It's Spring Man versus "the Sheikah survivor," Sheik!
Y'know, there's something suspicious about this "guy". "He" is actually... Pr...etty tough and agile.
Sheik's abilities include high speed and jumping as well as a disappearing act.
Sadly, the channel for this match prohibits "his" true identity from being unveiled.
We do know Spring Man's identity as confident enough to flip away any somersaulting stunt artist!

Match 17 - the light is shining above us!
It's Spring Man versus "the mistress of wisdom," Princess Zelda!
She can perform magical powers in any act including right here, right now.
For example, she may summon a darknut to slash nearby opponents. It can be cracked by a strong enough attack though.
Hyrule's legend of Zelda is very wise so Spring Man'd better use some strategy that'll outsmart her.
May the light of the Triforce go with whoever shines as the champion!

Match 18 - the operation has begun!
It's Spring Man versus "the unpuzzled philosopher," Dr. Mario!
Gee, even I didn't know Mario worked at a hospital. This cappy chappy sure has many jobs!
Anyway, the pills he throws aren't made for swallowing... or even touching.
Achoo! Before I catch cold - I mean A cold, I must say Spring Man can cure this competition.
After all, as he often says "Bouncing is the best medicine!"

Match 19 - no pain, no gain!
It's Spring Man versus "the little mouse," Pichu!
Bad news and good news... and better news for anyone who faces the yet-to-be-Pikachu Pokemon.
The bad news is Pichu's cute appearance is just to deceive contestants in a battle.
The good news is somehow any electric attack of its own will sting itself with some discharging damage.
The better news? Spring Man would get charged up if he's volt-tackled by enough hitting power.
It is HE who's gonna bounce in the air with glee! He who's gonna ground the shockingly small little fella!

Match 20 - time to get hawkish!
It's Spring Man versus "the proud space ace," Falco Lombardi!
Being the aero-gant guy that he is, he considers himself superior to the team's main man - err, fox.
Unlike Fox's blaster, Falco's can recoil Spring Man to a flinched pose.
According to an interview with the brave bird of prey, he prefers the air. For some reason, I actually agree.
This matchup would be more awesome if it's fought in the famous Sky Arena!

Match 21 - honor thy supporters!
It's Spring Man versus "the hero-king," Marth!
Despite not wearing any royal crown, he does wield a powerful sword called Falchion.
According to historic stories, they say that Falchion deals a more critical blow at its tip than elsewhere.
He's also one of many different Smash fighters who can counter any physical attacks.
Fortunately for Spring Man, Marth's countering blade is nowhere near as long as the ARMS!

Match 21 - honor thy supporters!
It's Spring Man versus "the swordfighter from the future," Lucina!
Her dad - or more appropiately - "father" is also a contestant for the Smash series in case you're wondering.
Now, Lucina must've time-travelled back to the time she was just an infant to prevent a horrible future from happening.
She has a lot of similarities to her distant decendant Marth except all of HER sword deals the same ammount of damage.
She seems very serious too. She probably needs to get some fun from Spring Man's bouncy personality!

Match 22 - don't get lost in the woods!
It's Spring Man versus "the heroic youngster," Young Link!
Hey! Listen! This is just one of many incarnations of the Hylian hero!
This one's youthful but don't let that fool you! He has the instincts of his adult decendants.
Young Link can shoot fire arrows and throw explosive bombs!
Remember, boys and girls, just because this little lad can do those things doesn't mean you should too! They aren't safe!

Match 23 - at least they're not fighting in the dark!
It's Spring Man versus "the evil Gerudo king," Ganondorf!
Yikes! Spring Man's facing the most wicked man known to the world?!
With his dark powers and sinister attitude, I'm very concerned of what happens if this demon wins the championships!
He can also transform into a horrendous ultra-powerful beast if he snatches a certain object!
Gulp... Can our hoppy hero save Spring Stadium?! Remember, this is being recorded live so stay tuned to this channel!

Match 24 - everyone's getting psyched up!
It's Spring Man versus "the genetic Pokemon," Mewtwo!
The Pokedex says that this Pokebeast was created by scientists working for Team Rocket.
It's called Mewtwo because it's supposed to be a clone of the mythical Pokemon called, you guessed it, Mew.
Say, have you seen Mew just flying away from a Smash battle? If you have, then good fortune supposedly awaits.
Spring Man beat Springtron at least once, but this clone may be more difficult to decipher!

