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Balanced Brawl Public Preview *GENESIS UPDATE*

Discussion in 'Brawl Workshop' started by Amazing Ampharos, Jun 30, 2009.

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  1. Amazing Ampharos

    Amazing Ampharos
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    Balanced Brawl Designer

    Jan 31, 2008
    Kansas City, MO

    *Genesis update information contained in second post*

    Final version available here!

    Balanced Brawl
    Special Genesis Edition!


    Designed by Amazing Ampharos and Thinkaman

    The first thing that needs to be understood about Balanced Brawl is that this project embraces Brawl for what it is. The foundation of this project is that Brawl is a fun game that we enjoy playing. As such, we will deliberately not change any core elements that make Brawl... Brawl. This includes:

    -No changes to physics
    -No changes to character movement
    -No changes to hitbox size
    -Very few changes to timing (attack startup or ending)
    -No changes to established rules
    -No frozen stages

    In other words, no one should have any problem moving between standard Brawl and Balanced Brawl. There should be nothing to learn, relearn, or unlearn as you play one or the other.

    This project has three goals:

    1. Remove Infinites and Inescapable Lockdowns
    2. Increase Overall Character Balance
    3. Increase Stage Viability

    1. Remove Infinites and Inescapable Lockdowns

    No one likes infinites. We define infinites and inescapable lockdowns as any technique that in practice can remove a full stock or do at least 50% through trivial execution, where there is no way for the victim to escape. The following infinites have been removed:

    -All jab locks and down tilt locks
    -All grab release chaingrabs and most follow ups
    -All footstool abuse, including the Zero Suit Samus infinite against R.O.B.
    -Falco's laser lock
    -Ice Climbers' Ice Block lock
    -Zero Suit Samus down smash lock
    -Sheik's forward tilt lock
    -Pikachu's down throw and forward throw chainthrows
    -Falco's down throw chainthrow
    -King Dedede's down throw infinite and chainthrow​

    Please see the next section for more details on changes to certain chain-grabs. Also, note that Ice Climber infinites have NOT been removed. We do not currently have the ability to change any Ice Climbers throws, so it is impossible at this time.

    2. Increase Overall Character Balance

    This is obviously a large undertaking. In attempting to balance the cast, we established the following guidelines:
    -The "target" was Diddy Kong. We would aim to make everyone about as good as Diddy Kong.
    -The fewer changes, the better. The less noticeable the changes, the better.
    -If a "big" change was needed, it must be a single, concise change and fit within the character's existing playstyle.




    Here the characters will be categorized. To see specific changes, see the next section.

    :metaknight: :snake: :wario:
    These characters were given *limited* reductions in specific problem areas to bring them down a tad, to "Diddy level".

    :dedede: :falco: :pikachu2:
    These characters have had guaranteed chaingrabs removed. Their altered throws behave similarly to their old ones but can be used in beneficial new ways that replace their old chaingrabs. Please see the next section for specifics

    :dk2: :diddy: :popo: :rob: :kirby2: :olimar: :fox: :marth: :gw:
    These characters have not been altered. Some, such as Donkey Kong and Fox, benefit heavily from outside changes. (Though, we did add 1% damage to Fox Illusion as a tiny bonus to Fox.)

    :peach: :zelda: :toonlink: :zerosuitsamus: :pit: :wolf: :lucario:
    These characters have had a couple minor changes here or there but play exactly the same.

    :mario2: :shiek: :samus2: :pt: :jigglypuff: :ness2: :lucas:
    These characters needed multiple buffs to become viable characters, but nothing about their overall playstyle should be changed.

    :luigi2: :bowser2: :yoshi2: :link2: :falcon: :ike: :sonic:
    These characters had some sort of fundamental flaw that held them back from ever being a viable character with balanced matchups. This doesn't mean they are worse than the above characters in standard Brawl; it just means they needed something fundamental addressed. These characters have been given some sort of new functionality on one and only one move that should help eliminate or suppress this flaw. Some of these may have additional minor changes too. For example Ike and Luigi didn't need much else, but Yoshi and Captain Falcon needed small buffs on tons of moves.

    Ganondorf is named Ganondorf. Ganondorf has new tricks that make him into a proper version of what he always wanted to be. He still has a great deal of trouble getting in and getting going, but once he gets started and starts throwing out tricks, he is far and away the most terrifying character in the game.


    1. :metaknight: Meta Knight
    -Less damage on Shuttle Loop: ground (9%) -> (6%), aerial (9%) -> (8%)
    -Less knockback on Shuttle Loop: ground (80/90) -> (80/70) & (80/90) -> (90/70), aerial (80/90) -> (90/70)
    -Less knockback on down smash (93/50) -> (82/50) & (90/50) -> (78/50)
    -Mach Tornado much more likely to hit opponents out; knockback (100/0) -> (0/75) & (45/0) -> (0/75)
    -Mach Tornado final hit does not knock down; knockback (170/35) -> (0/75)

    Meta Knight plays the same, but he doesn't get early kills as easily and cannot get tons of easy damage with Mach Tornado. However, he is still king of gimps, still has amazing speed and priority, and still has solid ground and aerial games. Mach Tornado still has incredible priority and is still an amazing move for shield pressure. In other words, don't be fooled... Meta Knight is still good. He's just not a speed character who is also good at getting KOs, and he's not quite so overwhelming for the rest of the cast.

    2. :snake: Snake
    -Less knockback on up tilt (90/55) -> (80/55) & (90/45) -> (80/45)
    -Significantly less knockback on final jab (115/60) -> (80/60)

    Snake is still the same powerhouse too; up tilt just requires a little more to kill (it still kills quite low), and he can no longer score kills by just doing his already very good jab combo. His variety of other solid KO moves such as forward tilt, C4, aerials, and grenades are as good as always.

    3. :wario: Wario
    -Less damage on forward smash (19%) -> (17%)
    -Less damage on up aerial (17%) -> (15%)

    Wario only needed a tiny nerf to be in line with everyone else. Without grab release stuff holding him back, Wario mains may have more reason to celebrate than anything.


    1. :dedede: King Dedede
    King Dedede's down throw is no longer a guaranteed chaingrab. However, before you dance for joy or cry in anger, look at the new throw:
    King Dedede's down throw now drops everyone in the game a nearly equal distance in front of him, on the ground. King Dedede has a guaranteed re-grab on tech-chase in every direction on almost every character! King Dedede players are already used to down smashing or dash attacking whoever they can't chain grab, and it's easier now. Finally, King Dedede can pull off the "Buuman trap" (guaranteed down smash when throwing near edge) on almost every character! Watch out!

    *WARNING!* Due to code limitation, the change to King Dedede's down throw also affects his up throw! Yes, his up throw now throws opponents down in front of him like down throw. This is only useful for Luigi, who will not slide as far when you do this.

    *WARNING!* If King Dedede gets an opponent in a dash-grab to the edge of the stage, a down throw will throw them down like a spike. Good DI and quick double jumping and/or up-B lets every character except Popo alone and Olimar make it back to the top of the stage. It is strongly suggested that Ice Climbers, Olimar, Wolf, and Falco avoid rolling to the edge of the stage against King Dedede.

    *WARNING!* King Dedede can try to auto-KO fast-falling characters on the left-side of the middle platform of Jungle Japes this way, by throwing them into the water. DI towards the right so you will have time to jump out and survive. King Dedede can also auto-KO space animals and other King Dededes by doing this on the new Spear Pillar, watch out.

    *WARNING!* Lower controls ports can for some reason SDI the throw. This allows players to avoid the pseudo-spike by SDI-ing into the stage, landing behind King Dedede, or teching the throw by SDI-ing up first. Teching or landing behind King Dedede is usually a bad thing though, since you don't slide as far and King Dedede doesn't have to move as much to regrab you.

    *WARNING!* We gave you four warnings about this move. Don't be scared. It's awesome and about a million times more fair than the old behavior.

    2. :falco: Falco
    The lasers on all of Falco's throws now do more damage and hit at a different angle. This has the following effects:
    -Down throw, back throw, and up throw all do more damage.
    -Down throw does enough damage to cause a break, stunning Falco for a few frames, preventing guaranteed followups. Victims can try to back air Falco while he is in this state, but he recovers in time to powershield and punish.
    -Up throw is functionally the same.
    -Back throw now has the laser's rebound enemies above Falco. This let's him followup with any aerial of his choice unless they air dodge or use a faster aerial. This is a very good throw now, although it can still be DI'd at higher levels of damage.

    I suggest players try Falco's new down throw and back throw out on different types of opponents to get a feel for them. Like King Dedede, you should find that the new throws are an improvement for his bad matchups and a nerf in his easy matchups.

    3. :pikachu2: Pikachu
    Pikachu had two throws that needed to be changed. First, let's talk about down throw.

    Down throw now pops opponents slightly behind you. That means you can still regrab them by just turning around, but that tiny bit of extra time lets opponents try to escape. (For example, Fox can try to shine.) You can successfully powershield and punish these attempts if you weren't trying to regrab them. You can also successfully up tilt, up smash, or down smash in many situations.

    *WARNING!* Due to code limitation, the change to Pikachu's down throw also affects his up throw! Up throw now acts like a down throw that starts higher. This means up throw is now like a down throw that works better for taller or faster falling opponents. The old up throw to thunder combo may be gone, but Pikachu can now down/up throw to up tilt to thunder against more characters at more %s. Except against characters like Fox that Pikachu could all but throw to death, this new behavior is not a nerf.

    *WARNING!* Some fast-fallers like space animals can dodge your up tilt or smashes by footstooling you during the opening frames. (So Pikachu is not stunned and still attacks, but they get out of the way.) This is just a warning that this option is available if they are thinking fast enough.


    1. :peach: Peach
    -Slightly more knockback on forward smash: golf club (70/50) -> (75/50), frying pan (68/30) -> (68/50)
    -Slightly more knockback on Peach Bomber (40/50) -> (50/50)

    Peach was already a good character with terrific pressuring ability. These changes compliment her existing KO power, hopefully bringing her up a notch.

    2. :zelda: Zelda
    -More knockback on down smash (95/20) -> (100/20) & (85/20) -> (100/20)
    -More damage on neutral aerial last hit (5%) -> (7%)

    Zelda is even better at killing. What a lovely team the two make!

    3. :toonlink: Toon Link
    -Improved grounded Spin Attack

    His grounded Spin Attack sucks opponents in better and does a little more damage. This tiny edge might let Toon Link break into the big leagues!

    4. :zerosuitsamus: Zero Suit Samus
    -More damage on forward smash (10%, 11%, or 6%) -> (14%, 15%, or 13%)
    -More knockback on forward smash (100/30) -> (85/45), (100/35) -> (85/50), (100/35) -> (70/45), & (100/30) -> (70/45)
    -Modified knockback on down smash to prevent chains (50/40) -> (25/75)

    This change only makes her worst move better, so she's still fundamentally the same. She now has the little boost she needs to stand with the best!

    5. :pit: Pit
    -More damage on forward aerial (+1% to all)
    -More damage on neutral aerial last hit (4%) -> (6%)

    Pit is another character who is already quite formidable. These small changes slightly further his existing damage-heavy playstyle.

    6. :wolf: Wolf
    -Slightly more knockback on forward tilt (110/10) -> (120/10) & (120/40) -> (130/40)
    -Improved Fire Wolf damage (3% and 4%) -> (5% and 6%)
    -Fire Wolf traps enemies better; angle (45) -> (135)

    Now don't get too excited... his recovery isn't any better. His up special just isn't quite as terrible of an attack anymore. Hopefully that small buff, in addition to the extra forward tilt power, will let Wolf work around his recovery weakness better. And hey, Meta Knight is less of a threat now, great news for Wolf! Not being chainthrown into oblivion by King Dedede doesn't upset Wolf either.

    7. :lucario: Lucario
    -Improved Force Palm projectile: damage (10%, 9%, 8%) -> (15%, 12%, 10%), knockback (60/50) -> (60/60)

    Lucario is one last character who was really quite good already, but he suffers more than others from the KO buffs to other characters. All we did here was make Force Palm's shot a tiny bit better as compensation.


    1. :mario2: Mario
    -More knockback on up smash (90/32) -> (100/32)
    -More knockback on down smash (73/40) -> (83/47) & (75/35) -> (86/42)
    -More damage on down tilt weak hitbox (5%) -> (6%)
    -Improved angle on down tilt (80 -> 100)
    -Much more knockback on forward aerial (75/20) -> (75/70)
    -More damage on fireballs (5%) -> (6%)

    The goal of Mario's buffs is to make his existing playstyle more effective. Down tilt's subtle improvement is a modest benefit for his combo game and gives a previously useless move purpose, and his KO power that set him apart from other combo-characters like Sheik is emphasized a bit more by the other changes. Forward aerial can (and will) KO now! INTERCEPT!

