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B.E.A.S.T. II - 11-14 Aug 2011 [ROAD TO APEX]

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Smash Journeyman
Aug 11, 2009
B.E.A.S.T - The awesome swedish smash tournament is back sooner then you might have thought! Stepping in to fill in for SNY2 that sadly got canceled, we are eager to bring you a smash event that has the potential to be even better then last time, seeing that we have most questions, problems and other things cleared up from last time!
We have also doubled the amount of smashers allowed to attend, increasing the max limit to hit 200. Do you think you can handle 4 intense days with that many smashers around you? Then go ahead and confirm yourself straight away!

Okay, so here are the pools! All the pools orders are randomed, and in the pools it's sorted by name. We are open for complaints regarding if you get in the same pool as your teammate, close friend and so on. As for balance, your complaints are wasted.
If you are not in a pool it is either because we found you were not enough confirmed, or simply missed you somehow. And if this is the case, you can talk to us either in a post here or latest at the tournament and we will add you in a pool. Regarding teams, we have decided to wait abit for that.

Thursday the 11th - Sunday the 14th August 2011

Gothenburg, Sweden.

The Venue:
Nya Påvelundsskolan
Ängkärrsvägen 22, 426 77 VÄSTRA FRÖLUNDA

(Google maps)

Traveling by plane?
If your looking to go by Ryanair, you want to check for Gothenburg City Airport. From there, you take the airport buss to the Central station.

Local Transportation:
When you get to the Central station (Centralstationen), you take tram number 11 towards Saltholmen to Käringberget. The easiest way to buy tickets is to get to Tidpunkten, in the middle of Drottningtorget (Centralstationen), and buy your ticket there!
To plan your travel, use This site
(A small map on the surroundings will also come up here soon)

Entry Fee:
Entrance: 100 SEK*
Melee Singles: 100 SEK
Melee Teams: 100 SEK (each)
*About 10€

1: 50%
2: 30%
3: 15%
4: 5%
5: Money back.

1: 60%
2: 30%
3: 10%
4: Money back.

Main events will be the Melee Singles and Teams tournaments. If we have time, there will for sure be some crew battles and/or low tier tournament. If we have time.

I do not count on this to work perfectly due to, well, this being a smash event and all. But this is how I would like it to go, and I've made sure to take tons of time for each event just in case.
If you haven't signed up in time, you're screwed. If your not in place for your game in a 5 min radius, your also screwed. So just be around and it will all run smoothly and we should have plenty of time over for other fun things :)

16.00: Venue opens.

13.00: Teams tournament pools start.
16.30: Dinner break.
17.30: Teams brackets start.

10.00: Singles pools 1 start.
13.30: Singles pools 2 start.
15.00: Lunch break.
16.00: Singles brackets start.
20.00: Dinner
22.00: Award ceremony

16.00: Venue closes.

4 Stocks.
8 minute time limit.
Items off.
Bo3 Sets in pools and first round in brackets.
Bo5 Sets in all bracket games second rounds -> Semifinals.
Bo7 Sets in Semifinals + finals.
Timed out matches will be determined by the remaining number of lives, then percentage of the current stock. In the event of a percentage tie, replay that match. Any Sudden Death match is strictly not to be played.
Bring your own controller.
Controller Mods, Glitches, and tactics used to stall a match (wall-bombing, rising pound), are banned.
Blizzobbling/Wobbling is allowed up to 300%.
Stage Striking: Players eliminate stages from the Starter Stage List until only 1 remains, and the players then play the first match on that stage. Players strike stages in 1 2 2 1 order.
Advanced Slob Picks: Loser may choose the next stage or select to go random. The winner may then change their character, followed by the loser.
Modified Dave's Stupid Rule: No player can counter pick the stage he or she last won on unless agreed upon by both players.
Team Attack will be ON.
Life stealing allowed.

We know that we need a rule for the pools standings, and we are currently asking around to see how we will settle this matter. Rest assured that we will have cleared that up before the tournament.