Match 25 - show some good swordmanship!
It's Spring Man versus "the young lion," Roy!
He wields what's called the Binding Blade. Its sweet spot is kinda the opposite of Marth's Falchion.
Roy's sword hurts more when he's closer to the target. Sometimes it turns into a BLAZED blade!
Wow... I thought ANY slash from a razor sharp sword would burn like fire.
While Spring Man bounces around in this fight, he'd better not crash and burn against his own will!

Match 25 - show some good swordmanship!
It's Spring Man versus "the future Exalt," Chrom!
As you may recall years ago in the Coliseum, Chrom failed to fully qualify for the Smash series.
He disappointedly uttered this famous quote: "I suppose I'll get my chance another day."
Well, today's the day! Though he still can be summoned in Robin's Final Smash. ...How can THAT be?!
I think Spring Man is gonna get his chance... NOW! Awaken to the glory of Smash!

Match 26 - it's getting flat-out fun over there!
It's Spring Man versus "the 2-D master," Mr. Game & Watch!
No, whoever's viewing the screen, this isn't a glitch whatsover. He's seriously meant to be flat and choppy.
You see, he comes from a zone where everything is flat and most things move choppily. Yeah, you probably already guessed.
Mr. G&W copies many aspects from the small retro Game & Watch machines, decades before the modern HD portables!
Spring Man's animation is obviously more fluent than this black shadow's. It's Retro vs. Modern, folks!

Match 27 - victory is a champion's destiny!
It's Spring Man versus "the masked sword master," Meta Knight!
He who's wielding the blade known as Galaxia is a fierce fighter in any galaxy.
His trusty sword is swift and hard to predict when to counter or even dodge it.
Underneath this small but deadly warrior's mask will surprise you so it's best that it's left hidden.
En guarde, Spring Man! If you wanna unmask his face of victory, now's the time!

Match 28 - sorry to keep you waiting!
It's Spring Man versus "the angelic servant," Pit!
As the captain of Palutena's army, his job is to stop the forces of the Underworld army.
His wings of an angel will let him fly... for a few jumps. He has dreamed of being able to truly fly like an albatross.
Spring Man is already great at airborne combat. After all, he likes to spring himself to reach the sky!
This match shall pit those two against each other. The light of success is up for grabs!

Match 28 - sorry to keep you waiting!
It's Spring Man versus "the parallel angel," Dark Pit!
Dark Pit, or Pittoo if you want to irritate him, is the dark and serious doppelganger of Palutena's most loyal servant.
He functions very similarly to his light counterpart. The biggest difference is his final smash.
I can't spoil it for you but here's a hint: it certainly will not be any chariot charging at anybody.
If you'll excuse me... mirror, mirror in the sky, witness the fighters glare eye to eye!

Match 29 - zero reasons to quit!
It's Spring Man versus "the warrior within the warrior," Zero Suit Samus!
You recall that Samus Aran's Power Suit gives her strong powers. This is her without it.
In her Zero Suit form, her attacks are weaker but quicker, so Spring Man must improve his agility from before!
Her gun can stun! It'll paralyze those curly springs like a Shock Bomb!
If the bouncer is acrobatic enough, maybe he can beat Power Suit Samus without the ARMS!

Match 30 - go for the gold!
It's Spring Man versus "the man with the need for greed," Wario!
This challenger obviously wants the prize cash for HIMSELF! He thrives on money, you know.
For some reason, he's allowed to ride his motocycle on the ring. What is this, the Excite Bike stadium?!
Wario really stinks... literally! After a while, he might unleash a mighty big stink bomb!
Think I'll put on my gas mask... and I suggest the whole audience in the stadium does too!

Match 31 - it's showtime!
It's Spring Man versus "the Metal Gear soldier," Solid Snake!
!... oh, don't worry, Snake! Those stadium lights are perfectly harmless.
I heard Snake can only converse in codecs about fighters that got involved in the Subspace adventure. Some say that I'm now the new talking guide.
I spy this agent being prepared to use some bombs and gadgets to complete his mission. I'll tell the bouncer about this.
Spring Man, can you hear me? ...Spring Man?! SPRING MAAAAAAAN!

Match 32 - prepare yourself!
It's Spring Man versus "the radiant hero," Ike!
Wow! That giant sword of his looks as heavy as it is very powerful!
If he charges up his big blade long enough, it has earthshaking strength to make the ground erupt an explosion!
Unfortunately for him, he gets himself more open after smash attacks and may not counter in time.
I hope Spring Man won't be for the chop! He's the most radiant bouncer I've known!

Match 33 - gotta beat 'em all!
It's Spring Man versus "the aqua turtle," Squirtle!
Squirtle shoots a beam of water from its mouth like a water gun. In fact the move itself is called Water Gun!
This is frankly considered a pushover... being able to push opponents over but not damage them.
The kid in the background is its trainer who can swap of the 3 Pokemon for another from time to time.
Spring Man is sure to find a way to bring Squirtle quite a shellshock!