    2. :shiek: Sheik
    -More damage on foward tilt (5%) -> (7%)
    -Improved down tilt for followups: knockback (80/35) -> (80/50), angle (70) -> (110)

    Sheik may not have a lock with forward tilt anymore, but it does better damage and still combos into almost everything. (You can still chain a couple forward tilts here and there, it's not very different.) Overall, Sheik is even better at damage building; it works well with another half that is good at killing things!

    3. :samus2: Samus
    -Slightly more knockback on forward smash: straight (100/20) -> (105/20), down (100/20) -> (105/45)
    -Slightly more knockback on down smash (50/90) -> (50/95) & (40/80) -> (45/90)
    -Improved angle on down smash first hit (70) -> (60)
    -Slightly more knockback on down tilt (60/80) -> (67/80)
    -Slightly more knockback on dash attack (80/30) -> (90/30)
    -Slightly more knockback on down aerial (100/2) -> (100/10)
    -More knockback on Super Missiles (65/40) -> (90/30)
    -Slightly more knockback on level 7 Charge Shot (60/32) -> (70/35)
    -More damage on Charge Shot (3, 5, 8, 11, 14, 18, 21, or 25%) -> (3, 6, 9, 12, 16, 20, 23, or 28%)
    -More damage on Homing Missiles (5%) -> (8%)
    -More damage on Bombs (5% or 9%) -> (7% or 13%)
    -An obscure glitch by which Samus was unable to hit Bowser with her grab pummel has been fixed.

    Samus is still a damage character before anything else, so don't go thinking her KO moves were improved that much... Now they are just a little more reasonable, on par with other damage characters like Toon Link and Diddy Kong. Samus also still has her original edge; she still survives a really long time.

    4. :ness2: Ness
    -More damage on forward smash (18, 20, 22, or 24%) -> (19, 21, 23, or 27%)
    -Up smash and down smash are more consistent (initial hit knockback halved)
    -Much more damage on down throw (9% total) -> (14% total)
    -Pk Fire pillar requires more SDI to escape: knockback (30/10) -> (30/7), angle (68) -> (112)
    -More knockback on Pk Flash (70/10) -> (75/20)

    Pk Fire is much more rewarding now, since it's going to be very hard to avoid a Ness aerial if you are hit by it, and it's easier for Ness to get a grab or potential forward smash if he catches you by surprise with it. Yeah, Pk Flash is better too, but it's still just as hard to land. However, the down throw now does a whopping 14%! Ness already had 3 of the best throws in the game, and now he has 4. Choose carefully!

    5. :lucas: Lucas
    -Spotdodge finishes 3 frames faster
    -More damage on third jab (4%) -> (6%)
    -More damage on back aerial (9, 12, 10, or 7%) -> (11, 18, 12, or 9%)
    -More knockback on back aerial sweetspot (90/30) -> (75/60)
    -Sideways angle and longer freeze on Pk Freeze; knockback (40/50) -> (15/70), angle (70) -> (0)
    -More damage on Pk Fire (3%, 5%, or 4%) -> (4%, 8%, or 6%)

    This is one of our rare timing changes, and this small change is big news for Lucas. It has the potential to really unleash his powerful ground game! Ness may be king of the air and throws, but now Lucas can show them who the boss on the ground is. His other changes help this mission.

    6. :pt: Pokemon Trainer

    a. :squirtle: Squirtle

    -More knockback on Water Gun (0) -> (20)

    This change makes this move quite interesting, but Squirtle is mostly still the same.

    b. :ivysaur: Ivysaur

    -More damage on down smash (8%) -> (9%)
    -More knockback on down smash (80/40) -> (80/60)
    -Much more damage on back aerial (2% and 3%) -> (4% and 5%)
    -Much more damage on down aerial (8% or 10%) -> (14% or 16%)
    -Less damage on Bullet Seed startup hit, making it harder to SDI (4%) -> (2%)
    -Vine Whip that does not target the ledge now has more ending lag and does not enable the helpless fall state

    Ivysaur was seen by most Pokemon Trainer players as the weak point on the team. Hopefully this should be different now. His buffed attacks should let his natural spacing and zoning game really shine, and the change to Vine Whip should make gimping him a lot trickier, though still possible with careful timing. The Bullet Seed change just makes a good trick of his a little more practical.

    c. :charizard: Charizard

    -More damage on forward smash second hit (17%) -> (19%)
    -More knockback on forward smash second hit (98/40) -> (105/28)
    -More knockback on down smash (80/40) -> (90/40)
    -More damage on non-knockback part of forward aerial (2%) -> (4%)
    -More knockback on back aerial (130/30) -> (130/45)
    -More knockback on glide attack (85/65) -> (100/80)

    Charizard is still Charizard; he grounds the team with his excellent survivability and high KO power. He just has a small set of buffs that make him better at being Charizard by rounding out his moveset's strengths.

    Overall, Pokemon Trainer has been designed as a team. We deliberately decided against changing any of his unique mechanics and instead built him to flourish within that framework. If this makes you feel down, just remember. If you don't believe in yourself and your Pokemon, you'll never be a champ again!

    7. :jigglypuff: Jigglypuff
    -More knockback on down smash (66/34) -> (66/50)
    -Improved angle on dash attack (set to 10)
    -Faster pummel speed
    -More damage on Pound, back aerial, up aerial and neutral aerial (sweetspot) (+1% each)
    -Knockback on those attacks adjusted to account for the additional damage
    -Improved angle on neutral aerial (set to 25)

    Jigglypuff needs a lot of work to be equal to her current superiors, and that work comes in the form of several small changes that add up. The bread and butter of her aerial game has been improved, and the limited facets of her ground game (grabs for damage and dash attack for KOs) have been polished. Pummel speed increase also helps her fight stale moves, which has a huge effect on her game! Finally, the down smash buff specifically helps her gimp Wario, her aerial rival.


    1. :luigi2: Luigi
    GAME CHANGER: Fireballs recover faster.

    Yeah, we made an exception to our own rules and let Luigi's fireball making be a tiny bit faster. Luigi can leverage this small edge in his worst matchups, so that his fireballs are more safe to throw out. He already liked to use them as a sort of long range poke; how he can really challenge the disjointed characters and generally do something to opponents who aren't right in his face.

    -Dash attack initial hits now trip, forcibly leading into a final, more damaging hit. (2%) -> (5%)

    Breaking News! Luigi now has an approach... of sorts. And it looks hilarious! It's now no longer the worst dash attack in the game since his foes can't just automatically powershield Luigi's flailing arms anymore. It's still quite unsafe on block, but now it does its job when it hits.

    2. :bowser2: Bowser
    GAME CHANGER: Vast improvements to down aerial: aerial damage (3%) -> (5%), aerial knockback (100/0) -> (15/55) % (100/10) -> (15/55), ground knockback (30/60) -> (30/68), aerial angle (80) -> (270)

    This is a scary move now. Think of Rock Smash or Yoshi's down aerial. It does lots of damage, traps you in its hits, and wrecks shields. Of course, it's still very punishable, but since when has that stopped Bowser? Now that it does downward knockback that keeps the opponent trapped in the hits, Bowser can utilize this move in many situations where he had problems before. He can even dive off the stage with a fast-fall down aerial for a suicide KO if he manages to catch an opponent on his way down! And yes, they die first... How's that for a Bowsercide?

    -More damage on up smash (+2/3%)
    -More damage on forward tilt (11%) -> (13%)
    -More damage on up tilt (12%) -> (13%)
    -More damage on second jab (5%) -> (6%)
    -More damage on dash attack (11% or 8%) -> (12% or 10%)
    -More damage on forward aerial (+1%)
    -More damage on neutral aerial (14% or 9%) -> (16% or 11%)

    Like the moon over
    the day my genius and brawn
    are lost on these fools

    3. :yoshi2: Yoshi
    GAME CHANGER: Lower hitbox on fair now grounds opponents

    Wait, what? The part of Yoshi's fair that spikes opponents will now pound them into the ground if they are not in the air, just like Donkey Kong's side special. It's not the easiest thing for Yoshi to do, but getting to land behind them and swing around with a forward smash makes it all worth it. Yoshi has a few small changes too:

    -Slightly more damage on down smash (15%) -> (16%)
    -More knockback on down smash (63/30) -> (72/37) % (56/30) -> (68/37)
    -More damage on all tilts and pummel (+1% to all)
    -More damage on dash attack (9%) -> (11%)
    -No helpless fall state out of Egg Roll; it instead refreshes his double jump
    -More damage on down-B stars (4%) -> (7%)
    -Slightly more knockback on down-B stars (40/50) -> (40/56)

    Yoshi's competent but lackluster ground game has been bumped up to par with the rest of the cast. The changes to Egg Roll should greatly enhance his survivability; Egg Roll has the same momentum canceling properties as Mr. Game & Watch's bucket after all.

    4. :link2: Link
    GAME CHANGER: Arrows do significantly more knockback. (50/7) -> (65/40)

    Links arrows do the same damage but are now also a terrific tool for creating space to utilize Link's other projectiles. Fully charged arrows will start knocking opponents down after 30% or so, and uncharged arrows will knock down at around 110%. Arrows have the potential to be very, very strong gimping tools now. That's not the only buff Link is looking at though:

    -More damage on forward smash second swing (17%, 19%, or 20%) -> (20%, 22%, or 23%)
    -More knockback on forward smash second swing (90/~) -> (101/~)
    -Slightly more knockback on forward tilt (96/14) -> (101/14)
    -Slightly more knockback on down tilt (50/90) -> (66/90)
    -Slightly more knockback on and forward aerial second swing (110/20) -> (115/25)
    -More knockback on grounded Spin Attack (72/68) -> (96/68), (80/~) -> (104/~)
    -More damage on Gale Boomerang (7% or 5%) -> (8% or 6%)

    By offering a (not particularly) modest improvement to Link's already good KO power, Link is better equipped to make up for his terrible recovery. He still needs expert projectile use to avoid this weaknesses though; that we can't help you with!

    5. :falcon: Captain Falcon
    GAME CHANGER: Down tilt trips (+0/1/2% damage)

    The trip out of down tilt is very easy for Captain Falcon to tech chase with grabs, smashes for opponents that stay close, or Raptor Boost/Falcon Kick for opponents who roll away. A little smart play and a simple down tilt will get enemies where you want them! Observant players will notice five extra frames of ending lag on down tilt; let's just say those are very necessary to avoid some very ugly infinites and don't really inhibit Captain Falcon's newfound trip chase game. Now for some smaller changes:

    -Slightly more knockback on forward smash up (85/20) -> (90/20)
    -Improved angle on forward smash down (40) -> (35)
    -Slightly increased knockback on down smash (80/20) -> (80/25)
    -Slightly more damage on forward tilt (+1%)
    -Slightly more knockback on forward tilt (100/~) -> (110/~)
    -Improved angle on lower forward tilt hitboxes (set to 25)
    -Improved angle on up tilt (set to 20)
    -More damage on pummel and awesome electric effect (2%) -> (3%)
    -More damage on forward aerial knee sweetspot (19%) -> (24%)
    -More damage on neutral aerial second kick (6%) -> (7%)
    -More damage on Raptor Boost: ground (7%) -> (8%), aerial (7%) -> (10%)
    -Superior knockback for followup on Raptor Boost: ground (52/100) -> (45/100), aerial (80/60) -> (50/75)
    -Aerial Raptor Boost no longer puts Captain Falcon in a helpless falling state on hit (still does on miss)
    -More damage on Falcon Dive explosion (5%) -> (10%)
    -Slightly more damage on Falcon Kick (+1% to all hitboxes)
    -Vastly improved Falcon Kick knockback angles (45) -> (65), (85) -> (80), (50) -> (95), aerial (set to 80)

    These changes add up to make Captain Falcon's overall game a bit more rewarding. The pummel change supplements his solid grab game, and the Falcon Dive buff makes Falcon Dive out of shield more rewarding, although it's still just as risky. Knee is a bit better, but the buff to aerial Raptor Boost and grounded Falcon Kick are so good they should almost count as "Game Changers"! Falcon can recover more safely with aerial Raptor Boost and can even approach some characters with it now... And Falcon Kick is a fantastic approach move now that it sets opponents up for aerial followup instead of being "unsafe on HIT"... Captain Douglas J. Falcon is suddenly looking a lot better.

