Avalon I - The Netherlands, Europe - APEX Qualifier


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Sep 14, 2002
The Netherlands
Melee Singles (64 entrants)
1: Ice :sheikmelee:
2: Remen :falcomelee:
3: Amsah :sheikmelee:
4: Jeapie :falconmelee:
5: sixx :linkmelee:
5: Marc :peachmelee:
7: Faab :falcomelee:
7: Adam :falcomelee: :sheikmelee:
9: Enig :foxmelee:
9: dancingqueen :foxmelee:
9: Zgetto :foxmelee:
9: mind trick :yoshimelee:
13: Leon :roymelee: :marthmelee:
13: Lawrencelot :sheikmelee:
13: AlphaDash :icsmelee: :falcomelee:
13: Ace :falconmelee: :ganondorfmelee:
17: UchihaJP
17: Avalancer
17: Coen
17: Guus
17: trickerL
17: Fays
17: Jimmy
17: Ser
25: Jeffz0r
25: Schlimm Shady
25: Tonie
25: Ryuker
25: Ivootjes
25: Rebaz
25: Var Parasite
25: Ivra
33: Distsidia
33: DomineeFrank
33: BBoyindo
33: CODE
33: Stijn
33: Jynx
33: Frank
33: eaSy
33: Luigimitsu
33: Kennis van Ramses
33: Xaghtaersis
33: Reinier
33: Four Sword
33: Ramses
33: Bor
49: Sjakmachien
49: Aqua
49: Blood
49: Tommy
49: captainbatty
49: Faeniks
49: Raxer
49: Thimo
49: istudying
49: Gondaj
49: Rick
49: luukos
49: Wessel
49: Gymmo
49: Krul
49: Thom


Melee Teams (21 teams)
1: Remen + Ice
2: Amsah + Faab
3: Adam + Zgetto
4: dancingqueen + sixx
5: Jimmy + AlphaDash
5: Jeapie + Marc
7: Enig + Ser
7: Ryuker + UchihaJP
9: Guus + Lawrencelot
9: istudying + Mr-R
9: Avalancer + Jeffz0r
9: Coen + TrickerL
13: Aqua + Tonie
13: Fays + Rebaz
13: Stijn + Bboyindo
13: Azeez + Ivra
17: Ramses + KvR
17: Ace + mind trick
17: Frank + luukos
17: CODE + Four Sword
17: Blood + captainbatty


Brawl Singles (51 entrants)
1: Mr-R :metaknight: :marth: :snake:
2: Leon :marth:
3: Dany :marth: :popo:
4: Chair :wario:
5: istudying :diddy: :popo: :peach:
5: Four Sword :lucario:
7: Ivra :marth: :snake:
7: Marc :metaknight:
9: C.R.Z. :fox:
9: Arvi :marth:
9: Kasper :falco:
9: Gregs :falco:
13: kaak :gw:
13: Geneke :falco:
13: Jmiller :rob: :luigi2:
13: Sinth :snake:
17: Ixis
17: Soreru
17: Tittin
17: Luigimitsu
17: Catpuke
17: Gymmo
17: Ramses
17: RiVer
25: Blizzywolf
25: Hoe4u
25: Skippo
25: Yoren
25: ShadowTl
25: Tonie
25: Ego
25: Psy
33: Yaaay
33: Bowie
33: Slash
33: Yorin
33: Onyx
33: axsiosis
33: Rahx
33: Kennis van Ramses
33: Sol64
33: raw
33: Fade
33: Frank
33: Xaghtaersis
33: Raxer
33: Remen
33: Aqua
49: luukos
49: Rataplan
49: Brian


Brawl Teams (17 teams)
1: Mr.R + Istudying
2: Leon + Yoren
3: Soreru + Dany
4: River + Four Sword
5: Kaak + T
5: Arvi + Ivra
7: Rahx + Psy
7: Aqua + Chair
9: Sinth + Luigimitsu
9: Gregs + Skippo
9: Bowie + Ego
9: ShadowTl + xaght
13: Gymmo + Slash
13: Ramses + Marco
13: Sol64 + Yaaay
13: Frank + Luukos
17: Rataplan + Brian

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Sep 14, 2002
The Netherlands
Sixx is from Germany (traveling with Ice and dancingqueen, among others) and has been attending our locals for a while. He's been steadily improving and had an impressive showing yesterday. I will say in Zgetto's defense that he wasn't playing his best, but it obviously still takes a skilled player to take advantage of that.

~ Gheb ~

Life is just a party
Jun 27, 2008
Is it just me or has Chair started to place better than ever before after "officially" quitting?



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Jul 23, 2007
Leicester, UK
Good showing from the UK, props to AD and the brawlers.
Keith you should be getting top3 in Brawl though you scrub.


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Sep 14, 2002
The Netherlands
I was just told Leon might have won more with Marth than Roy. :x

But yeah, Marth is at most a secondary for some of our better players. There are a few good Marth mains in Europe, but they didn't attend this. European Brawl on the other hand is flooded with Marths. :p


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Sep 14, 2002
The Netherlands
You'll have another chance next month, we intend to close out 2013 with a Melee/Brawl/Soul Calibur V event in the same venue. :)

Four Sword

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Oct 18, 2007
Europe, the Netherlands
Alright, time for some shoutouts!

