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Midwest [Aug 1, 2015] Smash City II (Martinsburg, WV)


Smash Cadet
May 29, 2015
Martinsburg, West Virginia
Second monthly for the eastern panhandle region! We are conveniently located between PA, VA, MD, and even D.C. for those who would like to make the trip. We hope to foster an environment in which Smashers from the entire tri-state area can grow and connect, as well as elevate the WV competitive scene. Tell your friends, tell their friends, bring them all. Let's make this a start of something special.

We will be livestreaming (at the very least) All noteworthy Sm4sh matches, with commentary. Internet access should be much improved from the last monthly. Do you have what it takes to get on stream?

Venue fee: $10

Venue fee discount: $5 for full setup (TV, and Wii-U w/Sm4sh, Wii w/Project M (3.6!), GameCube w/Melee) first 2 setups for Sm4sh, Melee, Project M (3.6!). All setups must be updated to latest version, DLC downloaded.

Entry fee: $10

Entry fee exception: $5 per person for doubles, $3 per person for triples/squads


Sm4sh singles

Melee singles

Project M singles

Sm4sh doubles

Melee doubles

Project M doubles

Sm4sh triples/squads

Smash 64???

Schedule: (times are flexible in case tournament is behind or ahead of schedule)

10:00-12:00 AM: Registration

12:00-2:00 PM: Sm4sh, Melee, and Project M Doubles

2:00-3:30 PM: Sm4sh, Melee, and Project M Pools

3:30-4:00 PM: Doubles Finals

4:00: Sm4sh, Melee, and Project M Bracket begins

~6:00: Sm4sh Triples/Squads/64 tentatively begin (will depend on interest, time constraints)

Apex rule set is in place. Customs illegal, DLC characters (Lucas, Roy, Ryu, Mewtwo) legal.
All brackets will be double elimination. All pool and bracket matches will be best 2/3, winner's finals, loser's finals, and grand finals will be best 3/5.

Payout: If less than 32 entrants

1st place: 60%

2nd place: 30%

3rd place: 10%

If more than 32 entrants

1st place: 48%

2nd place: 22%

3rd place: 14%

4th place: 8%

5th place (tie): 4%


Food options are plenty. Within a minute driving distance is a Golden Corral, Taco Bell, chick fil-a, and many more.
There are also convenience stores within driving distance and a bank for ATM access.

Project M and Melee (and 64!) being held are dependent on setup availability! Please, if you own them, bring them! Your venue fee will be discounted if you do!

Contact information:

Host: Van

Email: dsample@hotmail.com

Smash boards: Blasiancoolio

Phone: 7033951775


Smash Lord
Apr 30, 2008
Don't know if I can make this one but I will try. Thanks for your support and I really hope to support your team as well.
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