May 15, 2015
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  • You will have to get used to his significantly slower speed. It's a noticeable difference compared to Mario.
  • He still hits hard, so there's nothing to worry about here. Fair, while not that useful in neutral, is still bat**** strong. You can do down-throw to fair on some characters and that will kill. Forward Smash is hilariously strong. Up Smash trajectory is much different than in Melee.
  • Up-B is an awesome combination of Mario's and Luigi's Up-Bs. It's the same move as Mario's (3 frames, reversible on hit and shield), but it has a huge sweetspot like Luigi's. It's an amazing OOS option, it can kill on the sides (which makes it a good edgeguarding option).
  • Down-B has more control than in Melee and beats out some attacks. It kills on the sides and can occasionally semi-spike (it's hard for you or your opponent to anticipate this).
  • Up-Tilt kills... with rage. Still stronger than in Melee.
  • Back air doesn't semi-spike like it does in Melee, but it's fast, it's damaging, it's active for a long time (which means you can combo/string back air into itself or another aerial) and it's strong. Like all Mario Bros. it has the most range and best safety out of all of his aerials.
  • Sheet does not stall in Melee (though tbh, the stall in Melee kind of sucks). But in Sm4sh, there's a technique called B-reversing that allows you to shift your momentum after using certain special moves. Doc can B-reverse/Wavebounce his Sheet, allowing him to mix up his approach and landing options.
  • Doc doesn't have the greatest vertical recovery. And his recovery, while better than in Melee, is exploitable. So you have to be wary of how high you are.
  • Doc can wall jump in this game. Huge life saver.
  • Pills are mediocre. Use them sparingly.
  • Check out the threads for discussions, matches, and general tips and tricks. And pick up a secondary, because you will need it.
  • Have fun! :)
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