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Bar Wars - 10/26/2013 Results! (work in progress)


Smash Apprentice
Jan 16, 2013
Northern VA
Melee Singles (42 Entrants)
(Money slightly off due to people dropping first round and mistaking D1 for Alukard [hah])

1: CT EMP | M2K ($252.00) :foxmelee: :sheikmelee: :marthmelee: :peachmelee:
2: ChuDat ($126.00) :icsmelee:
3: Chillindude ($42.00) :foxmelee:
4: Cyrain :foxmelee: :falcomelee:
5: CTRL DJ Nintendo :foxmelee: :bowsermelee:
5: VGBC | Redd :foxmelee:
7: Milkman :foxmelee:
7: G$ :marthmelee:
9: Nintendude :icsmelee:
9: APEX | D1 :falcomelee:
9: Vist :luigimelee:
9: Kirbster :peachmelee:
13: DoH :peachmelee:
13: CK :foxmelee:
13: Wenbo :foxmelee:
13: Bones :falcomelee:
17: Thumbs :falconmelee:
17: Arcadia :marthmelee:
17: GimR :falcomelee: :gawmelee:
17: Plank :sheikmelee:
17: tdude51
17: G-Regulate :falconmelee:
17: Ether :marthmelee: (Forfeit to Bones)
17: SypherPhoenix
25: Hova
25: Ericpivothands
25: Flamingo
25: Perry
25: BigWenz
25: EmoDinosaur
25: Oro
25: Pepsi | Laijin
33: Loaf
33: Darkflame :falconmelee:
33: Kilo
33: Serb
33: Moun
33: SG
33: KZ
33: MKEV (Forfiet)
33: Matgic
33: hot$ :foxmelee:

Bracket Image

Melee Doubles (16 Entrants):
(Money adjusted due to M2K and Skyheart not paying their entry fees)
1: G$ and the King (G$ + CT EMP | M2K) ($180.00) :marthmelee: + :foxmelee: :sheikmelee:
2: H2YL (Chu + Chillin) ($90.00) :icsmelee: + :foxmelee:
3: CTRL Team (CTRL DJ Nintendo + CTRL Alukard) ($30.00) :foxmelee: + :falcomelee:
4: Miketendude + Webo (Wenbo + Nintendude) :foxmelee: + :icsmelee:
5: Itty Bitty Kitty Comittee (Cyrain + Milkman) :falcomelee: + :foxmelee:
5: Redd Heart (DoH + VGBC | Redd) :peachmelee: + :foxmelee:
7: The God Damned Demon King of Elru (Ether + Doug) :marthmelee: :foxmelee:+ :sheikmelee: :peachmelee:
7: Team TA (G-regulate + Plank) :falconmelee: + ?
9: Trouble of a Beta (Oro + Taba)
9: AA (Chris + Sam)
9: Beverly Hills Chihuehues (Vist + Thumbs) :luigimelee: + :falconmelee:
9: Juggernauts of Crimson Boredom (Laijin + Skyheart)
13: Team Brofist (tdude51 + EmoDinosaur)
13: Dirty Mike and the Boyz (Bobz + EastCoastEddie) :samus2: + :marth:
13: HugDug (Rem + PapaPaint) :sheikmelee: + :luigimelee:
13: Dukes of Vibrant Godliness (Loaf + Matgic)

Bracket Image

Project M (2.6b) Singles (23 entrants):
1: CT EMP | M2K ($140.00) :fox: :falco: :mario2:
2: ChuDat ($70.00) :pikachu2:
3: Chillindude ($20.00) :wolf: :fox:
4: JCaeser :rob:
5: APEX | D1 :falco:
5: Vist :luigi2:
7: Pepsi | Laijin :sheik:
7: EastCoastEddie :snake:
9: Arcadia :marth:
9: Milkman :fox:
9: Bobz :warioc:
9: G-Regulate :dedede:
13: GHNeko :metaknight: :ivysaur: :toonlink:
13: Flexx :ness2: :mario2:?
13: SSSAM :ganondorf:
13: Perry
17: Plank
17: hot$
17: MKEV
17: Jesse :link2:
17: Commander
17: Ruin :ivysaur:?
17: Kilo

Bracket Image

Project M (2.6b) Doubles (9 entrants):
1: G$ and the King (G$ + CT EMP | M2K) ($108.00) :marth: + :fox:
2: H2YL (Chu + Chillin) ($54.00) :jigglypuff: :pikachu2: + :fox: :wolf:
3: Vistendude (Vist + Nintendude) ($18.00) :luigi2: + :peach:
4: Adventure of a Doom Alpha (G-regulate + Plank) :dedede: + ?
5: The Caps (Kirbster + Hova)
5: Judge JRedd (JCaeser + VGBC | Redd) :rob: + :fox:
7: Salesmen (Flexx + Jesse) :ness2: + :link2:
7: Itty Bitty Kitty Comittee (Cyrain + Milkman) :falco: + :lucas:?
9: Dirty Mike and the Boyz (Bobz + EastCoastEddie) :warioc: + :snake:

Bracket Image


Smash Apprentice
Jan 16, 2013
Northern VA
Reserved for stuff

If anyone knows who played what, please post here (including bracket) and I'll change it.

