Aura Sphere Footstool into Nair Jab Reset *WIP*

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Dec 30, 2015
Combo worked on
Heavyweights - :4dk:
Fastfallers - :4fox:

Lightweights - :4olimar: Have'nt worked on this one yet

*The Info is work in progress and will be tested on other characters*

I will explain how to do it in the next few hours

Found out that this can work with

Someone actually did this in a combo video

How To Do It

Pick Bowser - :4bowser:

Do an Aura Sphere Cancel - :GCB:,:GCLT:,:GCY:

Bowser must be on top of the chargeable aurasphere

When Pressed with :GCY:, footstool Bowser

When Bowser is halfway at his footstool animation, do a dair stall

Bowser will not tech the ground

Then do a NAir Jab Reset

-If someone can post a video about this combo please do-

Combo is hard to do

This combo is a little bit tricky to do.

-Finishing tomorrow-

Also go speak the word to @MySmashCorner

go to 1:04 for the action

What to Watch out for

Teching/Rolling Neutral - If your opponent techs normally do a Falling Nair into Uptilt (low percent) or Nair into Upsmash (high percent)
Teching/Rolling Forward - If your opponent techs forward follow their DI and go for an NAir or DAir
Teching/Rolling Backwards - If your opponent techs backwards follow their DI and go for a BAir

Kill Setups

High Percents : Aura Sphere Cancel -> Footstool -> Dair -> Follow DI -> Aura Sphere Into Up Smash

Read comments for Info

Do You Think This Combo Is Infinite
Reply please

What will help
Lucario Chart 4 Lucario chart.xls?dl=0

Nair Jablock Help

-Im not trying to steal-

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Sep 20, 2009
Thanks for your enthusiasm, just wanted to let you know...
1. Footstools cannot be teched.
2. This is in no way an infinite.
3. At roughly mid-high percents NAir will stop jab locking. If you want to jab lock between roughly 50-95 you will have to use a baby Aura Sphere.
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