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Beats In Your Head! Elena Kicks it With Smash! (Street Fighter)


Smash Ace
Jul 10, 2017

Elena for Smash Ultimate DLC!

Who is Elena?

Elena (エレナ Erena) is a character in the Street Fighter series who made her first appearance in Street Fighter III: New Generation in 1997. The first black female character of the Street Fighter franchise, Elena is an expert in capoeira, and she is a nature-loving and light-hearted daughter of an East African tribal leader who has attended schools abroad and travels the world to make friends. She has been well received for a variety of reasons, including her innovative fighting style and very smooth animation in Street Fighter III, and was noted as a very powerful character in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Why Elena?

Elena is noted for her unique gameplay style in the SF series, as she only uses kicks. If added to Smash she would be the first to use only kicks. She was paired with Dudley (an English boxer) in Street Fighter x Tekken. Little Mac is currently the only character who uses all punches so Elena has a natural contrast already present in Smash.

Elena was also noted as one of the relatively few black female or African characters in video games.

Cons Against Elena's Inclusion

Elephant in the room. Her attire. If added to Smash she would most likely have to wear shorts ala ZSS' alt costume or even a brand new attire which IIRC hasn't happened in Smash.​

Ryu and Ken, while notable for being the faces of Street Fighter, aren't very popular within the Smash fandom even after being established as formidable characters in both Smash 4 and Ultimate. If Elena were to become playable in a future Smash title it's likely he also won't receive the groundswell of support other characters have received.

Elena also shares steep competition within her genre (Nakoruru, Heihachi and Chun-Li are some characters that are decently requested for Smash moreso than Elena) as well as her company, Capcom. Capcom's Resident Evil, Ace Attorney, or Devil May Cry are widely speculated to make their franchise debuts in Smash through the DLC.

Intro Animation

Walk Animation

Roll (backward and forward are the same)

Jump Animation




Up Tilt

Forward Tilt

Down Tilt

Dash Attack

(she finishes with a knee; Smash exclusive move)


Neutral Air

Down Air

(spike hitbox at tip of foot; can spike opponent diagonally)

Up Air

Forward Air


Up Special: Scratch Wheel (stronger version shoryuken motion then :GCB:)

Side Special: Rhino Horn (stronger version half circle forward then press :GCB:)

Down Special: Focus Attack

Smash Attacks

Up Smash (animation similar to forward air but stays in place and knocks opponents upward instead of forward)

Forward Smash:

Down Smash:

Final Smash

Brave Dance


Victory Screen


"Did you let me win? No one can be THAT bad!"

It was a great fight! I wanted it to last forever!"

"Don't think so seriously! Relax in the sun and clear your mind." to Ryu

"I feel a gentle warmth from your flames. You care very deeply for your family." to Ken


Alternate Colors


Beats in My Head from 3rd Strike is probably her most recognizable theme. Since she debuts in the Street Fighter 3 series of games she can bring her and others' songs from New Generation as well as 2nd Impact like Ryu and Ken did in Ultimate.

Nile (Afro Edit) [Urien SFIII: 2nd Impact]
Tomboy (African Voice Mix) [Elena SFIII: 2nd Impact]
Good Fighter (2nd Edit) [Ryu SFIII: 2nd Impact]
Nile (Drum and Bass Mix) [Gill SFIII: 2nd Impact]
Crowded Street (Drum and Bass Mix) [Yang SFIII: 2nd Impact]

China Vox (Arranged) [Chun-Li SFIII: 3rd Strike]
Jazzy NYC '99 (Arranged) [Alex & Ken SFIII: 3rd Strike]
Spunky (Arranged) [Makoto SFIII: 3rd Strike]
Snowland (Arranged) [Necro & Twelve SFIII: 3rd Strike]
The Longshoreman (Arranged) [Sean & Oro SFIII: 3rd Strike]
Twilight (Arranged) [Ibuki SFIII: 3rd Strike]
You Blow My Mind (Arranged) [Dudley SFIII: 3rd Strike]
Let's Get It On (Arranged) [Player Select Screen SFIII: 3rd Strike]
Stage Results (Arranged) [SFIII: 3rd Strike]
Ending 2 (Arranged) [SFIII: 3rd Strike]

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Smash Lord
Jun 26, 2011
Add me as a supporter as I love her! Sadly it seems her chances are dim not only due to the presence of 3 Capcom characters, 2 of which come from her series. But due to Maigate she may not even get a reference.


Smash Journeyman
Aug 12, 2018
Switch FC
Count me in! I’d love to see, not only Elena, but also Alex get into Smash, with music from all three iterations of Street Fighter III. Both originals and new remixes! I’d love to hear Smash remixes of Jazzy NYC, Crowded Street, and others. They should use this as their victory theme: https://youtu.be/r-48jUVDpVs
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Smash Ace
Jul 10, 2017
finally got around to finishing her moveset...let me know what you think

suggestions welcome! =D


Smash Lord
Aug 9, 2016
Somewhere Else
Switch FC
As much as I love Elena, she's pretty far back in the line of potential SF characters (and then there's the E10+ restrictions, but her standing within SF is the first major hurdle). Still, if she ever makes it in someday I'd be very happy. Support.
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