    6. :ike: Ike
    GAME CHANGER: Quick Draw no longer causes helpless fall state

    That's right... Ike can now Quick Draw then Aether to recover... or he can Quick Draw then Quick Draw again to juke an opponent out as he falls back to the stage... or he can Quick Draw off the stage to edgeguard more aggressively... or he can Quick Draw out from the ledge and double jump and Aether back... you get the idea. Ike is perhaps the only characters where we agreed to address his weaknesses rather than his already super-focused strengths. Trust me, this agile Ike is REALLY fun to play as and against! It's also a little bit safer to hit with on the stage. (Ike needs no other changes.)

    7. :sonic: Sonic
    GAME CHANGER: Spring projectile a weak meteor spike; damage (4%) -> (5%), angle (set to 270)

    Oh heavens. This might just be the most annoying thing in the universe. In other words, it's perfect for Sonic. Sonic's game is all about punishing and gimping so this is the most beautifiul thing a certain steak tier member could wish for. For all those who now tremble in fear, relax. Meteor cancels mean it seldom kills except at higher percentages.

    -More damage on down tilt (6%) -> (7%)
    -More damage on dash attack (6% or 4%) -> (7% or 5%)
    -More damage on up aerial final hit (6%) -> (7%)
    -More damage on down aerial (8% or 7%) -> (10% or 9%)

    These just make Sonic generally more rewarding. No, he is not significantly better at killing; Sonic is still all about using his speed to rack damage and then finally kill.

    1. :ganondorf: The one-and-only King of All Evil
    Some characters needed one big buff. Some characters needed lots of small buffs. One character needed an all-you-can-eat buffet.

    .....get it?


    Eh. Sorry.

    Ganondorf has always sort of been "a bag of tricks". He is slow, useless, and all-around awful... then he pulls out one of his tricks and kills stupidly low. With that perspective, we didn't want to just turn Ganondorf into Donkey Kong or Bowser... We just needed to simply give Ganondorf... more tricks. Specifically, he needs enough shenanigans once he gets going to make up for his ridiculously long and oddly character defining list of negatives.

    TRICK #1: Initial hitbox of aerial Wizard's Foot grounds opponents; knockback (100/50) -> (45/35)

    That's right. If you aerial Wizard's Foot just above an opponent's head, you will pound them into the ground. That means they are helpless, and you are Ganondorf. Do the math. (Don't get greedy, since they are going to escape. Expect a forward tilt or down aerial at low damage, an up smash at mid damage, and a forward smash at high damage. Warlock Punch only happens at damage competent Ganondorf players will never see their opponents at.)

    TRICK #2: Entire duration of aerial Wizard's Foot is a spike; knockback (100/50) -> (0/100), angle (80) -> (290)

    Ganondorf was jealous that Bowser got a new way to suicide KO as his big buff, so he wanted one too. This might be a nerf overall since you can't KO upwards with it anymore. (This was required for the grounding to work.) However, Ganondorf players will find that this fits in with the other changes very favorably.

    TRICK #3: Landing hitbox of aerial Wizard's Foot pushes opponents back; knockback (35/80) -> (0/80), angle (80) -> (0)

    Murder Quake: No longer useless. Use this to get out of tight situations where Ganondorf is too slow to do anything else. Unexpectedly for many, this is actually his fastest attack.

    TRICK #4: More knockback on grounded Wizard's Foot (70/60) -> (70/80)

    This isn't really a trick. Let's not beat around the bush, it just blatantly kills people. It is also the closest thing Ganondorf has to an approach and thus valued very highly (value may vary by matchup).

    TRICK #5: More damage on Dark Dive shocks (1%) -> (2%)

    It is exceptionally difficult and usually impossible to punish Ganondorf for landing his up special grab now. That means he gets gimped a lot less often when he actually hits his opponents while recovering.

    TRICK #6: Deadly Dark Dive uppercut; damage (7%) -> (18%), knockback (90/70) -> (90/80)

    This will kill you. Do you understand that? If you stay on the ledge against Ganondorf, he is going to kill you. Are we clear? To be even more clear, this is a more powerful kill move than any other uncharged move in the game. It kills most characters at around 60%. If you want to mess with Ganondorf off-stage, you had better be ready.

    TRICK #7: 1% damage on wind hitboxes of up tilt

    This trick seems useless... at first. The first obvious use is that it trades favorably with Sheik's chain, totally nullifying any lockdown she might attempt on poor Ganondorf. The second use is that it's a very solid counter to ledgestalling. Ganondorf isn't known for his nimble antics so being able to keep his feet on the ground and throw out something simple to respond to this is a great relief to him. The third use is that the wind hits inflict shieldstun and shield damage. If the opponent freaks out and holds shield, the overall up tilt does about the same thing to the shield that Marth's Shield Breaker does. Fourth, it passes right through stage geography without damaging it and regardless of solidity, giving Ganondorf an odd "projectile" on certain stages. Lastly, it sucks pikmin out of Olimar's side special and smashes (but NOT his grabs), traps them in the wind vortex, and kills them which is a great help in a matchup Ganondorf was looking for it in. It's not so trivial, is it?

    TRICK #8: More damage on pummel, plus a cool darkness effect (2%) -> (5%)

    Ganondorf already had a decent grab that was pretty safe to do; now grabs will result in a little more damage, no matter what throw you do. It also re-enforces a simple concept: When Ganondorf hits, it hurts.

    TRICK #9: D-tilt trips opponents; damage (12%) -> (9%)

    Ganondorf is a character about getting control. He is so awful and slow that this is very hard, but once you get that down aerial or Flame Choke, the fun begins. This change unlocks a new world of control for Ganondorf. He has guaranteed tech-chases in every direction against every character out of this trip, including forward Flame Choke on every direction but inward roll. (Also, jab is usually guaranteed.) Ganondorf mains reading this have probably already realized that since Flame Choke itself links into down tilt on most characters, this is a whole new level of tech-chasing.

    Let's say you are Ganondorf and you get a Flame Choke, so you do a down tilt out of it. But you noticed your opponent was DIing forward between those moves, and will probably continue and roll forward out of the trip, so you Flame Choke forward to grab them again. And you down tilt again. Only this time you predict that they are going to try and roll the other way, so you backwards short-hop a Wizards Foot to pound them into the ground. Then you up smash them. You just did over 60% to them out of two tech chases and possibly killed them. Even if they're alive, they're at enough damage to die to any one of your fine kill moves.

    Yeah, Ganondorf is suddenly very, very scary.

    He still has lots of trouble getting in, and it's not like he automatically wins after he does finally get in... After all, outsmarting the Ganondorf even after he's "got you" will let you escape with minimal pain and no KO. Ganondorf is still playing with the same overall attitude and fighting style he did before, despite his many changes.

    But now he's just very, very scary.

    3. Increase Stage Viability

    Stage lists have been controversial since Brawl came out. There is no denying this. We do have the idea that, in the pure abstract, more stages are good, and the game is always better with more fair stages. It's true that some stages are just plain poor stages for any sort of serious play, but remember we are changing the game. Don't we all win if we allow more stages because the stages became more fair?

    Character tweaking has always been the primary focus of Brawl hacking. Due to this, our tools to edit stages are a lot more limited than they were with the characters, but here is some of what you can expect.

    a. Walls and Walk-offs are fundamentally more fair

    King Dedede, Falco, and Pikachu don't chainthrow off or into these anymore, and a bunch of locks that abused both are simply gone. Stages like Onett and Mario Circuit where these were the only problems are instantly back, stages like Distant Planet and Yoshi's Island (Melee) lose a layer of controversy in which everyone wins, and even stages like Bridge of Eldin and Mushroomy Kingdom 1-1 are a lot more worth talking about.

    b. Swimming mechanics are tweaked

    This is a change that may be hit or miss with players, but let me put the implication out there first. Pirate Ship is now a very wholesome and fair level. Now, onto the explanation. When you hit the water in standard Brawl with any character (all are the same for this purpose, including Squirtle and Charizard), you first enter a normal "swimming" state. If you have spent too much total time in the water, you enter a "flailing" state. If you spend too much continuous time in the water, you then drown. the flailing state starts earlier depending on damage; you flail instantly at 90% damage or more. Of course, the system could be gamed by just jumping out of the water a lot in the flailing state. This "water stalling" was obnoxious at best on Pirate Ship, though many would argue simply game ruining. The new mechanics simply remove the flailing state and substitute it for drowning. This makes water VERY scary at higher damages, and it makes any sort of strategy that involves intentionally hanging out in the water obsolete. For those who fear for Delfino Plaza and Jungle Japes, don't. While it does have an effect, it is radically less on these stages than on the Pirate Ship. Once you realize the change is there, you should find your play on these stages nearly unaffected.

    c. Certain stages progress slower

    Due to a design decision not to "ruin" what makes any stage unique, we are not freezing stages. However, simply changing the speed to some lower but non-zero value is fine, and it is interesting. Green Greens running at 2/3 speed, for instance, makes camping around the blocks a lot less effective as they spawn more slowly. PictoChat at 2/3 speed is generally much easier to react to. Big Blue at 2/3 speed makes the track survivable by everyone, even Ganondorf. On the other hand, half speed is reserved for Mushroomy Kingdom and Luigi's Mansion. The first makes the 1-1 version of the stage actually quite navigable for everyone, and the second makes mansion destruction strategies generally more potent.

    d. Some blast zones have been tweaked

    This type of change was used just twice. The first use was to make certain stages that were just too small bigger. Corneria now has all around larger blastzones which makes it less of a nightmare for characters like Jigglypuff, and Mushroomy Kingdom's upper blast zone now qualifies as sane. The second type is loop removal. Spear Pillar's lower blast zone is now pretty high which has some interesting implications, but the most important one is that the lowest part of the stage is effectively gone. Similarly, the Temple is now missing a large portion of its underside, changing it from a stage that was the classic example of why stages need to be banned to something worth discussing.

    e. WiFi Training Room now replaces Hanenbow in Versus Mode

    Sorry Hanenbow fans; the codes are limited here. Also sorry about this code not working in Training Mode or, ironically enough, WiFi. Also, for the curious, Sandbag DOES remain, and this is not a code limitation but a deliberate choice. The way he works against projectile spamming makes him the perfect balance for a flat stage, and manipulating him is generally very deep strategically.

    f. Spear Pillar and Shadow Moses Island can have their forms selected individually by button combination

    This is simple, and the button combinations are as follows:

    X or Y: Dialga/Metal Gear REX
    L or R: Palkia/Metal Gear RAY
    X or Y AND L or R: Cresselia/Gekko

    Of course, we would like to do more, but this is what we were actually able to do. With that said, here is our recommended stage list. The project was designed assuming this stage list, but of course we can only offer it as a suggestion.


    Final Destination
    Delfino Plaza
    Yoshi's Island (Brawl)
    Lylat Cruise
    Castle Siege
    Pokemon Stadium 1
    WiFi Training Room (select Hanenbow)

    NOTE: Rather than making a discriminating Starter and Starter/Counterpick section, it is just to be understood that removing any and exactly two of these stages from the Starter list to make a list of nine is not to be considered a deviation from the recommended rules.


    Luigi's Mansion
    Mushroomy Kingdom 1-1 (hold X or Y)
    Mario Circuit
    Pirate Ship
    Frigate Orpheon
    Pokemon Stadium 2
    Distant Planet
    Yoshi's Island (Melee)
    Jungle Japes
    Rainbow Cruise
    Green Greens

    Counterpick/Banned (most favorable to least favorable, roughly)

    Spear Pillar: Dialga (hold X or Y)
    Spear Pillar: Cresselia (hold X or Y AND L or R)
    Green Hill Zone
    Bridge of Eldin
    Big Blue
    Port Town Aero Dive
    Shadow Moses Island


    Mushroomy Kingdom 1-2 (hold L or R)
    Rumble Falls
    Spear Pillar: Palkia (hold L or R)
    WarioWare Inc.
    New Pork City
    Mario Bros.
    Flat Zone 2
    Hanenbow (unselectable)

    Experimentation to find what is right for you and your local smash crew is important. This list contains built-in leeway to account for regional preferences while making even the minimum list flush in diversity so all types of players can find the types of stages that are right for them. It should be noted that, at this time, the recommended standard rules other than the stage list are the SBR-B's official rules for standard Brawl.

    That concludes notes about the game's general design. That makes this the section to discuss things like community feedback, future plans, thanks for those that made this project possible, and most importantly download links and instructions.

