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B.E.A.S.T 2 Results and Shoutouts


Smash Journeyman
Aug 11, 2009
B.E.A.S.T 2 Results
August 10-14th, 2011

Melee singles - 112 entrants
1: Armada
2: Ice
3: Zgetto
4: leffen
5: Hack
5: Aldwyn
7: Faab
7: IVP
9: Pepito
9: Tekk
9: Pamaro
9: Calle W
13: Random-Ness
13: Dev
13: EK
13: Fuzzyness
17: Mayhem
17: Nedech
17: Tonberry
17: porc
17: Enig
17: Aniolas
17: DJ Black
17: Smasher89
25: Rocky
25: Paju
25: Däumling
25: MasterKai
25: Svingelkingen
25: AvengerAngel
25: Doraki
25: Eagle

Melee teams - 51 teams
1: Aniolas & Armada
2: Fuzzyness & Ice
3: Faab & Zgetto
4: IVP & Pepito
5: leffen & AJP
5: Calle W & GsE
7: Aldwyn & Dax
7: porc & Enig
9: Nedech & Dev
9: Hack & Jadde
9: Däumling & Pamaro
9: EK & Akke
13: Acherontic & Kriz
13: Rocky & Timi
13: Smakis & Mahie
13: Android & Smasher89
17: Doraki & Ryuker
17: Random-Ness & Mellis
17: King Funk & Tomber
17: Shloka & Tekk
17: DJ Black & Tonberry
17: Viper & Osxcar
17: stelzig & Eagle
17: AvengerAngel & Omega
25: Fauster Fayk & DjaGoF
25: Pablo & Overlord
25: Mayhem & Paju
25: Joanna Dark & Niño
25: Flikkflakk & Jerk
25: bËst & PeliQ
25: Sick & Alain
25: Cromat & Belia


Smash Journeyman
Aug 11, 2009
I am going to update the OP with more results later, and I will update this post with shoutouts :)

Alex Strife

Smash Hero
Apr 24, 2006
lolex - chibosempai should be contacting u regarding the stipend but great work


Smash Ace
Aug 14, 2010
Roma, Italy

Aniolas & Lolex

Best tournament I've ever been guys, you've been such nice and helpful and really managed to make everything perfect. Everything was well run and fast. Really looking forward to the next one :D.


Congrats man, you are really really good, I liked our set in pool and you've been really nice all the time. I had so much fun when AvengerAngel told me that when Alain asked you where the bathroom was, you asked him what was his name, and he asked you back "and who are you?" xD That guy is so much fun!


Man, what can I say, it's always a great time hanging around and play with you, you really managed to get sooooo good no one can still even imagine! I really got sooo much better just watching you play and had SO MUCH FUN all the time. If I recall right, your Falco is like 10x better than Leffen WOOOW

Don't get frustrated 'cause there is really no reason, I can tell when you are gonna play good and win just because you're laughing while playing, that's how it should always be.

When you were yelling alone to YOURSELF "FOUR STOCK FOUR STOCK" against IVP I was laughing my *** off!

Next time I'll give you better dittos and we'll improve metagame even further xD


Faab you were the nicest guy in the venue and the best sheriff ever XD

So cool playing pool with you guys and hanging 'round, next time I expect "La Puta Loca" to get first, you guys are AMAZING. But Miguel sucks at being an Outlaw :D Get BANGED MAN!

We definitely have to hang around more in the city next tournament, we didn't even get a beer!

I left you two sleeping on the couch this morning, wanted to say bye but didn't want to wake you up. Hope to see ya very soon guys :)


Good **** in BANG! we were the perfect Deputies!


I finally made someone say "Aldwyn is the best european Falco"! It was really nice talkin' to you, and I enjoyed your commentary overall :D

Thanks a lot for the coke man, I was striving for it!


Our Marths are soooo good it's not even funny!

We have to play more next time, Melee and BANG!, and really good **** taking a match off of Aldwyn in pools man ;)

Works on your comboing against Fox and it's done!


You are very good man, amazing Yoshi and Falco, next time accept Ice's Falco dittos MM though!


Who's the best? Who's the best? Gogogo The Italian Stallion bringin' it back ONCE again!
If it wasn't for me, you would've never took 2 matches off of Ice man, and you know it!