Match 34 - gotta beat 'em all!
It's Spring Man versus "the flower beast," Ivysaur!
Ivysaur was trained to turn over a new leaf by throwing razor leaves.
It can also use green vines like arms! Now why didn't anyone with vine-based limbs audition in the first ARMS seasons?
The kid in the background is its trainer who can swap of the 3 Pokemon for another from time to time.
I hope this floral type of fauna is OK after being planted with those jabs!

Match 35 - gotta beat 'em all!
It's Spring Man versus "the red-hot dragon," Charizard!
I wish its torch-like tail lit the giant fire to commence the Smash games. It would be unique!
Although it can fly, total flying is not allowed for fairness purposes in case you're wondering.
The kid in the background is its trainer who can swap of the 3 Pokemon for another from time to time.
The bouncer's Toasters are fire-type as well, but against even a dragon, they'll still be super effective!

Match 36 - this is so a-peeling!
It's Spring Man versus "the simian sidekick," Diddy Kong!
DK may be bigger and stronger but Diddy's certainly faster! A smaller and more agile target is harder to hit!
He's also got a rocket barrel in handy. 3-2-1, and blast off! He'll boost up in the air with it!
Watch out for banana peels he may toss! I wouldn't try jumping on 8 of them for an extra life if I were you.
Diddy would go from chimp to champ if he can win this entire barrel of fun!

Match 37 - PK Commentary!
It's Spring Man versus "the boy from Nowhere," Lucas!
Nowhere?! Did he come from another dimension or something? I dunno...
What I do know is his mom was a goner when he was younger and to add insult to injury, he and his brother parted ways.
Sad, isn't it? I get this feeling though that he'll never give up. That's the spirit, my boy! That's the spirit.
Still, he cannot grasp the true form of the bouncer! HE is always ready to spring into action!

Match 38 - don't be too slow!
It's Spring Man versus "the blue blur," Sonic The Hedgehog!
As a natural at super speed, Sonic runs extremely fast! So fast that our cameras are having a hard time catching up!
He also likes to be spinning himself like a racing wheel. In his sphere form, he can dash at targets like a fastball!
When he crushes a Smash Ball, he'll be given the right to transform into a glowing being of lightspeed!
All those zips and zaps are making me dizzy... Can Spring Man put an end to this in a flash?! We'll be finding out soon!

Match 39 - time to bring down the hammer, competitors!
It's Spring Man versus "Dream Land's de-de-dictator," King Dedede!
He's nailed it at mashing other combatants with his all-star hammer. As a greedy ruler, he just wants more and more!
His "highness" can also puff himself like a balloon and go up high for a while.
I can tell he wants to be a champ this badly and win another tournament again and again... and again.
Spring Man can make Dedede's dream come false tonight by making him suffer the agony of de-de-defeat!

Match 40 - we've made a soft landing on the arena!
It's Spring Man versus "the surviving astronaut," Captain Olimar!
From his crash-landing on a distant planet to the present, he's relied on this rainbow of creatures called Pikmin.
The abilities of these cute critters depend on their colors. For example, the white ones are poisonous.
Whatever their abilities and colors, they're willing to sacrifice themselves to save the vulnerable captain.
We know Spring Man can fend for himself and all he needs to do is "pick" the right creature to knock outta the park!

Match 40 - we've made a soft landing on this area!
It's Spring Man versus "the astro-trainee," Alph!
This novice astronaut pretty much entirely mimics the veteran space ace's moves and stats.
If you thought Alph would be the Alpha to Olimar's Omega, HA! They got ya there!
Even the spaceship is the same Hocotate one that the other guy uses. Ollie must've been honored to let Alph borrow it.
Fighting the exact same type of character means Spring Man will only have to use the exact same strategy!

Match 41 - I can sense the energy growing!
It's Spring Man versus "the Pokemon master of aura," Lucario!
All this blue energy in its paws is aura. Also, it can sense the aura of other life forms. The bouncer's no exception!
I read on a Pokedex that its auratic attacks get boosted more if it gets more bruised.
Even with my eyes closed, I can detect the aura of Spring Man still being energized like always!
All I can do now is hope he can rebound from all of Lucario's moves even in its maximized power!

