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Berlin Calling: Results + Shoutouts


Smash Lord
Oct 21, 2005
Berlin - Germany

Low Tier:

1: Armada
2: kJaB
3: Vilness
3: Nizro
5: Ice
5: Amsah
5: Aldwyn
5: Wii Lee
9: Joeri
9: Remen
9: Dax
9: reaper
9: fortune-cookie
9: Pepito
9: Jonas
9: Cyclon
17: Däumling
17: Pasi
17: Drrrwish
17: Aniolas
17: Pamaro
17: Navn
17: shifting-shadows
17: Omega
17: Po
17: Smasher89
17: Random-Ness
17: Fernandez
17: Vincent
17: AJP
17: Rocky
17: fa5t
33: Yomi
33: Melt
33: Tero
33: Etho
33: Timä
33: UCK
33: Till
33: Zero-G
33: AE.
33: Flubba
33: stelzig
33: Jeapi
33: Captain Jenny
33: Baxon
33: Avenger Angel
33: xFlare
33: Overlord
33: Scud
33: Panda
33: ZetTroxX
33: Marte
33: C
33: .exe
33: Hero of Time
33: Norm
33: ReFLex
33: KaPe
33: Sui-Aqua
33: Q


1: Aniolas + Armada
2: baxon + pasi
3: Aldwyn + Dax
4: Amsah + Remen
5: kJaB + Zett
5: Pepito + C
7: ice + Luma
7: Fernandez + Jeapie
9: Q + Smasher89
9: Drrrrrrrrwish + Pamaro
9: yomi + tero
9: sagl + randomness
13: Flava + T-Za
13: till + däumling
13: reaper + Captain Jenny
13: KaPe + Flubba
17: pheX + Panda
17: ajp + nizro
17: Omega + AvengerAngel
17: Navn + Stelzig
17: freestylin + wii lee
17: Joeri + Rian
17: Jonas + Eagle
17: ae + uck
25: Etho + xFlare
25: Hot + Cyclon
25: fortunecookie + shiftingshadows
25: Overlord + Vincent
25: fa5t + zero G
25: .exe + Po
25: reflex + tim
25: Marte + CPU
33: JUDGE + Sui Aqua


1: Armada
2: Amsah
3: Remen
4: Ice
5: Pasi
5: Aldwyn (left early)
7: kJaB
7: Pepito
9: Pamaro
9: Baxon
9: C
9: Aniolas
13: Jeapi
13: Wii Lee
13: Däumling
13: Dr.Dead
17: Fernandez
17: Yomi
17: DancingQueen90
17: Luma (forfeited)
17: Smasher89
17: Tero
17: ZetTroxX
17: Till
25: Norm
25: Random-Ness
25: Dax
25: Flava Sava
25: Vincent
25: Captain Jenny
25: reaper
25: Avenger Angel


Smash Lord
Sep 2, 2007
Freiburg germany
allright, great tournament!!
I'm really looking forward to the AJP-videos! some good stuff in there!

i'm not nearly satisfied with my placing, i think 9th should've been doable but oh well...
"von nichts kommt nichts"

special greetz to jeapie, beastiest CF in Europe!!!
full shoutouts later
gratz to Kjab for taking a Low-tier set of Armada
gratz to Pasi for beating Kjab... AGAIN!

DtJ Jungle

Check out my character in #GranblueFantasy
Jul 29, 2008
Haha i thought low tiers was just singles and i was like

kjab second..amsah 5th whut


Smash Champion
Aug 21, 2008
Aarhus, Denmark, Europe
Low tier bracket is wrong. Pretty sure I lost to Vincent. I never played Nizro in low tier.

I suppose I should have been more clear about me losing. Sorry, my bad :embarrass


Smash Apprentice
Jul 2, 2008
DEN!? DU!?

Lol, i never really understood that, it was hilarious. It was obvious that you guys had much fun :D

Dax: Nice friendlies, you taught me some cool stuff!

Overlord: Good friendlies aswell, you really outdid that level 1 Bowser.

British falconplayer whose name / tag i forgot :3: GG's, you seemed like a nice dude.