Really good ****, never quit playing, you're so ****ing good man.


Yo man you are very good and such nice and polite! I enjoyed our set in teams against you and IVP and good **** for fourth and ninth placing!


You are the best man! So good, so fun, had a really great time with you Mahie and Slhoka, your Puff is really good next time you're gonna place even higher. I owe you a MM!

Don't fear Ice's Fox, he's just tech skills and a badge! ;D


It's been nice talkin' to you, we are so good we had to sandbag against Fuzz and Ice to make it close! Double Falco FTW.


Stick to Falcon man! Amazing set against Armada, you were just one stock away from GLORY.
Really fun playing with you and Ice, always lot of stuff to learn, next time imma rapin' your ****ty low tiers and secondaries man, you betcha!


Calle W

I think you should've stayed Falco against Ice, I know he's so good against him, but you are so good you had to try with your main. Seemed to me like you knew from the beginning the outcome and didn't try your best, I really hope to see you more at European tournies and not just in Sweden!


I forgot our MM man! Next time we'll do it, and we'll play more friendlies, we played just three or four and didn't feel like we were really trying.


You, Pamaro and Ice went by CAR! You are MAH HERO!


Come to Italy man! Your "italian" is AMAZING ahahahahahahahah

Shoutouts to all the frenchies, (porc, Doraki, JD) and my homies from Italy, we did great guys, Italy definitely stepping it up.



Smash Ace
Jun 14, 2009
great tournament

i brought my A game for most of r2 pools and i'm "satisfied"

going to work much harder before i go to apex though

shoutouts to everyone i can remember (wavering in and out of fever atm)

tekk: very impressive jiggs, not surprised you beat calle w in pools and got top 10
i probably just got lucky in our set :)

overlord: lol yeah same, sorry lol. thanks for making me realize i need to work on my marth game though

timi: we did really well in teams i think, esp considering the teams we beat in the bracket. shame singles didn't go so well for you though

pamaro: falcon dittos

faab/zgetto: legit
faab wanted a bigger shoutout lol
you were cool to hang out and smash with even though we only played teams (which i hate with a passion)

tonberry: tight set even though we weren't really warmed up hah
nice to see norway stepping it up again
fittetryne ftw

dj black: dj neger

ice: get ****ed up in sheik/marth dittos
gz on your performance though

navn: nice fox, i think you lack experience vs falcon though

aldwyn: do you know rocky?
too bad we didn't play any singles, i wanted to reclaim my title as the italian stallion

puzzyness: thanks for the advice you gave me and grats on your performance even though your bracket sucked

mayhem: neutroni jr
hope to play you again

cromat: i heard you were dissatisfied with your performance in r2, that's too bad
your falcon seemed pretty good from what i saw

jd: you counter me/i suck vs falco
our pool was pretty stacked so dw about not making it out, you got this next time

daumling: your icies are very good i think, good job making brackets

ddiz: we only played 1 friendly in singles lol
nice to meet you though

ryuker: thanks for cheering me on in r2 pools, i think it made me play better

slhoka: really cool hanging out with you for a full week, too bad we never went to liseberg though

metalfox: amazing ness

jimi: amazing mario

x-17: good ****, hope you liked the tournament

avengerangek: sorry for not playing the mm, i forgot and was also really unhyped for serious smash at the time

norwegian guy that played pool: too good

enig: cool to see you again, the stuff in r2 pools sucks if its true but you still did well in both events i think :)

flavio: carbonara too good. we didn't speak or play much =/

mahie: thought you would make it to bracket but **** happens i guess :/
nice spending a week with you and the other frenchies as i've already said

samplay: you're ok

everyone i played: ggs

probably forgetting lots of people still =(

my fb if you wanna add me: facebook.com/rockyfalcon


Smash Lord
May 11, 2010
Stockholm, Sweden
I made all of my shoutouts to the swedes on our boards so I will just say thanks to all foreigners who wanted to play vs me and thanks to all foreigners who came, Europe is stepping up and if America plans to come here and expect to win then they'll have to bring their A game for sure ;)


Smash Journeyman
Oct 5, 2009
This is Eagle in case people were wondering.

Amazing tournament. I was really happy I made it to bracket, and I'd like to say good games to everyone I played. Hopefully Denmark managed to impress a little, since we've always been behind like every other country in Europe!


