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Project M Australian 2017 National Project M Rankings

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No Problem!
Sep 18, 2013
Sydney, Australia

We would like to proudly present the 2017 Australian National Project M Rankings! Similar to 2016 this is a compilation of work from players across states and we’ve made several key changes compared to the last rankings as per feedback.

This ranking is primarily a reflection of how players perform on a National scale and as such the only results criteria considered for this PR was at the two majors (Project Melbourne 3 and Ozhadou Nationals 15) with some influence from the two interstate regionals (Expand Gong 2 and CW December Ranbat 2017). We have also compiled head to head results for each and every player on this list from all scopes of tournaments (majors, regionals and locals) and these have helped immensely for resolving some of the closer players.

In order to qualify for this list you must’ve attended at least one of the two majors in 2017.

You can find the head to head record of every player on this list at this link here: https://goo.gl/qCeRgj

Panelists/Consultants: Star | Ryzuul | Lux | Bubby | Sora | Maribro | Tyler

Tournaments of Note (Majors and Regionals):

  • Expand Gong 2 [EG2] - March 2017 | Wollongong, NSW
  • Project Melbourne 3 [PM3] - May 2017 | Melbourne, VIC
  • Ozhadou Nationals 15 [OHN15] - September 2017 | Sydney, NSW
  • Couch Warriors December Ranbat [DEC17] - December 2017 | Melbourne, VIC
1st - Ryzuul | NSW | :ness2::metaknight:

After getting a convincing 2nd place at 2016’s OHN, Ryzuul entered 2017 in a tentative top 3 position. Sydney did not have many locals at all during the first half of the year and thus Ryzuul’s first tournament was at Expand Gong 2, where he toppled Star and Sora to achieve first place, his first major win.

Ryzuul went on to win Project Melbourne 3 two months later, with additional victories over Star, Sora and Chappos and this solidified his first place position for the time.

Ryzuul maintained a perfect head to head record versus the other top Sydney players aside from Sora until OHN15, where he dropped a set to Star and placed third. Ryzuul continued to push forward, however, winning the CW December Ranbat in his last interstate interaction.

Moving into 2018, Ryzuul has an extremely clean record versus the rest of the PR, with a perfect record versus all players bar Sora and Star, who he is still up in sets with regardless. Things may change in the future, but Ryzuul has proved he is on top as far as 2017 is concerned.
  • 1st at Expand Gong 2 [Beat Sora, Star and Tyler]
  • 1st at Project Melbourne 3 [Beat Sora, Star and Chappos]
  • 3rd at Ozhadou Nationals 15 [Beat Star, Splice and Maribro] [Lost to Sora and Star]
  • 1st at December Ranbat ‘17 [Beat Star and Nido]
2nd - Sora | NSW | :fox::dk2:

Sora cleaned up the second half of 2016 with a series of major wins and great records versus most of the top 8, finishing the year up in the No.1 position. Moving into 2017, Sora continued to win the few locals Sydney had in the first half of the year before Expand Gong 2, where he lost to Ryzuul twice, getting 2nd place.

Project Melbourne 3 in May proved to be another 2nd place for Sora, again, losing to Ryzuul twice.

Sora, however, still maintained a perfect record versus absolutely everyone bar Ryzuul for the period and still beat Ryzuul in a fair amount of sets across all the locals in the second half of 2017. At OHN15, Sora proved he was still a contender for the top position, beating Ryzuul and Star and gaining a major win under his belt for the year.

Sora and Ryzuul are clearly far beyond the rest of the ranking through their dominance of every tournament they attend and near perfect records versus everyone but each other. Ryzuul, however, is up in sets and major wins and this is the reasoning for Sora’s second place position on this ranking.

  • 2nd at Expand Gong 2 [Beat Star, Tyler and Lux] [Lost to Ryzuul twice]
  • 2nd at Project Melbourne 3 [Beat Lux and Cunchy] [Lost to Ryzuul twice]
  • 1st at Ozhadou Nationals 15 [Beat Ryzuul, Star and Lux]
3rd - Star | NSW | :sonic:

Star entered 2017 following his third place position on the 2016 national rankings, and this proved to be an astute prediction for the following year as most of his results in the year reflected an average of this number.

Star finished Expand Gong 3 in third place, after losing to the newly crowned Ryzuul and 2016’s No.1, Sora. His trend of losing to Lux still continued for the first half of the year, dropping a set to him in losers of Project Melbourne 3 after beating Cunchy, and placing 4th as a result.