JUDGE: If you arrange a Brawl + Melee tournament i'll definitely be interested. Brawl only is not enough to make the trip worthwhile i'm afraid x). You'll hopefully improve at Melee lol.

Luma / milkieeeeeeeeeeeeeee: GJ on a well-planned tournament.

player using the RaF-tag.

Also, this:

doesn't look like this:



Smash Master
Jun 2, 2006
I'm in your house, dsmashing your tv
Nice, vilness beat amsah in low tiers. :3 I've seen what amsah's link can do (like winning a tournament against sheiks and falcos), it's a beast, so props for vilness (whatever low tier char of amsah's he beat).

But why do the results state 3rd place for him and nizro, when vilness beat nizro in that (bizarre) bracket? <_>

I did expect vilness to do bit better in singles tho... >.> Oh well, can't beat em all.


Smash Champion
Jul 19, 2004
Thanks :)

I was ranked the worst player in singles pools so that really didn´t help me get to brackets. It was last stock last percents failure that pushed me out of the brackets. There were only 5 player in my pool (some had only 4) so it was quite merciless.

So my ranking was way off, considering I beat C in swedish tournament pools and he got 9th.

but yea, no Johns I should be able to beat more people to get decend places in brackets too so back to woodshed...


Smash Lord
Oct 21, 2005
Berlin - Germany
well how i am supposed to check every tournament some people attentended to give an accurate seeding? =P plus we only had 3 seeds anyway, top, high and random and well you werent under the top32 so no seeding for you this time sry, if everyone would have come the pools would have been bigger + 3 people going into the bracket

edit: just checked your pool again, you really had a deathpool since vincent was really good too but not seeded aswell (since it was his first big tournament) but yeah that happens, luck is part of a tournament


Smash Champion
Jul 19, 2004
I know, in the end it´s just not playing enough good. I´m sure you guys did your best, not saying that. Thanks for the tournament Milkiee and Luma. Also props again for TimÄ for the housing and being cool ;)

EDIT: Armada plays a mean Kirby. Well, at least I got 1 match out of him and got to see the epic Armada+Kirby+Brinstar combo. Firespike >_>

Aldwyn McCloud

Smash Ace
Apr 23, 2005
My home (in Italy :D)
I know, in the end it´s just not playing enough good. I´m sure you guys did your best, not saying that. Thanks for the tournament Milkiee and Luma. Also props again for TimÄ for the housing and being cool ;)

EDIT: Armada plays a mean Kirby. Well, at least I got 1 match out of him and got to see the epic Armada+Kirby+Brinstar combo. Firespike >_>
Me too, but I didn't get firespiked xD


Smash Cadet
Oct 22, 2008
Yeah, I did beat Jonas in low tiers. My first foreign tourney and a great one...! :) I had a great time guys, thank you.


Smash Master
Jun 2, 2006
I'm in your house, dsmashing your tv
EDIT: Armada plays a mean Kirby. Well, at least I got 1 match out of him and got to see the epic Armada+Kirby+Brinstar combo. Firespike >_>

Perhaps I need to do some kirby repping maself as well. <.< Zelda's a good secondary to have against annoying chars tho.

More respect for armada for beating everyone with (arguably) the worst char in the game. =D

But what's this firespike you're talking about?


Smash Cadet
Sep 21, 2008
Great tournament, good organization. Hope to see the sequel.

Tim: thank you for perfect housing
Tony/AE: you are a cool guy, thank you for friendlies at Tim's
Till/.tea: i added you on msn, check it out
Amsah: you lost The Game
Armada: same ^
Reflex: really cool photos, i hope to see you again
Remen: nice set in pool, i played at my best. Samus rulez
Baxon: you owe me a match on PS, man u_u
Zettroxx: were you the sheik i played the night between 3 and 4? I'm a bit confused
Ryuker: lol, same here. Did i play you in friendly other than in low tiers? Maybe i'm confusing you and Zettroxx XD


Smash Ace
Jun 14, 2009
First and foremost I wish to thank ReFleX, Luma, C, milkieee, Aniolas and everyone else that helped me while I was sick.
You guys are what makes the smash scene so great. The tournament itself was nothing short of awesome, I had ****loads of fun playing friendlies, talking to other smashers and watching tourney sets =)