Lolex and everyone else who hosted the tourney: Thank you so much for everything. The tournament was amazing, the venue was great, you did an awesome job with organizing everything. I'm sure it isn't easy to manage a tourney with over 100 people (especially when a lot of those are really ****ing bad at cleaning up). I hope we'll see more Beauties and Beasts in the future!

Tekk: Originally when I accepted your moneymatch, I don't think I really understood how good you were, grats on 9th place in bracket. You're a really smart Puff player and a nice guy. Our moneymatch was pretty awesome, shame it wasn't recorded. It could easily have gone both ways, but I'm happy I pulled through in the end.

Hack: Like I said to you, your Marth is so damn entertaining. We didn't get to play friendlies this time either, since whenever I was available to play friendlies, you were away. Some other time though, for sure. Grats on 5th, and good job being such a cool guy.

Fauster: Samus dittos are so wack. I'm sorry I couldn't give you any general tips, but I think it's more about developing your own style. We had a good moneymatch, gg!

Shloka: Sorry we didn't get to play any "real" friendlies, I woke up pretty late on the last day. We had some very funny matches still, haha.

Norwegians: Sorry if the Danes seem a bit disinterested in the crew battle on the last day, I think we were all just pretty exhausted after the last couple of days. We'll give you a proper showing next time, I hope. Tonberry and DJ Black, we had some good matches in doubles.

Metalfox: Holy ****, your Ness is so good. Good friendlies, man.

Svingelkingen: Best nickname ever

Once again, thanks to everyone else in my R1 and R2 pools, I'm pretty happy I managed to get 2nd and 4th seed, respectively. I felt like I was playing pretty damn good in R2 especially. GGs to AJP, Dev, Ice, Ek, Jerk, Overlord, Drwish (spelling?). I should've asked for more friendlies with you guys.

Danes: Good job, I'm happy we're improving so fast!

I'm sorry if I missed anyone, I'm trying to remember everything that happened.


Smash Apprentice
Jul 2, 2008
This tournament has to be the best one i've ever attended internationally. The venue was sooo good, and everything went so smoothly. THANK YOU, Lolex and crew, for making this stuff happen.

Now, when someone has the courtesy to make something HUUUGE like this, it is OUR DUTY as contestants to help Lolex and company out, and ****ing clean up our own ****. One of the days there was a clogged toilet. This was evident by the huge amounts of TOILET PAPER blocking it. Still, multiple people decided to take a piss into said toilet, resulting in complete disaster. Seriously :/. Also, the kitchen was a complete mess, with uncleaned stuff everywhere, that i'm guessing the crew had to clean up after the event. Besides that, **** was just lying about everywhere. It really saddens me that the people responsible for establishing this event had to waste so many hours cleaning up disgusting stuff.


Now for the shoutouts:
Aldwyn: You are still utterly amazing at this game. This time, i felt like i could actually compete even though you ***** me. Next time will probably be better.

Jadde: I said i'd get my revenge and i did. :D. You're an amazing player, and i'm pretty sure you'd beat me most of the times.

Akke: Your Sheik was pretty brutal too, i think our set was amazingly close. If only i'd have beaten you i could've gone on to brackets :(

Rocky: Yeah, good matches. I definitely lack Falcon experience, since we don't really have any super strong Falcons in Denmark. I have it hard when i'm not the fastest character on stage.

Paju: You and the other finnish people were incredible nice and polite. Your Peach was crazy, and playing you taught me alot about the matchup. I'm happy that
you did so well.

Mayhem: You're so freaking technical. GG's.

DJ Black: Nice Marth, i really dug our set in R1 pools.

Hack: You seem like such a nice guy, and i really dig your playstyle. Moar friendlies next event! Also, learn to beat Armada ^^

Zgetto: You're hot.

Tekk: You're sooo good. I'm gonna moneymatch you next time we meet, when i'm more prepared and playing better. I'll take back my 10SKR!

scarabc: Keep playing and you'll improve :)

Ryuker: Nice Marth and Sheik, i think you could benefit from being a little more aggresive, i felt like you didn't throw out enough attacks.

Sick: Very good Peach! I enjoyed our close matches.

AvengerAngel: Good job on making bracket. I'm sorry about the suicides, you'll have to work on that ;).