Match 42 - failure does not compute!
It's Spring Man versus "the robotic operating buddy," R.O.B.!
This lean mean Nintendo machine must have been re-programmed to settle it in Smash!
Guess whoever fixed R.O.B.'s data didn't want it to be scrapped by Mechanica's family or recruited by Byte & Barq.
Whatever the reason, it's now able to shoot hot lasers... and gyros. Remind me to get a gyro for lunch after this, OK?
Spring Man's accomplishment would be 100% affirmative to his fanbase!

Match 43 - shiver me timbers!
It's Spring Man versus "the wind waker," Toon Link!
The hero of the Great Sea is apparently a more cartoonish descendant of Hyrule's courageous legend.
He's one fine matey who uncovered the treasure which is the sunken castle of Hyrule! Yo ho ho!
The viewers oughta know that his wind waking baton is powerless for every Smash battle.
Because of this, it may as well be Spring Man who'll have the wind at his back!

Match 44 - playtime is over!
It's Spring Man versus "the big bad Star Wolf leader," Wolf O'Donnell!
Howl you be as savage as Wolf? He's a fierce fox-hunting predator who'd never admit defeat in any dogfight.
He's the one leader of a pack that would take a miracle not to encounter in the Lylat System.
As you probably would've guessed already, this drooling canine adversary is hungry, hungry for the champion's throne!
I "prey" for that to not happen! Spring Man can't let him do that!

Match 45 - there's no resetting this fight!
It's Spring Man versus "the friend to almost all animals," Smashville's human Villager!
I said "almost" because a few, such as a swarm of bees, are harmful to the poor child.
Now he/she has a handy net ready to grab any pests that stand in his/her way which is quite a catch!
He/she can also grip on any incoming projectiles and then put them in his/her pocket.
No fist from any ARMS fighter can be stolen though. This match could be all in Spring Man's pocket!

Match 46 - fire up your hard knuckles!
It's Spring Man versus "the blue bomber," Mega Man!
The super fighting robot is back, ladies and gents! He's ready to save the world once again!
I'm already having a blast commentating on this kind of match-up! Just when will I get his auto-graph, huh?
Oh, sorry, Spring Man, but Smash never gets old with the lean mean fighting machine on the stage.
Can the Toaster ARMS even compare to Mega's Super Arm?! There'll undoubtedly be some mega fun today!

Match 47 - put your postures into Smash mode!
It's Spring Man versus "the yoga expert," the Wii Fit Trainer!
After enough excercises and stretches, she/he seems fit and ready for action in the arena!
Her/his artstyle of fighting includes the poses she/he teaches to Wii Fit students from around the world.
She/he can't fully relax, despite this healing herself/himself, as this leaves her/him open to attacks.
She's/He's gonna get a good stretch but Spring Man's elastic elbows can stretch out many times wider!

Match 48 - the stars are shining down on us! Even though it's daytime...
It's Spring Man versus "the cosmic travellers," Rosalina & Luma!
Rosalina is a magical lady who watches over the cosmos. I once listened to an emotional bedtime story by her.
Her pet star of some sort, Luma, is here to protect her. Their chemistry truly reminds me of Byte and Barq.
Trust me when I say you'd better not be starstruck by Rosie's beauty and her cutie.
There's no reason for Spring Man to space out. He's here to reach his stardom!

Match 49 - the bell had already rung!
It's Spring Man versus "the boxer from the Bronx," Little Mac!
Boxing is one of the greatest inspirations to the creation of ARMS. In fact, Spring Man's fists resemble boxing gloves.
I'd like to let Little Mac's trainer Doc Louis have a word about Mac having a round with the bouncer.
DOC: I gotta say, Mac ain't no air fighter but he'll surely ground that sucka into doing some homework. Ha ha ha ha ha!
BIFF: Thank you, Doc! Let's see whether or not Spring Man is underestimating the underdog!

Match 50 - behold, the power of ninjutsu!
It's Spring Man versus "the splasher of stealth," Greninja!
This amphibious athelete can throw shurikens made out of water. They're just as sharp as Greninja's eyes!
Its tongue is so long that it tends to make it look like a scarf. Now here's a "toad"-ly unique fact...
Watch out for its shadow to move away from its smooth sneaky body! Jump away before it jumps straight at you!
If Spring Man can beat Ninjara, he probably can outleap this frog to make a big splash... and a big spring!

Match 51 - it's "mii" again!
It's Spring Man versus "the custom puncher," the Mii Brawler!
Mii Brawlers sure have fists of fury and that's not all they're good at.
The fun part is they're customizable! You may see this one throw a cannonball or crash the ground with their head.
Speaking of heads, Miis can even change face. The Mii here might have a makeover after this battle!
Put your fists in the air because we'll soon find out who'll make the uppercut!