Now for some shoutouts:
Armada: Gz man. See you at the next SVAR/other swedish tourney =)
Random-ness: Pity you got sick as well man =/
Aniolas: That bottle of coke really helped me out I think, doubt I'd been able to get up as early as I did otherwise.
C: Really nice of you to lend me a pair of shorts while my pants were soaked in womit, haha. Really nice performance in both singles and teams, by the way.
Q: Dunno what to say to you man, XD. Was really nice seeing you in any case.
Smasher89: Always nice seeing you =). Too bad it didn't go too well in singles.
VilNess: You're hilarious man. See you next time =)
PO: Sorry for ****ing you over in teams, but it's nice to hear it still worked out. You need to start coming to more tournies =D
Pepito: It's amazing to see how far you've gotten since you started playing. Looking forward to seeing you again at the next SVAR.
Jeapie: We'll definitely have to get some money matches in next time we see each other. Your falcon's really impressive =)
ReFleX: Thanks for the water once more, man. Keep playing and you'll become good in no time, you've got potential!
milkieee: Monday afternoon was probably the most I've ever laughed while playing smash XD. Will definitely come back for another tourney!
Luma: I still haven't thanked you enough for the housing, and I doubt I will ever be able to with just words. Hope we'll meet again soon =)
Remen: I appreciate getting ***** by you in friendlies, felt like I learned alot about the spacie matchups =)
German Falcon: Was fun playing dittos with you man, sorry I forgot your name though =(
Martelinj: Sorry I hardly understood any of your norwegian. Was nice having you around though =)
Däumling: Work on that PC Chris look ;)

Also, I reckon that someone wanted the link to the place where I bought my sexy T-Shirt: http://www.cafepress.com/sleepyk/5634927
I'm sad I missed out on the tournaments, felt like I was going to **** and all of a sudden I got a fever =/
Oh well I guess. Imma **** at ESA4 =)


Smash Lord
Sep 2, 2007
Freiburg germany
Armada: Good stuff, as always
kJaB: Nice job in Lowtier, singles was good too, you just need to get better than pasi... i dont understand why you only play fox ditto....
Ice: best german evar :D (actually true)
Remen: ***** me in winners...
Baxon: your too good man ;) see ya next time
Pasi: "erzähl was" LOL... hans told me i was kinda wasted that night ... guess i was
Pamaro: i would've like to face you in the bracket... sadly i couldnt because of jeapie... oh well... see you at the next tournament, maybe we'll get to play then-
Luma: i dont see our hate anymore... it was so nice having it :/ Thanks for the tourney, it was awesome (except for LT ofcourse ^^)
Däumling: haha.... gratz for winning the IceClimbers Ditto... i would've lovedto see that match :p
Aniolas: nice matches saturday night :p see ya
Yomi: get better, or try dying
Pepito: I loved your reaction after the set vs tero... your a cool guy.
Captain Jennys: milkie ;) thanks for the tournament, good job!! we didnt play any matches!
Wii Lee: I was glad i won our matches :) too bad you messed up so much... maybe we'll get to play again sometime!
Norm: ham wir gespielt?
ZetTroxX: RAGEMODE! and then came Dr.Dead :/ Fun weekend! did you do anything besides freeplay? :D
Tero: <3
Aldwyn: WHAT? second in pools? wow...
reaper: haha reaper ;) war irgendwie lustig mal wieder mit dir :D flamen is fun
Fernandez: next time ;)
Jeapi: next time :mad: love both of you :D
Drrrwish: random in person... da kann ich nich mithalten!
Panda: <3 deine geschichten, lol... seeya
Hero of Time: und das will was heissen das ich dich erkannt hab ;)
AE.: go to freiburg
AJP: nice that i got to play you in pools! close matches!
KaPe: nicht viel mitnander zutun gehabt, aber nice dich zu treffen!
UCK: BENNYYYY <3 So gut! das nächste mal mehr whiskey cola und mehr zocken!
Sui-Aqua: stillster mensch wo gibt ^^ schade
Zero-G: haha, irgendwie bist du mir sympathisch
Jon_***: der Bart sieht krass aus :D
pheX: <3 und, wie siehts aus?!

great tournament, gratz an die Orga!