    About feedback, this project is reliant upon community feedback. The official versions are released with changes implemented at the sole discretion of the development team, but we take the opinion of the community at large very seriously (particularly top players, but everyone has a voice). However, with this in mind, please be sure your commentary is constructive and detailed; we simply cannot address your problems with the game if we don't understand your position clearly.

    If you wish to give input about a character, don't be shy but do be clear. Feedback of all types is appreciated in this regard; please tell us both how the character is working right as well as wrong (though we hope it's not working wrong!). In the event of a character having legitimate balance problems that you feel we should address, please tell us what matchups are proving imbalanced in particular. Ideally we won't have hard counters, but balancing a game of this magnitude is indeed difficult so we really do appreciate any that you find. If the problem is instead simply consistently mediocre matchups (like losing 45-55 to almost the entire cast), discussing specific ones is still helpful.

    With stages, remember we are quite limited, but if you feel stages are inappropriate in our recommendation, letting us know very clearly and specifically why the stages are unsuitably placed can only help. That is, tell us what things in particular happen on the stages that are unacceptable, and tell us what matchups are too unfairly skewed by the stages. This is important since, even if we're limited, we might be able to change something to fix the issue which is an infinitely better solution than banning a stage.

    Again, please don't hesitate to tell us how you feel about the project. We really do value your input a lot. The previous is only advice to make your feedback more helpful to us so we can all enjoy a better game in the end.

    The next thing is that, if you are a competent coder who wishes to provide assistance, your help would be deeply appreciated, and you could definitely contribute to making this project better. Our wish list is shameless, and we can only say we have the sincerest of appreciation for anyone who can make it come true. Those looking to make suggestions might take note of this anyway; this is a list of concepts we would like to investigate in the future:

    -Throw modification (would fix Ice Climbers and be useful on a lot of characters)
    -Ledgestalling tweak (all ledgegrabs are limited to 7 times, like Ike's Aether)
    -Stage hazard modification (would make several stages, such as Flat Zone 2 and Port Town Aero Dive, easy counterpicks)
    -Rumble Falls no "speed up"
    -WarioWare tweaked prize mechanics (always 4% healing), would stay true to design and be fair
    -Better stage select mechanics (so WiFi Training Room can be picked in training and WiFi and Hanenbow can be picked in versus)
    -General water mechanics tweaks (being able to set drowning to be percentage independent and have a duration similar to some middle percentage would be ideal)
    -A fix for Meta Knight's infinite Dimensional Cape bug and Sheik's chain glitch
    -A code to apply super armor to arbitrary frames of arbitrary moves (it was something we considered at several points for some of the slow characters)
    -Any codes that reduce or eliminate controller port dependencies
    -Any codes to speed up character transformation time (presumably by exploiting the other two character slots in a 1v1)

    Also, related to this, is our very short section of known bugs.

    -Stages that are normally frozen during character intros are not in this version. This is most noticeable on Halberd and Rumble Falls, but it doesn't cause real problems on either stage.
    -Related to the previous issue, Pokemon Trainer's Pokemon frequently spawn in mid-air on Rumble Falls, causing them to spawn stuck in t-pose. Do not worry; this issue only applies to Rumble Falls.
    -Landing grabs or doing certain other actions while the Timer item is in effect has extremely buggy and undesirable behavior. Universal speed changes from Training Mode, Special Brawl, or Dialga do not cause issues.

    Here is the text version of all of our code:

