Best omega version for Jr?


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Aug 12, 2005
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I've been analyzing which omega stage favors jr best and I've gone down to 2 stages which are MU dependant:

1. Lylat Cruise:
- Can shark up airs from under the stage sides.
- Can recover under the stage with ease.
- Cannon ball and wrecking balls camouflage with the dark background.

2. 3D pac land:
- Can side B bump stall on the walls.
- Characters with wall jump cannot wall jump here and might put themselves on a worse position if they are unaware of it.
- No Z- axis shenanigans.

I would avoid the wall stage vs characters that can drop projectiles down the wall like villager, sonic, ddk, mm, etc.

Which omega stages would you prefer to go and why?


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Jan 5, 2015
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Honestly? I'd just pick regular FD. -if you absolutely feel that side-B stalling is a good idea (It rarely is.) take them to a stage like Omega Hyrule Castle (not Temple), Arena Ferox, Eldin, Mushroom Kingdom U, etc. where the walls are a little further in than the stage edge, making a 'Y'-ish shape that might save you from certain dropped projectiles as you're stalling (The deeper the walls from the ledge, the better, I'd imagine.).

I will say that U-Air sharking at ledge is a potentially significant enough difference to warrant some choice difference, it can be helpful in some cases, but generally speaking the difference on how far in you can shark with U-Airs and safely get back isn't by much between Omegas unless the walls are flat, and FD already lets you go pretty deep (Usually deep enough if you're coming back aggressively with U-Air.) with that - there's also way less chance of your Up-B getting caught on the undersides of the stage than if there's an understage ceiling.

Also, when you tech-jump on the walls on a V-shaped underside (Say, out of kart...) like FD's, there's more chance of you being closer to the ledge, as opposed to having to swerve back to stage and/or having to Up-B again.

I would also say "Flat" Omegas are potentially preferable as the lack of Z-Axis makes our N-Air a little better IIRC, but that's about it. That one mostly matters about MU and if your opponent benefits more from it than you do.

At least that's my take on it. V-shaped undersides are probably the best IMO, but Y-shaped ones with walls under a diagonal lip are fine too, especially if you're really that intent on stalling. Just avoid understage walls in general, I don't feel they do anything for us. Flattened Z-Axis just depends on MU.

As a final point, recovering aggressively on a V or Y shaped Omega with Up-B becomes a lot more potent since you can ride the edge and protect yourself with the back-swing of Up-B2 before you hit on-stage with it. Again, another aggressive recovery option, but worth considering.
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