Smash Lord
May 24, 2009
armada:good **** you ****ing **** man^^
amsah: if there is one smasher who combines rapeness+coolness+humor+the scoolest hairstyle on earth, it would be definetly you man. will never forget our epic friendlies, especially my JW 5 stock xDDDD
Ice: definetly one of the best marth i've ever seen. you are a cool guy man, thx for the 4 stocks ;)
Luma: just had one game (4 stock)with you but i'm sure i will get some more on the next berlin monthly.thx for the cigarette and for hosting this tournament :D
KaPe:havn*t played you but still thx for the cigarette from luma ;)
Remen: you are a cool guy man, thx for the thousands of friendlies and the thousands of 4 stocks and the thousands of matches you wasted for me :) i really appreciate that :)
milkiee: we just had one game (i havn't been 4 stocked yeeeahh...but you havn't played with your peach :p) but it was still fun^^ i did some really **** **** on you but i've forgotten it alrady xD just remembered the knee xD see you on the next monthly^^
navn: enjoyed our few friendlies, and yeah i will host this tourney and yeah i think i'll make brawl and melee^^
just for you man ;) this means you HAVE TO come so that i kick your snake's *** ;)
Pepito and the guy with the long hair and the crazy laugh who had this terrible complicated name i couldn't remember xD: thx for thousands team-friendlies on friday
@pepito dude if i host this tourney i demand that you come cuz i would love to see how you brawl if you already **** so hard in melee^^
.exe havn't played you ONCE in friendlies! but still thx for the enerrgy drink^^
ReFlex: you sir, are a ****ing **** machine! i can't belive how fast you can learn, epic friendlies btw^^ i counted our matches and the score is 4:4 (without the teams) rematch at the next monthly ;) i like you man you are very sympathic :D
TMT: havn't plyed you but i will on the next monthly^^
hero of time: so i finally met the famous HoT^^ dude if your tourey thing won't work we can put our pojects together to work on one big touney^^needz more tourneys in germany!!
tero: thought i wouldn't like you but you seem to be a cool guy (nirvana tshirt) :D
Gale 14: you suck :p
sui aqua: never met such a quiet and shy person in my life and i think will never do :p
reaper: you have a cool controler xD
UCK: yeah 2 stock!!^^ but we just had one match...:(
däumling: pc chris 2 :)
jeapie: most handsome smasher and sexiest falcon in europe^^ you have to explain me how you style your hairs :D
asian guy who mains since 7 month fox and i already forgot his name:
thx for the friendlies dude you teached me a lot :)

thx to the hosters and everyone who helped to make this great tourney :)

@everyone else
ya'all suck!!! ya'all couldn't 4 stock a brawler muhahaha
and some of yu guys even lost to me muhahaha xD

no you guys don't suck you just aren't as good as he others ;)

no you guys are awesome^^


Smash Journeyman
Nov 8, 2007
Berlin, Germany
milkieee: Monday afternoon was probably the most I've ever laughed while playing smash XD. Will definitely come back for another tourney!

Hehe I think my Falco pretty ***** - I lost every match ofc, cuz I don't play Falco, but this day I've played close matches against a decent CF so probs to me xD

Of course we helped you =)
But your name is "crazy pants" now & you'll keep it for a long time I guess xD

Nice to have you here & nice CF =)


Smash Journeyman
Nov 8, 2007
Berlin, Germany
Full shoutouts now :D

Armada: **** !! We had nice team-matches on monday at Lumas ^^
Amsah: Raperaperape !! Like an Amsah !! =D

kJaB: 4-Stocked, *****. Haha das war lustig :D Sonst nichts mit einander zu tun gehabt - schade eigentlich

Ice: 4-Stocked, ***** !! Du bist geil wie immer gewesen. 3. wäre drin gewesen, aber 4. ist auch gestört :)

Remen: Nice spacies, dude. Hope to see you again. Congratulations for the 3. place :)

Baxon: Nice to play with you at least a few matches at wednesday. thanks for the weed ^^ Go train your Pokémon hehe :D Congratulations for 2. in Teams.