Matches will appear on youtube.com/user/VideoGameBootCamp and twitch.tv/vgbootcamp

Thanks to:

-Hard Times, and Louis, Max, Jeremy, and Rob for accepting us in to their home.
-Tish for being the biggest trooper of a server. Those stairs were killer, and she even dropped hot coffee on herself.
-Chillin for being the hype, the voice, and the help.
-Redd for coming and trying to take Chillins money
-GimR and Somiyah for streaming and pushing it to the next level
-D1, G Money, DJ Nintendo and Alukard for coming all the way down, staying until the end, helping clean up, AND being champs for driving home after.
-M2K for taking everyone's money, and standing up for himself when not splitting (even though we all wanted to leave). Splitting kills competition and motivation.
-Flexx for bringing the laptop that I ran brackets on, as well as bringing a setup.
-EastCoastEddie for doing a bunch of leg work, getting people to play and finding results.
-Bobz for bringing the TV for VGBC and for being a generally awesome dude.
-Nintendude for helping out with seeding, advice, and general things I missed.
-Sypherphoenix for Tio help, and melee setups re-arrangement. I left that in your hands and you did it.
-JCaeser and Laijin for dressing up (and Plank's girl too!)
-GHNeko for bringing the Mewtwo and Roy PM setup.
-Everyone that came, had a good time, and was patient with me.

(General shout outs to players)
-Milkman (I definitely want to play you more)
-Cyrain (I definitely want to play you...period)
-Chu (Coming out of the wood works and being weirdly amazing)
-Arcadia (All around cool dude)
-Wenbo (All time best reporter of matches)
-Doug (For entering when I asked)
-Plank (For being too happy about everything)
-G-Reg (Dat hype video Falcon Punch)
-Will 2Chaings (2CHAAAINGS)
-Mike Cough (Good seeing you again)
-Vist (Cool guy with a leather jacket)
-hot$ (High school was weird)

I'm sure there's more I specifics I missed. Call me out on them if so, you earned it.

First time TO stuff thoughts/improvements/mistakes:

-It went on too late. That includes: scheduling, following up on matches, doing 4 "last calls", and not knowing good seeding.
-I mixed up D1 and Alukard for Melee singles. Also mixing up Alu with DJ like 20 times, haha.
-Missing D1 for PM brackets. Eventually got him in though.
-Completely missing DJ from PM singles. I owe you hardcore man. I felt so bad about that. At least you got your money back!
-Setups arrangement (see the shoutout to Sypher)
-All the College Park dudes got seeded near each other. Next time this will be fixed.
-Trying to either: A) Shove too many matches on stream at once, or B) Not having matches for stream lined up.
-Anything else I missed. It was a huge learning experience, and I will try so much harder to prevent any of that happening again.
-TRYING TO ENTER A DAMN TOURNAMENT WHEN TO-ING = ME PLAY LIKE ****. More ****ty than my normal diarrhea.

Stats:Stream Stats:
-2,200 Peak Viewers
-30,000 Total Views
-16,000 unique Viewers
-Average time Viewing: 1 Hour

- 135 games of PM (In Singles and Doubles Bracket [excluding forfeits])
- 274 games of Melee (In Singles and Doubles Bracket [excluding forfeits])
- $1,500 made by Hard Times (only expected $200 to make this a recurring event) GOOD ****
- Other stuff I can't think of right now.


Smash Rookie
May 18, 2011
I'm confused, who won GFs? Facebook was getting mad hype for Chudat, and idk if it was for winning a set or for winning the tourney.

also dat peach


Smash Hero
Feb 23, 2006
San Francisco
Kirbstir uses Peach.
Also, Wenbo and I went all Fox/ICs in Melee. In PM, Vist and I went Luigi/Peach. I like how team names made a return too.

Really legit tournament and it was awesome to see MD/VA come out in such full force for this. Can't wait for the next one!


Smash Apprentice
Jan 16, 2013
Northern VA
Everything above has been updated. I have to go to work, but I'll update the second post when I get a chance (Probably not until tomorrow night)


Smash Journeyman
May 19, 2012
Richmond, VA
Sick-ass tournament. Shoutouts to Jesse+Chillin for running the whole thing, to Bones for recovering my memory card, and to Ether for giving me pro tips.


Smash Lord
Oct 25, 2008
EC or a mitten
These team names....

Glad Jesse stepped up to start TOing and finding this venue. So sad I'm on a mitten, but there needs to be like two more large regionals other than PoundV.5 to make it not worth going up there for school.


Smash Apprentice
Dec 1, 2012
Merriwether Post Pavillion
This was so fun to watch, given I missed more than half of it and only watched a bit of PM Doubles (Good stuff to Nintendude and Vist, super fun to watch) and came home from work only to see top 5 in Melee (good stuff to DJ).
Maybe sometime in the future I'll get to go to MD/VA tourney's...


Smash Lord
Oct 11, 2004
I enjoyed this very much. I highly suggest future tournaments occur in or around a bar.

GGs to everybody I ended up playing. The improvement in tech skill is pretty mind boggling, luckily Peach requires none


Sega Stockholm Syndrome.
Aug 13, 2007
If anyone picked up an unmarked orange GC controller with a partially torn controller stick rubber, please let me know because I totally left my controller at the tourney. :/

I've had it for years and it was given to me as well.

I'll pay for shipping and handling through whatever means.


Banned via Administration
Feb 6, 2005
Twitter @xD1x
Amazing event! I hope to see hang with my MD/VA brethren once again in the near future!


Just your average kind of Luigi.
Oct 4, 2006
Williamsburg, VA
melee singles:
CK played fox
wenbo played fox
bones played falco
thumbs played falcon
plank played shiek
ether played marth
darkflame played falcon
hot$ played fox

melee doubles:
ether played marth/fox
doug played shiek/peach
thumbs played falcon
REM played shiek
I played luigi

This was the most fun i've had at a smash tournament in a very, very long time. Great experience, big thanks to Mahone for tolerating my co-commentary on a couple matches, and big props to the organizers. SOVA will definitely be coming back up to another one of these in the future, should they continue.

other shoutouts: big thanks to vist for the luigi tips, to cyrain/redd/chillin/milkman for some of the most fun matches I've ever seen, and to all the people that sat down to play some matches with me. GGs all around.
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