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AvalonVI | Netherlands | Armada Amsah Ice Over Remen Jeapie Reaper etc | 29.11.2014


Smash Lord
Sep 16, 2003
The Hague , Netherlands

Melee / Brawl / Smash 4 3DS
What was Avalon VI
Marc and Remen returned with the 6th edition in the successful Avalon series, the premiere smash event in the Netherlands. Aside from Melee, the main event with 80 players in attendance, the tournament also housed smash4 3DS and Brawl. With the exception of Zgetto and Marc, of which the latter didn’t enter due to hosting duties, all the Dutch top Melee players were present. In addition, Ice, Over and [A]Armada, 3 very strong international players, made the trip which resulted in some intense sets against in particular LLL.Jeapie and Amsah with some exciting upsets in the European Smash landscape. An overview of the matches to look out for was released shortly before the tournament and can be found here.
Mr-R, who recently won Sky Williams Smash 4 invitational, finished first in Smash4 after beating Armada in both winners and grand finals. iStudying finished 3rd. Brawl was also won by Mr-R after beating iStudying. Tonie finished 3rd place. Though Avalon housed 3 smash games and 5 events in one day the tournament finished well on time. The biggest factor for this was the requirement to register and pay two weeks up front, the other was tight disciplined hosting.
A more comprehensive review can be found here

Date: 29-11-2014
Entrants: Melee(80), Brawl(19), Smash 4 3DS(25)

Results, Attendees, Brackets etc: SmashNL - SmashBoards
Original Tournament Threads: SmashNL - SmashBoards

All vids: Full Sets - Streamed by SaltyPlayground, Recorded and Uploaded by SaltyPlayground and PogoPeanut
SmashNL - Youtube Playlists

Recommended sets: links coming up when vids are available
Amsah vs Ice LF, Amsah vs Over LS, Armada vs Ice WF, Jeapie vs Remen WQ, Over vs Ice WS,
Armada Marc vs Adam Ice GF, Over Jeapie vs Adam Ice LF,

Software & Hardware used: Ask SaltyPlayground, Windows 8, Elgato Game Capture HD, AviDemux Latest Nightly Build.

Pictures: - Facebook Album

Timelapse by SaltyPlayground: Here

1vs1 - Bracket
Full YouTube Playlist

Teams - Bracket
Full YouTube Playlist

Next edition - January 31st, 2015

Enjoy ^^​
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