Pasi: Haha der Tanzbär :D Der Sonntag Abend war lustig man. Komm mal öfter rum. Gratulation zum 2. in Teams & zum 5. :)

Pamaro: Dein Set gegen Jeapie <3 OH MEIN GOTT, ALTER !!!!!11 Ansonsten geiles Schwein wie immer :D Wir müssen endlich mal gegen ein ander zocken ^^

Luma: Gut, dass wir das hinter uns haben, alter. Ansonsten fick dich, dass du in Singles aufgehört hast :( Jau es bleibt zu sagen: <3<3<3, Baby

Smasher89: Freaking nice-Climbers !! Congratulations for 4-Stocking Aldwyn (I think it was you ^^)

Däumling: Du kranker. Echt gute Leistung der 13. Platz man :) Bist auch 'n lustiges Kerlchen, auch wir haben - meines Wissens nach - nie gegeneinander gespielt :(

C: You & Randy-Ness enjoyed the fountain :D Nice to have you here. See you again.

DancingQueen90: Ohne Worte. Zu dir brauch ich ja auch nicht mehr sagen, dass ich dich liebe, ***** !! <3

Aniolas: You're a really nice guy. Good to have you here & thanks for the help at sunday :) See you again, dude !

Yomi: Nicht gespielt ey :( Aber warst korrekt :D Wir sehen uns denke mal eh noch mal irgendwo :D

Pepito: Really nice spacies, dude. See you again.

Captain Jenny: 25. geht klar, wenn man bedenkt, dass ich Armada im Pool & Amsah als erstes Bracket-Match hatte xD Nächstes mal geht mehr. Gogo for better PR-Placing :)

Random-Ness: Nice to see you again. You really stepped it up, dude. See you next time :)

Vincent: Don't remember you ^^

Wii Lee: Nice Falco, man. Cool to play some Matches with you on wednesday at my place. See you next time.

Norm: Der betrunkenste !! :D:D:D:D War cool dich hier zu haben, du Mistkübel :D Wir sehen uns sicher noch mal irgendwann.

Avenger Angel: I don't remember you :(

Till: Leider viel zu wenig mit einander zu tun gehabt :( Nächste mal !! :)

ZetTroxX: Du kranker :D Bist richtig gut geworden, ansonsten unendliche Liebe <3 :D

Tero: Ein wirklich guter Fox, man :) Das Match gegen deinen Marth hätte ich eig. nicht mehr verlieren dürfen, aber du bist wohl einfach der bessere :)

Aldwyn: You know Aldwyn ? He's the guy who does like this !! :D Nice to have you here, dude. Congratulations for the 5.

Dax: I don't really remember you :(

Flava Sava: haha du kranker. Einfach unendliche Liebe, ***** <3

reaper: Lass dich doch nicht von mir 4-Stocken, alter :D:D Aber bist einfach korrekt, man. Wir sehen uns sicher noch mal. Sorry, dass ich euch rausschmeißen musste, aber wer hätte nicht so gehandelt ? :D:D

Dr.Dead: <3<3<3, man. Kommt im Sommer mal rum, Jungs :)

Fernandez: I don't really remember you :(

Jeapi: You're crazy man !! Your set against Pamaro was so freaking crazy.

Drrrwish: Die beiden Pool-Matches waren echt knapp, man. Du hast dich echt unglaublich verbessert. Weiter so GT-Maskottchen :D Bist korrekt.

Panda: geile Beatbox :D Cool dich auch mal kennen gelernt zu haben :D Nice CF :)

Vilness: NICE LUIGI !!! Congratulations for the LT-Placement

ReFLex: Hehe du geiler hast nur ~300 Fotos geschossen :D Gut dich jetzt in der Smashcom. zu haben, in 3 Monaten schlägst du mich sagte Luma, mach ihn Stolz :D

ProsmasherTim: <3<3<3, man. Du geiler :) Kommt mal im Sommer rum :)

Q: Haven't played, though. :(

Flubba: Gute Arbeit in Teams, man :)

Omega: I don't remember you :(

Overlord: We've played in teams though. If you were the Jigglypuff: **** YOU !!! :D:D

