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Jul 14, 2009
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Team Heir are proud to present the second in our Heir tournament series: Heir II the Throne. This is a three day residential tournament on the European scale taken place in the most central of UK places - Nottingham. The venue is Cripps Hall - a grade II list building full of charm and character.

Heir II is currently the second largest Melee tournament and the largest PM tournament to ever happen in Europe and definitely not 1 to be missed

Cripps Hall
Nottingham Conferences
Nottingham University
United Kingdom

The venue is large. It has; Banquet Hall, various break out rooms, staffed pub and bar, free car parking, free Wi-Fi for all and 300 bedrooms.

Nottingham is the UK’s 9th largest city. Located centrally in the UK it has excellent transport links to the rest of the country.

Accommodation is provided at the venue and available Friday 14th, Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th August. There are 300 bedrooms available on a first come, first served basis with priority given to those that register and pay.

If you do not wish to stay at the venue and would like to look at other accommodation available in Nottingham then the following links maybe useful;



House sharing/Bed and Breakfasts:

Other than the above, players that live locally maybe willing to house. A facebook group will be created for this purpose. Furthermore, if you need accommodation outside of the tournament dates this group will be useful to find people willing to help.

Lastly, The head TO (Craig Eddon) willing to house Europeans or those that have travelled further before and after the event depending on how many/time needed. Please contact him via facebook

Please use the ‘Heir Payment Package Menu’ (loctated within the document) to determine which package options best suits your needs - 'A1 one time' payment option is at the bottom of the payment list.

If you register and do not pay fully, your registration is void and will be deleted.

If paying by Paypal please select ‘friends and family’ to avoid charges.

Registration and payment closes: 1st August 2015 at 9pm.

At the start of the set, the players will play rock/paper/scissors, with the winner being granted control. Whoever has control then gets to force their choice of Port Selection (if they choose). If they do, the other player has control for stage striking. If they do not force port, they retain control going into stage striking.

In game one the players select their characters after the stage has been struck to. If the players cannot agree on which character they will play in game one or believe that they are being counterpicked, either player can call for a double-blind character selection.

For a double blind pick to take place, both players agree on a neutral adjudicator. Both players then communicate in secret which character they intend to play in game one to this neutral party. The adjudicator then reveals which character both players selected. They are then locked to this character for game one.

Modified Daves Stupid Rule (MDSR) is in effect: You cannot counterpick the LAST stage you won on in a set.

Advanced Slob Picks (ASP) is in effect: Subsequent games will begin with the previous winner banning N stages (game specific) from the list of available stages (random plus counterpick), then the previous loser selects a stage, then the previous winner selects their character, finally the previous loser selects their character.

A player can select a stage that they themselves banned earlier in that set.

Any stage can be selected for play if all players are informed and agree to its selection.

Stalling tactics such are banned unless used for recovery.

Wobbling is allowed up to 250%.


4 Stock
8 Minutes
No Items
1 stage ban (No bans in best of 5 sets)

If the timer runs out the player with the most stock left wins. In case of a stock tie the player with the lowest percentage wins. If the percentages are tied, the players will play a 1 stock, 3 minute game to settle the tie - this is to be played on the neutral stage (the stage struck to in game 1).Repeat these rules until there is a winner.

Stagestriking will be used for game one. How does stagestriking work:

Whichever player has control decides who strikes first. The first player can strike a stage from the 5 random stages. Then the second player strikes 2 stages followed by the first player striking 1 more stage. One stage from the random stages will remain and this stage will be played for the first match.

Random Stages (Singles):

Dream Land 64
Final Destination
Yoshi Story
Fountain of Dreams

Counterpicks (Singles):

Pokémon Stadium

Rules for teams:

Team attack is on. Due to lag issues Fountain of Dreams will be replaced by Pokemon Stadium in the random stages. Kongo Jungle 64 is the counterpick stage in Doubles.
All other rules are the same as singles.


More info to come soon

Use this edited google map (will be updated with more information). Geographical overview of venue location and major travel links;

It shows where the venue is, where my house is, airport locations, ferry locations and train locations. Click on the pins and it will give you travel information. Use google & public transport options below to work out how to get to the venue.

If you want specific help finding cheap tickets or travel options etc please specify in the facebook event page or better yet message me or a member of staff – we are more than happy to help.

Useful websites;

By coach

By train

By Ferry

By car

Kones house postcode (for housing before and after) = DE12 7BY
Venue postcode = NG7 2QW

Useful car sharing websites

For travel around Nottingham (from the city centre to the venue at the university) use the following:

Map of the University Campus (you need to get to Cripps Hall) and location of car parks:

Any other issues - Please contact a member of the staff and we will help out as much as possible.

contact via facebook
Craig Eddon ( Head TO)
Callum Jenney
Bradley Stafford
Carlton Gaunt

Alternatively - message the Team Heir Facebook page
Twitter: TeamHeir