    A version with formatting that should be acceptable to everyone:
    Smash Bros Brawl (US)
    Infinite Replays
    * 040E5DE8 60000000
    * 04953184 60000000
    * 04953224 60000000
    Tripping Rate Modifier [KirbyIsCool] (No Tripping)
    * 0481CB34 C0220020
    * 045A9340 00000000
    Level Freezer[Phantom Wings/Almas, 9 Lines] (Stage Specific Speed Reduction)
    * 42000000 90000000
    * 0416A904 3F000000
    * 2A180F3A 00000004
    * 2A180F3A 00000005
    * 0416A904 3F2AAAAB
    * 2A180F3A 00000024
    * 2A180F3A 0000002D
    * 2A180F3A 00000031
    * 0416A904 3F800000
    * E0000000 80008000
    Default Settings Standard 
    * 24494A98 80000000
    * 20523300 00000000
    * 04523300 DEADBEEF
    * 42000000 90000000
    * 0417F360 00000102
    * 0417F364 03000A00
    * 0417F368 08010101
    * 0417F36C 01000000
    * E0000000 80008000
    Death Boundary Mod V2[spunit262] (Death zone mod engine)
    * C2931438 0000001D
    * 3C004248 90010008
    * C0610008 3C004B00
    * 60000800 90010008
    * C0210008 3C809018
    * A0640F3A 88840F3C
    * 811D0020 38A2FCD8
    * 84C50008 80E50004
    * 54C0463E 7C001800
    * 40A2009C 54C0673E
    * 2C00000F 41A2000C
    * 7C002000 40A20088
    * 54C0E53F 4182001C
    * 68000800 B001000A
    * C0010008 FC000828
    * FC80182A D0880000
    * 54C0452E 50E0463F
    * 4182001C 68000800
    * B001000A C0410008
    * FC420828 FC821828
    * D0880004 54E0A53F
    * 4182001C 68000800
    * B001000A C0C10008
    * FCC60828 FC861828
    * D0880008 54E0053F
    * 4182001C 68000800
    * B001000A C0E10008
    * FCE70828 FC87182A
    * D088000C 7CC03B79
    * 4082FF50 00000000
    Death zone mod data 
    * 065A9000 00000020
    * 05F00000 00070000
    * 30F0F0B0 E30D0000
    * 15F00000 00000FC8
    * 29F00000 000B0FC8
    Char ID fix 2.1 [spunit262, The Paprika Killer] (Character fix)
    * C28152E4 00000006
    * 819E003C 907EFFFC
    * 80E30030 2C07000F
    * 40A2001C 80FE0008
    * 3C008180 7C070000
    * 4080000C 39030008
    * 9107FFFC 00000000
    Hitbox Property Mod Engine 2.0 [Phantom Wings, spunit262. Paprika Killer] (Hitbox mod engine)
    * C2744A3C 00000019
    * 3C008180 80FC0028
    * 81070008 8108FFFC
    * 7C080000 408000A8
    * 81080030 80DE0020
    * 5106C00E 801E0000
    * 5006821E 801E0018
    * 5006442E 80E7007C
    * 80E70038 813E0030
    * 5127C0CE 801E0014
    * 50076226 390204C8
    * 85480018 81680004
    * 7D405B79 41820060
    * 7C0A3000 4082FFEC
    * 7C0B3800 4082FFE4
    * 88080008 90030004
    * 88080009 9003001C
    * 8808000A 90030024
    * 8808000B 500906FE
    * 91230034 A008000C
    * 90030018 80080010
    * 2C00FFFF 41820008
    * 90030038 C0080014
    * C03E0010 EC010032
    * D0030014 7F83E378
    * 60000000 00000000
    Hitbox Property Mod Data
    * 065A9800 00001DD0
    * 000F4928 0016902F
    * 0F532F00 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 000C4B23 0016902F
    * 0C562A00 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 00055014 00050029
    * 06504400 00640000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 00075014 00050029
    * 07504400 00640000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 000D4B14 00118033
    * 0D4B4600 01180000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 000E5A20 00053032
    * 0E642000 00530000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 6405191E 05169000
    * 06191E05 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 64051416 05169000
    * 06141605 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 64050F0B 05169000
    * 060F0B05 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 020D6014 02169027
    * 0D651402 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 020C325A 02050029
    * 0C425A02 00500000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 020C325A 02118029
    * 0C425A02 01180000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 02115A14 0203002C
    * 14651402 00300000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 02145A19 0203002C
    * 17651902 00300000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 02135A1E 0203002C
    * 16651E02 00300000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 020C4844 02169118
    * 0C604402 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 02094844 02169118
    * 09604402 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 02095037 02169118
    * 09663702 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 02075037 02169118
    * 07663702 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 02075014 02169118
    * 07661402 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 02055014 02169118
    * 05661402 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 020C6E14 02169033
    * 0C731902 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 64072850 02046002
    * 08285002 00460000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 6405283C 02041002
    * 06283C02 00410000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 49053207 02169001
    * 05412802 000A0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 030E3C50 05050029
    * 0E435005 00500000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 030D6414 0016902C
    * 0D691400 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 030C6414 0016902C
    * 0C692D00 00169000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 030A501E 0004B026
    * 0A5A1E00 004B0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 4905141A 05000000
    * 08141A05 00000000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 6F0A4128 05037000
    * 0A5A1E05 00370000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 6F042D0F 05169000
    * 062D0F05 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 6F052D0F 05169001
    * 072D0F05 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 03016400 0005003A
    * 01640000 00500000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F900000
    * 030F325A 0004602F
    * 0F325F00 003C0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 030E2850 0007802F
    * 0E2D5A00 00780000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 66032A0E 03169001
    * 032A0E03 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 66052E10 03169002
    * 062E1003 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 66083214 03169003
    * 09321403 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 660B3618 03028004
    * 0C361803 00280000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 660E381C 03028005
    * 10381C03 00280000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 66123A20 03028006
    * 143A2003 00280000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 66153C20 03028007
    * 17462303 00280000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 6619381E 03028008
    * 1C381E03 00230000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 030F6402 0010E033
    * 10640A00 010E0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 040E3F1E 0001E02F
    * 10482500 001E0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 040E351E 0001E02F
    * 10442500 001E0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 040D3F1E 0001E02F
    * 0F482500 001E0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 040D351E 0001E02F
    * 0F442500 001E0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 04085028 00050027
    * 09472300 00500000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 04085028 00041027
    * 09472300 00410000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 04085028 00032027
    * 09472300 00320000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 04095028 00050027
    * 0A472300 00500000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 04095028 00041027
    * 0A472300 00410000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 04095028 00032027
    * 0A472300 00320000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 040A5028 00050027
    * 0B472300 00500000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 040A5028 00046027
    * 0B472300 00460000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 040A5028 00032027
    * 0B472300 00320000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 040A1E41 0001C029
    * 0B1C3B00 001C0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 04051E41 00169029
    * 061A3700 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 040B2848 00064028
    * 0C254200 00640000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 040A2848 00064028
    * 0B254200 00640000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0409640F 00169026
    * 0B640F00 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 6F042832 00032000
    * 07283800 00320000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 040F5A00 0010E033
    * 0F5A000B 010E0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 04026400 0005003A
    * 03640000 00500000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 6E042844 02050000
    * 05284402 00500000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 6E043C44 0203C001
    * 053C4402 003C0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 07050000 0016903C
    * 05104107 005F0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 08015001 00169026
    * 01500108 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 08026432 00169026
    * 05643200 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0907503C 0503C118
    * 0A324B05 003C0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 09073464 05050118
    * 082D6405 00500000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 09050000 05169119
    * 0A000005 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 090D4632 0502D115
    * 0E008005 00410000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 090B283E 05055115
    * 0C007805 00500000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 09073C32 05032115
    * 08007005 005F0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 090F4628 05169115
    * 10463205 00500000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 090D4128 05169115
    * 0E413205 00500000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 090B3C28 05169115
    * 0C3C3205 00500000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 090A4B19 00050029
    * 0A4B1908 00500000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 090A4B19 00028029
    * 0A4B1908 00280000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 090A4B19 00014029
    * 0A4B1908 00140000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 09135D1E 03020033
    * 165D1E03 00200000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 09026400 0005003A
    * 03640003 00500000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 090D5032 00169028
    * 0D503200 00140000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 090B640A 00169027
    * 0C6E0A00 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 090A640A 00169027
    * 0B6E0A00 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 090A6400 00169027
    * 0B6E0000 00190000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 09096400 00169027
    * 0A6E0000 00190000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0909640A 00169027
    * 0A6E0A00 00190000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 09145514 0502D02C
    * 145A1405 002D0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 09125514 0502802C
    * 12551405 00230000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 09105A14 0016902F
    * 105A2300 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 09067D2D 00169033
    * 087D2D00 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0A016400 0516903C
    * 02640005 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 66021E0A 05044001
    * 021E0705 00700000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 66011E0A 05044001
    * 011E0705 00700000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 6E01460A 03046002
    * 014B1403 00460000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 49046400 0006E000
    * 04320000 006E0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 49046400 0006E000
    * 04320000 006E0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0A123E32 0016902C
    * 133E3200 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0A143E32 0016902C
    * 153E3200 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0A163E32 0016902C
    * 173E3200 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0A183E32 0016902C
    * 1B3E3200 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0B036400 02050033
    * 050F3702 010E0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0B03640A 0210E033
    * 050F3702 010E0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0B021E3C 02014018
    * 021E4402 00140000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0B0D5028 02169033
    * 0E502802 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0B0C5028 02169033
    * 0D502802 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0B0B5028 02169033
    * 0C502802 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0B0D5014 00169033
    * 10501400 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0B095014 00169033
    * 0B501400 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0B056432 02169024
    * 06643202 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0B0B1E78 00050026
    * 0C1E7800 00500000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0B081E50 00050026
    * 0A1E5000 00500000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0B0B532D 00169027
    * 0D532D00 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0B0C6137 02064028
    * 0D613702 00640000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0B145017 0205A032
    * 17501702 005A0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0B0F5A17 02046032
    * 115A1702 00460000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0B0F5A17 02078032
    * 115A1702 00780000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0B0C643C 0005A032
    * 10643C00 005A0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0B0A643C 0004A032
    * 0D643C00 004A0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0B086414 00169042
    * 19501E00 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0C0F4632 0016902C
    * 0F4A3200 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0C12441E 0005002C
    * 12443200 00500000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0C0F2832 00017118
    * 0F323200 00170000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0D0C5F14 0001402F
    * 0C641400 00190000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0D0A5514 0001402F
    * 0A641400 00190000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0D057828 03169033
    * 07782803 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0E056414 0005A027
    * 07641B00 005A0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0E056414 0006C027
    * 07641B00 006C0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0E085023 00046029
    * 08503200 006E0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0E085023 0005A029
    * 08503200 005A0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 7302503C 03032000
    * 03304603 00730000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 140C463C 1302D115
    * 10414B13 002D0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 140A463C 1302D115
    * 0B464B13 002D0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 140F6432 13122115
    * 0F2E280B 01220000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 140E6432 13050115
    * 0E006413 01220000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 14082350 0005011E
    * 08005000 00000000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 14026400 0005003A
    * 05640013 00500000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 14075A46 13046114
    * 125A5013 00460000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 14016432 0316911C
    * 02643203 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 14006400 000B4028
    * 01640000 00B40000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 14006400 00000028
    * 01640000 00000000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 140C641E 00050029
    * 0C001E08 00500000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 140C641E 00046029
    * 0C002808 00460000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 140C641E 0003C029
    * 0C003208 003C0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 15134D1E 0016902C
    * 114D1E00 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 1511501E 0004B033
    * 0F501E00 004B0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 15026400 0016903A
    * 02640006 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 160B5D32 0216902F
    * 0B523202 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 160D5A32 0216902F
    * 0D4E3202 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 16016400 0205A117
    * 01004B02 005A0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 16012D00 0201E117
    * 01004B02 001E0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 16012D00 02096117
    * 01004B02 00960000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 1603AA23 02046118
    * 03004B02 00460000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 1609505A 02046114
    * 06504602 00460000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 1609505A 02050114
    * 065A4602 00500000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 16093C5A 0201E11D
    * 083C4602 001E0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 170D520A 02169033
    * 0E520A02 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 170E520A 02169033
    * 0F520A02 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 170F520A 02169033
    * 10520A02 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 1704643C 02169033
    * 06643C02 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 180A641E 0316902C
    * 0E552D03 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 180B3228 1404602F
    * 0B194B14 00460000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 640B6423 E3169FFF
    * 0F5532E3 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 64066423 E3169FFF
    * 0D462DE3 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 6406641E E305AFFF
    * 0D462DE3 005A0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 6E033228 05050000
    * 04322805 00500000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 6E05612D 0502D001
    * 08612D05 002D0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 6E046128 0502D001
    * 06612805 002D0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 49012832 04046002
    * 010F4604 00000000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 1A09501E 03169033
    * 0B501E03 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 1A0C5A1E 03118033
    * 124B3C03 01180000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 1A0A5A1E 03169033
    * 0C5A1E03 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 1A073C0A 03169033
    * 093C0A03 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 1A04503C 00169024
    * 06503C00 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 1D020000 05019033
    * 04000000 00190000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 1D104B28 0005002F
    * 105A2800 00500000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 1D0C5541 0202D087
    * 0C645002 0020D000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 1D116228 0002D02C
    * 13692800 002D0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 1D116228 0002802C
    * 13692800 00280000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 1D116228 0002302C
    * 13692800 00230000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 1D116228 0016902C
    * 13692800 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 1D09821E 05169033
    * 09822D05 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 6F000000 12169000
    * 00001412 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 1F085014 1110E033
    * 0E501411 01000000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 1F0A5C20 11032033
    * 105C2011 00300000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 1F085028 1116902F
    * 09503C11 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 1F021414 11050033
    * 04141411 00500000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 1F03A00A 11037033
    * 05A00A11 00370000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 1F02AA0A 11037033
    * 04AA0A11 00370000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 1F02A00A 11037033
    * 04A00A11 00370000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 1F046400 11064112
    * 02640011 00640000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 1F046400 11072112
    * 02640011 00720000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 1F046400 11078112
    * 02640011 00780000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2004501E 0016903C
    * 07005007 01400000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 640A3C32 15026000
    * 0F3C3C15 00260000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 64093C32 15026000
    * 0C3C3C15 00260000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 6408500A 15169000
    * 0A500A15 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 250C4222 0000002F
    * 0C423200 00000000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 250C6410 00169026
    * 0C641000 000A0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 25086408 00169026
    * 08640800 000A0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 250C5A0A 00169033
    * 0D460800 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 250A5A14 00169033
    * 0B5A1200 00190000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 250B4B34 0005A113
    * 0C4B3200 005A0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 250B4B34 00078113
    * 0C4B3200 00780000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2509641E 00058033
    * 0A641C00 00580000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 29012800 020B4118
    * 02280002 00B40000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 29016400 020B4118
    * 01002002 00E10000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2C014600 0002D117
    * 01460000 00870000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2C038350 00041118
    * 05835000 00410000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2C04733C 00169118
    * 06733C00 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2C056E0A 00169027
    * 05780A00 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2C067828 02169027
    * 06822802 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2E0D5F37 0005F028
    * 0D533700 005F0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2E0C5F2D 00054028
    * 0C532D00 00540000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2E07733C 00169024
    * 07503C00 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 4B045A1E 00169001
    * 055A1E00 010E0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2F065A3F 00050033
    * 075A3F00 00500000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2F063246 00050026
    * 07324600 00500000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2F042837 00046026
    * 05283700 00460000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2F084650 00046033
    * 0A465000 00460000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2F083C46 00020033
    * 0A3C4600 00200000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2F074650 00046033
    * 09465000 00460000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2F065028 00050029
    * 07502800 00500000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2F065028 00046029
    * 07502800 00460000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2F06501E 00169029
    * 07501E00 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    hitbox testing
    * 0D0D5832 0206E027
    * 0D0F4602 006E0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0D026400 03169024
    * 014B000E 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0D02A00A 03169024
    * 01640A0E 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0D0B6941 03046028
    * 0B694103 005A0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0D016400 0001E02C
    * 01640A00 001E0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0D016400 0002D02C
    * 01640500 013B0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0D016400 0003C02C
    * 01640500 012C0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0D016400 000A002C
    * 01640A00 00A00000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0D066428 02050114
    * 08144B02 00190000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0D066428 0516911A
    * 0A145005 010E0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 6C046400 14169000
    * 05640A14 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 6C066400 14169000
    * 07641414 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 18064641 00046029
    * 08464100 00460000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 18064641 0005A029
    * 08464100 005A0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 18064641 00050029
    * 08464100 00500000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0C0D5A14 00169033
    * 0E5A1400 00230000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0C0A6400 00169033
    * 0B640000 00230000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0C096400 00169033
    * 0A640000 00230000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0C0E501E 00169033
    * 0F501E00 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2C0B6428 00169033
    * 0B642A00 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2C04640A 00169033
    * 04642800 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2C026400 00169033
    * 02640000 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2C020000 00169033
    * 02000000 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 29066400 020AA02F
    * 06500002 00B40000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 29066400 020B402F
    * 06500002 00B40000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 290B6B1E 0204802F
    * 0B5F3202 00400000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 290A6E00 0205002C
    * 0A6E0002 003C0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 290A6E00 0204C02C
    * 0A6E0002 003C0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0E056400 0001802C
    * 05320000 00180000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0E056400 0016902C
    * 05320000 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0E056400 0003C02C
    * 05320000 003C0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0E096432 0016902C
    * 095A3200 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 6E032218 02000000
    * 04221802 00000000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 6E032218 02046000
    * 04221802 00460000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0E076432 0203C026
    * 07323202 00500000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0E056414 00169026
    * 05641400 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 220D641E 0204102F
    * 0D641E02 00140000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2210641E 0204102F
    * 10641E02 00140000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2208641E 0204102F
    * 08641E02 00140000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 05051E3C 0500A1BB
    * 06735005 005A0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0508641E 02169182
    * 09641E02 00190000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 05096432 02169182
    * 0B643202 00190000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 05166432 02169183
    * 16643202 00190000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 05146432 02169183
    * 14643202 00190000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 05126432 02169183
    * 12643202 00190000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 05186432 02169183
    * 18643202 00190000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0501280C 0200A16A
    * 02280C02 00AA0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0502280C 0200A16A
    * 02280C02 00AA0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 05056432 0216916A
    * 05643202 005A0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 05046428 0216916A
    * 04642802 005A0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 05036432 0216916A
    * 03643202 005A0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0B0B5046 00050117
    * 0D504600 00500000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 010E1752 0004E131
    * 0F175200 004E0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 010E1752 00054131
    * 0F175200 00540000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 14056400 0008C02F
    * 055A0000 00960000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 14056400 0008D02F
    * 055A0000 00960000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 14056400 0003202F
    * 054B0000 00960000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 140E4B3C 0008202F
    * 0F503C00 00820000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0E0A501E 00046033
    * 0B503200 004B0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 49065A3C 0016902F
    * 075A3C00 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 49065A3C 0304602F
    * 08504B03 00500000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 49065A3C 1316902F
    * 0A233C13 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 49075A3C 0516902F
    * 08783C05 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 4908583C 0016902F
    * 095A4B00 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 6F0E3A5A 05058003
    * 0E3E5F05 005A0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 05124641 0004612C
    * 15464100 00460000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2306641E 00169027
    * 06193C00 00120000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2305641E 00169027
    * 05193C00 00120000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2308641E 00169027
    * 08193700 00120000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 210A3246 0006E026
    * 0B324600 006E0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 21071E2D 00078026
    * 081E2D00 00780000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2107821C 1503C029
    * 08821C15 003C0000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 21056400 15050027
    * 06640015 00500000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2108641E 15169027
    * 09641E15 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2106641E 15169027
    * 07641E15 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 210E5D19 1516902C
    * 0F5D1915 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 21105D19 1516902C
    * 115D1915 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 210D5F20 15053032
    * 0E5F2015 00530000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2109641C 15053032
    * 0A641C15 00530000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 210E5D19 1516902F
    * 0F5D1915 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2202961E 0016903C
    * 03961E00 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 140B641E 13041114
    * 0B641E0F 00410000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 6F094632 00169000
    * 0A463200 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2E084B32 00113027
    * 074B3200 01130000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2E086432 00169027
    * 07643200 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 2E084B1E 00169027
    * 074B1E00 01690000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0307640A 00169027
    * 071E3700 00190000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 0308640A 00169027
    * 081D3700 00190000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    * 030A640A 00169027
    * 0B1B3200 00190000
    * FFFFFFFF 3F800000
    Frame Speed Mod Engine V3.1 [spunit262, Phantom Wings]
    * C2766C20 00000012
    * 3C008180 807D0008
    * 8063FFFC 7C030000
    * 4080000C 80630030
    * 48000008 386000FF
    * 809D0014 C0240040
    * FC40081E 81240058
    * 61298000 D8410008
    * 8001000C 80BD007C
    * 80A50038 38C200D8
    * 84E60008 2C070000
    * 41820038 7CE8C671
    * 41A0000C 7C081800
    * 4082FFE8 54E8863E
    * 7C004000 41A0FFDC
    * 54E8043E 7C082800
    * 4182000C 7C084800
    * 4082FFC8 C0060004
    * D01F0010 00000000
    * C2766FB8 00000003
    * 2C1D0001 4182000C
    * C0230010 48000008
    * C02283C8 00000000
    Frame Speed Modifier Data
    * 065A9400 00000098
    * 071F8073 3F000000
    * 0700003B 3FC00000
    * 08190112 40000000
    * 09190029 3F000000
    * 0D140027 40000000
    * 0F0C8070 3F000000
    * 1300003B 3FAAAAAB
    * 141E0029 3F000000
    * 15358075 3F000000
    * 18118073 3F000000
    * 1A13001E 40000000
    * 1F2D0114 3DCCCCCD
    * 2000003B 3FAAAAAB
    * 220F8073 3F000000
    * 22158073 3EAAAAAB
    * 2201011C 40000000
    * FF000040 3FAAAAAB
    * FF000041 3FD55555
    * FF0E0054 40A00000
    Conditional Action Modifier [The Paprika Killer, Almas]
    * C277F780 0000000E
    * 2C030000 41820060
    * 3C008180 80BF0008
    * 80A5FFFC 7C050000
    * 4080004C 80A50030
    * 80DE0038 38E2FE00
    * 85070008 7D09C671
    * 41820034 2C09FFFF
    * 41A2000C 7C092800
    * 4082FFE8 5509043E
    * 7C093000 4082FFDC
    * 81070004 5509843E
    * 7C09E000 4082FFCC
    * 551C043E 60000000
    * 939E0038 00000000
    Conditional Action Modifier Data
    * 065A9128 00000040
    * 0400011A 00100073
    * 09000118 0010000F
    * 0D000118 00100073
    * 1F000114 0010000F
    * 2200011C 0010000F
    * 2200011D 0010000F
    * FF000071 004A0016
    * FF00008D 008A008E
    Sub-stage select
    * 066B5E0C 0000000C
    * 38C00000 41A20008
    * 60C60001 00000000
    * 066B5E20 00000010
    * 7CA30039 41A20008
    * 60C60002 7CC03378
    * C26B5E30 00000004
    * 2C040008 4080000C
    * 70A30010 48000008
    * 74A30008 41A20008
    * 60000004 00000000
    * C2055760 00000003
    * 3CA09018 60A50F3C
    * 98850000 548407BE
    * 28030005 00000000
    * 04055774 60000000
    Sub-stage select (spear pillar/SMI)
    * C210FA10 00000004
    * 887F0000 546407BE
    * 3484FFFF 4C800382
    * 2C1B0022 4CA21382
    * 4C441202 00000000
    * C210FA1C 00000003
    * 2C1B0015 4C622B82
    * 40A30008 989F0000
    * 4C422202 00000000
    Hanenbow is WiFi Training Room
    * C26DCEE0 00000003
    * A37A0022 2C1B0025
    * 40820008 3B600037
    * 60000000 00000000
    WiFi Training Room Music
    * 0410FE04 386327C3
    Custom Stage Select
    066B1E64 00000048
    7F43D378 7F24CB78
    480070E5 80180040
    2C000002 41820010
    2C030029 41820078
    4800005C 4B9FD78D
    2C030033 41810068
    2C030028 41810048
    2C030024 41810058
    4800003C 60000000
    046B1F04 4800002C
    046B8F5C 7C802378
    046B8F64 7C6300AE
    040AF618 5460083C
    040AF6AC 5463083C
    040AF6C0 88030001
    006B929C 00000025
    066B99D8 00000025
    00011D1E 1A020C0D
    0E281420 24040305
    21071F09 08270A0B
    23250F10 22112613
    1715161B 1C000000
    006B92A4 00000006
    066B9A58 00000006
    06181912 2A290000
    06407AAC 00000070
    01010202 03030404
    05050606 07070808
    0909330A 0B0B0C0C
    0D0D0E0E 130F1410
    15111612 17131814
    19151C16 1D171E18
    1F19201A 211B221C
    231D241E 37642932
    2A332B34 2C352D36
    2F373038 3139323A
    2E3B0064 260A2832
    34053504 36113702
    38070064 251F251F
    251F251F 251F251F
    Debug Pause
    80000000 805B8A08
    0402E5AC 8819000B
    4A000000 804DE470
    38000000 EFFF1000
    86410000 00000001
    E2000001 00000000
    4A000000 805B8A08
    3A000002 00FF0000
    12000002 00000001
    E2000001 00000000
    4A000000 804DE470
    38000000 FFEF0010
    4A000000 805B8A08
    3A000002 FF000000
    12000002 00000100
    E2000002 00000000
    Frame Advance
    041E6CD8 4BE1C128
    041E6D1C 4BE1C114
    06002E00 00000068
    9421FF80 BC410008
    7CE4402E 7CE738F8
    7CE73039 3864FFC0
    7CE3412E 7CC4412E
    B8410008 38210080
    60000000 481E3EB0
    9421FF80 BC410008
    7C03202E 3DC01000
    7DCE70F8 7C007039
    740E0408 3DE00408
    7C0E7800 40820008
    64001000 B8410008
    38210080 481E3EBC
    Extended Masterpieces
    2001A960 41820028
    0401A960 48000028
    200107B5 4182000C
    040107B4 4800000C
    20057215 41800028
    04057214 48000028
    2001C099 41820028
    0401C098 48000028
    2001C4C9 41820028
    0401C4C8 48000028
    2001C4E5 41820028
    0401C4E4 48000028
    2001C74D 41820028
    0401C74C 48000028
    E0000000 80008000
    Character ID list
    Mario 00
    DK 01
    Link 02
    Samus 03
    Yoshi 04
    Kirby 05
    Fox 06
    Pikachu 07
    Luigi 08
    Falcon 09
    Ness 0A
    Bowser 0B
    Peach 0C
    Zelda 0D
    Sheik 0E
    ICs 0F
    Marth 11
    G&W 12
    Falco 13
    Ganon 14
    Wario 15
    MK 16
    Pit 17
    ZSS 18
    Olimar 19
    Lucas 1A
    Diddy 1B
    Charizard 1D
    Squirtle 1E
    Ivysaur 1F
    Dedede 20
    Lucario 21
    Ike 22
    R.O.B. 23
    Jigglypuff 25
    Toon Link 29
    Wolf 2C
    Snake 2E
    Sonic 2F
    Stage ID list
    00 (0) - Battle
    01 (1) - BattleField (Battlefield)
    02 (2) - Final (Final Destination)
    03 (3) - Dolpic (Delfino Plaza)
    04 (4) - Mansion (Luigi's Mansion)
    05 (5) - MarioPast (Mushroomy Kingdom)
    06 (6) - Kart (Mario Circuit)
    07 (7) - Donkey (75 m)
    08 (8) - Jungle (Rumble Falls)
    09 (9) - Pirates (Pirate Ship)
    0A (10) - Zelda2 (Bridge of Eldin)
    0B (11) - Norfair (Norfair)
    0C (12) - Orpheon (Frigate Orpheon)
    0D (13) - Crayon (Yoshi's Island)
    0E (14) - Halberd (Halberd)
    0F (15) - TestHalberd_00
    10 (16) - TestHalberd_01
    11 (17) - TestHalberd_02
    12 (18) - Karby2
    13 (19) - Starfox (Lylat Cruise)
    14 (20) - Stadium (Pokémon Stadium 2)
    15 (21) - Tengan (Spear Pillar)
    16 (22) - Fzero (Port Town Aero Dive)
    17 (23) - Ice (Summit)
    18 (24) - Gw (Flat Zone 2)
    19 (25) - Emblem (Castle Siege)
    1A (26) - TestEmblem_00
    1B (27) - TestEmblem_01
    1C (28) - Madein (WarioWare, Inc.)
    1D (29) - Earth (Distant Planet)
    1E (30) - Palutena (Skyworld)
    1F (31) - Famicom (Mario Bros.)
    20 (32) - Newpork (New Pork City)
    21 (33) - Village (Smashville)
    22 (34) - Metalgear (Shadow Moses Island)
    23 (35) - Greenhill (Green Hill Zone)
    24 (36) - Pictchat (PictoChat)
    25 (37) - Plankton (Hanenbow)
    26 (38) - ConfigTest
    27 (39) - Viewer
    28 (40) - Result
    29 (41) - DxShrine (Temple)
    2A (42) - DxYorster (Yoshi's Island)
    2B (43) - DxGarden (Jungle Japes)
    2C (44) - DxOnett (Onett)
    2D (45) - DxGreens (Green Greens)
    2E (46) - DxPStadium (Pokémon Stadium)
    2F (47) - DxRCruise (Rainbow Cruise)
    30 (48) - DxCorneria (Corneria)
    31 (49) - DxBigBlue (Big Blue)
    32 (50) - DxZebes (Brinstar)
    33 (51) - Oldin
    34 (52) - Homerun (Homerun Contest)
    35 (53) - Edit (Stages made using the Stage Builder.)
    36 (54) - Heal (All-Star Resting Stage)
    37 (55) - OnlineTraining
    38 (56) - TargetBreak (Break The Targets)
    39 (57) - CharaRoll
    3A (58) - General
    3B (59) - Adventure
    3C (60) - Adventure0
    3D (61) - Adventure2
    3E (62) - AdvMeleeTest
    3F (63) - AdvMelee
    40 (64) - BattleS
    41 (65) - BattleFieldS
    42 (66) - Max
    43 (67) - Unknown
    If you have confusion over the functionality of these codes or their history, please direct inquiries to us.