Match 52 - it's "mii" again!
It's Spring Man versus "the custom fencer," the Mii Swordfighter!
Mii Swordfighters sure have sticks of strength and that's not all they're good at.
The fun part is they're customizable! You may see this one throw an charkam or use their weapon like Fox's fiery head.
Speaking of heads, Miis can even change face. The Mii here might have a makeover after this battle!
Stay sharp and don't believe in all those sabrerattling! The outcome is unknown until it's shown!

Match 53 - it's "mii" again!
It's Spring Man versus "the custom shooter," the Mii Gunner!
Mii Gunners sure have pistols of power and that's not all they're good at.
The fun part is they're customizable! You may see this one use a reflector or launch themself up overhead.
Speaking of heads, Miis can even change face. The Mii here might have a makeover after this battle!
Ready, set, draw! Soon we'll see a break the tie for this debate of who wins!

Match 54 - the goddess of fortune smiles upon us!
It's Spring Man versus "the goddess of light," Palutena!
When she's not guiding Pit, she likes to have opponents be guyed by her enlightened weapons and magic.
As an angelic ruler and leader of her army, she's here to purify anyone who defies the light.
Spring Man appears purified enough to me. I don't know what she's talking about.
If he won't go lightly on her, he must still at least pay great respect to this good goddess!

Match 55 - prepare to be a-mazed!
It's Spring Man versus "the ghost gobbler," Pac-Man!
He was one of the great arcade stars back then when he looked a little bit like pizza which Spring Man really loves!
Pac-Man still is popular now! He can drop down a hydrant as well as throw one of many different fruits and other items.
I've actually seen him create a trampoline which Spring Stadium is known to have!
Maybe after the fight, Pac-Man could leave his leaping line for the bouncer to borrow... maybe even during!

Match 56 - time to tip the scales!
It's Spring Man versus "the tactician magician," Robin!
This is no ordinary swordfighter unlike most of the other warriors representing the Fire Emblem stories.
Robin uses a book to unleash thunder, fire, elwind, and Nos...fer...atu. Man, that's hard to pronounce.
However, his/her magic books and the electric Levin sword have limits so they can't be used for a bit after enough uses.
On the other hand, Spring Man's hands are limitless in Smash. The toasters are sure to put a spell on this wizard!

Match 57 - we're really feeling it!
It's Spring Man versus "the psychic Monado artist," Shulk!
This weapon he's holding called the Monado can extract a torching blue laser blade!
It can also let him be superior in one stat for a short period of time. Jump, for example, lets him go higher up.
Better LOOK before you leap though! He's somehow able to forsee the near future meaning he can counter any sudden moves!
My advice for Spring Man: predict Shulk having a vision of you attacking before attacking him!

Match 58 - stop clowning around!
It's Spring Man versus "the future Koopa king," Bowser Jr.!
Unlike the other fighters, this troublemaker rides on a clown car complete with a clown's face!
Also, he mainly relies on his machine to do the hard work instead of doing any harm physically.
Perhaps he and Mechanica could compete in a contest someday? They're both heavy-weight-turned lightweights.
I suspect Spring Man will want to jab that clown car like a pie in the face!

Match 58 - stop clowning around!
It's Spring Man versus "the youngster of the Koopalings," Larry Koopa!
This is one of Bowser's seven loyal koopas called the Koopalings. In Smash, they function exactly the same as Junior.
Even their differently colored clown cars perfectly matches the other car's stats perfectly.
Different or not, their type of fun is to cause trouble for the innocent civillians!
Spring Man is older but I think he's still young at heart enough to beat up a kid koopa like Larry!

Match 58 - stop clowning around!
It's Spring Man versus "the hippie of the Koopalings," Roy Koopa!
This is one of Bowser's seven loyal koopas called the Koopalings. In Smash, they function exactly the same as Junior.
Even their differently colored clown cars perfectly matches the other car's stats perfectly.
Different or not, their type of fun is to cause trouble for the innocent civillians!
Those shades may make Roy look cool but Spring Man is far more radical to the eyes!

Match 58 - stop clowning around!
It's Spring Man versus "the mistress of the Koopalings," Wendy O. Koopa!
This is one of Bowser's seven loyal koopas called the Koopalings. In Smash, they function exactly the same as Junior.
Even their differently colored clown cars perfectly matches the other car's stats perfectly.
Different or not, their type of fun is to cause trouble for the innocent civillians!
No lifesavers allowed for Wendy in Smash. Besides, they don't give you extra lives like those green mushrooms!

