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Bandai Namco will change their logo in 2022


Many companies change their logo for a fresh new look. Bandai Namco, the studio behind PAC-MAN, Tales, and Tekken, joins the fold in April 2022. The reason? To represent their new purpose: "Fun for all into the Future".

This is not the first time Bandai Namco changed their logo - Their previous logo formed as a result of the two companies merge back in 2005.

Here's a quote from the official announcement:
The Bandai Namco Group has decided to replace our existing Mission and Vision with a statement of Purpose. We will also introduce a new logo that embodies our new Purpose. These changes will be implemented at the start of the next Mid-term Plan in April 2022. With intense competition in today’s rapidly changing global market and increasingly diverse consumer needs, this decision aims to strengthen ALL BANDAI NAMCO concept in every region while leveraging the individuality of each Group company. Our ultimate goal is to further build the value of the Group brand worldwide.
What changes this will bring to their games, if any? No one knows.

Author's Note: Bandai Namco changing their logo? Did not see that coming. What are your thoughts? Let us know below.
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Lucas "Thirdkoopa" Guimaraes


Thanks I hate it

I feel like it strips Bandai Namco of their identity for the sake of “minimalism”. That catchphrase sounds so… sterile too

Like imagine Sega having a minimalistic logo, or Capcom without the iconic yellow and blue

Perkilator Perkilator I like the logo you posted more, but the tweet contains swearing so I suggest linking it instead of embedding. That way you won’t get warned for censor dodging
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