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Project M Australian 2016 National Project M Rankings

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Sep 18, 2013
Sydney, Australia

We would like to proudly present the first ever Australian National Project M rankings! This is a project that has been under work for more than a month now with input from many people and I'm glad it's come together as nicely as it has! We created this list as it has become evident that many states do not have their own PRs and we have had enough interstate interactions in 2016 that it feels appropriate to acknowledge the achievements of this country's best players and show the rest of the world what we have to offer. Keep in mind, in order to qualify for the list you had to have attended at least one of the tournaments listed below however local results were also considered as well.

Without further ado, here's writeups and lists of results from each of the players on this list:

Panelists/Consultants: Star | Ryzuul | Tyler | Naga | Lux | Sora | Maribro | RosalinaSama

Tournaments of Note (Interstate Interactions/Large Ranking Battles):

  • Jamwa’s Jamboree - February 2016 | Melbourne
  • Expand Gong - May 2016 | Wollongong
  • Project Melbourne 2 (PM2) - May 2016 | Melbourne
  • Ozhadou Nationals 14 (OHN) - August 2016 | Sydney
  • DI Another Day 2 (DIAD2) - September 2016 | Perth
  • Bowser’s Castle - December 2016 | Perth
  • Couch Warriors December Ranbat - December 2016 | Melbourne
1st - Sora | NSW |:dk2::fox::sheik:

Sora started off 2016 with some convincing Sydney local victories as a Mario main with sets taken over Ryzuul, Star and Cunchy. At his first set of interstate interactions at Expand Gong Sora lost to Tyler achieving 5th place. A month later at Project Melbourne 2, Sora was upset by Gabe in winners and lost to Tyler in losers, getting 7th place.

After Project Melbourne 2 Sora began to fully embrace DK with a solid Fox counterpick and his dominance over the rest of the country became apparent, not dropping a single set at OHN or DIAD2 majors, achieving first place at both. He also placed 1st at the CouchWarriors December Ranbat, defeating Tyler, the only top 8 adversary he had a negative record against.

Moving into 2017 Sora has the best results and his character line up is daunting for some but with some losses to Ryzuul at GCO and in money matches things may not stay the same.
  • 5th at Expand Gong [Tyler, Cunchy]
  • 7th at Project Melbourne 2 [Gabe, Tyler]
  • 1st at Ozhadou Nationals 14
  • 1st at DI Another Day 2
  • 1st at CouchWarriors December Ranbat
2nd - Lux | NSW | :zelda::sheik:

Lux finished up 2015 with positive records against most members of the Top 8 and things didn’t change much in the first half of 2016. At Expand Gong Lux only lost one set in Grand Finals to Star but still won, achieving 1st place. He also placed first at Project Melbourne 2, not dropping a single set. Lux’s records against Sora, Cunchy and Zxv were shaky however and caused some serious losses for him in the future.

At OHN Lux lost to Fruit in winners in a large upset, then Cunchy in losers, awarding him 7th place. Lux then achieved a solid 2nd place at DIAD2 a month later, losing to Sora twice. His attendance at locals was quite high during the mid-late 2016 period, usually placing 2nd with losses to Sora or Cunchy. Recently, however, Lux has taken sets off Cunchy so it is evident that he is starting to reinvent his play.

Despite some infrequent shaky placings and weaknesses against some of the other Top 8 players, Lux’s dominance over other players and his constant 2nd/1st places proves his worth as second best player in Australia.
  • 1st at Expand Gong [Star]
  • 1st at Project Melbourne 2
  • 7th at Ozhadou Nationals 14 [Fruit, Cunchy]
  • 2nd at DI Another Day 2 [Sora, Sora]
3rd - Star | NSW | :sonic::dedede::toonlink:

Star achieved his first 1st place local at the end of 2015 and things were looking bright at the start of 2016; He held a solid 2nd/3rd place average at locals throughout January and February and a 1st place victory at Jamwa’s Jamboree with wins over Tyler and Jamwa. Star’s notable weakness, however, was his very negative record against Lux and most runs ended with a loss or double loss to him. This was shown quite spectacularly with his 2nd place finishes at Expand Gong and Project Melbourne 2, being double eliminated by Lux at both.

Star held a very even record with both Sora and Ryzuul in the mid-late part of 2016, achieving 1st place at a Canberra local and 2nd at several Sydney locals. He placed 3rd at OHN, DI Another Day 2 and the CouchWarriors December Ranbat, losing to 1st and/or 2nd placers at each tournament.

