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Between Casual and Competitive

Terry Bogard

Smash Apprentice
Nov 27, 2019
This isn't about what happened at a specific tournament but is instead how I feel about my own skill level in Smash. Ever since the days of pre-Mewtwo 4, I always thought I was somewhere between being a casual player and a hardcore competitor, so I guess the right term would be advanced or expert. I've played against both kinds of players and have won against both kinds of players, but have more commonly lost to the pros (of course). I don't really want to enter tournaments but I still take the game somewhat seriously. Hell, I think me being on Smashboards is enough proof that I care about this game. Am I just weird, or is there really a middle ground in Smash?
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Smash Ace
Dec 11, 2018
Those are more mindsets than measures of skill. Casuals don't care about competitive rules, but also don't care about fundamentals like spacing and stage control either. They just play and have fun in the most natural way to them.

If you are competitive, you play with a mindset focused towards competition. Your relative skill level or venue you play at doesn't really matter. If you focus on the competitive aspect, learn the rules and basics, you are competitive. No need to overthink this.
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