Match 58 - stop clowning around!
It's Spring Man versus "the nerd of the Koopalings," Iggy Koopa!
This is one of Bowser's seven loyal koopas called the Koopalings. In Smash, they function exactly the same as Junior.
Even their differently colored clown cars perfectly matches the other car's stats perfectly.
Different or not, their type of fun is to cause trouble for the innocent civillians!
Iggy's a pretty mad madman...err, koopa and I'm CRAZY about what'll happen next!

Match 58 - stop clowning around!
It's Spring Man versus "the brute of the Koopalings," Morton Koopa, Jr.!
This is one of Bowser's seven loyal koopas called the Koopalings. In Smash, they function exactly the same as Junior.
Even their differently colored clown cars perfectly matches the other car's stats perfectly.
Different or not, their type of fun is to cause trouble for the innocent civillians!
Morton is proud to be brawn over brains. A lack of strategy is a significant advantage... for the other side!

Match 58 - stop clowning around!
It's Spring Man versus "the clown of the Koopalings," Roy Koopa!
This is one of Bowser's seven loyal koopas called the Koopalings. In Smash, they function exactly the same as Junior.
Even their differently colored clown cars perfectly matches the other car's stats perfectly.
Different or not, their type of fun is to cause trouble for the innocent civillians!
How many Lemmy's can you fit in this car? OK, that's something out of a circus not Smash. On with the show now!

Match 58 - stop clowning around!
It's Spring Man versus "the elder of the Koopalings," Ludwig Von Koopa!
This is one of Bowser's seven loyal koopas called the Koopalings. In Smash, they function exactly the same as Junior.
Even their differently colored clown cars perfectly matches the other car's stats perfectly.
Different or not, their type of fun is to cause trouble for the innocent civillians!
They say Ludwig is the wisest of the seven. It would be unwise for him to underestimate Spring Man!

Match 59 - ready, aim, fire!
It's Spring Man versus "the odd dog and duck pair," the Duck Hunt duo!
I really don't see how these two got along when the dog is well more loyal to the duck hunter than the duck itself.
Being a good boy that he seems to be, the happy doggy may wanna play a game of fetch with a frisbee.
Some wild western gunners may show up on the stage. If so, opponents need to get out of the line of "FIRE!"
I hope Spring Man has deadly accuracy because this canine crook may laugh at anyone who misses. Bad dog! BAD!

Match 60 - talk is cheap!
It's Spring Man versus "the wandering warrior," Ryu!
He's trained himself by wandering around the world meeting new fighters along the way.
He's also partipated in world tournaments including this one to improve his fighting abilities.
For some reason, he always tends to face the opponent if it's a 1 on 1 match. I thought Spring Man can see from behind.
Anyway, can you, my bouncy buddy, get the uppercut in winning the champion's belt? SHORYUKEN!

Match 60 - talk is cheap!
It's Spring Man versus "the Ansatsuken American," Ken Masters!
When they were younger, both Ken and his friendly rival Ryu were trained by the same master.
Because of their training in the same martial art, their fighting styles are familiar which reminds me...
Shoryuken... I can identify both names in this one. Where's Sho? WHO'S Sho for that matter?
Maybe we oughta go on with the "sho". Behold, the magnificant martial artist of ARMS!

Match 61 - let's break the limits!
It's Spring Man versus "SOLDIER 1st Class," Cloud Strife!
Better get your head outta the cloud and into the ring! Cloud's sword is serious business.
He can perform powerful slashing energy with it, and that's only the beginning!
After charging up his limit gauge, those slashes will be in their critical states!
Spring Man's ARMS can push himself through most any limit so this might be the time to bid Cloud "Sayonara!"

Match 62 - choose your path, fighters!
It's Spring Man versus "the dragon hybrid," Corrin!
He/She had a choice between which side to join in a war. Hoshido and Nohr were the choices.
I can tell he/she joined neither one said nation "Nohr" the other, but THIS side to battle in a game of Smash!
I read that Corrin has the blood of a silent dragon. That doesn't mean he'll/she'll won't be so loud.
Right now, I need some quiet reading my book. You go ahead and watch and listen to all the noise in the stadium!

Match 63 - let's get wicked!
It's Spring Man versus "the Umbra witch," Bayonetta!
All the children in the audience, cover both your eyes and ears because you won't like what you'd see or hear.
Ahem... believe it or not, folks, Bayonetta's dress is actually part of her long bewitching hair.
She can turn it into a big fist from a black hole or something and even a giant man-munching monster at a proper time!
Now Twintelle wishes HER hair can do all that... Well, pretty or not, Spring Man, don't mess with a witch!