Star’s infamous weakness to Lux was dimmed, however, when he strengthened a Toon Link secondary and took his first set in almost six months. His consistency to achieve Top 3 and being rarely upset compared to the other top 8 players makes him the clear choice for 3rd in the country.
  • 1st at Jamwa’s Jamboree
  • 2nd at Expand Gong [Lux, Lux]
  • 2nd at Project Melbourne 2 [Lux, Lux]
  • 3rd at Ozhadou Nationals 14 [Sora, Ryzuul]
  • 3rd at DI Another Day 2 [Sora, Lux]
  • 3rd at CouchWarriors December Ranbat [Tyler, Tyler]
4th - Ryzuul | NSW | :ness2:

Despite being a relatively new player, joining NSW’s scene in late 2015, Ryzuul started off 2016 with a bang, achieving solid 3rd places at locals until his first 1st place win at an April local. He met his first interstate players at Expand Gong and achieved wins over Tyler, placing 4th. Ryzuul continued this 4th place trend at Project Melbourne 2, with some close sets against Star and Jamwa.

In the second half of the year Ryzuul improved his mental fortitude substantially and began to take sets off Star and Lux, the top 8 players he had the least positive record against. He also achieved second place at OHN with wins over Zxv and Star. Ryzuul additionally holds the most even record against Sora out of anyone in the top 8 and recent wins over him at GCO and in money matches prove he may be a force to be reckoned with come 2017.
  • 4th at Expand Gong [Star, Cunchy]
  • 4th at Project Melbourne 2 [Star, Jamwa]
  • 2nd at Ozhadou Nationals 14 [Zxv, Sora]
5th - Tyler | VIC | :snake:

Our first non-NSW member on the list, Tyler is the current best player in Victoria with 1st places at almost every single local in 2016. His record against Jamwa, the 2nd best player in Victoria, became more positive as the year went on, with victories against him at locals. Tyler’s first interstate interaction of the year at Expand Gong awarded him 5th place, with wins against Sora and losses to Lux and Ryzuul. Tyler continued said dominance over Sora, beating him at Project Melbourne 2. Tyler achieved 5th at this tournament, losing to Lux and Ryzuul again, the two Sydney players he has never taken a set off.

Tyler unfortunately did not attend any of the majors in the second half of 2016, but continued to place 1st at Melbourne Ranbats finishing it off with a 2nd place at the CouchWarriors December Ranbat, a tournament where Sydney players Sora and Star attended, the latter of which he defeated twice. Tyler’s lack of frequent interactions with the other top 8 players makes it hard to gauge how he will perform in 2017 but the solid 5th places at both majors he attended makes him a suitable pick for this place.
  • 3rd at Jamwa’s Jamboree
  • 5th at Expand Gong [Lux, Ryzuul]
  • 5th at Project Melbourne 2 [Lux, Ryzuul]
  • 2nd at CouchWarriors December Ranbat [Sora, Sora]
6th - Jamwa | VIC | :lucas::squirtle::olimar:

Jamwa started off 2016 as the best player in Victoria, with a solid lead over all players that went to locals in late 2015. His dominance over Tyler was still apparent in these locals and at Jamwa’s Jamboree in February he placed 2nd after beating Tyler twice and being double eliminated by Star. Said dominance began to waver, however, in the mid-year when Tyler began to consistently take sets off Jamwa.

Melbourne’s first major of 2016, Project Melbourne 2, awarded Jamwa 3rd place. He lost against Ryzuul in winners but ran it back in an electrifying losers semis set, defeating the NSW Ness. In a tight game 5 set, Jamwa lost to Star in losers finals.

Jamwa’s attendance to Melbourne Ranbats in the latter half of 2016 was quite poor, however he still maintained his title of 2nd best in Victoria. In another interstate clash at the CouchWarriors December Ranbat he achieved 4th, losing to Sora and Star, the two invading Sydney players. Jamwa’s consistent high placings despite his low attendance awards him this ranking position and further application of his skills in 2017 tournaments could demonstrate potential to take more sets off other Top 8 players.
  • 2nd at Jamwa’s Jamboree
  • 3rd at Project Melbourne 2 [Ryzuul, Star]
  • 4th at CouchWarriors December Ranbat [Sora, Star]
7th - Cunchy | NSW | :falcon::marth:

Cunchy began 2016 with a convincing positive record against the other dominant player of the time, Lux, and still maintained a top 3 average at locals. At Expand Gong he placed 3rd after being double eliminated by Star. He achieved wins over Ryzuul and Sora at this tournament.

After Expand Gong, Cunchy maintained his top 3 average position at locals and also placed 5th at OHN, losing to Sora and Zxv with a win over Lux. Cunchy’s consistency and strength against the other top 8 players makes him a fearsome Captain Falcon and more frequent appearances at majors will solidify his position as one of the best players in Australia.
  • 3rd at Expand Gong [Star, Star]
  • 5th at Ozhadou Nationals 14 [Sora, Zxv]
8th - Zxv | NSW | :ganondorf::sheik::mario2::marth::fox:

Town and Sydney, a mid 2015 Sydney major, proved Zxv’s worth as the best PM player in Australia at that current time. He continued to attend several locals towards the end of 2015 and the start of 2016, with 1st and 2nd place finishes, losing only to Star and Cunchy on a single occasion.

Zxv, however, maintains a very low attendance record in 2016 and OHN in August was his first PM tournament in quite a while. Despite this fact he managed to place 4th, taking sets off both Ryzuul and Cunchy.