Navn: I don't remember you :(

Joeri: Nice Sheik, I watched some Matches :)

Po: Haven't played you. Random-Ness told me, that you're good ^^


AE.: Liebe, Alter <3 Komm mal öfter her :)

AJP: **** YOU !!!!! LUIGI SUCKS, MAN !! :D Thank you for the recording & the funny matches at Luma's place :)

KaPe: Gute Arbeit in Teams, ansonsten muss ich zu dir ja nicht mehr viel sagen ^^

shifting-shadows: Nice Roy, man ! :D

Etho: Ich weiß, dass du 'n deutscher warst, aber kA wer xD

UCK: Hab mich ganz schön verbessert, ne ? :D Immer wieder schön mit dir zu spielen, Benny. Müssen uns eig. viel öfter sehen, also komm mal öfter rum :)

Rian: no moneymatch, cuz we're broke :D No problem, was nice to play with you - at least in NTSC :D For 9 months playing smash you're really good. Only my Peach could stop you.

Melt: I don't remember you :(

Jonas: Brothers

Cyclon: B

Rocky: Crazy pants :D Nice CF, dude & really funny matches at Luma's place.

Sui-Aqua: Gar nicht schlecht gespielt im Pool :) Aus dir kann noch mal was werden Smash-Bezüglich

fortune-cookie: Haven't played :(

xFlare: Ich glaub du kamst mit Etho. Aber ich erinnere mich nicht wirklich an dich. ^^

.Kotze: hoffe dein TV wurde nicht geklaut ^^

Marte: Thanks for cleaning the kitchen :D

Freestyling: Nice to play against someone from outside Europe :D You gotta step it up, I think. But nice Falco at all :) Cool to have you here.

Nizro: You're so ****ing loud ..

Eagle: I don't remember you :(

Zero-G: MIESE GEIER !!! :D Geil, dass du da warst man :) Immer wieder gerne, du kleiner, fieser Türken-Kanacke :D:D:D

stelzig: I don't remember you :(

fa5t: Die Aktion mit deinem Fernseher war mega ab****, alter :(

Scud: Danke für den TV :)

JUGDE: Gut, dass euer Fernseher dann doch noch bei euch angekommen ist. Diese netten Holländer :D

Jon_***: Zu viel Liebe, tut mir leid - ich kanns nicht in Worte fassen :(

pheX: schön, dass du wenigstens einen Abend da warst man. Jederzeit wieder :) aber in nächster Zeit wirst du wohl nicht rumkommen können :(

TMT: Warst glaub ich nur Freitag da & da war ich die ganze Zeit unterwegs :(

Alles in Allem: Fettes Turnier, denke ich doch :)
Danke an alle die da waren & noch mehr danke an alle die geholfen haben :D

All in all: Nice tournament, though :)
Thanks to everyone who was able to come & even more thanks to those who helped - however they helped :D


Smash Lord
Mar 28, 2010

Amsah:: Really fun to play against you again. Pal is justice
Remen: You beat me at MC that is not fair =(. Really fun to play against you we play always so close and good set.
Luma: Thanks for the housing tournament and everything =).
Milkiee: Yeah the team matches was really good and fun hope we can play more next time and also thanks for the tournament =).

Reflex: You are awesome man i hope i see you again soon. So fun to talk with you and i can´t belive you have just play smash a month or something like that :p

Samo: Kirby is awesome.


Smash Master
Feb 19, 2009
lol at eternaml rivals on smashboards at the same time. lol

IT was even more funny when mango, m2k, hbox and you guys were all on at the same time.