Match 64 - stay fresh!
It's Spring Man versus "one of the squid kids," Inkopolis' iconic Inkling!
Many of her/his attacks involves spraying colored ink onto the turf or an enemy.
If an opponent is splattered with such slime, their defense will weaken like a squirming octopus.
Her/His tank is required for the icky ink so when it's an empty nautilus shell, it's time to splat her/him with a punch!
I can hear the crowd here in Spring Stadium going "BOO!" for the challenger and "BOO-YAH!" for the bouncing champ!

Match 65 - we're hitting the big times!
It's Spring Man versus "the nemesis from Norfair," Ridley!
Wait... THAT'S Ridley?! He's way smaller looking than I remembered him years ago!
Perhaps his being so huge would make him a nor-fair challenger though he HAD been defeated by smaller forces.
Regardless of his size though, this sci-fi dragon of a space pirate still has some gargantuan and galactic power!
His pointy tail can unleash a mighty stab but it's Spring Man who'll deliver a mighty jab!

Match 66 - what a great day to have a battle!
It's Spring Man versus "the vampire killer," Simon Belmont!
His duty was to slay the evil vampire, Dracula himself! Now it appears to be for him to slay this competition!
He can throw axes, flaming potions, and a boomerang object called the... I can't. The channel's censors won't allow it.
His most famous weapon of all is his whip. If he has two, this would come closer to an ARMS match!
If Simon can whip it good, Spring Man must think of a way to cream it good!

Match 66 - what a great day to have a battle!
It's Spring Man versus "the next generation vampire killer," Richter Belmont!
This fearless fighter is actually Simon's descendant and one of many members of the Belmont clan through the millennium.
How did Richter and Simon come to this present from centuries ago? That's a pile of secrets we can't seem to identify.
It looks like Richter has come here just in time to prove to whip it up than his ancestor.
He'll certainly have to whip it or he'll have to beat it!

Match 67 - The krowd is getting krazy about the kompetition!
It's Spring Man versus "the Kremling Kommander," King K. Rool!
This korrupt reptillian ruler is a difficult kroc to wrestle. He wants everybody K-O'd but himself!
The Kremling Krew's job is to invade any land for themselves. That includes ARMS country!
If you don't like it, you may get obliterated by his Blast-O-Matic which may destroy an entire island on live television!
Spring Man should go krush that krook and say "See ya later, alligator!"

Match 68 - turn over a new leaf!
It's Spring Man versus "the secretary of Smashville," Isabelle!
Badlddldleldldle! That's Animalese for "Bet ya didn't see this one coming"!
I knew she can race in karts but I didn't know she can fight in stages too! I once thought assisting is all she's good at.
I apologize for underestimating her. I read in her profile that she's good at burying a hydrant-ish thing like a landmine.
Another talent is she can hook opponents with her fishing rod. Spring Man can deliver a hook to her... with his fists!

Match 69 - alola, ladies and gents!
It's Spring Man versus "the fire tiger," Incineroar!
Its "belt" is not to be touched even after you do somehow beat the heat of this battle!
This canine-like Pokemon can really feel the burn with its "Darkest Lariat" attack, don't you think?
This move can get it to fire-spin like a top and swing its toasty arms to hit the opponents hard!
Enjoy! It's gonna be quite a masculine sort of... catfight!

Match 70 - a new match-up has just been planted!
It's Spring Man versus "the carnivore of flora," the Piranha Plant!
Wait... if this thing is a fighter, then we can now have characters like the Blooper, Shy Guy, Chain-Chomp, Boo...
Ahem, anyway, for some reason, this Piranha Plant can move around in its little pot by itself.
It can also shoot out spike balls as well as fire balls... and of course, its teeth are used for chomping!
I bet Spring Man will satisfy its appetite by giving it a well-deserved knuckle sandwich!

Match 71 - the show's NOT over yet!
It's Spring Man versus "the phantom thief of hearts," Joker!
I'm no expert on Persona unfortunately. The good news is someone just explained a bit about him...
FUTABA: Joker's Persona, Arsene, will appear to assist him when a certain gauge is full.
BIFF: Wow, his "Arsene"-al for this fight seems like no laughing matter. You folks get it?
I know what Spring Man's punchline will be: the line where Joker gets punched! Ha ha ha!

Match 72 - a foe draws near!
It's Spring Man versus "the Dragon Quest hero," the Luminary/Erdrick/Solo/Eight!
Actually, this is just one of many different legends who went on a "dragon quest" of some sort.
There are actually 3 more fearless fighters like him... EXACTLY like him as a matter of fact.
They say the Dragon Quest Age was one of the starting points for RPG adventures.
In Spring Man and my minds, RPG stands for "Really Powerful Gauntlets," which best describes his Arms!