Star continued to hold an close to even record versus Lux and Cunchy, the other two Sydney top players at the time, through the locals following and had his best performance ever at OHN15, where he beat Ryzuul and placed 2nd. This trend continued into the CW December Ranbat, where he also placed 2nd, beating Tyler.

Star has the highest consistency out of all the players behind the top 2, with a top 4 or higher placing at each interstate interaction of the year and is the only player to take a set off a top 2 player since 2016. Things are getting closer for Star and the rest of the top 6 to break into the top echelon, and 2018 is looking bright for change.

  • 3rd at Expand Gong 2 [Beat Zxv and Nido] [Lost to Ryzuul and Sora]
  • 4th at Project Melbourne 3 [Beat Cunchy and Kaiza] [Lost to Ryzuul and Lux]
  • 2nd at Ozhadou Nationals 15 [Beat Ryzuul, Splice and Maribro] [Lost to Sora]
  • 2nd at December Ranbat ‘17 [Beat Tyler] [Lost to Ryzuul]

4th - Lux | NSW | :diddy::zelda:

Lux finished up 2016 in 2nd place, as proven by his national wins at Expand Gong and Project Melbourne 2. This was coupled with a somewhat positive record versus most of the Top 8 of the time bar Sora and Cunchy.

At Expand Gong 2 Lux lost to Zxv, his old rival, and Sora, placing 5th as a result. This was the first tournament where he revealed his Diddy Kong, a new character that would eventually become his main by April. A few months later Lux placed 3rd at Project Melbourne 3, losing to Sora twice and beating the likes of Star and Chappos, the former of which he had an almost perfect record against.

Lux went on to place decently at the Sydney locals for the rest of the year, however, only won sets against Star, not taking any sets off the rest of the NSW Top 5.

At OHN15, Lux placed 5th, after losing to Karu in pools then Sora and Splice in Top 16. Lux would continue to attend Sydney locals for the rest of the year and placed decently but still did not take any sets off anyone in the top 5 except Star, who he dropped some sets to as well.

Lux has a high average placing across all the majors of 2017, and his character swap has slowly formed into a large threat with many game 5 sets across the board versus the rest of the Top 6. In 2018, expect Lux to make some upsets.

  • 5th at Expand Gong 2 [Beat Nido] [Lost to Zxv and Sora]
  • 3rd at Project Melbourne 3 [Beat Star, Zxv and Chappos] [Lost to Sora twice]
  • 5th at Ozhadou Nationals 15 [Beat Maribro] [Lost to Sora and Splice]

5th - Splice | VIC | :sheik::falco::jigglypuff:

Splice placed 11th on the 2016 National Rankings and he would soon prove that he had a lot more going for him when it came to 2017’s majors.

Project Melbourne 3 was his first interstate PM tournament of the year and he placed 9th, with a set over Cunchy in pools. He would lose to Chappos and Zxv in the Top 16 of that tournament.

Splice entered several Melbourne monthlies over the course of 2017, amassing a perfect record over Tyler and Microsoft J as a result.

He traveled to Sydney for OHN15 and was the highest placing non-NSW player in attendance, getting an impressive 4th place. After losing to Ryzuul, Splice attained said placing in an impressive loser’s run, beating Cunchy, Nido and Lux before losing to Star.

Splice may not have attended as much as the players above him but his potential to take sets off top players is not to be underestimated, and his near positive record versus almost everyone below him only solidifies his 5th place position on 2017’s National Rankings.

  • 9th at Project Melbourne 3 [Beat Cunchy] [Lost to Chappos and Zxv]
  • 4th at Ozhadou Nationals 15 [Beat Lux, Cunchy, Muscat and Nido] [Lost to Ryzuul and Star]
6th - Cunchy | NSW | :falcon:

Cunchy held 7th place on the National Rankings moving into 2017 and his results across the year did not disappoint.

At Project Melbourne 3, Cunchy secured 5th place after losing to Splice in pools then Sora and Star in Top 16 but not before taking a set off Zxv and Jamwa each. He attended Sydney locals for the rest of the year, holding a perfect record versus Lux and an even record with Star.

At OHN15, Cunchy placed 9th after losing to Muscat and Splice. However, he again took a set off Zxv and also one off Microsoft J, who placed 7th at this tournament.

Cunchy’s positive record versus most of the players below him and his dominance over Lux and even record versus Star have proven that he is a real threat in top level Australian PM, watch out for him in 2018!