Flasher89: Next time, next time.

Lolex: Again, thanks alot for making these events. You're such an important person to the community and i respect the hell out of you for that.

Jim: Holy ****, your Mario is awesome. I almost didn't make it out of R1 pools because of you. Good stuff.

Smakis: You seemed like a nice guy, and if you couldn't tell, i had a fun time playing you x)

IVP: get your *** 4-stocked in 59 seconds, *****!

Pepito: Nice matches, i learned alot by playing you. Let's play moar next time kkkkk.

Shloka: We really didn't play or talk much, but i thought i'd throw you a shoutout anyway. You and your accent are equally awesome.

Svingelkingen: best nick ever

Fuzzyness: I think you should stick to playing Falcon, or practise your Fox alot more against Peach before trying to use it again. You and Zgetto could learn quite abit from Ice's playstyle against him, if you insist on playing Fox. Good stuff anyway.

I'm sorta sad that i didn't make bracket when i was so close, but my round 2 pool matches were some of the best i have had in my life, and i want to thank my opponents for that. I'll make it far next time, and so will Eagle ^^

If i forgot anyone, it's because there's a few people i played whose nicknames i forgot. I love you <3

also, my facebook if anyone wants to add me:


Smash Journeyman
Dec 6, 2006
Hyllykallio, Finland
Right now I don't have enough energy to give personal Shoutz, but I like to say something about the whole experience.

The word that discribes my feelings most is: AWESOME!. You guys got great organization skills and you truly made this thing great from every aspect. Special thanks to Aniolas and Lolex who hosted the whole thing and were really friendly towards everyone. You really earned my respect! :). It was also great to meet all the best players in Europe (Damn you Amsah!) and see your matches through the whole extended weekend. This really was worth of travelling!

But then I also got something to say that ruined one side of my personal experiences: Seedings... They costed me the whole singles tournament :(. I won't even bother to bring this up, but some of you Swedish (definitely no offense! :) ) blamed our seedings back in Tampora 2 tournament last May. You blamed that our seeding but you guys battle against each other but things weren't any better at BEAST 2. Somehow I ended up in the same round 2 pool with my good friend Paju. There were 3 finnish players through the first pool and there were 8 different round 2 pools... I just dont get why I had to battle against Paju for the last place in the bracket (Armada in the same pool didn't give too much chances to battle for the first place :p)

I understand, that you guys had lot to do with seedings because there were too many players to handle, but still... this system sucked badly. The result of seedings were that I forfeit my matches against Paju because I didn't feel comfortable that I needed to battle my good friend, who clearly is new generation superstar in Finland, about the last place in the bracket.

Also it was kinda ridiculous that I lost only two sets (one against Armada and one against Pepito, both on round 2 + the one I forfeit against Paju) and I didn't make it to the bracket but there were players those lost maybe even 6 sets during the pool rounds bit they make it to the bracket. it is kinda lame that there is no value on that how you do on the first round.

For the incoming tourneys those include more than one poolround I like to suggest that is it possible to give more value for that, if player plays well right from the start? Like players those advances on the next round gets some extra points according to their seed they got at the first round? And going to next round it shouldn't be any "new seedings". I think it should be like you just combine top 4 from two pools in the one new pool (like top4 from 1st and 16th gets together etc.) and there players should face all the guys from the other pool those get through and so on. Like they do in the Ice Hockey tournaments. This is fair way to avoid those "new seedings" and it also gives value to play well starting from the round one.

This is just a suggestion, because my tourney fever went really down on the second round because of the seedings. Maybe this is at least worth of trying?

But anyways... the whole trip was awesome. My whining had nothing personal towards anyone, but I just needed to bring it up. Thank you guys so much for the experience and I'm really looking forward to meet and play you all again! :)

THANK YOU! :) you guys are awesome!


Smash Journeyman
Nov 9, 2005
As a part of the crew, and directly responsible for organizing the clean-up, I agree 100% with the Danes about the mess. MAJOR props to the black guy in a red T-shirt (ddiz?) who kept asking if there was something he could do, and also helped me out with cleaning up.
If you were in a friend's house, would you buy pizza, Cheerios and pasta, cook and eat some (but not all) at his place, and then leave the dishes and the leftovers randomly where you ate? Now imagine that 50 persons did this...because they totally did.
In the future, if I'm part of the crew, I will completely disregard everyone who wants to use the kitchen. So many things went out of control.