    Credit for the original coders is due. The following contributed to one or more of the codes:
    Phantom Wings: Stage Specific Speed Reduction, Frame Speed Mod Engine V3.1, Hitbox Property Mod Engine 2.0
    Almas: Stage Specific Speed Reduction, Conditional Action Modifier
    spunit262: Death Boundary Mod V2, Char ID fix 2.1, Frame Speed Mod Engine V3.1, Hitbox Property Mod Engine 2.0
    The Paprika Killer: Char ID fix 2.1, Hitbox Property Mod Engine 2.0, Conditional Action Modifier
    KirbyIsCool: Tripping Rate Modifier

    Lastly, here is a download link. Do note this only works with the NTSC-U version of Brawl (North America). Hopefully we are able to get ports for PAL (Europe/Australia) and NTSC-J (Japan) in the future.

    Download .gct, .txt, and cliff note pictures here!

    In order to run the .gct file (which is the code file), you will need a modern version of Gecko OS (such as 1.9.1) and the gameconfig.txt file on the root of your SD card. Both of these are generally available and easy to find. You will also need some way to launch Gecko OS which, by SWF rules, we are forbidden to supply support on. Future, final releases will be executable on unhacked Wiis.

    Have fun, feel free to provide feedback, and know we're here to provide what support we can. Based on what feedback we get, we plan to release a fully standard version in a few weeks with updates being more rare after that.

    UPDATE: The original post is getting an expansion in the form of a video section. Quality Balanced Brawl matches will be put up here with descriptions. Matches that are instructive of changes to the game will be preferred; a Kirby ditto on Battlefield is not likely to be put up.

    Match 1:

    Rykoshet (Snake) vs Rookie (King Dedede) on Mushroomy Kingdom 1-1

    This match is demonstrative of the changes to Snake and King Dedede pretty well. Rookie doesn't really exploit King Dedede's newfound techchases, but he does demonstrate the mechanics of the throws nicely. Snake's up tilt shows its power nicely. The other notable feature is that the stage is shown off well; this is a tame and normal match... on the Mushroomy Kingdom.

    Match 2:

    Rykoshet (Ike) vs Pierce7D (Meta Knight) on Battlefield

    This is a close match between two characters who haven't had so many close matches in standard Brawl. It shows Meta Knight's need to work hard for gimps and really explores the limits of Ike's new Quick Draw.

    For more match videos...

    Rykoshet's youtube page

    This contains quite a few matches both on WiFi and locally. Ike, Marth, Yoshi, Link, and Mario make a few appearances, among others.

    MysticKenji's WiFi Balanced Brawl matches

    There are quite a few good games in here with most of the cast making an appearance. The developers of this project in no way endorse MysticKenji's musical tastes.


    Mario demonstration video

    This is a short video mostly showing off Mario's improved down tilt. It also does show his powered up down smash and forward aerial. The fireball and up smash changes are not shown in this video.

    Luigi and Luigi's Mansion demonstration video

    This video shows Luigi's changes in action as well as the slowed down Luigi's Mansion.

    Yoshi and Temple demonstration video

    This video shows most of Yoshi's changes in action, including the new Egg Roll behavior. Additionally, the new grab release mechanics are shown, and all of it takes place on the tweaked Temple.

    Ganondorf demonstration video

    This video shows several of Ganondorf's changes in action.