  • 5th at Project Melbourne 3 [Beat Zxv, Jamwa and Kaiza] [Lost to Splice, Sora and Star]
  • 9th at Ozhadou Nationals 15 [Beat Zxv and Microsoft J] [Lost to Muscat and Splice]
7th - Zxv | NSW | :mario2::fox::ganondorf:

Zxv finished up 2016 in the top echelon, placing 8th on that year’s rankings and he maintained a similar trend in 2017. At Expand Gong 2 he placed 5th, after beating Lux and losing to Star and Tyler. A few months later he beat Tyler and Splice to obtain 7th place at Project Melbourne 3. He also attended OHN, where he beat Nido in pools but was unfortunately disqualified in Top 16 due to outside circumstances.

Despite not performing at any tournaments in the second half of the year, Zxv’s achievements at the tournaments he did attend were impressive. His capacity to take sets of those from all ends of the ranking is not to be underestimated; expect great things from him in 2018.

  • 5th at Expand Gong 2 [Beat Lux] [Lost to Star and Tyler]
  • 7th at Project Melbourne 3 [Beat Splice and Tyler] [Lost to Aluf, Lux and Cunchy]
  • 13th at Ozhadou Nationals 15 [Beat Nido] [Disqualified from Winners and Losers]
8th - Chappos | WA | :metaknight::fox:

Chappos began the year returning from a lengthy hiatus during 2016 in which he entered only 8 tournaments, including Perth’s major (DIAD 2). Despite the time off Chappos was widely considered Perth’s No.1 player, proving this at his first tournament of the year Project Melbourne 3. Placing 5th and taking out the likes of Tyler, Splice and Muscat, he showed that despite the time off, he was still a big national threat.

Unfortunately, Chappos was unable to make it out to another major in 2017 but thanks to his impressive 5th place and very respectable wins over east coast players he firmly deserves this 8th place position.

  • 5th at Project Melbourne 3 [Beat Splice, Muscat, Tyler] [Lost to Jamwa, Ryzuul, Lux]
9th - Tyler | VIC | :wolf:

Although on the surface, Tyler’s 2017 doesn’t hit the highs of his 2016, he went through a formidable obstacle, changing characters at the start of the year and attempting to make a name for himself as Australia’s premiere Wolf player. He began the year with a strong 4th at Expand Gong 2, taking out Zxv. He then placed 9th at Project Melbourne 3 beating Kaiza and Microsoft J. Finally, he rounded out the year with a strong 3rd at the December Ranbat beating Nido and Microsoft J.

Although a slightly shaky year due to the character switch, Tyler’s Wolf has been steadily improving and it may not be long until he threatens the top 5 once again.

  • 3rd at Expand Gong 2 [Beat Zxv] [Lost to Ryzuul and Sora]
  • 9th at Project Melbourne 3 [Beat Microsoft J and Kaiza] [Lost to Zxv and Chappos]
  • 3rd at December Ranbat ‘17 [Beat Nido, Microsoft J] [Lost to Ryzuul and Star]
10th - Maribro | WA | :gw:

Entering 2017 Maribro was a mostly unproven player that had yet to solidify himself as a national threat; a win over Lux in 2016 was the only name he’d taken that year. Being unable to attend either Expand Gong 2 or Project Melbourne 3, Maribro had taken a firm hold of 3rd best in Perth behind only Chappos and Karu who he was unable to take sets from.

At OHN, Maribro defeated both Microsoft J and Muscat on his way to 5th, proving himself as an up and coming threat and equalling his 5th at 2016’s DIAD 2 as his best major placing to date. Post OHN, Maribro has won every tournament he’s entered locally and can now definitely be considered a challenger to Chappos.

  • 5th at OzHadou Nationals 15 [Beat Microsoft J, Muscat] [Lost to Jamwa, Star, Ryzuul]

11th - Muscat | SA | :peach::gw::fox:

Having only entered one PM major in 2016 (OHN 14), Muscat’s skill at PM was relatively unknown, however, he started off 2017 well with a top 8 placing at Project Melbourne 3. On his way to that placing, he knocked both Nido and Jamwa out before losing to Chappos. Moving onto OHN 15, he made it out of pools losing only to Splice. During top 16 he made his biggest upset of the year, knocking Cunchy into losers before being eliminated by Lux and Maribro.

Despite his scene’s apparent lack of a Project M community, Muscat has improved considerably over the last twelve months and should this trend continue in 2018 we may see more upsets from his hand.