Match 73 - wahay!
It's Spring Man versus "the bear & bird buddies," Banjo & Kazooie!
Wow! THE Banjo & Kazooie?! I never thought they'd officially be back in the NINTENDO zone!
In fact, just this second, the Arms League asked a certain someone to share her thoughts on this...
GRUNTILDA: At last, I'll see them burn and crash, while fighting in a game of Smash!*
BIFF: Well, you'd "bear" watch out, Spring Man. You and your toasters should feel the "bird" right now!
*= Grunty speaks in the traditional BK gibberish unlike the other characters.

Match 74 - everything OK?
It's Spring Man versus "the legendary hungry wolf," Terry Bogard!
We've done crossovers with many fighting franchises, and now we have whatever Terry's representing!
Despite coming from the modern USA, he's quite skilled with the ancient fighting style, Hakkyokuseiken.
One of his moves is some sort of power wave that travels on the ground.
Spring Man likes to leap in the air, so dodging this attack should be a piece of sponge cake. C'mon, let's get furious!

Match 75 - class is now in session!
It's Spring Man versus "the Ashen Demon," Professor Byleth!
From what I heard, he/she teaches certain people about fighting skills. If you pass, you could qualify for ARMS!
Only kidding, but Spring Man might seriously learn from Teach how to use these things called relics properly.
If they're in the wrong hands, the victim turns into a beast! Oooh.... And one WAY worse than Hedlok!
Spring Man should dismiss that, though; he's already a beast himself with his own relics, the Toasters!

(NOTE: Spring Man is an assist trophy in Ultimate. Here are the two ARMS fighters most likely to be in a future Smash.)
Match ?? - let's bounce!
It's Spring Man versus "the bouncer," Spring Man?!
Wait a sec! Have I gone cross-eyed or am I really seeing two bouncers boinging around in the arena?!
Could this other guy be an imposter wanting to take a leap in the polls over his biggest rival?
Or... is he Springtron 2.0, modified to look and sound much more like the real Spring Man?
Whatever he is, the goal remains the same: to fight and WIN!

Match ?? - let's bounce!
It's Spring Man versus "the airess," Ribbon Girl!
Yep, it's two ARMS contestants fighting each other out once again, except this time intead of ARMS, it's SMASH!
Someone said that Ribbon Girl is an Echo for Spring Man. I really don't get that.
Maybe her voice is great enough to cause an echo? Then again, they also said some other fighters are considered echoes.
Right now, my heart is beating to the airess' ribbon rhythm. The combo of ARMS and Smash is live on TV, fellow viewers!


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3D Dillon

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Sep 13, 2014
I know Ken and Incineroar aren't confirmed as of this post but they seem the most likely to be next and if Spring Man gets in, he'd get Ribbon Girl as his echo.


Smash Journeyman
Oct 2, 2018
Ribbon Girl shouldn't be an echo ! In the real game, you play her differently than Springman. Springtron should be an echo instead.
And I prefer Decidueye.
But you made a great job ! So, I hope there will be something like that in that game.

War Anvil

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Aug 20, 2011
You're all nerds
Switch FC
Aw, how cute! Never played ARMS myself, but Biff's got quite the lungs for commentary.

MATCH ? - Dance through the danger!
It's Spring Man versus "the half-genie hero," Shantae!
There's nothing that can stop this magical maven from whipping it good in battle!
Although she can be found belly dancing in parlors, her main job is to protect Scuttle Town!
Watch out for her transformations. They're all cute to look at, but bad to the touch!
I wonder if Shantae's ever heard of Twintelle before...?

MATCH ? - Your wish is granted!
It's Spring Man versus "the starry-eyed jester," Marx!
It seems like travel by ball is becoming a hot trend nowadays!
Marx wields cleverly hidden abilities granted upon him by the Galactic NOVA!
I'd be careful when he gets a Smash Ball...he just might split himself and open a new dimension!
Go on ahead, Spring Man! Let's hear this blob scream!


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Feb 19, 2015
Switch FC
I'll have to try and come up with something for Bomberman and Vaati, but right now, I'm busy with Pokémon stuff.

3D Dillon

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Sep 13, 2014
Updated to include Byleth!

TRIVIA QUESTION: Biff calls Byleth "Teach" in this commentary. Do you know a certain 3 Houses character who also calls him/her "Teach" instead of "Professor"?

3D Dillon

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Sep 13, 2014

Someone from ARMS will soon be released as a NEW FIGHTER!!!

I may have to do a version 2 of this since it's probably not going to be Spring Man because he's already an assist trophy.
It may be Max Brass since he hasn't appeared in any way in this game yet.