I have a few shoutouts and the main one is apologizing to my crew mates and Lolex for not cleaning up enough, which I was responsible for. I am sorry for this.

Other shoutouts...
Shloka is a nice guy, doing stream work and whatnot.
Zgetto is almost decent at chess.
Overlord is a hobo.
HANDEN was fun but I sucked. GG's to everyone I played.
porc/Enig - GET ***** BY POJKEN OCH FLICKAN. Haha, I'm so glad we managed to take a game.
Ice - Good stuff. We had a nice battle in pools, it was way closer than I thought it'd be.
Black guy helping me clean up (ddiz?) - you are awesome. Thanks a lot.

Swedish players might get shoutouts over at our forum.



Smash Apprentice
Aug 24, 2005
The people who managed to clog the toilets should have their reproduction rights removed. Do you have any idea how small the toilets on the lower floor were? How the fück is a fat guy like me gonna fit in there?

**** you guys =(

Good tournament nonetheless. I'll post shoutouts eventually.


Smash Journeyman
Sep 19, 2004
Great tournament, nice to see you all again^^
Congratz to Armada for winning, and especially to you Ice for beasting up everyone in loosers bracket!
more to come later


Smash Rookie
Jan 1, 2010
I had a lot of fun at this tournament, enjoyed commentating while europe's finest was beating the crap out of eachother!
Here are some shoutouts:

Randomness: After that thing you did in pools I couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the day, everytime I thought of it I just bursted out in laugher! You are awesome! 13th!

Osxcar: We owned in teams. Had a lot of fun! team CC downsmash for the win! ;) Thanks for driving us to gothenburg also! Was a nice trip!

Nino: I had a great time with you the whole tournament! You are one of the reasons why this tournament was so great!

Aniolas: I really enjoyed commentating singles with you, we had a nice flow! The ride home was also a lot of fun! I owned the job interview so no worries! :)

Ice: Your marth is close to perfect! It's fun watching you play because you spread happiness when you're ****** (unlike real rapists)
ps. I'm stealing some of your marth moves.

MikeHaggar: We are the best commentators in europe. You deserve more medals than your heart can emotionally handle.

Hack: MAH BOI! You are ****, son.

Overlord: I had a really nice chat with you! I really hope to see you at a tournament soon! Money Match? ;) btw. my prediction before GF was correct!


Faab: You are a really funny guy! Was nice meeting you and watching your swag falco!


gse: Sleep with one eye open. I'll stab it! ;D

Armada: Deeeen dåååååå! You just ***** europe again.

Jadde: Was nice to meet again, we do that way to little.


CW: It feels like you've been practising because your falco was really sick! Keep it up and **** Apex!

Leffen: You should've played yoshiiiiee. just sayin.

Fuzz: Nice played against armada, it feelt like you knew the matchup very well! However, armada is armada ;)

People I forgot to mention, pretend that I said something really nice about you.

To everyone else: See you at beast 3!


Smash Journeyman
Dec 4, 2006
Espoo, Finland
Congratz to my boys Paju and Mayhem! From the Finnish players I thought that exactly you two would do fine, and you did awesome! ^_^

Also, bËst did much better than I expected, very nice job.


Smash Lord
Feb 10, 2009
Lyon, France
Okay, time for shoutouts:

Lolex - Awesome tournament man, also awesome housing, I had so much fun at your place, I'm really sorry I was too noisy tho. =/
Hope to see you soon (at BEASTIII ?), you are a really cool guy.

Aniolas - Has anyone ever told you that you look extra clean ? I think it's an aura thing, but still haha. I was dissapointed we didn't get to play in tournament (really wanted to face your sheik), but I enjoyed watching your sheik in teams, your teamplay is so smart.
Also congratz on running such an amazing event, even tho the porc thing which was dissapointing.
Next time we MUST play !

OverLord & AvengerAngel - Really fun guys to hang out with, I loved talking with you two ! Even tho we barely played Overlord, I hope we do next time.