Smash Lord
Oct 21, 2005
Berlin - Germany
Well finally some words from me about this tournament, lets start with the housing.
In total there were over 20 people at my place before and after the tournament (Armada, Aniolas, Q, Random-Ness, Nizro, AJP, Po, Smasher89, Marte, C, Rocky, Pepito, Amsah, Remen, Baxon, Wii lee, Ice, AE., Tim, ReFlex, UCK, reaper) so i guess you guys can understand if sometimes I just was not always friendly, esp since some **** happened at the tournament aswell. The housing itself was quite good from my side, i was just annoyed by your volume, even though i told you guys to be quiet several times, i mean yeah i can understand, you are on holidays in germany blah but still my dad was sleeping next room and i got neighbors aswell. and i was really disappointed when you guys didnt even left my dad like 5€ or something, afterall he bought you breakfast, let you use the kitchen/shower and ofc let you guys stay here, well yeah i never said you guys have to pay for housing, but still in the end i guess its only natural to show your gratitude or manners or whatever. well at least you guys didnt broke anything so i wont complain about that.

well then for the tournament, first of all it kinda sucked that my deal with the tvs got cancelled 3 days before the tournament so we were really missing some, but in the end we would have been able to finish all tournaments on time if smashers werent stupid idiots. how come, if the 2 hosts want everyone to stop their matches some are still playing? or when we annouced the pools/brackets, why dont you just shut up and listen instead of coming to the computer 1 minute later and ask for your pool/bracketmatch? then how come i needed 4 full friggn hours just to collect all the trash? is everyone really that braindead when they enter a tournament and just go pig-mode or something? did you really enjoy staying 3 days in such a dirty room?
lets have a look at the events, lowtier went really smooth imo even though a lot of people complained about the bracket (guys it was a SE random seed bracket, ofc its ****ed up, its a fun event), making the top4 playing DE was a nice idea, thx for that armada.
so then for teampools ofc there had to be some problems like every pool beeing finished except for 1 where 1 guys had to play like 3 sets in a row because of some reason i just cant explain. so for teams then we had 2 problems, no1 dancing+dead were'nt in the bracket, they sad it was milkmans fault, milkman said they never came to him, so in the end i let them play for their spot in the bracket since it was impossible to say who was wright/wrong.
no2, i dq'ed pepito and C from winners because C was sleeping when the matches were anounced and their opponents were looking for them like 20-30 minutes. after i dq'ed them ofc there was a lot of complaining from the swedish players, so instead of playing their matches in losers i had to deal with like 5 people at once (who werent playing their matches ofc) saying if i dq them i should also dq this team because blah blah blah, thx for delaying the whole tournament guys. in the end it was armadas idea again (thx for that) but it was still just unnessecary, next time just deal with it, if i host a tournament again you would have been dq'ed from the whole team-tournament for complaining without valid arguments, just saying. so about the singles bracket, at first everything went perfect but then ofc somehow the bracket stopped again, people stopped coming to the computer after they played, srsly i cant run after 32 guys so they can play their mother****ing matches (btw because of this i ff'ed my bracketmatches), because of that **** we had to finish singles on SO (this and remen complaining about beeing sleepy and having a heachache and ****) (aldwyn i am so ****ing sry you couldnt finish your tournament, i know how hard it sucks). i kinda stopped getting the matches started after there were only 2 matches left, the winner semi finals, how come armada, ice, remen and amsah arent able to mange their own matches after coming to 1000000 tournaments? i know you guys never hosted a tournament but you hate delayed tournaments aswell, so how come it had to be like this? for once i took a break on SA (btw i didnt left the venue for the whole day, i hadnt eaten anything that day until like 8 and only because of reflex i was able to drink something) and everyhing stops? are you serious?
so lets get to the last day, we finished singles on time, it kinda sucked we didnt had an award ceremony or something but i just wasnt in the mood for that ****. so i started cleaning with milkman and 1 (only 1!!!!!!) other guy while you guys werent even able to leave to venue as you were told (again, how stupid are you?). after taking the trash out for the 10th time or something Q asked me (standing outside with all the other swedish guys) when we would be leaving. after me saying, as soon as i finished cleaning, so either help or wait here longer only aniolas came asking if we need some help, afterwards i sent him out to grab some more swedes to clean the kitchen.

so the tournament was over, still housing over 10 guys, most of the berlin smashers dropped their guys on me aswell (milkman -> reaper + uck, fa5t -> baxon + wii lee, ice -> amsah + remen) but hey you know what? why the **** would i even care anymore? why would i even think about hosting another tournament if you barely get any thanks for it? why would i even house so many at once again if they arent even able to appreciate it?

**** shoutouts, i would only flame 90% of the people anyway >_>
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