  • 7th at Project Melbourne 3 [Beat Nido, Jamwa] [Lost to Ryzuul, Sora and Chappos]
  • 9th at Ozhadou Nationals 15 [Beat Cunchy] [Lost to Splice, Lux and Maribro]
12th - Nido | VIC | :rob::ness2:

Nido was somewhat a quiet performer during 2017, performing consistently throughout the year but without a breakout performance to solidify himself higher up the rankings. Attending all four of the interstate tournaments, Nido managed to secure top 8 at all but one event, over the course of which he took sets off Jamwa and Kaiza. Locally, Nido enjoyed some success, taking sets off of Splice, Tyler and Microsoft J.

Throughout the course of 2017 Nido added ROB to his character list, using the robot tank throughout his tournament year. Nido is likely to be the dark horse of 2018 as he continues to develop his new character, but his Ness still remains a force to be reckoned with.

  • 7th at Expand Gong 2 [Lost to Star and Lux]
  • 9th at Project Melbourne 3 [Lost to Lux, Star and Muscat]
  • 7th at Ozhadou Nationals 15 [Beat Kaiza and Jamwa] [Lost to Zxv, Sora and Splice]
  • 5th at December Ranbat ‘17 [Beat Jamwa] [Lost to Ryzuul and Tyler]
13th - Jamwa | VIC | :lucas::squirtle:

An old favourite, Jamwa didn’t fail to turn heads in 2017, especially after his 6th place position on 2016’s ranking.

At Project Melbourne 3, Jamwa took a set off Chappos and placed 13th after losing to Cunchy and Muscat. He would continue to maintain this average, also placing 13th at OHN, beating Maribro in pools but disqualified into losers in the Top 16 bracket where he lost to Nido. He placed 5th at the last interstate tournament of the year, the December Ranbat, where he lost to Nido and Dekar.

Unfortunately, these were the only sets he’d take off other ranked players in 2017 and his 13th place reflects this performance. However, with more consistent attendance to locals and majors in 2018 we may see a resurgence of everyone’s favourite Lucas main.

  • 13th at Project Melbourne 3 [Beat Chappos] [Lost to Cunchy and Muscat]
  • 13th at Ozhadou Nationals 15 [Beat Maribro] [Disqualified in Winners, lost to Nido]
  • 5th at December Ranbat ‘17 [Lost to Nido and Dekar]

14th - Microsoft J | VIC | :falco::ganondorf:

Microsoft J begun to prove himself with his 30th place position on 2016’s ranking but it was in 2017 that he truly begun to step forward as one of Australia’s more consistent players.

Opening his major account with 13th at Project Melbourne 3, he followed that up with two strong top 8 placings at OHN and the December Ranbat. Despite not taking a set off of another ranked player, he has been tantalisingly close to beating Tyler on many occasions at local events and has never lost to an unranked player at major tournaments.

  • 13th at Project Melbourne 3 [Lost to Star, Lux and Tyler]
  • 7th at Ozhadou Nationals 15 [Lost to Cunchy, Star and Maribro]
  • 7th at December Ranbat ‘17 [Lost to Star and Tyler]
15th - Kaiza | SA | :roypm::falco:

Kaiza placed 15th on 2016’s rankings, a title which he also holds in 2017.

He started off the year with a 9th place position at Project Melbourne 3, where he lost to Tyler, Star and Cunchy. He would continue on to place the same at OHN after losing to Skelorex, Star and Nido.

His consistency to place above the rest and within the Top 16 of each major is to be respected and hopefully he can start to push into Top 8 brackets come 2018’s majors.

  • 9th at Project Melbourne 3 [Lost to Tyler, Star and Cunchy]
  • 9th at Ozhadou Nationals 15 [Lost to Skelorex, Star and Nido]

Congratulations to all that made it on the list. I'm glad to see our game is getting more talent and I look forward to see what 2018 brings. Thanks for reading guys!


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Mar 1, 2009
"and his near positive record versus almost everyone below him only solidifies his 5th place position"

Just gotta come close to outdoing a lot of people to be better than all of them.
That's all it takes ;)

srsly tho appreciate the po5ition, glad Australia will have me even if Vic won't <3 :p
Will see if I can defend it this year hey

Grats Jamie, a well earned 13th!
& Shoutouts to Dekar, easily the best player not on this list through not qualifying the :rolleyes:criteria:rolleyes: or summin'
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