Omega - You're shy but your puff is good, keep it up! I'm sorry that fuzzyness kinda kicked you out of our session. xD

Tonberry - We didn't play at all, but I have a lot of respect for you and everything you do in this community, you're the man, man! Though you looked sad at some point, hope everything was alright for you. :(

All the norwegians - Our crew battles were super fun, you guys know how to bring the hype! (especially madlobster, who was hella mad yooo) Let's do this again at the christmas tournament I will probably attend. ;)

Fuzzyness - Hope we meet in a tournament soon, I'll be ready for your fox. ;D YMCA

Ice - Such a showoff LMAO, playing with you was so fun. Good stuff for pretty much beating the whole loser bracket, it was impressive.

Armada - We didn't play puff vs Ylink friendlies, but whatever, we surely will next time. Congratz for taking our lunch money once more, you bully.

Hack - Thanks for the YLink advice, you are such a nice guy. I'm really glad I met you. Dat kirby 3stocked my falcon... How depressing lmao

King Funk - Tu gères, j'ai été super content de te rencontrer, ajoute moi sur msn!

Faab - I really like your falco, your spacing is so smart. I'll be training for next time. :)

Zgetto - miguel so unique

Rocky - After our set I was like "OH HELL NO", you better be extra careful next time. ;D

Calle W - I don't think I deserved to win our set after you SD'd first match, and I wish porc would've beaten you, cause we would have met in loser bracket, and had an awesome and legit Bo5.

Mikehaggar - hahahahahaha you so crazy

Leffen - I am soooo full of salt I'm starting to look like a cracker.
Juste don't get it over your head, I don't mind losing to you cause I'll get you next time, mark my words. ;D

Flavio - Thoses pastas man....SOOOOO good!

Aldwyn - Good stuff for 5th spot, I enjoyed the few matches we played, I really like your fancy falco.

Eagle - I enjoyed our match as well ^^ but I'll be training with Cyr from now on, get prepared!

Navn - I would've liked to talk to you more, too bad we didn't get to play until the very end of the event, you seem a fun guy.

I guess that's it, sorry for the people I might have forgotten, I'm really tired right now.


Aldwyn McCloud

Smash Ace
Apr 23, 2005
My home (in Italy :D)
I had so much fun when AvengerAngel told me that when Alain asked you where the bathroom was, you asked him what was his name, and he asked you back "and who are you?" xD That guy is so much fun!
I'm at my gf's place right now so I will only throw out proper shoutouts in about 3 days but after reading this I couldn't keep myself from commenting.



Smash Cadet
Oct 5, 2008
Lolex&Aniolas: Great organizing thank you guys, will surely come again for the next one!

leffen: Gratz on the 4th place and great set against zgetto you will get him next time. Had fun time playing friendlies with you. Your falco is crazy good :)

Random-ness: Good **** getting 13th place, I think that's what you were aiming for(?), I am sure that you can do better than that though! I will get you next time if we face eachother! :D Even though we didn't play much it was very nice to talk to you, see you next time! :)

AJP: Kiitos kyydin järjestämisestä ois melko todennäkösesti Suomen porukalta jääny ilman sitä koko turnaus väliin.

Rocky: Close friendlies too bad that we both played horribly in our bracket matches and I even had to go falco, because my techskill just kept messing up with fox :/ Your cf is sexy and you have great techchases.

IVP: Your fox is nice I really like your unique combos. Next time we have to play some friendlies too! Onnea seitsemännestä sijasta! :)

Navn&Doraki&other fox mains I played: Really nice playing with you, it is always nice to see how other people play the character and pick up some new mindgames and stuff.

Great tournament allaround, but I have one rant: Toilet usage was so bad. I just don't get how hard it is for people to keep those clean after they are done there. One toilet was filled with toiletpaper, one had pee on the floor (seriously wtf?) and then at somepoint the downstair toilets started to turn into dumpsters so yea people definetly need to work on that. I feel for the people who have to clean those...

Maybe more shoutouts later.


Smash Rookie
Jun 23, 2010
Very nice tournament, thank you! Looking forward to B.E.A.S.T III already. :D

Feels like I learned something and improved a little during the tournament. Thank you for those who played with me even though I'm still a total noob. And a big thank you for those who gave me some advice and tips while playing etc.
Last edited:


The Reality!
May 1, 2006
London, Barkingside
yo aldwyn what edition of Bang! was it?