Marc: Thanks for the hosting, very nice tournament, glad I could be a part of it. Kudos on getting 7th in Brawl
Remen: Thanks for the hosting, let's play some friendlies in melee next time, ok?
Mr. R: Thanks for the games once again, second game was a lot closer than the first lmao.
Dany: I'll try and remember that rule next time ;) GG's and hopefully we will meet again soon
Arvi: Way too closssseeeee, that airdodge into me cost you the match though
RiVer: I didn't expect you to place so poorly, we'll get top 3 in teams next time ;)
Catpuke: Wow you've improved a lot. it was amazingly close, it really could have gone either way
Chair: Why so good? I think we mostly beat/lost to the same people. I wish you the best of luck in Germany
Kasper: I really enjoyed playing you, you're every bit as good as they say and then some.
Kaak: <3 taking 13th out of nowhere again
Soreru: Don't worry about your placing man, it will get better over time, thanks for the support bro.
JMiller: Glad you could make it. First game was really close, 2nd and 3rd game not so much. Next time vs. ROB?
Sinth: Nice to see you again, you did pretty well. Answer the #$*(-ing phone though, I was really worried about you guys =(
Istud: We didn't really play or even talk that much for that matter, but still congrats on your placing.
Ivra: Talent in the making. Solomote ftw
ShadowTL: mah buddy~ be sure to leave the hosting to other people sometimes so you can play though. There were plenty of us who could fill in for you. I hope you had fun, and I'll keep your tv safe for you ;).
Rahx + Psy: You guys are true regulars, it's great seeing you at almost every tournament, I'm not doing separate shoutouts for you guys every tournament though :upsidedown:
Ramses: You clown :laugh: but that's what I love about you, I should have offered you a cup of coffee.
Leon: Nice to see you again, we didn't really play this time, except in dubz.
Ixis: Hype upset vs. Gregs
C.R.Z.: Man I should have played some friendlies with you XD
Slash: Dat GoV experience.
Pika4life: Where the flip were you? haha
Tittin: Sorry for calling you out of nowhere, I had no idea the brits used your phone XD .Nice seeing you again.
Marco: Cool dude, hope to see you again sometime in the future
Var Parasite: Beating me in melee again =(
Ivootjes: Thanks for the games in melee
Ace: We meet everywhere don't we? You bulldozered over me in friendlies. Got some pretty sweet kills though, so I'm happy.

To everyone I forgot or who played friendlies with me: Thank you

To the brits: It was a shame you guys couldn't come, we even got some extra tv's for a fest after. I don't know why you all choose to stay at the venue so late though, you could have easily made it to my house if you had gone right when we left. I hope Kasper didn't experience another trauma :(.

Edit: Special shoutouts to Ryuker/Joeri for saving the stream and for nostalgia factor.


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Dec 26, 2011
Shoutouts from me:

Marc: great hosting, It was a great venue and everything was runned well, Gratz for your placing in both melee and brawl and hope we will play again next tourney.

Remen: great hosting, It was a great venue and everything was runned well, Great job getting 2nd in melee!

Dany: thanks for teaming with me<3 it was one of the best experiences I ever had and I can't wait to meet you again in December.

Ivra: gratz for getting top 8 dude, You really made some good showing at this tourney, Hope we will play again next time.

Mr.R: What do I have left to say? good job winning the tourney with MK:ace:. But srs thanks for all the advice and training you gave me I really hope we can do that more often in the future :)

Leon: Your da bess, your awesome, I love you. It was great to see you and play you and I will come for you in December.

Chair: Awesome job in singles, Your an amazing dude and I always kinda see you as a coach,

Istudying: Coach Dennis<3. Goog games dude I will practise more And ofcourse we will play next time!

Four sword: You made me so proud man! I hope we will play again next time I'll be sure to study that lucario mu now, ggs in doubles as well :)

Kasper: Great games, It was great having you in NL and you sure did some great things, Be sure to come back and take your revenge :)

Gregs: being away for such a long time and then still place decently when comming back, I really hope to see you more often.

Kaak: Your so awesome, you don't show up for like a year then you do and still place 13th. . . great to see you again<3

Geneke: Dude, Your the best<3 I had so much fun with you @ my place and the tourney. I really hope I can meet you again.

Jmiller: nice to talk to you but we should have played, We will play next time though =)

Sinth: good stuff comming to NL again, keep vissiting cuze it makes up for some good hype. ggs in doubles

Ramses: ggs bro, I look forward to our next meeting :)

Luigimitsu: Ggs in doubles.

RiVer: ggs in doubles, sadly we both didn't do great in singles :(

Yoren: it was fun to meet you, great stuff in doubles with Leon and ggs.

ShadowTL: Sadly we did only play 2 games of which 1 couldn't get finished, next time you should play more and let others help you hosting brawl.

Tonie: good to see you again ggs in dubz :)

Xaghtaërsis: good to see you again, keep improving that MK!

Also shoutouts to J MILLAH!

shoutouts to everyone else I talked to or played against, I also want to thank everyone who did help with the hosting and Ryuker for streaming. Good stuff to all of you for this amazing event.


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Nov 6, 2005
GGs everyone, I really want to go back (even after being homeless etc) but both sets that I lost in Brawl were so close, I just really need to learn match ups and maybe I should pick my main more lol.
Melee was fun too :p.


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Oct 23, 2011
London, UK
Great tournament, peeps <3
I should have played more Melee friendlies but rust johns, so I shall have to unrust for next time!

Mr R you are awesome!
Slash and dat Ganon lmfao
The friendlies I played with everyone were fun :3
I wanna go to more of these x3
See you guys at Apex though~



Four Sword

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Oct 18, 2007
Europe, the Netherlands


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Oct 23, 2011
London, UK

What happened that night?
I couldn't really reach any of you =(
Seems like some interesting stuff happened.
Um ^^'
We got stranded cause there was nowhere to get change cause everyone had notes and couldnt get tickets or something
then it was too expensive for a taxi
so we tanked it.
like pros.

and I just woke up at like 6am and heard zombie noises coming from the river across the road
I swear I was like "Im never coming back here again Im gonna get eaten" D:
So yes, very interesting night xD