Zxv’s impressive character repertoire and his quick adaptive measures during sets never fails to impress and if he attends tournaments on a more frequent basis we may see some other Top 8 players fall to him.
  • 4th at Ozhadou Nationals 14
9th - Chappos | WA | :metaknight::fox:
  • 4th at DI Another Day 2 [Sora, Lux]
  • 1st at Bowser’s Castle
10th - Karu | WA | :falco::fox::falcon:
  • 5th at DI Another Day 2 [Star, Lux]
11th - Splice | VIC | :falco::sheik::bowser2:
  • 9th at Project Melbourne 2 [Sora, Nido]
  • 5th at CouchWarriors December Ranbat [Jamwa, Star]
12th - Dekar | VIC | :falcon::marth:
  • 9th at CouchWarriors December Ranbat [Tyler, Timic]
13th - Gabe | NSW | :gw:
  • 5th at Project Melbourne 2 [Lux, Jamwa]
  • 13th at Ozhadou Nationals 14 [Fruit, Bubby]
  • 5th at CouchWarriors December Ranbat [Star, Jamwa]
14th - Fruit | NSW | :charizard:
  • 5th at Ozhadou Nationals 14 [Sora, Ryzuul]
15th - Kaiza | SA | :roypm:
  • 9th at Project Melbourne 2 [Nido, Sora]
  • 9th at Ozhadou Nationals 14 [Star, Bubby]
  • 9th at DI Another Day 2 [Cruzybecks, Chappos]
16th - Muscat | SA | :peach::rob::lucario::fox:
  • 9th at Ozhadou Nationals 14 [Zxv, Cunchy]
17th - Mask1n | VIC | :gw:
  • 13th at Project Melbourne 2 [Star, Kaiza]
  • 9th at CouchWarriors December Ranbat [Nido, Gabe]
18th - Maribro | WA | :gw::toonlink::sheik:
  • 17th at Ozhadou Nationals 14 [DD_, Ryzuul]
  • 5th at DI Another Day 2 [Star, Chappos]
  • 9th at Bowser’s Castle [Cruzybecks, AvocadoBride]
19th - Nido | VIC | :ness2:
  • 7th at Project Melbourne 2 [Star, Jamwa]
  • 9th at CouchWarriors December Ranbat [Sora, Naga]
20th - Sep | WA | :ness2::dedede:
  • 13th at DI Another Day 2 [Karu, Strider Ace]
  • 3rd at Bowser’s Castle [Sundowns, Sundowns]
21st - Timic | VIC | :snake::sheik:
  • 17th at Project Melbourne 2 [Naga, Tyler]
  • 7th at CouchWarriors December Ranbat [Splice, Gabe]
22nd - Cruzybecks | WA | :olimar::zelda:
  • 7th at DI Another Day 2 [Maribro, Karu]
  • 4th at Bowser’s Castle [Chappos, Sep]
23rd - Naga | VIC | :yoshi2:
  • 13th at Project Melbourne 2 [Ryzuul, Atticus]
  • 17th at Ozhadou Nationals 14 [MrHealthy, Cunchy]
  • 7th at CouchWarriors December Ranbat [Gabe, Splice]
24th - Bubby | VIC | :ganondorf:
  • 17th at Project Melbourne 2 [Ryzuul, Splice]
  • 7th at Ozhadou Nationals 14 [Lux, Ryzuul]
  • 17th at CouchWarriors December Ranbat [Dekar, Llamas]
25th - RosalinaSama | WA | :bowser2::metaknight:
  • 25th at DI Another Day 2 [Cruzybecks, Spud]
  • 5th at Bowser’s Castle [Sep, Cruzybecks]
26th - Azza | NSW | :lucario:
  • 7th at Expand Gong [Lux, Sora]
  • 13th at Ozhadou Nationals 14 [Kaiza, Noxus]
27th - AvocadoBride | WA | :gw:
  • 25th at Project Melbourne 2 [Tyler, Naga]
  • 9th at DI Another Day 2 [Chappos, Cruzybecks]
  • 5th at Bowser’s Castle [Nasch, Sep]
28th - Lemonpot | WA | :fox::marth:
  • 9th at Bowser’s Castle [Hobobloke, RosalinaSama]
29th - Microsoft J | VIC | :ganondorf:
  • 13th at CouchWarriors December Ranbat [Sora, Mask1n]
30th - Llamas | NSW | :charizard:
  • 13th at Expand Gong [Tyler, Recordio]
  • 25th at Project Melbourne 2 [Kaiza, DD_]
  • 25th at Ozhadou Nationals 14 [Muscat, Gabe]
  • 9th at CouchWarriors December [Microsoft J, Splice]

Congratulations to all that made the list and I hope 2017 is even better! Even if our game is smaller than the others we still have a fantastic community and I look forward to seeing some of the lower ranked players on this list climb the ladder! :)
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