    Link and Sheik demonstration video

    This video shows mostly Link's changes, including the new and powerful arrows. Sheik's changes are snuck in as well though.

    Samus and Zero Suit Samus demonstration video

    This video shows off Zero Suit Samus's new forward smash as well as several of Samus's changes with a focus on her projectiles.

    Falco and Pikachu demonstration video

    This video shows the new throw mechanics that Falco and Pikachu have.

    Diddy Kong, King Dedede, and Corneria demonstration video

    This video shows Corneria's higher ceiling, the new mechanics that prevent banana locks, and the new behavior on King Dedede's throws.

    Bowser, Sonic (1), and Big Blue demonstration video

    This video shows most of Bowser's changes, including the revolutionized down aerial, Sonic's spring, and the newfound slowness of Big Blue.

    Captain Falcon and Meta Knight demonstration video

    This video shows the assorted changes made to Captain Falcon and Meta Knight.

    Pokemon Trainer and Jigglypuff: Pokemon Trainer and Jigglypuff demonstration video

    This video shows off the variety of changes these assorted Pokemon received.

    Lucas demonstration video

    This video shows off Lucas's assorted changes, including clear proof that Marth can no longer chaingrab him.

    Ike, Sonic (2), and Pirate Ship demonstration video

    This video shows Ike's new Quick Draw, some of Sonic's damage buffs, and the water mechanics working on the Pirate Ship.

    Expect more, and please do post more videos so we can get some variety!
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    Here we go...

    Change List for Balanced Brawl Genesis Edition:

    :mario2: *MARIO*

    :luigi2: *LUIGI*

    :peach: *PEACH*

    +1% on bair
    This should round Peach out in a modest but meaningful way, helping in her most difficult matchups where use of her preferred aerials is restricted.

    25 degree angle and +1% damage on nair
    This is a moderate buff in most matchups, but a big help for killing Falco; Falco was a bad matchup for Peach before, and Peach is one of few who strictly suffers from Falco's changes. Allowing nair as a backup KO move more often will lighten some of the rigidness of Peach's limitations at high-level play as well.

    :bowser2: *BOWSER*

    +2% on up-b (opening grounded hit)
    Fortress is an important move for Bowser, as it is his fast OoS option -OR- a viable "backup" KO move if fresh. I suggest buffing it to further compensate for the removal of his other reliable KOs from grab release. Playtesting showed this move surprisingly effective against ranged characters due to their frequently slower grabs. (Or lack of armor in Olimar's case.)

    :dk2: *DONKEY KONG*

    +1% on down-b
    This will subtly increase DK's ability to deal with defensive play, a matchup weakness.

    :diddy: *DIDDY KONG*

    :yoshi2: *YOSHI*

    Compensated for knockback on all tilts
    Neither can't KO, so they should remain just as good at comboing. I admit this as an oversight.

    :wario: *WARIO*

    Removed chaingrab
    This moderate nerf helps Wario's previous easiest matchups against him very elegantly.

    :link2: *LINK*

    10 degree angle on arrows instead of 350
    This will somewhat unpolarize Link's new play against poor recoveries. Testing has showed an appropriate impact by this change.

    :zelda: *ZELDA*

    -1% and flower element on jab
    Jab is given spacing utility to set up f-tilt. That animation magically putting a flower on the enemy's head looks natural and cute is a novel bonus. Useful in corners and against Peach, a previously awful matchup.

    Reduced knockback and 10 frames less ending lag on f-tilt
    This allows Zelda a pseudo-safe move for attacking enemy shields, vaguely like DDD f-tilt. Especially at medium-high percents, it has serious potential for setting up u-tilt and u-smash. Inner hitboxes (that KO at high percents) can remain unchanged.

    90 degree angle on u-tilt
    A small increase in KO potential on a reliable move. (I consider this the most "optional" buff, tagged for removal if Zelda turns out to be above where we want her.)

    Tweak f-smash to be more difficult to escape
    Reinforce Zelda as a reliable KO character to more naturally compliment Sheik.

    Increase angle on d-smash 5 degrees.
    D-smash is often tech-able as is; the slightest of angle buffs addresses this in most cases, and makes our previous buff to the move actually matter. Again, slightly reinforcing reliable KO power.

    +2% and increased constant knockback on up-b vanish
    Makes Zelda's only trick move worth doing; around 80%+, it can combo into the ending hit when done sideways across the stage.

    +4% and light spike knockabck on up-b reappear
    The primary purpose of this is to allow Zelda to u-smash or u-tilt a surprised opponent after teleporting into them.

    :shiek: *SHEIK*

    +1% on close needle hitboxes (3% -> 4%)
    Sheik relies strongly on needles for many problematic matchups, such as Olimar and ICs. (Matchups Zelda isn't always too keen herself on...) However, leaving the far hitboxes at 2% let's us be confident Sheik's projectile use will remain more like Luigi's or Wolf's, and not Falco's.

    F-smash always connects, but has lower growth
    This solidifies Sheik as a damage racking character and makes her flow better.

    80 degree angle and lower knockback on dash attack
    This let's dash attack more immediately and reasonably threaten to punish after the hit at lower percents with followup aerials or sometimes f/u-tilt.

    +1% damage and upwards knockback on dair
    More utility on one of Sheik's more difficult moves.

    :ganondorf: *GANONDORF*

    D-smash always connects, +1% on second hit
    This buff is of small benefit to his core tech chasing game, but a huge advantage against Olimar, one of Ganon's worst matchups currently.

    16/11 damage on down-b, with knockback compensation
    This allows Ganondorf to ram through many projectiles and weak jabs/tilts, as well as power entirely through firebreath or repeating jabs... If his down-b is fresh! This new found utility is in most cases, one-use-per-stock. One more handy trick for Ganondorf, without redefining his design.

    Unable to punish Ganon out of up-b
    A nifty change that Ganon will appreciate against many matchups that give him trouble, including Meta Knight most of all.

    :toonlink: *TOON LINK*

    F-smash always connects
    A healthy, meaningful buff to this mid-tier trying to keep up.

    D-smash always connects
    A situational nerf that reduces his niche reliance on it's wonky behavior on some stages.

    :samus2: *SAMUS*

    Lower angle and altered knockback on f-tilt
    This is a small buff for Samus getting people away from her and following up with what Samus does best.

    :zerosuitsamus: *ZERO SUIT SAMUS*

    +1% on d-tilt
    This modest buff helps ZSS with shield pressure and specifically against Falco, a worst matchup.

    Slightly increased knockback base on paralyzer to extend stun (both levels)
    This allows grabs out of paralyzer, a serious buff that is not to be underestimated.

    Removed chaingrab
    We totally missed this, we admit it.

    :pit: *PIT*

    :popo: *ICE CLIMBERS*

    :rob: *R.O.B.*

    Altered knockback and 18 degree angle on f-tilt
    This allows ROB to set up for a high-% KO with gyro or laser if they miss the tech; it is impossible to jump out of with any character. The use for gimping characters with the new angle is limited to non-existent, with the knockback as weak as it is.

    +1% on strong laser
    This encourages ROB to make use of his strong laser rather than the much-more damage-efficient spammable one. The small increase in knockback that comes with it is modestly appreciated by ROB, especially for getting enemies off stage.

    :kirby2: *KIRBY*

    +3% to rock (aerial falling)
    This somewhat situational but potent buff leverages one of Kirby's more risky moves to help in problem matchups where it is a solid edgeguard tool... no pun intended.

    Improved copy powers for Shield Breaker and Nayru's Love
    Marth and newly buffed Zelda are considered two of Kirby's hardest matchups, but they are both rather unaffected by the rock buff and both offering useful powers for Kirby to take. SB has 1% extra damage uncharged and hits at an angle more inconvenient to Marth. Nayru's Love does a bit more damage and puts the enemy Zelda up instead of out.

    :metaknight: *META KNIGHT*

    :dedede: *KING DEDEDE*

    :olimar: *OLIMAR*

    Color-coordinated buff to up-b
    This welcome buff to one of Olimar's more niche, laggy moves is intended to be a small help against floaty characters who refused to get grabbed.

    :fox: *FOX*

    :falco: *FALCO*

    :wolf: *WOLF*

    +3% to nair initial hit, +1% to others
    A moderate buff to a poor move. The potential to use it as a backup KO move can be very much appreciated by Wolf.

    :falcon: *CAPTAIN FALCON*

    -3% on knee
    ...so that's +3% total. Still deadly.

    +1% to second hit of nair
    ...so that's +2% total. Not a big change, but more Falcon matchup data is needed.

    :pikachu2: *PIKACHU*

    Speed up grab break animation from 1.33x to 1.50x
    This makes Pikachu's u/d-throw behave like we always wanted them too.


    :lucario: *LUCARIO*

    +1% to all smashes, f-tilt, d-tilt, and dash attack
    Substantial but evenly spread buffs help Lucario fight his way through a scary new world.

    :jigglypuff: *JIGGLYPUFF*

    :marth: *MARTH*

    :ike: *IKE*

    Removed f-throw chaingrab
    A noticable nerf to Ike, both in general and on stages with corners. He can still do b-throw chains on Pokemon Stadium, but you have to be pretty dumb to follow Ike to his lair.

    +1% on f/b-throw
    A modest, partial compensation for the f-throw nerf.

    25 degree angle on d-smash outer hits
    This situational buff is primarily helpful against Olimar, possibly Ike's new worst matchup. (And affected less by his new-found side-b) In most cases, Ike will continue to use much less punishable moves.

    :ness2: *NESS*

    :lucas: *LUCAS*

    :gw: *MR. GAME & WATCH*

    :snake: *SNAKE*

    -1% on f-tilt, first hit
    Snake was still a little too good...

    +3 knockback growth on u-tilt
    ...but u-tilt needed a LITTLE power back...

    Increased knockback on d-smash
    ...and he needed something fun to play with.

    :sonic: *SONIC*

    Files can be found here, same as originally. Thanks to everyone who has provided feedback so far, and we hope your continued input will help us make the best final release possible!

    Edit: More Videos:

    Luigi: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWrXx7FglEc
    Yoshi and grab releases: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMFTVFfTw8o
    Ganondorf: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mH3TdQ8QwI0
    Link and Shiek: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97RhYv8rMZY
    Samus and ZSS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DA3tnkb53E
    Falco and Pikachu: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=te0H9MEg3ak
    Diddy Kong and King Dedede: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MOnZGsnXDc
    Bowser, Sonic, and Big Blue: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_K_NrEbgFvA
    Captain Falcon and Metaknight: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRHdxatkl4w
    Pokemon Trainer and Jigglypuff: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVkNnvl0wjo
    Lucas: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYMrldUu24I
    Ike, more Sonic, and new water mechanics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yNK8QKyo5s

    All I can say is "Wow, what a trip."

    Over one thousand hours have been spent discussing, hacking, testing, redesigning, re-re-re-testing, and sometimes banging heads against walls on this not-so-little, not-so-secret project. There have been many arguments along the way, and many times when it seemed something would NEVER work. (DDD, Falco, Pikachu, here's to you!) However, all that toil has resulted in a a build that I have great confidence in, and all disagreements have resulted in products unquestionably better.

    I would like to thank Ampharos obviously, as well as everyone who tested and provided the valuable feedback we needed to make this a reality. I'd like to especially thank Stealth and the Wichita crew, as well as JGALT who helped with most my personal testing. (Even when I always brought over the wrong files by accident.) Also props to Sliq for giving me advice on the handout image last minute.

    I'd like to encourage EVERYONE to test this build out with your community and offer all the feedback you can muster. Some of the characters we and other players feel extremely good about, such as Meta Knight, Mario, Luigi, and Lucas to name just a few. Others we aren't so sure, and only when multiple mains play all the matchups of each character multiple times can we truly have "enough" data.

    I speak for myself, Ampharos, and everyone who helped test when I say that we hope you enjoy our project's results.

    Happy Brawling!
  3. VietGeek

    Expand Collapse
    Smash Hero

    Mar 19, 2008

    I found this interesting. I don't understand the stage changes (mostly because they were purposely worded...oddly, but okay...) Nvm I got it lol.

    Something I wish to confirm though:

    By removing jab locks, you still maintained the forced get-up, right?


    Making Ivysaur not go into freefall after aerial UpB will probably not be...err, "accepted" so to speak. I suggest you use the code the WBR used for B+ to give Ivysaur a higher initial hop from it instead. It's a frame speed modifier, I'll try to find it.

    EDIT: In case you guys decide to use it, here:

    1F1A81D8 40A00000

    Boost starts on frame 26 by 5x if I'm reading the data correctly.

