Beating Fox CC


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Apr 5, 2015
My main practice partner is a fox, and since we play often, he knows the matchup pretty well. When he's at low percent (like <40ish), he tends to use run-up crouch cancel right in front of me because fox can CC all of Samus' tilts until a recently high percent. I've been beating this with down smash, but considering down smash isn't too safe in neutral, I was wondering some other ways to deal with it. If you have this issue, how do you get around it?


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Jun 13, 2007
College Park, MD
Space f-tilt better. It's hard to punish Samus' max range f-tilt even if you crouch cancel it. Better yet, hit him before he gets into his crouch by wavedashing forward and f-tilting.
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Mar 15, 2017
The only moves you can't do to a low percent fox are jab, poorly spaced tilts, and a bad dash attack. Any of those things "can" be done well, like spacing the dash attack far behind them or dashbacking/shielding out of the jab, but that overcomplicates things.

If you wanna keep it simple in neutral, I'd aim for uptilt (which will convert at real low % to down tilt or down smash with almost universal success - one of my favorite options v more aggressive foxes is to run away from them, turn around uptilt as they approach you toward the ledge, downsmash them off the stage into cookie cutter edge guards. Depends on fox.) or intelligently placed and spaced f tilts.

If they're camping you, they'll probably be at one side of the stage, which means your greatest advantage is positional. If you put yourself at a healthily close proximity to the ledge with the fox between you, lasers make them vulnerable, and their options are to jump over you, go to ledge, or try and run/attack through you. You can reactively hold that space by nairing/fairing/upairing their platform jump or wavedash back ftilt/downtilt their forward approach.

Basically, If you don't overextend or throw out unsafe neutral options, your presence is a zoning threat to any fox. Just don't be too fast to put yourself into move lag and be sure to hold your safe position. Stay outside grab and shine range, try and reactively shield/counterattack/bail if they rush you, don't use low impact moves at low percents, keep close to them if they're lasering, and the fox neutral suddenly seems relatively even.