Banning for ganging up is very stupid


Smash Lord
Aug 21, 2013
So I was playing Ganondorf in a 3 player FFA and basically the other 2 people were fighting while I was waiting for an item or them to come to me. So I got a Pokeball, threw it down, and A Starmie came out who locked one of them in place with Swift. So not being able to resist the temptation I decided to go for my first offense: A Warlock Punch. I wind up, hit the guy, and get disconnected for ganging up on him. (not counting Starmie since he I cannot control what my Pokemon does).

Later I was in another 3 player FFA and a Lucina was desperate to get me. So we were having a 1v1 while a G&W was standing on the side and sometimes threw a tornado from the Ore Club our way. So he hits the Lucina around 2 times and I get disconnected for teaming up. I was having 1v1!

It is like Nintendo is making For Fun competitive. Why have such rules? To stupid "cheaters"? How can one cheat while messing around? Nintendo should take For Fun less seriously. I actually like people ganging up on me and I like to gang up on other people. Granted, I am skilled enough to hold my own against 3 For Fun noobs but still that does not mean that I may not have fun!


Drifting Soul
Sep 4, 2018
Tito's Lounge
Back in the days when Brawl and Smash 4 online was still relevant, I hated being ganged up on whenever I found myself in a room where people refused to play the actual game in favor of having taunt parties.
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