Bang! The Bullet? (the one with all 3 expansions)

but it says its the 3rd edition rules and 4th edition is out :s so im not sure

I'll do shoutouts soon


Smash Ace
Aug 14, 2010
Roma, Italy
yo aldwyn what edition of Bang! was it?

Bang! The Bullet? (the one with all 3 expansions)

but it says its the 3rd edition rules and 4th edition is out :s so im not sure

I'll do shoutouts soon
It's the one with 3 expansion, The Bullet. The fourth expansion is cool but it adds more randomness lol.

Aldwyn McCloud

Smash Ace
Apr 23, 2005
My home (in Italy :D)
yo aldwyn what edition of Bang! was it?

Bang! The Bullet? (the one with all 3 expansions)

but it says its the 3rd edition rules and 4th edition is out :s so im not sure

I'll do shoutouts soon
Yeah, mine was the bullet (although I didn't bring the whole bullet box itself as it would never fit in my hand luggage). The bullet contains all the expansion packs: core set, dodge city (which contains half of the characters, all the green cards and some blue and brown cards), high noon (one of the decks the sheriff reveals cards from at the beginning of its turn) and a fistful of cards (the other one of those decks). So if you're seeking to get all the expansions I definitely suggest you to get the bullet. There's also two characters (Johnny kitsch and claus the saint) and the handcuffs card which appearently are promo cards only available in the bullet. For the edition thing afaik the only difference is the desing of some cards and a typo on the rag time card which completely changes its effect (but you can correct it anyway, like I did) so you can pretty much ignore that thing I think. On a side note, another expansion pack called Wild West Show was created after the bullet was made and is therefore not included in it. This one contains around 10 new characters (all broken, lame and top tier) and 10 high noon-like cards that are revealed whenever someone plays a Stagecoach or Wells Fargo card and have terribly lame effects (for example one is called gag and prevents players from talking. Those who do lose 1 HP)

Also, I wanna change my smashboards name to simply Aldwyn. How can I do it?


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Nov 10, 2007
Also, I wanna change my smashboards name to simply Aldwyn. How can I do it?
Someone told me you have to have the "premium" membership you pay for, and then you can do it once every 3 months.

Also, super-hyped for the vids from this :)


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Jan 9, 2006
Also, super-hyped for the vids from this :)
A few teams sets are up, but I got stuck on making the annotations for the two crew-battles I recorded. Have to make a new annotation-generator...
Also, there is camera-footage of the players from between matches, and I'm trying to figure out the easiest way to add those to the videos.


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Aug 8, 2011
Oslo, Norway
Thanks a lot for a ****ing awesome tournament! I had a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to the next one already. I feel kinda stupid for not playing more friendlies with people, though. But I was probably too scared of getting brutally ***** :'<

France vs. Norway was epic, and everyone was screaming like crazy. My voice was totally ****ed up for the rest of the tournament after the first day :D

Looks like this tournament brought the Norwegian smash community back to life, so it looks like there will be some tournaments and stuff in Norway too :>


Lolex and the other organizers: Thanks for hosting a great tournament!

Norwegians: Fy faen så jævlig heftig det var med en stor turnering igjen. Var kult å se at så mange nye og gamle smashere dukket opp! Håper det blir masse turneringer framover :>

Penis man/Mononoke: You're ****ing awesome! And your link was crazy, lol. Hope to see you on the next big tournament :D We gotta make some more awesome pictures!

Armada: Congrats on winning!


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Aug 23, 2009
This tournament was epic! Thanks for hosting it!

shoutout to Jekku, you are the best teammate ever ;) ( I'm the dutch guy that played with you lol )
Also Mahie, your accent is too good and it was really nice to finally meet you! Amazing powershields as always.
King Funk, thanks for housing me before and after beast and beasting on me with that amazing falco of yours =)
Stan, you're the nicest guy ever! For real! I really look forward to chilling with you again! Also a shoutout to your brother Brian, he has a hella smooth ganon =).
Aske, you are simply awesome!
Olikus, good **** bringing 64! We'll do a tourney next time!
Enig, Faab, jullie zijn allebei te goed maar gewoon maandje geduld **** ik jullie wel =)

Good stuff everyone, if I forgot people, I enjoyed playing everyone!

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