The Tournament Host is the arbiter of all disputes.

Neutrals 1v1:
Final Destination
Yoshi's Story
Fountain of Dreams

Neutrals 2v2:
Final Destination
Yoshi's Story
Pokemon Stadium

Counterpicks 1v1:
Pokémon Stadium

Counterpicks 2v2:

General Rules:
I have already mentioned that I will be quite strict indeed with the times. I can't stand people not showing up on time or being generally confused. People should know the things they need to know, and if they don't, they shall ask me, or someone else in the crew.
Other then that, I want everyone to behave mature and I will let you know that I can throw anyone out for any reasons if I feel like it.
Since this is a public building, I will see no alcohol or drugs taken into it. This is strictly forbidden and will have major consequences, including the owner of the alcohol/drugs getting thrown out and banned from the tournament. You also can't smoke inside the building, but I count on people having enough common knowledge not to do that.
I'm going to add a rule here from last time, and I will make myself very, very clear.
Again, you ARE NOT ALLOWED to bring alcohol or drugs into the building. Also, you ARE NOT ALLOWED to be under the effects of drugs or alcohol, meaning you may not be drunk or high inside the school.

We have a rather small place downstairs where you can sleep whenever you want, but don't count on actually getting sleep at all hours since it might be rather loud.
And then we have a local that is really close to the venue which we will have open from 00-10 where we can easily fit 100 people.

We have showers! Yes, separate for girls and guys, do not worry.

Random information:
If you need housing, post in the housing thread to come up. We will fix it for ya.

We will have a Café open where you can buy soft drinks and toasties :)

Nuts are banned due to it being a public building.

For those who didn't know; we have SEK here in Sweden, not euro. 1 Euro is about 10 SEK.

A local store and a Pizza is located about 5 minutes from the venue, easy as hell to find.

Make sure you find the Teams thread for B.E.A.S.T too, and sign up there when you have found your teammate! This makes us able to seed and prepare beforehand and if you've written in the thread you are guaranteed to get a seed matching your skill level.

I'll do my best to get a stream working before this. If I succeed, there will be a link here and a post in this thread and it will be spammed all over the place, just keep an eye out 12-13th of August.

Contact persons:
Lolex (Alexander Gabrielsson)
Email: AlexanderGabrielsson@hotmail.com
Phone: +46704 379669

Aniolas (Alexander Lindgren)
Email: Nintendo1987@hotmail.com
Phone: +46735 347274

Alex Strife said:
For our competitors, we strive to create the best experience possible. With that in mind we have branched out into our newest addition to Apex the “Road to Apex” series. Beginning in August, we will begin to hold qualifiers across the World. These qualifiers will help players become ranked but also help the top placing regional player attend Apex. Here is a breakdown on what each event will be offering to our players.

Each event listed as a “Road to Apex” qualifier will be feature a ranking point system for the Singles and Doubles events. The point system, listed below, will help us to make sure that the best experience possible is given to each player. On top of that, we will be able to provide a better event quality. The points are broken down from 1st place to 7th place below.

1st place – 64pts
2nd place – 32pts
3rd place – 16pts
4th place – 8pts
5th place – 4pts
5th place – 4pts
7th place – 2pts
7th place – 2pts

Note : The Doubles event would be giving that point total to each individual player. It would not be split.

All matches would be played out to get the full placing.

As an additional feature, we will be providing the top placing regional player of each Singles event with a $100 stipend to travel to Apex 2012. What this means is that for a West Coast event, for example, the top placing West Coast player will receive the stipend regardless of where they stand in the bracket. This is to help our players travel to the biggest event in the competitive smash history Apex 2012.

Note: Only those who have lived in the region for the past 6 months are eligible to receive the stipend.

To all those going to the qualifiers we here at the Apex staff wish you luck and hope to see you at all the events including Apex 2012 where Smash will make history.