    Because well, from what I've read so far, this tries to be as conservative as possible while changing what made this game unfavorable. Not freefall after aerial UpB was not well received by B+ players, and so it being in "BB that's not BlazBlue" won't be good either.

    Just saying. Good sh*t though, I might play Barlw again if this ever gets accepted. <_<
  4. GHNeko

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    Sega Stockholm Syndrome.

    • Premium
    Aug 13, 2007
    3DS FC:
    Well...this....is interesting. :V

    Didn't think this would happen but here I am being proved wrong. V:
  5. Sliq

    Expand Collapse
    Smash Master

    Jan 13, 2006
    I'm the guy that told him to use drop shadows. IT WAS MEEEEEE.
  6. Revven

    Expand Collapse

    Apr 27, 2006
    Cleveland, Ohio
    Eh, interests me only a little. Getting people to try this will be the hardest thing about it. Good luck with that.
  7. Thinkaman

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    • Moderator
    • Wii U Backroomer
    Aug 26, 2007
    3DS FC:
    On the handout, they are not clear, to save space. (Merely a classification) The text contains very detailed and exact descriptions on the changes.

    The animation window where a hit causes repeating flopping has been made a fifth the size. "Locks" are still possible, except nothing in the game is fast enough to do them.

    2v1, of course, breaks all the rules... :p

    Our testers so far, especially Steeler, have widely preferred the up-b change. We have included a speed modification that makes the end result behave reasonably.

    I invite everyone to test in in multiple matchups and see how it fits into Pokemon Trainer's game alongside the other changes. All feedback is welcome!
  8. Steeler

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    Smash Hero

    Jan 5, 2006
    this is badass guys. i've been playing it. at the very least, try it out. it's better than brawl.
  9. timothyung

    Expand Collapse
    Smash Ace

    Feb 3, 2008
    Hong Kong
    OK, finally someone is doing this. I'll not be surprised if a Melee 2.0 codeset will be made in the future.
    Also, Extended Masterpieces?
  10. VietGeek

    Expand Collapse
    Smash Hero

    Mar 19, 2008
    Alright. Well, I've provided the code for the "Olimar-like" boost as edited in. I'll try this later.
  11. dragonblooded

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    Smash Champion

    May 6, 2009
    Texas, y'all.
    This looks really neat! But just to be sure... this isn't Brawl+?
  12. The Paprika Killer

    The Paprika Killer
    Expand Collapse
    Vi veri veniversum vivus vici

    Oct 17, 2008

    I dunno about this. it is certainly interesting, but I honestly think you are gonna have a hard time to attract people for it.
  13. Revven

    Expand Collapse

    Apr 27, 2006
    Cleveland, Ohio
    Yeah, remember Panda's thread about just the IDEA of this? Everyone hated it.
  14. timothyung

    Expand Collapse
    Smash Ace

    Feb 3, 2008
    Hong Kong
    Brawl+ > What we wanted Brawl to be before its release+Balance
    BBrawl > What Brawl is now+Balance
  15. shanus

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    Smash Hero

    Nov 17, 2005
    Heh, someone who can share my pain, except I've been doing this for much longer :-O haha

    I think you guys are going to run into the same problem Brawl+ runs into, reputation. As hard as you try, you will be met by people opposing change and need something special (i.e. purple cow for those into business) to make it truly appealing. Finding that niche community is going to be a difficult process for you guys I think.

    Best of luck with it. I can't say I support the project, but good luck.
  16. Renegade TX2000

    Renegade TX2000
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    Smash Ace

    Mar 23, 2008
    nice i like this...
  17. The Paprika Killer

    The Paprika Killer
    Expand Collapse
    Vi veri veniversum vivus vici

    Oct 17, 2008

    ok just read through the codelist, and you might wanna credit each code, since I'm pretty sure you are missing a few people. it would also be more convinient if you actually used the right names for some of them. it's kinda crucial in some cases.
  18. deepseadiva

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    Bodybuilding Magical Girl

    Mar 11, 2008
    3DS FC:

    This is amazing. Reminds me of the "Brawl Integrity Addition" that was suggested before.

    Massive kudos.
  19. UTDZac

    Expand Collapse

    Sep 28, 2005
    Judgment Count: 856

    This is amazing beyond words. Good work to all of you that spent time on this project. I'm excited to try out the final release =D
  20. Slashy

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    Smash Lord

    Aug 15, 2007
    Palm Beach
    You have some concepts here that should be used in Brawl+
  21. Mr. Escalator

    Mr. Escalator
    Expand Collapse
    G&W Guru

    • Premium
    Apr 11, 2008
    Hudson, NH
    This looks amazing. I am setting up a 2v2 with AA, HG, and probably Steeler at the time of this post as my opening venture into this mod. I'll give my thoughts on it after we mess around, but I am more than optimistic that this should be good.
  22. Thinkaman

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    • Moderator
    • Wii U Backroomer
    Aug 26, 2007
    3DS FC:
    I don't think we have missed anyone, but I have alerted Ampharos to make sure your name is corrected. Sorry for getting it wrong, no disrespect was meant.
  23. The Paprika Killer

    The Paprika Killer
    Expand Collapse
    Vi veri veniversum vivus vici

    Oct 17, 2008

    I was talking about the code names. "conditional mod" is for example very confusing, because the name in itself means nothing. the original name "conditional action mod" actually makes clear that it deals specifically with actions.

    also, it would be nice if you credited people like Shanus and The Cape (and someothers too) who might not have made codes, but have spend a lot of time in getting B+ where it is, testing and honestly, a lot of values in this set have been taken from B+.
  24. Revven

    Expand Collapse

    Apr 27, 2006
    Cleveland, Ohio
    BTW, I have a question and it pertains to Jigglypuff.

    Any idea why you didn't touch Rest at all? The move is totally vertical, you should at least consider changing the angle if you don't want to change its KB. It's easy to DI because of it being vertical. Any idea why you didn't touch it?
  25. Slashy

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    Smash Lord

    Aug 15, 2007
    Palm Beach
    I want Sing to have buffs too.
  26. shanus

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    Smash Hero

    Nov 17, 2005
    I'm also a little annoyed that you guys give no credit to the Brawl+ project wherein you have pulled almost all the data from, a lot of ideas from, and more. And then you take a stab at it highlighting what changes aren't there which are in ours.
  27. Amazing Ampharos

    Amazing Ampharos
    Expand Collapse
    Balanced Brawl Designer

    Jan 31, 2008
    Kansas City, MO

    It's easy to explain. Basically, we did originally power up Rest to kill most characters at around 60%, but testing revealed it wasn't a very good change for balance's sake. It doesn't help her at all against most of her hard matchups; the only hard matchup even a change designed specifically to be anti-light character was good in was Mr. Game & Watch. On the other hand, it made the "obscure low tier counter" matchup against Diddy Kong far more significantly in her favor to the point of being just plain unfair.

    Also, Rest is, in general, not a very major part of Jigglypuff's game in Brawl, and in the interest of changing her fundamentals as little as possible, it ended up being decided that Rest remaining mediocre was best.
  28. Turbo Ether

    Turbo Ether
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    Smash Master

    Apr 12, 2006
    I support this project 100%. This is exactly the kind of balancing I have discussed and have wanted for Brawl. This, I could see being the future tournament standard for Brawl, since it's obviously, significantly more balanced than Brawl, without making extremely over-the-top changes. <3
  29. Thinkaman

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    • Moderator
    • Wii U Backroomer
    Aug 26, 2007
    3DS FC:
    Hehe, I am glad someone asked this question. Obviously, it is easy to make any character (or specific move) better. What makes balance difficult is that you are trying to balance over 35 matchups at once!

    A rest buff was certainly investigated and even included in a bunch of earlier builds. (I even tried a ridiculously different version of rest that did 50%+ but only hit downwards!) However, the problem was, Rest only really helps in matchups that are already easy for Jigglypuff! (DDD is the only difficult matchup it is effective against, and to a limited degree.)

    Instead, Jigglypuff buffing turned to things that more effectively targeted her problem matchups. (For example, Pound doing 1% more is VERY disproportionately important in her harder matchups.) Dash attack is probably her most important buff, which kills G&W and somewhat Marth much more effectively.

    I hope to answer more questions people have, but look forward even more to discussing your experiences, once you get a chance to try the game with other players!
  30. Thinkaman

    Expand Collapse

    • Moderator
    • Wii U Backroomer
    Aug 26, 2007
    3DS FC:
    I don't mean to be rude... but for what? I'm confused.

    What data? I painstakening collected full hitbox data for every move we ever thought about changing (sometimes every move on the character...) by hand, with no help from anyone but my trusty USB Gecko.

    EDIT: Ampharos wanted to give due credit to leafgreen, who provided him with some hitbox data while my Wii was bricked. (Ironically by playing an unmodified game and nothing to do with this project!) I do need to provide proper thanks for this, since it let the project proceed at a steady rate.

    What ideas? I think you are misunderstanding or misinterpreting something, I'm not even aware of much the projects have in common at all.

    I'd like to also say that me and Ampharos both have a long-standing interesting in this sort of thing. You can find my design blog from last September on this site, and Ampharos has dabbled in projects to rebalanced Pokemon and Super Mario RPG. Our partnership only started early May after we rode to the circuit tourney in Kahoka together, but this type of work is nothing new to us.

    I think you are mistaking much-needed distinction for an insult. Know that no one here means anyone else ill-will. We aren't even trying to compete with Brawl+, the projects have completely independent goals and purposes.
  31. shanus

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    Smash Hero

    Nov 17, 2005
    Well, I made a bad assumptions there, and it proves that assumptions do make an *** out of myself, so apologies on the flame. When I read through most of it a large portion of the hitbox data seemed analogous to ours (even the balance changes made were proportionately similar). Given how the quantities of gecko users out there is like next to none, I assumed you had snagged our hitbox data from there. Hence why I was asking for credit :p

    Sorry again for the mistake.
  32. Nidtendofreak

    Expand Collapse
    Smash Hero

    Feb 10, 2006
    Belleville, Ontario
    3DS FC:
    You......you guys made Quick Drawl actually usable?



    About time that move was actually worthwhile. And now Ike can recover!
  33. Thinkaman

    Expand Collapse

    • Moderator
    • Wii U Backroomer
    Aug 26, 2007
    3DS FC:
    The overall balanced spread was actually pretty funny; early on we decided that Wario would be the only third character we would nerf, only for the SBR to move Wario up to #3 a month later. The new tier list was rather affirming, since it matched in EXACT order the degree of changes we were makign to each character. (With exceptions like DK and Fox, who have the "outside benefits" of having their virtually unwinnable matchups removed.)
  34. Stealth Raptor

    Stealth Raptor
    Expand Collapse
    Smash Legend

    Apr 18, 2006
    Kansas City, Kansas
    sweet it is finally out! major props to you guys, you all did an excellent job. i feel honored that i was one of the testers. all the characters felt even, way more then brawl ever did. i also dont think this will become mainstream anytime soon, but i at least think that in time it will match B+. both have there own unique things to offer
  35. The Paprika Killer

    The Paprika Killer
    Expand Collapse
    Vi veri veniversum vivus vici

    Oct 17, 2008

    may I bring it to your attention that Ike can go under and around smashvile with his new side-B?
  36. Thinkaman

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    • Moderator
    • Wii U Backroomer
    Aug 26, 2007
    3DS FC:
    Of course. It's also effective to juke with it when an opponent hits Ike high, on your way down.

    Also, side-b straight from the ledge to edgeguard out, and double jump to up-b back. Very good.
  37. Stealth Raptor

    Stealth Raptor
    Expand Collapse
    Smash Legend

    Apr 18, 2006
    Kansas City, Kansas
    one thing that i would like to point out is that the increased knockback by links arrows are no joke. they can gimp pretty hard if they hit someone off stage
  38. The Paprika Killer

    The Paprika Killer
    Expand Collapse
    Vi veri veniversum vivus vici

    Oct 17, 2008

    wait, you want to balance the game with as least changes as possible, but you give ike something awkward as this????
  39. Nidtendofreak

    Expand Collapse
    Smash Hero

    Feb 10, 2006
    Belleville, Ontario
    3DS FC:

    Excuse me, I need to go convince people to use this set up in tournaments. Ike has suddenly gone from terrible off stage to at minimum average off stage, probably a bit above average.
  40. Thiocyanide

    Expand Collapse
    Smash Hero

    Mar 15, 2008
    Interesting, to say the least.
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