Confirmed Just a list:
Worst idea ever. Next time I'll only go with a confirmed list..
"-" means confirmed
- 1. Lolex (TO*)
2. Helios (ATO**)
- 3. Aniolas (ATO)
- 4. Rkey
- 5. GsE
- 6. Armada
- 7. Smasher89
- 8. Zoler
- 9. Rocky
- 10. Beat
- 11. Android
- 12. Kuja
- 13. MikeHaggarKJ
- 14. Gamba
- 15. Ying
- 16. Jerk
- 17. Hara
18. Kroppkakor
- 19. Hack
- 20. Pepito
- 21. Calle W
22. Nizro
23. Luma (DE)
24. DarkUsleon (DE)
- 25. Saraba (FR)
- 26. Slhoka (FR)
- 27. Fuzzyness (EN)
- 28. King Funk (DK)
29. -Ice- (DE)
- 30. Yomi-No-Kuni (DE)
31. Tomber (DK)
- 32. Jonas (DK)
33. SaiX (ES)
- 34. Chansey NES (DK)
35. PB&J (US)
36. Mew2King (US)
- 37. Fauster Fayk (FR)
38. Phyr (ES)
- 39. Tonberry (NO)
- 40. Jack
- 41. Niño
- 42. Viper
- 43. Faab (NL)
- 44. Enig (NL)
45. UchihaJP (NL)
- 46. Ryuker (NL)
- 47. Zgetto (NL)
- 48. Amsah (NL)
49. Deathgazer (EN)
50. Yeniths (EN)
- 51. Navn (DK)
- 52. Oskar (DK)
- 53. Eagle (DK)
- 54. Stelzig (DK)
- 55. Hadster (UK)
- 56. Zalvador (NO)
- 57. Isa
- 58. Mayhem (FI)
- 59. RTpmwe (FI)
60. VilNess (FI)
- 61. Paju (FI)
- 62. bËst (FI)
63. Salevits (FI)
64. HippiEetu (FI)
65. MasterTK (FI)
- 66. saska (FI)
67. Mallu (FI)
- 68. Jekkukissa (FI)
- 69. PeliQ (FI)
- 70. Nedved (FR)
- 71. Kurenai
- 72. _PO_
- 73. Lukahn (FR)
- 74. Miyakuto (FR)
75. Shloub (FR)
- 76. Demonique (NO)
77. BSeed (FR)
78. Ashura (FR)
- 79. X-17 (FR)
- 80. DjaGoF (FR)
81. Kurogane (FR)
82. Darko (FR)
- 83. porc (FR)
- 84. Livetokill (NO)
- 85. Cyr (FR)
- 86. Widl (NO)
88. Hungrybox (US)
89. Doraki (FR)
- 90. Samplay (FR)
- 91. Mahie (FR)
92. G aR (FR)
- 93. Willy (FR)
- 94. Tekk (FR)
96. Kage (CA)
- 97. VJ
98. Jolteon (EN)
99. Happosai (NL)
- 100. Dax (IT)
- 101. Vincent (IT)
- 102. Overlord (IT)
- 103. Aldwyn (IT)
- 104. Pablo (IT)
- 105. AvengerAngel (IT)
- 106. Omega (IT)
- 107. Alain (IT)
- 108. Smash Alex
- 109. Blackmoose (NO)
110. Ace55 (NL)
111. Zephy (?)
112. Neasala (?)
113. Mind Trick (NL)
114. Mizar (NL)
- 115. Acherontic (NO)
- 116. NorwegianLink (NO)
117. Zone (US)
118. EK
- 119. Q_
- 120. Dev
- 121. Potato Chips (NO)
- 122. Kami (NO)
- 123. CXV (NO)
- 124. Mole Crusher (NO)
- 125. Smakis
- 126. Mazor
- 127. Lamp
- 128. Speedy
- 129. Efterblivne
- 130. Joanna Dark (FR)
- 131. Sick (IT)
- 132. Joeri (NL)
- 133. Taka92 (NO)
- 134. Timi (AT)
- 135. Natu (NO)
136. Shino (NL)
137. Webz (LU)
138. Meo (LU)
- 139. Random-Ness
- 140. BeLia (FR)
- 141. Morita (FR)
142. MeLLiS
- 143. Oscxar
- 144. DJ Black (NO)
- 145. Ludde
- 146. Kruse
- 147. Veetaak
- 148. raxomukus
- 149. M0ze (NO)
150. Serrr (NL)
- 151. Fays (NL)
- 152. ddiz (EN)
153. Max
154. Hybrid
155. tschkdone (AT)
- 156. Olikus (NO)
- 157. ganonwagon (EN)
- 158. Kriz (NO)
- 159. Mononoke (FR)
- 160. MetalFox (FR)
- 161. JiM (FR)
- 162. Tenebron (FR)
- 163. Datto (FR)
- 164. Elg (NO)
- 165. Cromat (FR)
- 166. MasterKai
- 167. Widde
- 168. RPG
- 169. Anami
-170. Corn

Taken of the list:
Dr Peepee (US)
Abild (DK)
Thias (DK)
Mirko (IT)
Melt (IT)
Salepate (FR)
Baxon (FR)
Ripple (US)
Freestylin (CR)
Norm (AT)
Pasi (AT)
kiw1 (AT)
Biglard (FR)
Draxraven (FR)
LordYggdrasil (FR)
darko (?)

(pretty accurate at least)
SE: 52
FR: 34
NO: 14
FI: 12
NL: 12
IT: 10
DK: 8
UK: 8
US: 6
DE: 4
AT: 5
ES: 2
LU: 2
AU: 1
CR: 1
CA: 1
?: 2

*Tournament Organizer
**Assistant Tournament Organizer
(People without a "country tag" are from Sweden.)

B.E.A.S.T 2 Teams thread: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?p=12390514#post12390514
B.E.A.S.T 2 Housing thread: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?p=12916420#post12916420


Smash Journeyman
Aug 11, 2009
A few minor changes to the event might happen, but the major parts are set.

Edit: WTB Capitalization


Smash Ace
Oct 19, 2004
Sweden, West Coast
Can a mod change the title to "B.E.A.S.T II"?

Anyway, HYPE! Finally a big european tournament again. And yanks, step up and get you ***** over the pond!


Smash Ace
Oct 19, 2004
Sweden, West Coast
Don't be scared americans. It won't be any "stacks" for PP or any "USA" chants. Here in Sweden it will be "FÖÖRSTÅÅRUUU?!"

It is pretty tought though, so I understand if you don't dare come.

t3h Icy

Smash Master
Jun 12, 2009
I'm sure some folk over here in North America will go after Armada wins Genesis 2.


Smash Hero
Apr 27, 2007
If only I weren't poor lol. The results of this will be a nice end to the summer.


Smash Master
Feb 19, 2009
I'm sure some folk over here in North America will go after Armada wins Genesis 2.
It would be nice to see Armada win an american tournament.

He's gotta get over mango, and pp though...plus that armada/hbox rematch.


Smash Cadet
Oct 2, 2010
Tampere, Finland
People from Finland will come again for sure. I advertise this in our forums and I think that we will get atleast the same amount that we had last time (12 if I remember correctly).

Tourneypressure really hit me last time I wont let that happen again :)


Smash Master
Feb 5, 2008
Santa Cruz
not this year but definitely next year i wanna go to europe

i might try studying abroad as well but for next year.....hold another one of these next summer and i'll do all i can to go!

King Funk

Int. Croc. Alligator
Nov 1, 2008
Copenhagen, Denmark
not this year but definitely next year i wanna go to europe

i might try studying abroad as well but for next year.....hold another one of these next summer and i'll do all i can to go!
Dang that's a long term project.

Imo you should win Genesis 2 and then come to Europe. =D


Smash Master
Jan 8, 2010
Uppsala, Sweden
Wait, really?

Gather all the swedish brawl players and do it, omg

Seriously, if that gets M2K here then it's ****ing worth it
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